How Tantric Massage Therapy Could Help Your Millennial Burnout

When I was in university I was constantly being told that once I graduated that I would find it rather difficult to get a job, to buy a house or live comfortably in a major city. This was crazy news to me as in my parents’ generation; if you had a degree and were educated then you would be able to live a healthy and stable life. These stresses are just some of the many the millennial generation (people born between 1989-1997) face and it has had a huge impact on our mental health and stress levels. We are the highest bracket of “work martyrs,” working the longest hours yet not being able to afford the homes, cars, holidays and lifestyles that Baby Boomers and Generation X were able to. Recent studies have shown that us Millennials are making around 20% less than our parents and grandparents, yet being overworked and a lot more educated.

Stress is all around us and it can impact your everyday life

It is not just the heavy workloads and unrealistic deadlines that are causing us stress and anxiety, but we also face a lot of issues when it comes to technology and politics. Known as “constant checkers,” our relationship with technology is quite complex as we are the only generation that was born before laptops and mobile phones, grew up when they began to become a normal part of life and now when they are almost a necessity to get by. Despite being more connected to the world and having the internet to learn and see things we never were able to do beforehand, we are also the generation that feels the most alone. Our use of technology has been directly linked to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide. Although technology is incredible and interactive in so many ways, it has also left us feeling isolated.

When it comes to politics we are constantly being dubbed “too leftist” or “too offended.” We are trying to break through the racial, class, gender, religious and homophobic prejudice that the generations before us had internalised yet we are constantly fighting a battle of trying to stand up for political correctness. Also, another huge issue that Millennials are highly aware of is the vast Climate Change, something that causes us a lot of stress, affecting us physically and mentally.

These issues have a direct connection with the levels of stress that our generation is experiencing and have participated in the problem that has become known as “Millennial Burnout.” WE have many different areas of stress coming from various different factors which is affecting many Millennial’s quality of life.

Ultimately if something is causing you stress or deterring your mental health, you look to find a solution to help this problem, right? If being a Millennial is one thing then it is being open to trying new things. Luckily this has allowed us to speak more freely and openly about certain things like our bodies and how we can pleasure them not just sexually but on a spiritual level too. We talked with one of our customers who is a Millennial, about why and how they use Tantric Massage Therapy to combat their stress levels and how it helps them when they feel burnt out.

So, if you are feeling a hard hit of Millennial Burnout and are looking for a solution that is relaxing, pleasurable and liberating, then read on…

Dawson, 25 – “My father is a lawyer and so was his father, therefore naturally I wanted to follow in the family footsteps and keep up this tradition. I have always been accustomed to working hard Claire a Thai massage specalist working in the London area.as I knew I wanted to study at the best university and get the best degree level, and I always saw my father work long and hard hours and be rewarded for it. However, since I have become older I have begun to notice that although I may work even harder than my father does, the economic climate means that I will not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle that he has been able to do so. I am not saying that I do not live a financially stable life, but my lifelong dreams of owning my own home by the time I’m 25, like my father did, is something that is looking a bit far out of reach. Years of studying extremely hard and not being rewarded in the way that I had hoped has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety and at times I feel so out of touch with myself that I almost feel numb and paralysed. My anxiety surges through my body and it is very difficult when I have to work long hours in a very high paced job that involves a lot of interaction and concentration. I find it hard to have any time to myself which has also put a hold on any sort of love life as if I can’t spare any time for myself now, how would I be able to do so for a potential partner? Luckily recently I have been coming to my local Asian massage parlour to receive Tantric Massage therapy weekly which is already improving my quality of life massively. Tantric massage therapy is immersive and sensual, helping your mind and your body to connect in a special way. It binds together your sexual energy with your state of relaxation to send powerful rushes of happiness and pleasure throughout your body and mind. IT is so much more than a physical or sexual act; I like to think it is quite spiritual. It has helped me to combat my stress levels and to learn how to enter into a total form of Zen. Tantric massage therapy encourages me to get in touch with my feelings and instead of suppressing them, I have learnt to just feel and let them flow. When the masseuse is running her hands on areas such as my shoulders, neck and back, I can instantly feel the tension being released from body and I visualise with every stroke she is washing away the stress and tension. Tantric Massage Therapy is definitely a positive and great way for not just Millennial’s to tackle their high pressure lifestyles, but for anyone that is open to letting the world of Tantra work its ways on you.”

Looking to book your own Asian Tantric Massage?

