Month: July 2019

The perfect preparation for your first prostate massage

Preparing for your Oriental Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is pulse-racing, seductive and sexy – but also can push you far out your comfort zone during your first session. However, we’re here to ease your nerves and give you the perfect preparation for your first prostate massage, so here it goes..

imagine a massage with her in your heathrow airport hotelFind a suitable parlour (and book in advance)

First of all, you need to find a parlour suitable for you. Prostate massage is a niche service and may not be offered by all erotic massage parlours, so do make sure you find an establishment which offers the treatment and can be easily reached from wherever you are travelling from. We also advise that you read the reviews for the prostate service and to also check the profiles of the therapists who offer the treatment – to make sure you fancy them of course! Once you’ve found your perfect parlour do book an appointment in advanced. Prostate massage is a limited service and often does get booked up very quickly.

Go to the toilet beforehand

Once your prostate session is booked, you can save the next stage of your preparation for the day of your appointment. So let’s get straight down to business (the number two business) and inform you the importance of emptying your bowels before a prostate massage. Massaging the prostate gland on a full tummy is guaranteed to be a super discomforting experience, for not just you, but for your therapist also. It can also be super dangerous for your health, so yeah please don’t do it! If you’re feeling peckish straight before your massage then do avoid any stodgy foods and opt for a light snack.  Small portions of fruit, cereal bars or a light soup are our top choices.

Have a shower

Having a shower before any erotic massage is often recommended, but when it comes to prostate massage showering is an absolute MUST. Prostate massage is the most intimate massage of them all, so of course the therapist doesn’t want to get down and dirty with smelly or sweaty erogenous zones. So do make sure you have a quick wash, good hygiene is common courtesy at the end of the day. If showering at home isn’t an option at home then don’t worry, as you can always use the bathing facilities provided at the parlour. By law, all parlours who offer prostate massage must offer complimentary shower facilities for all customers. The showers can also be utilised after your massage has taken place and can be enjoyed alone or in the company of your therapist.

Trim your bum hole

For many styles of erotic massage, we often say don’t worry about shaving and let it all hang out. But when it comes to prostate massage, we advise giving your bum hole a little trim. This is because prostate massage uses lots of contact between the therapist’s dainty finger tips and your anal gland. The most unattractive thing would be to have the therapist’s index finger taking a journey through your bush to find your backdoors. Instead, do give yourself a small trim to make every stroke run as smoothly and as sensually as possible.

Plan your journey

As mentioned before, it’s important to find a parlour which can be easily reached from your hotel or home. Many parlours often have complimentary parking spaces for clients are also located just a short walk away from major tube stations, which makes your journey to the parlour super-smooth. Plan your journey beforehand and give yourself plenty of time to reach the parlour. Not only will running late cause unnecessary stress, but it also might lead you to your session being cancelled. Prostate massage is a high-demand service and arriving late to your appointment will often lead to your allocated time slot being given to another client.

Book your Asian prostate massage today

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