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a beautiful sensual massage that does hotel visits in London

The luxurious guide to your stay in London: Get a sensual massage

As one of those most visited cities in the whole world, London has plenty of things to do. Explore the historical wonders in the Tower of London, take a tour around the royal rooms of Buckingham Palace or even go for a ride on Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, the London Eye. While these attractions are super enjoyable, they are extremely cliché. We want to introduce you to the world of luxurious indulgence which London is saturated with. Add these to your swanky to-do list, while staying in Britain’s capital city.

Afternoon Tea at The Savoy

If you look up the heritage of Afternoon Tea you’ll see London in the first line. The light savoury and sweet dining experience dates back to as far as 1840 and was often enjoyed by Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace. Now, you’ll find many places in London offering high-end Afternoon Tea. However, as one of oldest and most lavish hotels in the whole of the London, there is something which oozes class and sophistication when you opt for Afternoon Tea at The Savoy.

In the heart of the impressive white-washed 19th Century hotel sits the Thames Foyer were ladies and gentlemen can enjoy a high-end Afternoon Experience between 1pm and 5:30pm, seven days a week. Here clients indulge into a delicious range of sandwiches including coronation chicken on olive bread, spring mushroom Tarlet and a traditional roast beef sandwich. For afters, diners can tuck into an extensive range of scrumptious cakes, comprising of peach macaroon, dark chocolate cake and many more. Choose to wash down your Afternoon Tea with a range of world-flavoured teas and coffees for £65. For just £10 extra indulge into the height of luxury, with a glass of the Louis Roederer Brut Premier or Deutz Rosé.

It’s not just the food and beverages which makes Afternoon Tea at The Savoy high-class. The Thames Foyer is based in a stunning glass domed Atrium, were natural light and warmth radiates through. The high-end eatery also has sweet music from a world- class pianist on the grand stage, which promises to be the cherry on the top to your Afternoon Tea experience.

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Watch a show at the West End

Theatre thrives as one of the most popular recreational activities enjoyed by the world’s elite and London fully embraces this. The West End is the golden circle of the country’s most prestigious theatres including the London Palladium, Apollo Victoria Theatre and Her Majesty’s Theatre. It even has roots dating back to as far as the Shakespearian times and has flourished with the evolution of British theatre. Along with Broadway, the West End represents the highest level of commercial theatre in English-speaking countries – which makes it a must-see while you’re in London.

With more than 25,000 shows since its debut in the in 1952, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap stands as the longest running show in not just the West End, but in the whole world. It is currently showcased at The St Martin’s Theatre in the heart of Covent Garden, with tickets in the dress circle costing £80 per seat.

If murder mystery isn’t your thing then you needn’t worry, the West End has plenty shows, musicals and plays which are guaranteed to be at the heart of your luxurious entertainment. Some of the most well-known shows being showcased in the West include:

  • Les Miserables – Queens Theatre
  • The Phantom of the Opera – Her Majesty’s Theatre
  • The Woman in Black – The Fortune Theatre
  • The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre
  • Mamma Mia – Novello Theatre
  • Wicked – Apollo Victoria Theatre

New performances are introduced to the West End on a weekly basis, so be sure to regularly check out if you fancy something a little more niche. As well as theatre, the West End of London is largely made up of chic restaurants which offer fancy dinner packages before you enjoy a high-end show. Find more details here:

Have a sensual massage (in your hotel room!)

They say save the best till last – and that is exactly what we have done! A sensual massage in your hotel room is up there with life’s finest luxuries, such as taking a ride on the Orient Express or driving a Ferrari. The high-class therapists at Asia Massage love to indulge you into a luxurious sensual massage in the comfort of your bed. Happy ending and full service packages are available for outcall across Central London, costing from just £150 for a one hour session. Our sensual massages are authentic, seductive and stress-busting – which makes them the most superior treatment in the whole of London. We also realise a demand for sensual massage by clients staying in the Heathrow area, which is why we’ve introduced a mobile-visit service to the airports hotels. Pricing starts from £180ph and covers transport fees for your gorgeous Oriental therapist. You are just one call away from having one of our stunning masseuses in your company in less than 45 minutes! Incall massage is also available at our various plush salons dotted around Central London. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you require more infomation about our Sensual massage service please view our London Sensual Masssage service page.

