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back pain massage techniques for partners

Ease Your Partners Pain With Back Pain Massage

Easing your Partners Pain with The Perfect Back Massage

Whether you work a hard physical job or use bad posture, our back goes through so much and takes a constant beating almost every day. The back is where our spinal cord is located and many of our bodies nerves are located here. Which is why often we can find ourselves in quite some pain.

A massage can be a great way to help your partner ease their pain from either bad posture, hard work or just a stressful busy day. Not only will it help their back feel better and relieve the pain but also help them feel better overall.

how to ease your pattners back pain with back pain massage

Starting out
Many of the techniques we’ll be discussing are more beginner movements and you will be ok to perform, however some other may require you to use a professional masseur or masseuse.
We know not everyone has a massage table handy at home and we don’t expect you to either. So for the purpose of this post and your purse you’ll be using your bed for your partner’s perfect massage. Now make sure the bed is as comfortable as possible for your partner to relax on, otherwise it will only serve to create more tension in their back and this will result in a pointless massage and possibly further back pain.

Now you’ll want your partner to lie on the bed face down ideally with their arms beside them and a towel to help cover them up partially. Also place a rolled up towel under their forehead to raise their head and help them breathe easier.

If you want to create a more sensual mood to enjoy the experience more you could light some candles and dim the lights, but also consider playing some soothing music at a low level.

Using Massage Oils
If you decide to use massage oils, which is a good thing to sue as they help reduce the friction during the rubbing of the skin. Be sure to set out a couple of towels to catch any excess oil that may run off your partner’s body. We’d dread for you to ruin those lovely fresh white bed sheets!

And you are not just limited to just specially purchased massage oils. A great alternative for those performing a back massage on their partner can use a nice lotion or even some olive oil. Some people have even made their own massage oil using lavender oil which is known to help relaxation mixed with sunflower oils or olive oils. And can be an effective and cheaper alternative to purchasing massage oils.

Back Pain massage tips and techniques

Once your partner is laid on the bed be sure to take your position beside them and make sure your comfortable enough with being in that position for a while as you are massaging. Then begin by placing your hands either side of the bottom of their neck. Then slowly begin to run your hands down their back on both sides of their spine.

This will allow you to get a good feel of their back and help you find any areas that may be tense or feel knotted. Knots will usually feel like a lump on the muscle under the skin.
As you begin to run your hands up and down their back be sure to place your thumbs either side of their spine and fan your fingers out to cover more of the back. This will help you to sooth the skin and surrounding muscles.

Once you have spent some time massaging the back and found and dealt with any spots of tension it’s time to focus your attention on their shoulders. The shoulders are where most people who have a stressful job will have most of their tension stored. Start by placing your hands on either side of their neck and you will feel their muscle called the trapezium. Once there you can begin to massage the trapezium using slight pressure and moving in a circular motion.

Now moving your hands down between the shoulder blades and by making an L shape with your hands place it under the shoulder blade and rub the muscle. Repeat this motion on both shoulders and after a short while begin slowly moving your hands down toward the sides of the torso. Once there be sure to massage the sides and help release tension from under their arms and sides.
If at any point during the massage you feel any knots or concentrations of tension, take your thumb and be sure to apply mild pressure to the area. Press down and then release your thumb before rubbing the area in firm circles with your thumb until it is released.

The same principle applies to relieving knots however, if it is a large knot you will need to use your elbow to help release it rather than your thumb. Be sure to ask your partner that the pressure isn’t too uncomfortable as not to hurt them in the process. Once you feel the knot break up again rub the area with firm but gentle circular strokes to help push it out. This is one of the best ever feelings when having a massage and until you experience words can’t do it justice.

How Long should the Massage Last?

More often than not a massage generally lasts for between 30 to 60 minutes, however this can vary depending on the type of treatment required and how much tension your partner has built up. The more you perform this can of massage for your partner and loved one the better you will become at relieving their tension faster as you begin to learn their muscles and body better over time. It really is an art form in finding where the tension is and relieving it.

Overtime you will feel more confident in your ability and will be able to mix in your own movements and actions proving they don’t hurt your partner of course! The real benefit from a massage is the increase movement of blood flow around the body and muscles as a result of the massage, this increased flow actually helps combat pain in our bodies naturally.

When you are slowly coming to the end of the massage, a good way to finish is to slowly work your hands back up towards the neck area and massage the neck muscle some more before finishing.

Last but Not Least Massage Safety!

A massage carried out by your loving partner is a truly lovely experience however it should also be noted that they can be dangerous at the same time. And when carrying out a massage it is essential that you never apply pressure directly to their spinal cord as this can cause permanent damage to your partner. Also avoid too much pressure around the area of their kidneys too not only are they an important organ but do not have all that much muscle protecting them so slight pressure is more than enough.

