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A Massage For Every Mood

a massage for every mood

The beauty of being human is that we often experience a bunch of emotions all at once. Sometimes this is a nuisance but other times, it can be an exhilarating journey. This is particularly the case when you take advantage of this whirlwind of unpredictable emotions and guide them towards something worthy of a release. A massage is a wonderful example – not only do they help you release all of that pent-up stress, it’s also a great way to bond with your partner. Plus, getting to touch your partner’s naked body? Apart from foreplay, can you think of a more ideal prelude to sex? Massage is great at setting the mood for getting down and dirty.

If you’re not very well-versed in massage, there are many different types but the only ones you need to know if you want some sexy playtime are the erotic ones. Firm favourites in the red light districts and in porn, erotic Asian massages are wild, fun and sexy. But there’s actually more to them than just getting off and they’re about more than just happy endings. That’s why we’ve made this fun guide of erotic massages – what styles exist, what they consist of and what moods they’re best suited to. So if you want to know which massage will suit your mood, keep reading!

Happy ending massage

You'll have a happy face with one of our endings

Let’s start by diving straight into the deep end. A happy ending massage is one of the most well-known Asian massages and is infamous for its orgasmic releases. A ‘happy ending’ is another word for an orgasm or ejaculation. A simple Google search leads you to be greeted with lists of X-rated websites. Understandably, a happy ending massage doesn’t have the best of reputations.

However, there’s more to a happy ending massage than just an orgasm. Shocking, right? All sexually arousing massages are rooted in tantra, an Ancient Indian ritual that’s meant to rebalance the body’s energies and cause a tranquil state of mind. Now, tantric practitioners believe that the body is a vessel of energy and the energy flows through pathways known as meridians. When meridians become blocked and energy flow is disrupted, you are more likely to suffer from stress and other illnesses. Massage stimulates these meridians and resumes efficient energy flow. But what about the excess built-up energy? Well, that’s what the orgasms are for. Orgasms are physical manifestations of this stress-inducing energy – that’s why orgasms leave you feeling so relaxed. Plus, when you orgasm, your body releases endorphins like oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin that work to calm, stabilise and relax the mind.

So what mood is a happy ending massage best for? If you’re feeling stressed.

Erotic massage

what mood is best for an erotic massage

Erotic massage is very similar in principle to a happy ending massage. In fact, a happy ending can be incorporated into any massage style. An erotic massage is one that specifically focuses on physically arousing the body. It may use more specialised techniques that are particularly focused on sexual arousal – even more than a happy ending massage. It is likely to use the whole body, not just the sexual organs to arouse. An erotic massage is very teasing – using a variety of ‘stop and start’ techniques that are meant to keep you on the edge of an orgasm. The masseuse will massage your entire body, switching between light finger pressure and deeper strokes, and alternating between your intimate areas and the rest of your body.

So what mood is an erotic massage best for? If you’re feeling playful.

Nuru massage

Nuru massages are very slippery

Now, a nuru massage is really the crème de la crème of Asian massages. You might have heard of it already because of its wildly erotic nature. Originating from Japan, it is a full body massage where the masseuse uses her body to massage you. Using a mixture of slides, grinds and glides, a nuru masseuse will use a special gel. This seaweed-based gel is specific to a nuru massage and is colourless, odourless and tasteless but very slippery. When mixed with warm water, it becomes the perfect thing which you can use to slide on.

A nuru massage isn’t something that you’ll just enjoy. It is guaranteed to blow your mind because it’s one of the best massages to experience the same levels of sexual pleasure as intercourse itself but without penetration. It’s extremely intimate as you can feel every inch of your partner’s body sliding tantalisingly against yours.

So what mood is a nuru massage best for? If you’re feeling wild and naughty.

Tantric massage

Tantric massages can give you bliss for hours

Another famous massage, a tantric massage is based on tantra. Tantric massage is probably one of the most basic Asian massages – it forms the foundations onto which many other massages sit on. If you master tantric massage, you’ve mastered them all. A tantric massage is very ritualistic and slow. It focuses on energy stimulation and transfer. As we’ve mentioned earlier, tantra theorises that the body is made up of energies and when these cannot flow freely, you are more likely to feel ill. Thus, tantric massage uses slow movements meant to encourage every single drop of these stagnant energies to start flowing freely again.

When you get a tantric massage, you might feel very frustrated because like an erotic massage, it is also very teasing. But unlike an erotic massage, it’s not totally about the arousal. It’s more about the spiritual experience and intimately bonding with your partner. When you orgasm, it’ll be like a rush of emotion and you’ll feel closer to your partner.

So what mood is a tantric massage best for? If you’re feeling romantic.

