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a japanese woman providing a intimate erotic massage in London

Why erotic massages are now popular than ever before

Wherever in the world you are from, you probably have heard of erotic massage. While it’s often considered a taboo subject, many places around the globe are a hub for the adult bodywork. In London, erotic massage is thriving, with more people visiting erotic massage parlours than ever before. Let us tell you how and why…

The evolution of erotic massage

An old style massage parlour signErotic massage has been practiced for centuries and dates back to Britain as far as the 16th Century. Many believe erotic massage was introduced for rich men to escape and have sex away from their wives, but this couldn’t be more far from the truth.

In the UK, erotic massage was first practiced on women who suffered from female hysteria. Female hysteria is no longer recognised as a medical condition; however it was an extremely common diagnosis during the 1500s. As well as fainting, insomnia and nervousness being symptoms – doctors believed that excessive vaginal discharge and sexual thoughts were making women crazy. It was thought that vaginal massage was one of the only cures for female hysteria. The massage would be performed by the doctor until the patient reached orgasm, which signified the release of the hysteria. As time went on mental illness became far more understood, hence why genital massage for female hysteria rapidly declined.

But this wasn’t the end for erotic massage. During the 1700s, prostitution was rife, with many brothels and street-walkers being found in Soho, which was often regarded as London’s red light district. However, towards the end of the 18th Century the government decided to clamp down on British sex work, by illegalising the selling of sex on the streets and in walk-ins. This was a blow for many women, who used prostitution as their main source of income. However, there was a loophole found in the law for women to disguise their services with massage. This allowed erotic massage to flourish into what we know it as today.

Erotic massage in the 21st Century

One of our beautiful massage therapists in LondonThe demand for erotic massage has become stronger. Scientists found new reasons to get an adult massage. It’s since been proven to aid erectile dysfunction and boost sexual stamina. Beyond sex, erotic massage has also found to ease aches and pains, eliminate symptoms of anxiety and improves flexibility. With copious men (and women) turning to erotic massage as an alternative to medicines and exercises.

As massage is hugely popular in London, masseuses from across the world (mainly from Asia) have moved to the capital to put their personal stamp on the erotic massage world within the city. Their influences have brought in many different erotic bodyworks, which men can be treated to when they visit a massage parlour. Examples of these are Nuru from Japan, Tantric from Germany and Lingam from India. The variety of styles means that erotic massages can be enjoyed by any man, as they cater for all sexual preferences. Some are soothing and romantic, while others are super adventurous.

Erotic massage is also more accessible than ever before. Now, erotic massage parlours are easily found on the Internet and can be booked by a simple text or call. Less than 25 years ago, this wasn’t an option. Erotic massage salons have always remained discreet, so to know the whereabouts of a parlour you had to be ‘in the know’. During this era, erotic walk-ups were a thing, which didn’t require a booking. However, turning up unannounced was often daunting for potential erotic massage clients, meaning many who desired to come for an erotic massage would often avoid visiting a parlour.

In the earlier days, seeking erotic massage was often considered as a luxury as it was only the elite who could afford such an experience. However, in the 21st Century the average man’s disposable income is much higher than it once was, so, it is no longer considered as ‘splashing the cash’ to visit a massage parlour. Also, particularly in London, competition between erotic massage parlours is high, therefore they are often competitive with offering their clients the best prices and discounts, in order to attract business. You could argue that erotic massage is more affordable than ever before and is now a popular past time with the ‘ordinary man’.

Come and experience an erotic massage for yourself!

Erotic massage is exciting, enticing and is something you should come and experience for yourself. We have various incall parlours situated in Central London which welcome you through their doors between 10am to 3am, seven days a week. Our massages are available from just £120 and promises you a euphoric, authentic and mind-blowing experience. Book yours today: 07990486678

If you require more info about or services why not have a look at our London outcall erotic massage service page for more info and how to book!

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a man getting a b2b massage at his heathrow hotel

How a body to body massage is better than a traditional spa massage

Everyone knows that massages are highly relaxing, soothing and give us a huge sense of relieve and happiness. However, when it comes to erotic massages, they are definitely a lot more taboo than your normal traditional massage therapy sessions.