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The best hotels in London for some tantalising Tantric fun

It’s fair to say London is brimming with things to do. Enjoy dinner at the Ritz, luxurious shopping at Harrods and watch a play at Shakespeare’s world-famous Globe Theatre. There may be plenty things to keep you entertained, but venturing out to see the capital’s endless attractions can be tiring work. We’re here to help you relax and de-stress after enjoying the bustles of London – why don’t you order a tantalising Tantric massage to your hotel room?

In recent years, outcall Tantric massage has flourished in London with more men than ever before seeking the company of an oriental masseuse in the comfort of a location of their choice. Tantric massage is sensual, seductive and soothing – providing everything you need to unwind and get your naughtiest needs fulfilled at the same time. Here are the best hotels in London for a Tantric massage.

The Me London hotel

Me London

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price from: £295pn

If you want the best on a budget then ME LONDON has your name written all over it. The suites, situated on the 8th floor, are completed with a spacious private balcony. Use the complimentary mini-bar to enjoy a glass of champagne with your therapist while enjoying a panoramic view over the world’s most famous attractions, including Big Ben, London Eye and the River Thames. This is all before you get down and dirty! The white-washed bedrooms are completed with a mammoth two metre bed, giving you and you therapist plenty of space to get jiggy. The rooms also come with mood lighting, which helps create a more intimate experience. Late check-out is also available if you want to spend extra time with your Tantra temptress. West End’s ME LONDON certainly gets five star from us!

The dorchester hotel london

The Dorchester

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Prices from: £705pn

Costing £705 per night, a stay at The Dorchester isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s the only option if you want to indulge into royalty. The Dorchester has welcomed many royals through its doors since its launch in Park Lane in the 1930s and now it invites you for a luxurious Tantric massage. The Dorchester maybe one of the oldest hotels in London, but it certainly isn’t outdated. The rooms ooze sophistication and elegance, equipped with a four-poster bed and marble bathrooms. Here you can enjoy some steamy fun with your masseuse in the deep circle bathtub or the spacious walk-in shower. The Dorchester also comes with the finishing touches, with makes your Tantric experience extra special. Complimentary bath robes and slippers will be given to each guest on arrival, so be sure to strip out of your clothes and slip into your comfies as you await the arrival of your oriental queen.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Prices from: £460pn

The Intercontinental maybe in the heart of London, but the lavish rooms seem so far away from the grinds of a bustling city. The classic rooms look out onto a peaceful courtyard – where you can kick back and relax as your Tantric masseuse beats the stresses of London traffic to meet you.  Each of the rooms features elegant English interiors, plush antique furniture and the latest technology. Every room is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker in the bedroom and en-suite, where you can cherry-pick the perfect playlist for your racy encounter. The classic rooms also boast the biggest flat screen TVs you have ever seen – perfect if you want to do some Netflix and chilling! And the gorgeous masseuse is not the only stunning view you will have – the Intercontinental also show off breath-taking views over London’s finest landmarks.

Book your Tantric massage at your hotel today

Here at Asia Massage we proudly offer Tantric massage to the comfort of your hotel room – all you need to do is call our English-speaking booking team to arrange your sexy session. Our outcall service operates to all hotels, suites and private residences in the Central London area from just £150 with happy ending and £200 with full service. For locations further away please contact us for pricing. Transport fees and products used are inclusive in the package. Our gorgeous team of Oriental therapists love to make your stay in London extra special (and one to remember!) One call away and we can have a masseuse in your company in less than 45 minutes. Click here for more info about our Outcall Tantric massage service in London.