Want to book your very own stress busting Tantric massage? We offer a sexy Oriental Tantric massage service in London. Or you can call us on 07990486678

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My first tantric massage experience

The marylebone tube station sign.As a student in France, I always planned on doing an Erasmus year so I could see the world while I am young and also learn a new language. England always appealed to me as as I already had basic knowledge of the language, what better way to develop it further than moving to London for a year. I organised a lovely flat share with a few other international students in the Marylebone area of the city and thought it was amazing. Marylebone is a very chic residential area in London that has village vibes and a great sense of community. Scattered with vintage boutiques and independent retail stores, it is a hub for creativity and adventures. It attracts many tourists due to its busy high street and being the home to Madame Tussauds and also the Sherlock Holmes museum. It possesses some of the most beautiful architect in the city and really represents what London is about, past and present. However, it did have one secret hidden gem that would soon become my new obsession – a tantric massage parlour.

London really is a city of culture and fascination, discovery and all things amazing –not only can you learn about British life and history but you can also learn about different countries and different traditions they have. However, what I learnt the most was about myself and what I want and also need sexually.

It all started after a long day of enrolment and classes, the move to a new country and the culture shock all hit me at once and I suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotion and didn’t know how I could relief this stress as I didn’t really know my new flat mates and did not want to unload my emotions on to them so soon. I took out my laptop and began to Google ways to reduce stress and tension quickly and a massage came up quite frequently. Therefore, I searched massage therapy in Marylebone when I came across a phone number. I gave the number a call and was greeted on the phone by a lovely and very helpful lady that booked me in for the next hour. I made my way to the massage centre and was greeted by one of the most attractive women I have ever met in my life behind reception when she directed me to a room, where an even more attractive lady was waiting for me. I got a nervous rush over my body and butterflies in my stomach thinking that surely this stunning woman in front of me could not be my masseuse? She was an Asian lady with the pretty, bright eyes and a warm smile that but my nerves at ease. I then realised that this place was not a normal massage therapy centre but in fact, an erotic massage parlour. I thought about leaving for second but was too intrigued and the beauty of the stunning, Oriental masseuse who I could not take my eyes off.

I quickly noticed that there was no massage table; it was simply just a bed with crisp white sheets. She directed me to lie on the bed on my stomach and she began to pour sweetly scented creams all over my back and began to rub it in gently. Her hands felt so soft and I could tell she had been trained to a professionally level due to the standard in which she was massaging me in. I suddenly felt all the tension and knots in my back and rest of my body disappear and it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Her soothing touched helped me feel rejuvenated and I knew that I would leave the massage parlour feeling like a new man.


However, I was not prepared for what would happen next and this made everything so much more exciting. The only thing I was wearing was a small white towel wrapped around my waist. The beautiful Asian masseuse turned me over from my stomach to my back so that I was facing the roof when she slowly removed my towel, leaving me completely naked. She then mounted me and we were face to face, I could feel her perky breasts brush off me and I immediately became very hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, after all the stress and worry, this felt like a dream come true. Putting more oil on her hands, she took my penis and began massaging it with passion. And care. She started of slowly and sensually and my breathing became harder and longer. As she did this, her body moved up and down on mine and our movements became in sync with one another’s.  Her boobs began to bounce up and down as our movement began to speed up.

A Asian massaeuse performing a tantric massage on a man led down on a bedShe began to make a noise and it was so sexy and high pitched which was turning me on even more. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she looked like she was enjoying bouncing on my penis which was also a huge turn on for me. Although we hadn’t even done as much as exchanging names, she had the power to create a deep bond between us and I felt so much intimacy with her compared to other sexual experiences I had previously.

I could tell she cared about looking after me both physically and mentally. She watched carefully to my movements and reactions and gave me exactly what I wanted. I had never been with an oriental woman before or a masseuse at that, but I knew in that instant that this would not be the last time. It was amazing to see how much of an effort she put into me and how unique and individual my session was. I could tell she truly was a professional with a love for what she does was clearly shown throughout my time with her.

When I finally climaxed, it was the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. My body electrified with pleasure and I no longer felt stressed, anxious or tense.

It is safe to say that although my first time at a tantric massage parlour was a surprise and not planned, it was easily the best thing I have ever experienced. I tried a few other massage parlours in London afterwards but none of them compared to my time with that stunning Asian masseuse at the Marylebone massage parlour.

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tantric massages

Tantric massage and sexual healing

Tantric massage is a style of massage that’s very sensual by nature. It’s an art form that teaches us how to embrace our natural sensuality, lust and encourages us to explore our erotic side. The massage can be performed all over the body. It is typically carried out naked and works to stimulate the whole body, spreading the soft, soothing sensations out from head to toe. Because you and the masseuse are both naked, you are metaphorically closer to each other. A tantric massage will build a strong spiritual bond between you and the masseuse, exploring your most intimate parts that are often difficult to uncover under normal circumstances.

