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Our Tantric massage London sessions are a form of massage highly associated with slow sensual touches during a massage session that causes arousal and the intimate stimulation of pleasure. Tantric massage, or tantra as it is sometimes referred to, is therefore associated with erotic massage as it is focused on sexual organs and the pleasure derived from such art usually performed by well experienced tantric masseuses or therapists with high knowledge of the art tantra.  Asian masseuses are world renowned for their skills at tantric massage as central asia is the birthplace of the art form.

Just like the word tantra, the word tantric has been used for various meanings over the years and thus misused, misunderstood or misinterpreted. In many peoples mind, tantric massage simply means “sex” or “happy ending”. However, there are many massage parlours calling their sexual activities as “tantra” so it is often confused with the real thing.

However, the role played by tantra in massage is much deeper than just sexual pleasure though pleasure and spiritual healing is one of the long term expectations of tantra. People get confused with erotic massage and tantric massage. This is because is a massage applied for sexual pleasure and gratification is known as “Erotic massage.

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Is Tantric Massage Sexual?

Are we saying that tantric massage has nothing to do with sexual arousal and stimulation? The answer is obviously “No” because sexual stimulation is neither sex. Tantric massage is therefore the application of sensual touches on the body’s most sensual parts and organs including the nerves to enhance the feeling of erotic stimulation. Tantric massage is a part to spiritual awakening of the body, mind and sexual organs which involves hundreds of methodologies to achieve the goal including but not limited to skin kneading, Swedish strokes, aromatherapy, Californian massage techniques, use of music to stimulate and enhance mode and much more . This might include special meditation, eating in a specific way, special body touches that are sensual in nature and other methods of meditation that involves sexual union.

In tantra massage we consider the union of opposite sex known as the “yin” and “yang”. This divine union of opposite sexes  takes tantra beyond apparent separation and these activities could take place massage parlours, saunas, studios, business premises and or even at the comfort of your own home. With industry experience the masseuse can immerse your body and mind into deliverance, become born again and enhance your discovery of your inner powers and strengths in the sexual world.

Normally, when tantra massage begins, the receiver is usually laying face-down and the yin and yang avoided allowing the masseuse to concentrate on all parts of the body from head to toe and allowing the receiver to relax and to be completely comfortable and at ease with the massage procedure. There after the sensual touch of yin and or lingam is then applied to intensify and enhance the state of arousal which may includes stoking and gentle massaging of the penis or the vagina and other sensitive parts of the body.

With that being, it is also possible to offer tantra massage without the touching od the sexual body parts because it involves working energy. “Lingam” and “yoni” energies can be heightened and stimulated via the spin and body energies. It is worth mentioning here that; orgasmic experiences are never an essential part of tantric massage though being a part of the procedure, and clients could even experience and attend full and explosive orgasmic state without taking off their clothing. Different masseuses from different parts of the world may use different techniques where majority usually the stimulation of the genitals to unify the sexual organs practice with the body in its entirety.

In summary, tantra massage is therefore the art rediscovery and born-again through the sensual touch of the body, invigoration of the senses and natural energies present in any human being. It does not have to involve penetrable sex or the involvement of sexual intercourse. However, it might involve as an aside but should be called tantric massage. Sex is neither a bad thing. Sex is good for all mature human beings. So tantra massage comes a lot of sensuality as we have learnt and practice in the past till now. The process also involves both the giver and the receiver being completely naked and calls for full-fledged stimulation of the erotic organs of the receiver usually of opposite sexes which means the receiver can either be lady and the give a male and vise versa. The end result is usually multiple organisms on the part of the receiver who is usually the client. Men are wired completely very differently from women and the purpose of the nakedness is usually aimed at helping the masseuse to transfer her warm and heated energy through the man’s body as men became animals when they see a woman’s nakedness that does not belong to them.

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Can Sexual Organs Benefit From Tantra Massage?

Tantric massage and sexual organs massage can help to relieve previous sexual traumas especially when being applied by a qualified and experienced masseuse. The massage itself does not heal sexual traumas but simply it supports the healing process. This should be taken into consideration. Usually the erotic and sensual touch in tantric massage is always very relaxing, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically thus helping to stimulate the circulation of blood flow through the body while smoothening out tensions available in the muscles. This helps to generate energy in the body giving rise to many mental, emotional and physical benefits and especially a happy mood which is much needed to help men in healing stress modes. Tantric helps men in increasing good prostate health.

Emotional healing is a vital part of tantric massage. The rejuvenation of well being enhanced by erotic tantric massage helps in eliminating stress, high blood and depression. Therefore it is important that the tantric masseuse or masseur is genuine, experienced and not driven by sex. We do not expect tantric massage practitioners to be lovers. There is a huge difference between a lover and a masseuse or masseurs. Lovers are always fond of each other and exchange warn and heart-felt energies. However, like I said earlier, sex is not a bad thing but if agreed between both parties before the start of the healing processes of tantric massage, then it is consensual and nothing wrong in that but the fact remains true that both parties should be of mature age (18+). Lastly, it will also depend on the diagnosis where there is evidence that sex should be part of the healing process to help the receiver.

However, a well trained tantra massage therapist will often have to maintain a clear gap and create space away from sex otherwise engaging the receiver while in a vulnerable state-of-mind could be considered as violation of practice code. It is usually best for the giver of this type of massage to watch and or monitor the flow of sexual energy of the client and refrain from taking part to lively up the energy by engaging in sexual activity. Allowing the receiver to surrender in a deeper manner is usually best practice.

London Is Home To Magical Tantric Massage Masseurs and Masseuses.

Central London in the United Kingdom is home to a vast number of tantric massage masseurs and masseuses, all claiming to be at the top of the game of leveraging tantric massage than no one ever has. There are many independently qualified and certified tantric massage therapists and others that are well placed due to longevity in the field including those from Asia who tantric massage is part and parcel of their tradition and way of life. Asians are best place to offer all forms of massage but it does not mean that westerners cannot beat them hands down in their own field and game. You should therefore be aware that there are many practitioners and it is advisable to take quality, experience and skills of the masseuse or masseur into consideration before parting with your hard-earned cash.