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The benefits of a prostate massage

Outcall prostate massage specalistGetting a prostate massage is not something they teach you about in sex ed- I mean they don’t teach you much of anything in sex education- other than how to expand a tampon in a cup of water. Thankfully we have the internet, our loyal health nurse who is with us wherever and whenever we need her. What happened to ask jeeves? Or Talk to Frank? These where internet platforms directly designed for you to ask questions, then of course everyone realised that you could ask google anything, from recipes to relationship advice- google is there for you. Which is perhaps how you stumbled upon this humble forum; you’re seeking more information on prostate massage. Well lucky for you, you have come to the right place. Here you have discovered the internet’s most comprehensive guide to prostate massage. Each week we upload a different discussion regarding erotic massage services, with the mission of enlightening the general public about all the erotic massage secrets/facts/ advice and know-how. Our mission is simple, to give the people what they want.  Our reason? Because if we don’t who’s gonna?

This week we are going to discuss the benefits of prostate massage. The way we’re going to do this is give you a comprehensive list of benefits and then finish with a couple of testimonials from men who have tried prostate massage and what benefits they experienced. Let’s start off with what we (the experts) know…

  1. The prostate gland is home to the male G-spot (what does that mean you might ask..) well for those that aren’t clued up on the male G spot (poor things!) it’s a pressure spot located in every man that when massaged can create a strong and powerful orgasm, like nothing they will have experienced before. This mystic spot is located in a man’s lower prostate (in their bum hole) – which isn’t the sexiest place to put it I agree, but is also probably  why this highly sensitive sexy spot is often neglected. I mean it’s not the easiest thing to approach with a new partner/ or an old partner for that matter- like ‘hey babe, would you mind sticking your finger up my bum hole and searching around for my male G spot?’ – Not exactly sexy is it. BUT when you do get your prostate massage, the effects are mind blowing. Ejaculation is all well and good but it doesn’t quite compare to the female experience of orgasm. Female orgasm experience is much deeper and connects with them on a more spiritual level.  When the male G-spot is massaged men experience a similar sensation of orgasm than that of females. Men that have experienced prostate massage claim to be able to orgasm for over 8 minutes! – That’s intense!
  2. Getting a prostate massage can actually be a great way to clean out your prostate. This may not be a priority for you (surprise, surprise!) But it is a benefit you ought to consider. Why? Because prostate cancer is one of the deadliest killers of men over 60. It is a proven fact that maintaining a clean prostate can prevent build-up of dirt and bacteria which in turn can prevent the spread of infection. A weak prostate makes you more susceptible to the deadly killer, by regularly getting your prostate massaged it will strengthen the area- in the same way that exercising any muscle makes it stronger. This might not be a priority to you but it’s a bonus right!
  3. We’ve touched on this but I think it’s important it gets its own bullet point… getting your prostate massaged gives you intensely pleasure and –long- orgasmic experiences. Post ejaculation men have described writhing in pleasure for minutes at a time. Their entire bodies convulse in pleasure, from their toes to their fingertips, they feel sensational pleasure.
  4.  The pure bliss that men experience during prostate massage cleans the body of all negative toxins. Post massage men feel lighter. By clearing the mind of everything that is not intense pleasure, men experience relief from headaches. Migraine sufferers are popular fans of prostate massage as it is one of the only methods of relief that work.
  5. It is not only migraine sufferers that benefit from prostate massage, the intense levels of pleasure and euphoric sense of joy that the massaging of one’s prostate brings is an excellent form of therapy for men suffering from anxiety and depression. The chemical hormones given off during a prostate massage re-balance the brain making clients feel healthier and happier.

Prostate massage client testimonials.

DEREK, 54: ‘I was in the Navy and have had plenty of happy ending massages during my times on tours. I retired due to medical reasons at 45 but sadly my marriage broke down shortly after that and I experienced a deep depression. I didn’t know what to do, I was angry and bitter, I felt sour all over. I had my life planned out a certain way and then was told it wasn’t going to be like that, it was hard. I couldn’t talk to other women, I couldn’t date- it made me hate women, hate everything. My mates told me to get an erotic massage but I wasn’t interested, then one of them suggested prostate and I thought, eh why not- try something new. So I did, and god I’m glad I did. It pushed to a point I’d never been before, it was powerful. It took me to a realm of calm that was like nothing I’d felt before, I was reborn. It sounds naff but I was. Afterwards I felt great, the world was alright again and I felt ready to move on.’

CRAIG, 24: ‘I’d read about prostate massage online and figured it was just for gay boys, but when in Thailand… I got a prostate massage and it was, man it was beautiful. I orgasmed for like 6 minutes, just rolled around the bed shaking- it was like I was tripping, but better because there was no comedown! Would recommend it to anyone.

So, now you know a little more about prostate massage and the benefits- what’s next? Time to book yourself in… Interested in our London prostate massage service?

You’re welcome!