How does a tantric massage work?

Tantric massage is an extremely popular type of therapy and for good reason. Typically, it begins with a series of ritual-like, meditative acts. The therapist may sit cross-legged opposite you and close your eyes as you try and sync your breathing. She may show you ways to use breathing to control your mind, body and emotions. Once you’re relaxed, you would lie down so the masseuse can begin the massage session.

She will cover your body in massage oils and sensually rub it all over your body. She will use slow strokes, using the power of suspense and gradual build-up to excite the body and heighten the experience. Tantric massage is about control, spiritual connections and intense tension releases. Sexual arousal is likely, but you shouldn’t fight it. Tantric massage isn’t like other erotic massages. The goal isn’t to orgasm but it’s a pleasant by-product. Instead of using pleasure as an incentive, tantric massage uses pleasure to focus the mind and exercise self-control.

If you do experience sexual arousal or orgasm, don’t fight against it. Arousal puts your body and mind in a unique state. When you’re in this state of mind, your most intimate thoughts and vulnerable feelings can be accessed – something which cannot usually be done under normal circumstances. As for orgasm, it is one of the best ways to release stress because it’s so pleasurable that it washes away any traces of negative thoughts.

Tantric massage and sexual therapy

Tantric massage is a great form of sexual therapy because it’s so highly intimate and means both the massage receiver and the masseuse to lay themselves bare and allow for deep emotional exploration. For singles or couples who are suffering from intimacy problems or lack of sex drive, tantric massage is a great option. It allows for total physical and emotional exploration, which means you can discover new things about your body and self that may surprise you.

The therapist will create a massage session that’s catered carefully to your needs and desires but stays within your comfortable limits. Comfort and relaxation is very important because it means your body and mind is at ease while the massage is being performed. This heightened state of relaxation allows to feel totally refreshed and rejuvenated after the massage because your body and mind ‘recharges’ itself when you are fully relaxed.

Tantric massage is so sensual that it taps into your sexual side. It awakens energy from all over the body, from life to sexual energy. Tantric massage excites sexual energy, arouses you and increases sex drive. Simultaneously, it helps you to learn to control your drive and conserve your energy so you can enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life. If you are suffering from sexual issues like low drive/libido, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, tantric massage can help you overcome these problems without the need for medications or counselling. It is even more effective when combined with more erotic types of massage such as lingam or yoni massage. A series of specialised tantric massage treatments can dramatically improve your sex and love life. You will feel liberated – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A masseuse’s perspective

So that’s our general outtake on tantric massage, but what’s it like from a professional’s perspective? We approached Lucy, one of our tantric masseuses and asked her what she thinks…

What does tantric massage focus on?

Lucy: So many things happen during a tantric massage, but ultimately it’s about using your body’s sensuality to access the brain. These days, people are afraid to truly let go and a tantric massage is so arousing and stimulating that they have no choice but to run wild with the wind. The rush of sexual energy evoked during a tantric massage lets people feel freer, happier and more alive. When darkness rules your life, you feel as if you’re constantly under a stormy cloud and it affects the way you think. Tantric massage brings all of these painful feelings to the surface and releases them, whether that be through a verbal release or an orgasm.

Does a tantric massage actually help your clients?

Lucy: It’s difficult to say tantric massage completely cures my clients of their problems because of course, there are other factors at play. However, they have all said tantra has greatly helped them and they feel a lot better. I’ve seen people in various states of mental disarray, anguish and chronic stress. When they leave, they definitely walk with a new bounce in their step – like they’ve had a great weight lifted off their shoulders. And many of them return for repeat sessions. They say they feel far more comfortable in their skin, so tantric massage has long-lasting positive results.

Is tantric massage illegal?

Lucy: I get asked this a lot because tantric massage seems so sexual. There’s a negative stigma that surrounds this line of work and people can get very judgmental about it. But tantric massage is totally legal – it’s a legitimate therapy. I know that not everyone will understand, approve or believe that the therapy works, but it only takes one session to change your mind.

If you’re interested in a Asian mobile tantric massage, we offer services from £150 an hour and you can find out more about this on our website here http://asia-massage.co.uk/tantric-massage-london/

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using massage to beat Chronic Stress

Is Tantric Massage Best For Chronic Stress?