As you can see there are many benefits to a massage, and receiving one from your partner after a hard day’s work is a great way to bond and create intimacy with each other. We hope that you find these tips really helpful in preparing and performing the perfect back massage for your partner, and that by following these tips you not only have a thrilling and enjoyable experience but also a safe one too.

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benefits of prostate massage

Key benefits of prostate massage

Key Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Massaging the prostate glands

Maintaining a healthy prostate is an ideal all men should aspire to attain. Although it might appear a challenge especially to those men in their middle ages, it is achievable even if you have been having complications with your prostate for years. You can do it D.I.Y or get one of our beautiful Asian prostate massage specialists in London to do it for you.

However, it is important to point out that if you are terminally ill with prostate cancer whereby the doctors have only given you a few days to live, your gland at this stage may be swollen to the size of a grape fruit. You will most likely need a catheter to pee and probably in a gruesome pain so much so that the thought of you or anybody touching your gland would be unimaginable. In most cases it is too late at that point in time.

The question is “how does one create a healthy prostate?”.

The old age known practice is prostate massage. It has seen millions of men all around the world improve and maintain healthy and trouble free prostate gland, however there are those who instead of benefiting from prostate massage have suffered injuries that made their gland conditions worse. The key to success with the practice is that the massage technique used need to be appropriate. Correct prostate massage will never disappoint. It may surprise you how much can be achieved through it and how liberating it is for a man to have a healthy prostate gland.

When you have a healthy prostate gland you will not even notice that you got one but when it presents complications you will not imagine the agony that the tiny gland, the size of a pea will put you through.

In this article you will be exposed to the most effective methods for your prostate massage. You will appreciate how you can achieve the best outcomes, to guarantee a healthy prostate gland.
The first thing you need to realize is that your tiny prostate gland is a system. Like most systems there is usually more than one input to make it work soundly for desired results. Your gland requires the following to function properly:
⦁ Sufficient and proper nutrition
⦁ A clean blood supply and good circulation of the blood
⦁ Appropriate exercise
⦁ Rest
⦁ Adequate oxygen supply

One approach is massaging the prostate internally. This is the famous “finger up your butt” method. Rather direct but graphically true.
It would be convenient and cheaper to do this in your privacy without the intrusion of someone sticking their finger up your butt. However, it has been proven that your own finger is not the most effective way of administering a prostate massage to yourself. It is difficult for people with normal finger length to reach beyond the tip of their own prostate gland due to the angle of reach, not unless one has an extraordinarily long finger.

The next best alternative to your own finger for massaging your prostate is another person inserting their finger up there. Because of the angle of reach and the awkwardness of you manoeuvring over your body to get your finger into optimum position, another person’s finger will achieve a better penetration depth.

However, some people are not comfortable with the idea of another person’s finger up their backside, if you are one such person, then you could benefit from a range of tools that are used in the practice to enable you to perform the prostate massage on yourself effectively.

Firstly, it is worth noting that just like other trades there is an assortment of tools on offer including others that are actually preferred by some users as cost cutting measures in place of top quality instruments. People have been known to use carrots, cigar tubes and dildos.

It makes economic sense to try and save a penny here and there but this part of your body, more so the gland is very sensitive and far too important for your well-being as a man that shoving just anything up there might not be a prudent cost saving idea.

As was stated earlier, the gland needs stimulation to achieve proper blood circulation. The tested way of realising that desired outcome is to use correct method, technique and tool.
An instrument that has been used for many years and also not very expensive to purchase is the musician’s wooden drumstick with a nicely rounded back end.

Go to your local music store and carefully choose one of approximately the width of your finger. Check it thoroughly and ensure it is smooth, they usually slide in nicely, they are neither too fat or too thin. Take care not to use the sharp end as your gland can be very easily injured if you use wrong tool on it.

Performing the Prostate Massage with a Drumstick on yourself

The first step is to ensure that your bowel is empty. The next step is to get ready for insertion of the instrument. You need the drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. This is the same jelly your will use to examine your prostrate.

Unroll the condom over the large blunt end of the drumstick. Lubricate the condom with KY Jelly. Next, get on the floor on a crawling position. Gently and slowly begin to insert the lubricated drumstick into your anus up to about 4-5 inches. That should normally be deep enough to reach the gland. Your gland is located towards your belly just next to the bowel.

Before you start with any motion with the drumstick you need to remember that for you to get good results you have got to get the movement right.

Apply light pressure on the drumstick and slowly slide the drumstick back out approximately 1.5 inches and then back in. Imagine what you would do if you were using your finger and do exactly that. Ensure you maintain the light pressure. This is the process and procedure used for milking the gland so there is a likelihood of some fluid coming out of your penis.

As you move the drumstick in you will tell when reach the gland by the intense sensation. When you feel the sensation that is when to apply the light pressure as you make your way deeper. You will also be able to tell when you have moved past the gland and that is when to gently pull out and then when you begin to feel the intense of the sensation apply the light pressure again on your outward travel.