Sensual massage

Sensual massages really take the stress away

You might have heard of this style of massage too. As the name suggests, it’s about arousing the senses and contrary to what people tend to believe, a sensual massage isn’t actually the same as an erotic massage. A sensual massage is like a happy ending massage fused with aromatherapy. It uses aromatic essential oils, fragrant candles and incense to stimulate the senses. Light restraints like blindfolds might be used to heighten the senses so you can feel the sensations of the massage even more. A sensual massage is slow, like a tantric massage, and very romantic. You can use light, delicate movements to tease and arouse your partner. And because they’re blindfolded, you don’t have to feel self-conscious – they can’t see you.

So what mood is a sensual massage best for? If you’re feeling shy.

Lingam massage

lingam massages are slow and sensual

A lingam massage is directly linked to tantric massage. In Sanskrit, the word ‘lingam’ means penis. A lingam massage is literally a massage of the penis, making it a very erotic style. The massage is a way of worshipping the penis because practitioners believe the sexual organs are sacred due to the vital role they play in reproduction. A yoni massage is the female equivalent. The lingam massage isn’t just a simple hand job though – there are a lot of special techniques meant to gracefully arouse the body, take you back and forth from the edge of an orgasm and slowly bring you to release. It’s also very teasing so when you’re getting one, you’ll be putty in the masseuse’s hands. Interested in reading more about our Outcall lingam massage service?

So what mood is a lingam massage best for? If you’re feeling submissive.

Body to body massage

Skin to skin contact will make a massage more enjoyable

A body to body massage is extremely similar to a nuru massage. It’s also performed where the masseuse uses her body to massage the client. As well as using her hands to manipulate your tense body, the masseuse will slide, stroke and grind her naked body against yours. The main difference is a body to body massage uses massage oil or lotion while a nuru massage only uses gel. A body to body massage isn’t as slippery as a nuru, but it’s very silky and just as sensual. The combination of sensuous movements, the silky massage oil and the weight of the masseuse pressing down on your muscles makes a body to body massage a very satisfying therapy. In addition, the naked full body contact is very comforting. When we’re hurt or feeling down, one of our first instincts is to crave touch, whether it’s from someone else or ourselves (have you ever noticed we hug ourselves when we’re in pain?). Of course, someone else’s touch will always feel much better.

So what mood is a body to body massage best for? If you’re feeling lonely.

Prostate massage

Relax into your prostate massage

The prostate gland is a walnut shaped organ that plays an important role in the male reproductive system. The gland is responsible for producing prostatic fluid, one of the main components of semen. Prostatitis is a condition that leads to inflammation of the prostate due to build-up of fluid, causing painful/disrupted urination, painful ejaculation and discharge among other symptoms. It tends to affect men between the ages of 30 and 50. Some cases can be treated with antibiotics but many cannot. A prostate massage is one effective treatment for the latter (and also speeds up recovery when combined with medications) because it helps to release the built-up fluid in the gland. It involves a masseuse inserting a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum and gently massaging the sides of the prostate gland.

It sounds very daunting, but a prostate massage is as pleasurable as it is therapeutic. It can facilitate mental healing as well as physical healing. The prostate gland is also referred to as ‘the male g-spot’, so when you combine a lingam massage with a prostate massage, you can experience some pretty intense orgasms – the kind that touch your soul and shake your body inside and out.

So what mood is a prostate massage best for? If you’re feeling experimental.

Soapy massage

try a soapy massage

During the 1950s in Japan, laws changed and made prostitution illegal. The workers adapted by selling erotic body massages and sensual baths instead. A soapy massage was one of these adaptations. It’s where you share a bath or a shower with a masseuse and she will sensually massage you under the bubbles. It’s a great way to start off an Asian massage because the warm water will prepare your skin for the gels and oils, as well as relaxing you and helping you and the masseuse form an emotional connection.

So what mood is a soapy massage best for? If you’re feeling relaxed.

4 Hands massage

4 handds are often better than two for massages

When you think of a massage, you’d probably imagine being rubbed down by one masseuse. Well a 4 Hands massage is one where you get to experience the touch of two masseuses instead of one. If you thought a normal massage was relaxing, then you won’t be ready for the intense sensations of a 4 Hands massage. The two masseuses will work in sync with each other, their choreographed movements sending you into a state of mesmerisation and tranquillity. One will lead and the other will follow. Because there are two masseuses and an extra pair of hands, more of your body can be stimulated at the same time. This means that a 4 Hands massage feels so much more satisfying and leads to a greater release of tension. It’s particularly great for chronic stress.

As well as being deeply relaxing, a 4 Hands massage can also feel very naughty. Imagine a 4 Hands tantric massage or a 4 Hands lingam massage. You’re naked and alone with two naked masseuses. Feels a lot like a ménage a trois, right? You could be enjoying the sensual touch of your partner and another lady. Imagine how that could feel.

So what mood is a 4 Hands massage best for? If you’re feeling naughty.

Getting an Asian massage in London

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