It’s well-known that massage therapy is one of the best cures for stress. There’s something so comforting and relieving about touch. Massage therapy plays on this and combines it with working tension out of tired muscles. There are many types of massage that you can try – from traditional ones such as Swedish massage and sports massages (both of which focus on deep pressure) to more erotic styles such as nuru massage and tantric massage.

Erotic Asian massages are interesting, because they fuse the relaxing sensations of having muscle knots ironed out with the relief of sexual satisfaction. Tantric massage is one massage that is particularly effective for that.

What is a tantric massage?

A tantric massage is an Asian massage that is very ritualistic and focuses on slow tension build-up. The reason behind this is because it’s based on tantra – a meditative ritual that’s meant to rebalance the mind, body and soul. Tantric practitioners believe that the body runs on Qi, also known as life energy. When the channels that carry Qi become blocked and disrupt the flow, you are more likely to become ill and stressed. Tantric massage, which is a combination of sensual stimulation, sexual arousal and control using breathing techniques, works to rebalance these energies.

Stress and tantric massage

Tantric massage typically uses techniques that slowly build up tension, raises arousal and keeps it at a high point. The aim isn’t to experience orgasm. It’s to learn to control your arousal and orgasm. Orgasm is the body’s natural reaction to arousal, but when you orgasm uncontrollably, energy may be lost in the process. Tantric massage teaches you how to orgasm without wasting any of this precious energy, and in doing so, you can experience multiple intense orgasms.

But how is this linked to stress? Well, stress can be held all over the body. It’s most attracted to places that are under the most strain on a daily basis – for example, the back, shoulders and neck. Massage therapy works to relieve the stress from these areas. However, stress can also be held in places like the sexual areas. Normal massage therapy doesn’t work on these areas because they aren’t meant to cater to arousal. Alternative massages, like tantric massage, do which makes them far more satisfying and fulfilling.

Tantric massage is so slow that it ensures every drop of blocked energy is eased out of its hiding spot and reintroduced to the rest of the channels. It also ensures that all the tension is soothed out of the body in the most efficient manner possible. You see, orgasm is a physical manifestation of stress, so when you experience an orgasm, stress is released. That’s why you feel so relaxed after one. But because orgasms also mean energy loss, tantric massage uses breathing rituals and mind control to teach you to only experience stress release and not energy loss.

Relieving chronic stress: the tantra way

Tantric massage is a fantastic way to relieve chronic stress because of its slow, meticulous nature. Chronic stress is one that keeps coming back, so normal massage therapy that light-heartedly works at stress won’t affect one that is deeply rooted. Tantric massage really digs into the body, metaphorically and literally, and really works to build up tension. The eventual orgasm will be the most stress-releasing one you’ve ever had, which ensures that even the most deep and stubbornly rooted tensions are blasted from the body in one pleasurable sweep.

Can it prevent stress?

Regular tantric massage sessions can prevent stress. This is because it exercises the mind and allows you to learn to stay cool and collected during stressful situations. It’s also extremely sexually satisfying. Sexual frustration can be distracting and have negative effects on mood so tantric massage helps to prevent this. It helps you to stay focused. Our Japanese tantric massage girls are waiting to provide you with the benefits of a Tantric massage today.

Where can I get a tantric massage?

You can try our special tantric massage service and prices start from £150 an hour. We have a selection of genuine masseuses offering asian massage in london and who are all highly trained in a variety of oriental massages, including tantric. To book, head over to our contact page and follow the instructions!

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when not to get a tantric massage

When NOT To Get a Tantric Massage

when not to get a tantric massage

Tantric massage combines traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. This Asian-style massage therapy is highly sought out because of its unprecedented benefits for the mind body and soul- however; they can also cause a few problems if you’re not in the right health. Although the positives undoubtedly outweigh the bad, receiving a Tantric massage could worsen certain illnesses and conditions. Unbeknown to most, Tantric massage techniques have a profound effect on bodily functions- most of which are closely linked with the blood and heart. So, if you’re thinking about booking in with a Tantric masseuse but suffer from an illness, be sure to read on.

If you’re on prescription meds

Before you jump to conclusions, we don’t mean all description meds- but you should inform your masseuse if you’re taking any before your session takes place. For starters, you need to think about why it is you were prescribed the medication in the first place. Tantric massages are highly beneficial- especially when it comes to the body. They help to decrease depression, anxiety, blood pressure and various other conditions. However, they also increase bloody flow- which, yes, is a good thing, but not if you’re taking medication such as Insulin. Increased blood flow from a Tantric massage can influence certain medications that are heavily time dependant or reliant on dosage- so be sure to make your masseuse aware of this before commencing your Tantric massage. Don’t forget, seriously.