This process may cause a great deal of sexual stimulation and leave you highly erotic. You may attain a very strong erection and that is normal when the gland is stimulated. However, do not focus on the erection it should subside after a short while just concentrate on the massage. Repeat the in and out movement for about 5- 10 times.

Depending on whether you are comfortable with 5 movements or 10, after your comfortable number; slide the drumstick in again and as you feel the sensation apply a gentle pressure on the gland but this time hold it there for account of seven. At the count of 7, give it a little jiggle, release the pressure and then wait one full minute and repeat the cycle one more time and you should be done!
That was not so difficult to achieve with just a drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. But it can be even easier with a little more expense.

The most comfortable prostate massager that fits most men just right that is available in the market for the procedure is the Aneros HelixSYN (the silicone Helix version).

If you thought using the drumstick was an easy process, this instrument is three times easier and precise. It reaches the right distance and offers the correct shape for the right pressure.
There are a variety of sizes available which makes relevant for all men of different shapes and sizes including those who in usual circumstances may struggle to reach their anus to comfortably and effectively perform the treatment on themselves.

There are a few models out there but the best is the silicone model. It is smoother and extremely effective.

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London Massage - FBSM, FUll body sensual massage,

5 Great tips for your first full body sensual massage (FBSM) experience

5 Great Tips for your first full body sensual massage (FBSM) experience in London UK

  • Book Your FBSM in the Right Manner

First of all, when booking your full body sensual massage, it is important to research what has been advertised and to be clear on what the masseuse is providing. A lot of the time the ad can be filled with long descriptive paragraphs but it is important to quickly identify what the massage therapist is offering and make sure you are both on the same page when you get around to booking the FBSM treatment.

When calling the massage therapist, make sure you are a gentleman and are considerate of her time. Be, polite, relaxed, calm and clear. Let the therapist know what you want and be straight to the point, don’t waste her time with indiscreet questions or crude comments. Let her book you in for your FBSM appointment without hassle, it will be smoother for both parties this way and you will have got off on the right foot!

  • Be On Time!

When going to a FBSM you must ensure that you arrive on time to your appointment, preferably 5 to 10 minutes early and be ready for the FBSM provider to receive you. Respecting the masseuse’s time is important and shows that you are a good client that will not waste their time. If the London traffic holds you up, call ahead and the let the therapist know!  It’s polite to keep the massage therapist in the loop and this will go a long way in creating a relaxed environment for the FBSM treatment.

  • Talk to the Massage Therapist

Before and during the treatment, relax, speak to the FBSM provider. Let her know how you are and maybe give her some direction for how she can make the session more relaxing for you. Do you have injuries/bruises she can pay attention to? How about comfort, do you prefer a pillow? Let the massage therapist know these things and receive the best possible sensual massage experience for you.

Also throughout the session give the masseuse feedback on what she is doing if it is to your liking. Is she paying attention to the muscles that need attention? Are you comfortable with how she is touching you? Too rough/soft? It is good to let her know, she is trying to give you the best sensual massage experience and if you set the tone by letting her know it will be beneficial to both of you.

  • Respect the Massage Therapist during your full body sensual massage

Whilst it is good to speak to your therapist it is also important to ensure you treat the therapist with respect. Respect includes speaking to her in the right manner but being clear to also respect her boundaries. It can be good speak to the therapist and to respond to her questions about you in a relaxed, friendly environment but you must avoid asking too many personal questions. Let the masseuse focus on the full body sensual massage, don’t put her off and make her uncomfortable, this will only affect your FBSM experience in a negative way.

Respecting her boundaries involves honouring her physical boundaries, don’t touch her without permission! Speak to her, make sure you are both on the same page, these boundaries can vary between different providers of FBSM so it is respectful to ASK before you touch her. Don’t just assume, you don’t want to cross a line and affect your current or future FBSM appointments. It can help to research the different London sensual massage therapists before you book so you can be clear on the boundaries beforehand. Also full body body massage is an erotic massage. Good to know


The final point and possibly the most important one. Relax! Make the most of your time of the massage table, don’t worry yourself with nerves or stress! If this is your first time in London having a sensual massage it makes sense that you may have a few nerves but the more you relax, the better your full body sensual massage experience will be!

Another big thing is, don’t surround yourself with distractions! This means forget about work life, home life, bills etc. this will only take away from the pleasure of the FBSM treatment. Also No phones, tablets, laptops! It’s best to fully switch off and immerse yourself in the sensual massage treatment, you will feel much better for it. Take your mind off all these things and the FBSM treatment will be much more enjoyable for you!

If you have taken all of this in, found it helpful and are ready for a journey into the exhilarating world of FBSM make sure to book a sensual massage with one of our exceptional massage therapists! Our massage therapists are among the most outstanding talents in London and will give you an incredible experience that you will not find anywhere else. Give us a call and we will make sure you have an full body sensual massage treatment to remember.

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