But which one is better? An erotic body to body massage or a traditional spa massage?

I’ve took to the streets of London to ask our men which type of massage service they prefer and to rate them both out of ten so we can finally make up our mind!



Paul, 32

Traditional – Traditional Spa massages are an amazing day out to relax and have fun with your friends. I enjoy going for a swim, using the sauna and steam room and finally having a massage that focuses on releasing tension or muscle pain I have. The masseuse is always professional and talks throughout the massage to ensure that I am comfortable with everything. However, I do not get to choose if it is a male or female masseuse, I am allocated whoever is free or working that day. Overall, I would give the traditional massage a 5/10 as it is relaxing and does help with some of the tension I have. 5/10

Body to body – A body to body massage for me, is a lot more intense than a regular spa massage. It reaches more points of my body and overall the cleanse and effort is a lot deeper. I always feel more relieved after a body to body massage and it is nice being able to choose the masseuse I want, as I only want a female masseuse to perform the therapy on me. The overall experience is a lot more soothing as the masseuse does not talk throughout the session, she asked me beforehand for my preferences and then I put my trust in her that she knows what she is doing. 7/10


Thomas, 21

Traditional – As I am an athlete and do a lot of exercise, my muscles often become highly sore and this can cause a lot of pain for me. Getting a traditional sports massage is a good way to soothe any pan I am feeling and get me back on the mend so I can start training again, rather than being injured. Even if a massage is short it is still very effective and I can feel the benefits of it almost right away. Many other athletes that I train with have also said how a massage is an unmissable an extremely crucial part of their ‘physical conditioning regime’, therefore I try to get one at least twice a week. 8/10

Body to body – I have tried a body to body massage a few times and although I enjoyed it, I do not think they are effective as my regular sports massage. I have a busy schedule, therefore if I am going to take time to get a massage twice a week then I would rather receive a proper sports massage that will help me with my training. Although body to body are extremely arousing and help me to relieve in other ways, I prefer a traditional massage. 5/10


Lloyd, 25

Traditional – I really do not enjoy traditional massage as I find it very boring and not exhilarating enough for my needs. I have a very colourful mind when it comes to body contact between two people and I find that a traditional massage does not please me enough. I like things to be a lot more sensual and erotic, and a regular massage does not provide me with this.  I think sometimes the massage does not relax me enough and my mind is always on the more sexual side of massage therapy therefore I cannot fully enjoy it. I find at times the masseuse is doing her job without any passion or emotion and her mind is on different things which makes me feel uncomfortable. 3/10

Body to body – I love body to body massages. Not only are they extremely relaxing and effective and do all the things to your body a normal massage is meant to do, they also bring you an intense and pleasurable orgasm. The masseuse is always happy to ask for my preferences and desires which makes the experience a whole lot better as I get exactly what I want and what I have paid for. Both the masseuse and myself are naked and she uses her body to rub against mine, utilizing her curves perfectly. She focuses on my genitals and pays extra attention to them, which always gets me fully aroused. The good thing about a body to body massage is that you always get to touch the masseuse too; therefore I get to place my hands on her breasts and bum. The masseuse has a lot of passion throughout the session and I can see she enjoys her profession and takes it very seriously. Many of the masseuses have been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools and have been carefully selected to do this job; therefore I know I am in good hands. +10/10

Ultimately, although men do enjoy traditional massages whether they be for sporting reasons, medical or simply pleasure – it is the body to body erotic massage that rises above. A body to body massage offers you everything a regular massage does, and more. IT soothes you, relaxes you and brings you to that place of tranquillity. However, it does not end there because they masseuse then brings you on a rollercoaster of pleasure and gives you the most intense orgasm you will ever experience. You will feel like you are in orgasm heaven while an Asian masseuse will tend to your very need, emotionally, physically and sexually.

The majority of men I interviewed agreed that they enjoyed regular, traditional massages but that body to body massages got the highest rating!

I advise that you try both types of massages to see which one you prefer the best, I bet it will be a body to body massage! Intrested in booking a b2b massage in London? Call us on 07990486678

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