If you’ve got cancer

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from cancer, tumours or neoplastic disease, we can only imagine that it’s almost impossible to switch off and relax. Getting a Tantric massage around about now would work wonders, but it could also make you worse. Depending on your stage or the nature of your illness, you must approach a doctor before you even consider getting a Tantric massage. Surgical intervention, chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment modalities can influence how and when a person should get a massage of any kind- after all, it could cause you pain depending on the above scenarios.  Then again, new research has suggested that, in some cases, Tantric massage therapy has aided in the recovery of some cancer patients- so it’s worth considering. Just ask your doctor for advice first!

Unstable heart conditions

Due to the circulatory effects of a Tantric massage, the increasing workload for the heart can prove problematic for people with certain heart conditions. These issues include:
–    Congestive heart failure
–    Coronary artery disease
–    Myocardial infarction

Although receiving a Tantric massage is generally beneficial for the heart in the long-run- those with heart problems must be cautious.  For example, if the heart muscle has been impaired by a pre-existing issue (a heart attack, for example), the heart muscle may not may not be able to withstand the additional stress. Always seek advice from a doctor beforehand- it’s not worth the risk!

If you’ve got a suspected blood clot

As you’re probably already aware, blood clots can be quite serious if left untreated. The effects of certain blood-thinning medications can be reversed during a Tantric massage, which is why it is important to do some research before scheduling in your session. Tantric massage techniques can dislodge blood clots, debris, plaque and embolus which could prove problematic for people with related issues. Although seriously unlikely, getting a Tantric massage could encourage the formation of a blood clot if you are prone or have suffered in the past- so always get a recommendation from your doctor first!

If you’ve got open cuts

Tantric massage involves a great deal of touch and skin-to-skin contact. Think about it- would you really want someone to rub your skin if you’re suffering from an open cut or fresh burn? That would hurt! First of all, seeking out a Tantric massage with abrasions on the skin is essentially a waste of time. They’re meant to be pleasurable experiences, not excruciating. Secondly, it’s unhygienic. If you’ve got an open wound, there is always a higher risk of attracting blood borne diseases. Although authentic Tantric massages are generally anal when it comes to hygiene, would you really want to take the risk?  Wait till your wounds have healed- you’ll enjoy it far more.

So, if you’re able to rule out any of the above and want to experience the tantalising wonders of a Tantric massage, visit our website and book in with an authentic Oriental Girl for the best Asian massage London experince you can have today.

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get a tantric coffee massage

Tantric Coffee Massage – Why You Should Get One

get a tantric coffee massageI don’t know about you, but like most people, starting out my day with a coffee or two is an absolute necessity. Without it, I am unable to properly function- or at least, that’s what I think. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I find everything about coffee enticing. Its smell, its warmth, its taste. I know that it’s not good for me, but it’s the once vice I refuse to give up. Then again, what if there was a way to get my coffee fix without settling for all of its harsh consequences? What if there was a way to reap all of the benefits whilst neglecting the negatives? Fortunately, there’s now a solution, and pretty much anyone can give it a go.

Tantric, Coffee massages are the new ‘must have’ in the world of erotic massage. Sensual and uplifting, masseuses have developed a way to perform this classic massage with the aid of coffee based products known to rejuvenate the skin. Coffee beans are ground and used as a stimulating exfoliant scrub to remove dead skin cells across the body, either by hand or with the help of a wet cloth. Once the skin has been scrubbed, coffee based oil or lubricant is drizzled all over the body in preparation for the Best Tantric massage service in London to come.
But this poses the question: If we don’t consume the coffee, how do we obtain all of its benefits? Well, I am here to tell you why.

Coffee is good for your face

Although coffee is regarded as unhealthy in many respects, its actually known for being great for the skin, believe it or not. Caffeine actually reduces skin inflammation across the body but is particularly good for the face. As well as brightening the face, coffee softens lines, prevents clogged pores and acts as a chemical exfoliator. Similarly, if you suffer from puffy under-eyes, using a coffee-based eye cream could be just what you to resolve the problem. The eyes are lymphatic channels that drain poorly, meaning eyes often appear puffy when water becomes trapped. When coffee is applied to the skin, it dehydrates and constricts blood vessels, aiding the channels to drain more efficiently. This reduces the appearance of dark circles and minimises puffiness.

It reduces the risk of cancer

Ever stayed out in the sun a little too long on your summer holiday and been left red raw? Most of us have at one point, and it usually comes down to the fact he haven’t applied enough suntan lotion. However, according to a 2011 study, scientists have discovered that coffee can actually protect the skin from sun damage. When applied to burn-prone areas of the body, caffeine helps to protect against the skin cancer at a molecular level by constraining a protein enzyme in the skin. Essentially, this minimises the chance of skin burning.