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4 hands massage: A sexual journey…

This week we are celebrating the sheer pleasure of 4 hands massage. To celebrate this exciting and revolutionary massage style we are going to share the real life accounts of two men and their personal journey with four hands; the duo massage.

Firstly for those that are yet to discover four hands massage, here is a brief summary:

Four hands massage originated in Japan, where they call it ‘Hutari massage’. Hutari means ‘two people’ in Japanese which plainly outlines what to expect when getting a four hands massage…

Four hands, or hutari massage, or duo massage, whatever you want to call it, is all about getting a massage from two masseuses simultaneously. But that’s not it…

Not only do the two masseuses give you their full care and attention but they are trained to work in artistically perfect synchronicity. What does this mean? Well, there’s a bit of science to it… every ones brain is split into two parts, each side is connected to that side of the body. This separation explains why stroke victims are often left only partly immobile- with the brain haemorrhaging occurring on one side of the brain, resulting in the paralysis on that side of the body.  When you get four hands massage each masseuse takes a side; right or left. In synchronised fashion the masseuses massage that side. In doing so endorphins are released which travel to the brain leaving you feeling happy and relaxed. Normally when you are getting a massage your body releases endorphins, however they are double strength with four hands. By targeting both sides of the brain your mind and your body are consumed by pleasure. People who have experienced four hands claim to have had an out of body experience, with pleasure so intense they felt as though they were transported in to another realm, another place.

The intense pleasurable experience of four hands massage really is unlike anything else. It is a sure start way to remove stress, anxiety, depression from the body. Essentially the two masseuses are not only massaging your body but also your brain. One of the most common benefits of four hands massage is that it eradicates headaches and gives massive relief to migraine sufferers.

Now you have an idea of what four hands is about, here’s some experiences of men who have taken on the journey of four hands massage…

Charles, 55, Surrey.

The first time I had a four hands massage was in London, I was recommended the service by a doctor friend actually. For years I have suffered with chronic pain. In my lower back especially but the pain also gives me constant fatigue and splitting headaches.  I had tried massage before but nothing like four hands. Other massage styles I had tried only ever gave slight relief or momentary distraction from the pain; four hands was different. It worked as a pain blocker, as soon as both masseuses got to work I experienced this rush of something, like pure pleasure rushing through my body. It was as though this magical heat was flooding through me, stopping the pain. It was a miracle. For the first time in years my head was clear of thinking about the pain. I had become so bitter and miserable but whilst having the massage I felt light and happy. The good feeling lasted a number of days and it took nearly a month for my chronic pain to get bad again. Now I go and get a four hands every three or four weeks and I am a changed man. I laugh with my friends and go out, I’ve even started dating. I honestly didn’t think my life could get out of that dark place but thanks to four hands massage my life has never been better.

Terry, 32, East London.

I am a big fan of erotic massage, if I could call it my hobby I would. I’ve been getting massages since I first started making money at 17, I’m 32 now so that was a long time ago. It took me a long while to try four hands though. I suppose the price put me off, I mean double price for the same amount of time? I used to think anyone who went for that must be a schmuck. Growing up we learn a little about how ignorant we are when we’re young. Like how you could never imagine how someone would want to spend £500 on a coat but when you grow up and you can afford to spend £500 on a coat you wonder how you spent years walking around in a grubby denim jacket. I think four hands is the same. The first time I had it was my birthday, at 30 I decided I should treat myself. And boy was that a treat. Four hands is amazing, really amazing. I felt reborn! It was seriously the best day of my life. But I mean how can I describe it to you? How do you describe sweet sweet pleasure? You can’t you just have to try it for yourself.


So now you’ve heard from those that have tried it isn’t it about time you started your own four hands journey?

And what’s even more exciting about four hands?

You can get four hands with any massage style you like. So whether that be lingam, nuru, tantric, prostate, b2b… whatever your favourite style is, it can be adapted in to a super special four hands massage in your hotel in London! Seriously, what’re you waiting for? Call us now on 07990486678



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