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Got A Sweet Tooth? Give Your Partner A Chocolate Massage

Book a chocolate massage in london

Book a chocolate massage in londonA bouquet of fresh red roses, a bottle of expensive champagne and dinner at a lavish restaurant; sounds like the perfect surprise for your partner,  right? Sure it does, but talk about cliché. Forget about your fancy restaurant; add an Erotic, Chocolate Massage to your menu this year. Sex is a wonderful thing, but its avenues are not explored enough, which is why we have a proposition for you. Sick and bored of vanilla? Change the flavour of your relationship to Chocolate this year, and see what real pleasure really tastes like.

What sort of massage is it?

Unbeknown to most, chocolate massages can be combined with various other styles of massage, both traditional and erotic. If you’re feeling particularly romantic, we recommend either a Sensual or Tantric Massage. Although of a sexual nature, these styles of massage are incredibly slow and sensual, and can be very emotional and powerful experiences. These styles of massage encourage body worship, which is why they should be performed either semi or completely naked in order for its participants to connect on a physical level. These styles of massage are like a journey through the senses; using gentle touch and locations across the body to induce relaxation and encourage pleasure. Touching and caressing every part of your partners body will allow you to connect both physically and mentally, and as a result, your levels of oxytocin aka the love drug will soar. Using chocolate butters of oils will not only spice up your massage, but the ingredients within these products will increase and enhance sensitivity.

If however, you’re feeling naughty, a Chocolate Nuru Massage is just what you need. This seriously erotic and arousing style of massage will leave you and your partner shaking in pleasure, so if you’re looking for a wild night of passion, you know what to do. Traditionally, this style of massage is performed with special Nuru Gel, a special substance which allows its participants to slide, grind and rub up against their partner. This sexy style of erotic massage involves a lot of body to body contact, and encourages the masseuse to use his/hers entire naked body to massage their partners. If you want to be aroused beyond imagination and feel pleasure like you’ve never felt before, add a naughty Nuru to your partners surprise menu.

Are chocolate oils and butters bad for the skin?

Although chocolate may be bad for you if consumed too frequently, special massage oils, butter and gels have the opposite effect. Believe it or not, they are great for your skin, and taste damn good as well! As present in most chocolate based products, cocoa butter contains high amounts of natural oils which are perfect for treating dry, coarse skin. This natural moisturiser will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, both during and long after your massage has ended. As well as this, most decent products are rich in antioxidant properties.  Like dark chocolate? Well, the darker the chocolate, the more effective, meaning your skin will be left feeling revitalised, plumper and firmer. And guess what girls? Antioxidants increase the elasticity of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, which means goodbye wrinkles! Any products containing more than 35% cocoa butter can actually reduce the effects of ageing, so if you weren’t sold already, you definitely will be now.

Chocolate can be good for your health!

Aside from being great from the skin, most chocolate based products are known to improve health.  Studies have shown that eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day can actually improve your cardiovascular system and prevents illnesses such as atherosclerosis and chronic fatigue. Of course chocolate makes us all very happy, but did you know that there are chemicals in chocolate which induce the feeling of euphoria in the brain?  This powerful healing agent helps to combat depression, stress and anxiety and can also encourage productivity and motivation.  Studies have proved that even the smell of chocolate can stimulate these benefits, which is why a chocolate massage is actually good for you! As well as being edible (yummy), most products smell exactly like the real thing, so you get all of the benefits of real chocolate without impacting your waistline! What could be better?

Will this help my relationship?

Whether you’ve lost the spark or are just looking to experiment with your partner, erotic, chocolate massages are more influential than you’d probably realise. The nature of this massage requires its participants to be naked, so intimacy and connection is natural bi-product of this style. They are exposing – but in all of the right ways. They encourage body worship, romance, arousal and mental healing, so say goodbye to negative energy, whether it be personal or as a result of your relationship. Whether you’ve opted for a more sensual style of massage or something a little kinkier, the destination of an erotic massage isn’t to reach an orgasm.  Erotic massages, often derived from the ancient art of Tantra, look to reconnect the mind, body and soul, and can be incredibly cleansing in more ways than one. If you feel distant from your partner or you feel like your love is slipping away, an erotic, chocolate massage is exactly what you need. Pleasure is healthy, so do not starve your body and mind of it. Feed it together; you’ll be surprised how much it could help your relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t buy your partners love this year, show them. Connect with your partner, pleasure your partner, and explore something new with your partner. Erotic massages are valuable in many ways than one, but don’t forget, these benefits will last long after your session has ended. Put some life and fun back into your relationship; give your partner an Erotic, Chocolate Massage.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t got a partner and you still want to give something this naughty and arousing a try then take a look at our main website asian massage london and one of our gorgeous London masseuses will be able to give you a hand with that!