Improves your sense of smell

Ever been for a fancy meal in a Michelin start restaurant and had sorbet between courses? Well, just like sorbet, coffee beans can actually act as a palette cleanser for the nose. Just like the body and mind, the nose can tire, making the sense of smell less poignant. However, researches at the University of California have determined that the smell of coffee prevents nose fatigue, heightening the sense as a whole. No wonder we all love the smell of coffee so much!

The Reason why you should avoid drinking coffee

It can increase Osteoporosis

Although consuming coffee does have some health benefits, it’s also been linked to the development of Osteoporosis. Drinking coffee causes the body to excrete calcium in the urine which can result in the development of calcium-related illnesses.

Coffee can raise cholesterol levels

If you’re pregnant or overweight, you should put down the coffee immediately. For women who are expecting, coffee can increase the chance of babies being underweight at birth. People who suffer from diabetes can be negatively impacted by caffeine which can make blood sugar levels difficult to control and increase insulin resistance. Similarly, unfiltered coffee can raise cholesterol levels as well as worsening peptic ulcers and heartburn. Suffer from high blood sugar? Steer clear of coffee because it’ll send if through the roof!

It causes insomnia

Most people consume coffee throughout the day because it up’s our energy levels and makes us more alert. However, these effects don’t just disappear when the sun goes down, far from it. When consumed in excess, coffee is renowned for causing sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep effects performance in all walks of life and is closely linked with stress, anxiety and depression. Getting between 6-8 hours of sleep per night is imperative when it comes to brain function, but coffee hinders us from switching off when the lights go out. Although drinking coffee has this impact, using coffee based creams and oils on the skin does not.

What happens during a Tantric coffee massage?

Tantric massages were developed through the ancient practice of Tantra, whereas the integration of coffee is more of a modern twist to this classic style. Pouring the coffee-based product all over the skin, Tantric masseuses use gentle touch to unlock senses right across the body. This romantic style of massage is the perfect recipe for relaxation, but also incorporates sexual stimulation for a journey filled with serenity and pleasure. The coffee makes specific massage techniques and strokes more fluid, but also electrifies the senses, making every touch twice as intense and twice as defined. Although Tantric massages are not defined as a style with a ‘happy ending’, most clients are in fact lucky enough to reach that point. Tantric massages are powerful because the unite relaxation and sex to be one in the same thing, meaning participants are able to experience a powerful, full-body massage, holistic release. The use of coffee intensifies this feeling.

So, next time you drive past Starbucks and consider dropping in for an espresso, reconsider. Tantric coffee massages have all the benefits of drinking coffee but are far more rewarding in every single way. Swap your latte for a green tea and save your coffee intake for your massage- it’s the best coffee you’ll ever have.

You can find out more about our service, especially if you’re travelling to the UK on our dedicated  tnatric massage heathrow page here http://asia-massage.co.uk/london-areas/heathrow-airport-massage/

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thai or tantric massage

Thai Massage or Tantric Massage?

When researching Thai massage, I found that some of its basic principles were very similar to tantric massage. Both are forms of alternative therapy, pseudo-medicine if you will, that place an emphasis on energy. The two massage therapies work on the principle that the body is a vessel of valuable life energy, and when the flow of energy is blocked in any way, you are more susceptible to illness. They then work towards unclogging and releasing the trapped energy to improve the flow.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, blocked and uninspired, Thai massage and tantric massage are two of the most effective therapies to reverse that. Generally, they are most suited to artistic individuals – the focus on energy flow will help with the creative blocks you might be suffering from.

Thai massage uses a combination of acupressure, yoga and muscle pressure while tantric focuses more on sexual arousal. Apart from this one obvious difference, the two massage styles initially sound very similar, so it’s understandable if you’re unsure of which massage to go for.

To help you out, I’ve put together a little side-by-side comparison of the two massages. From looking at their histories and the development of the practices to analysing their benefits and the way they’re performed, this piece should help you decide which massage therapy to go for – hopefully!

Thai massage

the history of thai massageThe history of Thai Massage

Thai massage is a wonderfully revitalising and energising type of alternative treatment. It’s a form of Asian massage that combines yoga, acupressure and Ayurveda. It was invented over 2,500 years ago by Shivago Komarpaj, who was a doctor and friend of the Buddha. Buddhist monks practised it as a way of preventing illness and preserving a good state of health.

