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Why Korean girls are the best for a massage

A Korean girl that works as an Outcall MasseuseEverybody knows that Asian women are stunning, happy to be around and make great partners. I have dated women from all across the continent and I have to say that in my opinion, Korean girls are the best. I am also a keen consumer of Asian tantric massages, and Korean girls also happen to be the best at them too, without any doubt. I think that an erotic massage from a beautiful Korean masseuse is something that every man should experience at least once in their lifetime. Throughout this blog post I am going to explain to you why Korean girls are the best choice for an oriental massage, and the benefits it can have for your mind, body and soul.

Although oriental women tend to be beautiful in general, Korean girls are naturally beautiful due to the fact that they take enormous pride in their body, taking care of them from their diet to their skincare. The girls are raised with good food and care, and by women who also take pride in their health and appearance, so it is just the norm for them to look good.  Koreans have a very balanced diet, living off a lot of fruit and vegetables to give them the nutrition they need. Korea is also a country of high aesthetics, so areas such as art, fashion and design helps to cultivate in them a fantastic sense of style which is reflected hugely in the way they look. Every man wants a gorgeous girl by their side, somebody to show off and who looks smart and the part. Korean girls are definitely the best option if you want a girl who makes an effort to look good not just for you, but also for her.

Not only are Korean girls naturally beautiful, they are also naturally polite and genuine girls. They have a passion for life and tend to be more than open minded and hearted than other Asian countries. Their happiness and positive energy radiates from them, and they are a pleasure to be around. A lot of them are middle class or higher, so they have good manners and know how to act professional, exactly what you would want when receiving an erotic massage. Many men who regularly visit massage parlours claim that by far, Korean girls are the most loveable and easy to get along with. Their gentle nature means that they are gentle, welcoming and warm. They make it their priority to ensure that you are taken care of and always feel wanted and special.

Korean girls are also highly in touch with their sexual nature and feel comfortable and happy to speak out about sex. Many other women in Asian countries can be quite shy or embarrassed to talk about their sexual preferences and desires, whereas Korean girls are aware that they enjoy sex and are happy to share this with people. This makes them the best erotic masseuses because they know exactly how to please you and make you enjoy every minute of your session with them. They have been highly trained in some of the best massage schools in Korea, perfecting their skills and massage techniques especially in Tantric massage therapy which is loved in Korea and worldwide. Their extreme passion for making others feel good and their understanding of how erotic massages can make you feel good physicalA Korean flagly, mentally and spiritually is what sets them ahead of other Oriental masseuses.

Korean masseuses know the importance of pleasing you mentally as well as physically and how the two come hand in hand to make one euphoric experience for their client. To fully reach climax and for it to be lasting, you need to be pleased mentally as well as it will offer you more clarity, making the orgasm stretch out. They bring you on an emotional roller coaster that will make you feel cleansed and pure at the end of your sensual session with them, and you will wonder why you have never been to an erotic massage parlour before and why you have not been with a Korean girl! They are caring and sweet and always want to make sure that you are feeling like a king and royalty.  Each girl has spent many hours perfecting her skills to ensure that you receive the best possible one and all your tensions and stress leave your body. Korean girls are often happy to talk about any extras that you may want and are very polite and respect any needs and desires that you may have.

Korean girls are ideal masseuses if you want a sexy yet professional erotic massage experience. They respect your privacy and always make your session with them discreet and enjoyable so that you have nothing to worry about.  They are super friendly and patient and their main is to please you and make you happy. They please you both physically and mentally which is what a true erotic massage should do. Korean girls are the most popular out of all Oriental girls, even Chinese and Japanese men prefer them more than the women in their own countries due to their amazing reviews and they make the best masseuses and lovers. They are usually the most popular selected girls at massage parlours and every massage parlour needs a Korean girl.

Looking to book a wonderful Korean massage tonight? Have a look at our Central London service page to find out more where you can book one of our beatiful Korean girls.


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Asian massage therapies

Various types of Asian massage therapies available to clients in London

Asian massage therapies refer to the types of massage therapies that originated in Asia. Most of these therapeutic massages were used as the only source of medical care during the Ancient times. Special oils and herbs are used on the body of the patient as complementary medicine during the massage therapy sessions of the Asian styles of massage.

Although most of the Asian massage therapies were inspired by the Ancient Chinese and Indian medicines, there are many oriental types of massage techniques that are originally developed by their country. Most of the Asian massage therapies applies harder pressure and uses extreme techniques on the patient during a massage therapy session.

