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What is a Tie and Tease Massage?

tie and tease massage is, funnily enough, exactly what it sounds like, a highly arousing session of slow sensual teasing at the hands of a very highly skilled asian masseuse (did we mention that they’re all stunningly gorgeous?) where at the very start of the session you will be restrained and blindfolded leaving you completely at the mercy of our girls,  something you will come to love.

This form of massage is specifically designed to slowly heighten your senses and your sense of touch by removing one of your main senses, sight and stopping you from being able to reach out and touch the masseuse. Image how exciting it will be to first see one of our tie and tease massage girls slowly strip down till they are naked before walking you over to the bed, helping you undress, laying you down, tying your hands above your head and sliding a blindfold over your eyes so you are ready for her to start work.

All of our masseuses are highly trained and experienced in this fun and frustrating massage type but don’t worry, you wont be frustrated at all by the end of the session, we promise!

A Tie and Tease Massage London

What to Expect From a Tie and Tease Massage in London?

So what can you expect from one of our tie and tease massages? Well first off, expect to be restrained to the bed so you cant get your hands on the smoking hot Chinese, Japanese or Korean masseuse of your choice. After that you will most likely be blindfolded, at least for a while as it adds to the sensual excitement which will build up over time.

What follows is a very drawn out session of the masseuse using various forms of touch to slowly drive you wild and build you up into an erotic frenzy. The tie and tease massage will involve slow caressing of your entire body with light massaging, gentle touches with fingers, silky hair being dragged across you, the feel of a naked and oily body being slowly dragged across you with different pressure and much more. Quite often the massage therapist will use feathers and soft fabrics to create a variety of incredible touch sensations across your bodies largest organism, your skin.

Our tie and tease massages in london are designed to explore and seek out your sensitivity with the masseuse looking for different reactions as she probes your body for erogenous zones that she will exploit, to your pleasure later on. The whole experience is designed to drive you completely wild over an hour with your body and genitals getting more and more sensitive as time passes and the skilled masseuse finds her targets on your body.

Depending on your requests the masseuse will often remove the blindfold towards the end of the session so she can add a visual element of teasing to the experience before the grand finale where all of the built up sexual energy and tension will be released very skillfully leaving you totally satisfied and very happy with the ending.

Incall prices start from £130 per hour

Outcall Happy Ending

£180 Per hour
  • Stunning Asian Masseuses
  • 1 Hour of Bliss
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • With Happy Ending

How to Book a Tie & Tease Massage in London

To book one of our tie and tease massage london sessions, all you have to do is find the masseuse you want by visiting the massage gallery and then either use the online booking section of our website, very easily accessible from each masseuse profile or the main menu on the site or you can simply call us 24 hours a day on 07990486678 (each masseuse also has a “click to call” button that works with smartphones and tablets)