The practice

Thai massage works based on the energy (also known as meridian) lines that are thought to exist within the body. Energy is supposed to flow freely through these lines and keep the body in good health, but when there is blockage or inefficient energy flow, you become more likely to contract illness. Thai massage helps to maintain a consistently complete flow of energy through the body, which keeps the body balanced and connects a person’s physical self with their mind and spirituality.

Traditionally, Thai massage therapists are required to complete 800 hours of training. As a result, they are extremely intuitive when it comes to the body, and know exactly where to apply pressure and for how long in order to ease muscle tension and relieve aches.

Unlike most types of massage therapy, Thai massage does not require oil or lotion, so you can be fully clothed. Loose, comfortable clothing is advised. This makes this style of massage much more of an attractive option to the modest, body-conscious and shy people. The therapist will help you get into a series of yoga-like stretches and positions, so it may feel a lot like yoga. For this reason, Thai massage is always performed on a futon or padded mat on the floor as opposed to a massage table.

The therapist will incorporate various body weights and pressures to focus on specific areas of the body and release deep-rooted stress from the muscles. They will combine balance and their own body weight to ensure the right amount of pressure is always applied. Typically, the session will begin by isolating the meridian points. The therapist will apply thumb and palm pressure along these points to stimulate blood flow and prepare the muscles for deep pressure and stretches.

Then, the therapist will use their hands, legs, knees, feet and body weight to gently move, ease and stretch you into a series of yoga-like positions. They will focus on specific pressure points, the areas that are known to carry the most amounts of tension and work to mobilise your joints, stretching them to their full extent. Initially, you may feel discomfort and perhaps even a bit of pain because you won’t be used to your joints moving to this extent, but this shouldn’t be prolonged. If you experience prolonged or unbearable pain, let your therapist know so they can adjust the techniques and adapt it for your level of flexibility. You should leave feeling looser, more flexible, free from muscle knots and totally stretched out.

The benefits

Thai massage sessions typically last 60 – 90 minutes and you should experience the following benefits:

Stress relief
Mental clarity
Increased stamina and energy levels
Improved range of motion, joint mobility and general flexibility
Better balance
Reduced muscle tension and stiffness
Helps with some types of back pain and muscle spasticity
Improved blood circulation, immune and respiratory systems
Overall feeling of tranquillity and relaxed wellbeing

Tantric massage

the history of tantric massageThe history of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage evolved from tantra, one of the lesser known and disused branches of Ancient Indian spiritual rituals. Dating back to 5AD, tantra came about as a type of meditation meant to slowly calm the mind and bring overall harmony to the body. Tantric massage takes inspiration from this by providing a manual therapy version – it uses slow touch to bring about a calm focus and prolonged pleasure.

The practice

Tantric massage is one of the slowest types of massage therapy. Every movement is deliberately slow, prolonged and lingering. Unlike most other types of massage therapy, it focuses on the sexual areas as well as the normal areas, so it is literally a whole body massage. We know that there are certain parts of the body that hold onto stress more than other parts, such as the shoulders, neck and back. We also know that stress can be held in places like the groin but despite the fact that orgasms leave us feeling relaxed, we overlook the power of sexual gratification in treating stress. Tantric massage stimulates the sexual areas as well as normal areas like the shoulders, releasing tension from all over the body so you’re left feeling utterly refreshed.

Tantric therapists follow a precise ritual. Like Thai massage, tantric therapy places an emphasis on energy. That’s why the movements are so slow – every stroke is meant to gently arouse the energies and coax them into full, efficient flow. Deep breaths are also important in tantric massage because it helps to relax the body and prolong the arousal. Our tantric masseuses will slowly manipulate your sexual areas, gradually bring you to the edge of orgasm and keep you along this edge for a prolonged period of time. Delaying orgasm builds up tension and not only allows for a more powerful and pleasurable orgasm, but it also means a greater release of stress at the end.

The benefits

Stress relief
Mental clarity
Relief from muscle aches, strains and tensions
Helps with back pain and muscle spasticity
Improved blood circulation, respiratory and immune system
Better and longer-lasting orgasms
Improved sex drive
Reduced sexual impotence and premature ejaculation
Increased sexual stamina and control
Overall feeling of calm and relaxed mental wellbeing

Thai or Tantric Massage: the conclusion

As you can see, Thai and tantric massage are similar in a lot of ways. They are both based on energy and focus on rebalancing the levels in order to bring harmony to the body and mind. In order to do this, they both use slow movements in order to fully balance the entire body. However, Thai massage is more about stretching out the stresses while tantric massage is more erotic, and stimulates the sexual areas because it believes sexual gratification is the ultimate cure for stress. If you need a massage more on your private area’s why not have a look at our London Asian Lingam massage service.