Most of these massage therapies share the same principle of aiming for the meridian points that are located all over the patient’s body in order to unleash the energies in the body that are commonly blocked due to many reasons. The Asians believe that the sole purpose of energy inside the body is to be the balancer of the health and wellness of a person.

Energy realignment is done in order to improve the health, increase circulation, relieve stress, and activate the body’s self healing capabilities. The energies are known in many different terms depending on the different countries of Asia. In China, energy flowing inside the human body is known as qi (chi). The Indians call energy as prana. Sen is what they call energy in Thailand, and ki stands for energy in Korea and Japan. All of these are believed that they should pass uninterrupted on the energy lines all over the body.

The Different Methods

There are many different types of method used by Asian massage therapies; most of these are unique from each other. There are though, methods that blend two to three different methods to enhance their effectiveness. Below are some of the most popular and commonly used Asian massages all over the world:

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Shiatsu – Japan is the pioneering country where this type of therapeutic massage originated and since developed. Shiatsu is a type of therapeutic massage that uses finger pressure on different pressure points to enhance the health, remove body pain, and consequently relax the body. It is a celebrated practice and one that had many famous personalities try it in Japan. This being before it was introduced all over the world.

Thai Massage – a combination of Shiatsu, acupressure and Yoga which was originally from India and later on was developed and used in Thailand by monk practitioners. Shiatsu is the main type of massage therapy used with the aid of acupressure worked on the different areas of the body while passive yoga is used on the patient for the body and mind. Passive yoga is similar to yoga without the patient moving any single part of his or her body; instead the massage therapist moves the body for the patient. This in return helps the body and also the mind of the patient to relax. Thai massage therapist stretches the body of the patient in beneficial positions for a good circulation, release of muscle tension and calming of the body.

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Types of Asian Massage

Types of Asian Massage Provided to Londoners

In terms of reputation within the discipline of therapeutic massage remedy, the Oriental varieties of bodywork methods are by no means slack in giving purchasers the very best outcomes from rest to therapeutic advantages. The individuals of Asia provide extra care in comparison with the individuals within the different continents. That is true as seen on the proof discovered on the scrolls, caves, and locations the place these individuals of assorted nationalities. In that continent had left writings, drawings, and work depicting the follow of such physique manipulation methods.

Asian therapeutic massage has been round for the reason that historic instances because it has been used within the distant villages of many nations within the continent as their main supply of medical care. Many healers utilise this as a precept and follow of pure relieving the situation of a affected person in want of therapeutic and restoration from his or her well being points.

At the moment, there are a lot of types of Asian massage which did develop within the assorted nations of Asia. And due to fixed vacationers going to many various locations, the therapeutic massage methods have spread and are taught all world wide. These days, you possibly can see therapeutic massage therapists in America conducting a Japanese Shiatsu or different therapies that did not develop regionally. It’s a good signal the general public is now accepting and embracing all of the sorts of therapies which might be largely contributing to the medical society.

Higly Requested Types of Asian Massage

Beneath are among the hottest and generally requested types of Asian massage and therapies:

Acupressure – it’s a method intently resembling that of acupuncture with out the usage of the skinny, lengthy needles inserted on the meridian factors of the consumer’s physique. China has been one of the crucial productive nations in Asia with regards to the sector of therapeutic massage remedy because it has developed many several types of therapeutic and stress-free therapeutic massage remedy equivalent to acupressure.

Shiatsu – initially developed in Japan with the intentions of therapeutic a affected person by the balancing of vitality or Ki with using meditation and arms-on approach, Shiatsu has gained worldwide fame due to it’s efficiency and success in addressing numerous well being issues.

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Thai Therapeutic massage – a neighborhood medical care of Thailand which had fairly a couple of controversies on its historical past. Thai therapeutic massage is without doubt one of the most soothing yoga-like methods that may actually squeeze out the perfect in you. Many know it as “lazy man’s Yoga”. This is on account of the truth that the consumer does little effort or involvement on the transition of postures throughout the remedy session. Stretching, pulling, bending, and compression whereas meditating and protecting a correct respiratory sample are the strategies used for this type of bodywork.

Selecting a great therapeutic massage remedy could also be a ache within the head for many individuals because of the problem in weighing which one is greatest for you. Nonetheless, you possibly can preserve the choices easy by making an goal on what you need to heal and which may greatest present that treatment for you.

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