Which will you try? Either way you should make sure you pick an oriental masseuse to perform this naughty treat, why not check out our website to get the best oriental massage in london.

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how to give a lingam massage

How to Give Your Partner The Perfect Lingam Massage

how to give a lingam massage

Unlike a bog standard “hand job”, a lingam massage not only involves stroking and massaging the penis, but also incorporates advanced techniques, including the perineum, testicles and the prostate. Lingam, which translates to ‘wand of light’, is the Sanskrit word for penis, and is regarded as sacred in the practice of Tantra. As a result, the Lingam massage was created to honour men and of course to give them pleasure. However, performing a Lingam massage requires skill that goes deeper than just physically stimulating the penis; it requires knowledge of the bodies’ energies (chakras) and the ability to read and manage them. In order to perform a truly authentic lingam massage, you must approach your man’s body as if it was a temple; remaining respectful of it and handling it with great care.  So, if you want to give your partner a wave of multiple orgasms, here’s what you need to do:

Relax him

The most important thing to remember when it comes to performing any kind of Tantric massage is:  relaxation is paramount.  In order for your partner to experience the ultimate pleasure, his body, mind and soul all need to be open and relaxed. Begin by transforming your chosen room into a haven of tranquillity. Light some candles and play some soothing music whilst your partner takes a hot shower and cleanses his body. When he returns, have him lie on his back (either on a bed or the floor) with his legs spread apart and his knees bent. Encourage him to breathe deeply and try to do the same. This will ease you both into the massage to come, because after all, you’ll probably be a little nervous too. As well as this, using special breathing techniques is what separates Tantric practice from regular sex. First of all, it allows you to develop a deeper feeling of worship, mindfulness and meditation, but will also heighten your sexual intuition.

Use Lubrication

Although lubrication comes in various forms, we would always suggest that you do some research beforehand and find an oil or gel that is best for you. Start by applying some of the oil to the lingam and testicles and begin by massaging the inside of their thighs. Try incorporating a full body massage into the mix by sliding your hands up and down the length of his body. The use of oil will make movement more fluid, but it will also enhance your partner’s senses. Basically, every stroke of your fingers will send shivers up and down his body, and will allow his arousal levels to raise gradually- the key to powerful pleasure.

Try different techniques

Once you’ve well and truly teased your partner, move your attention to the lingam. Start by using a light stroking motion and then switch to a twisting movement after several minutes. Alternate your grip, using light touch to tease your partner and stronger strokes to send waves of intense pleasure shooting through his body. Also, try focusing on different areas of the lingam such as the bottom of the shaft and the tip of the head. Touching and caressing different areas of the lingam will unlock a series of different senses that will send your partners body into a frenzy. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try using two hands at the same time. With the help of more lubricant, place the palms of your hands on either side of the penis and runs your hands up and down. Once you reach the top, gently use your thumbs to massage the head using a circling motion, adding more or less pressure when necessary. Do this several times, and then use one hand to massage the tip of the penis whilst moving your other hand up and down the shaft- it’ll drive your partner crazy.

Massage his G spot

The prostate, also known as the sacred spot is a walnut-sized gland located between the penis and bladder. Although pleasure is more intense when practiced internally, ease your partner into it at first by massaging it externally. In order to do this, locate an indentation located between the anus and the testicles and begin to apply some pressure. Be vocal with your partner at this point and let him guide you in terms of how much pressure to apply. Once you’ve warmed him up and his body is relaxed, grease up your fingers and slowly ease one into his anus. Start by wiggling your finger to loosen him up and then venture deeper until you can feel the prostate. Caress his G spot by moving your finger up and down and then side to side and apply more pressure depending on his reaction. If he’s moaning, you’ve got the go ahead to continue, and trust me, you will get positive reviews. To really drive him mad, conclude your massage by stimulating the prostate with one hand and massaging the lingam with another. This incredible mix of alternate sensations will drive him to the point of no return and he will experience the most intense, mind-blowing orgasm of his life. That’s a guarantee. Feel free to repeat this process over and over if your partner is still aroused, but just remember: take your time with it and try and enjoy it too.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or you just want to treat your partner, performing a Lingam massage is sure to earn you some brownie points. If he enjoys it enough, maybe he’ll return the favour next time, so what are you waiting for?

If you’re interest in professional and arguably the best lingam amssage in london then feel free to check out our dedicated page here http://asia-massage.co.uk/lingam-massage-london/

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the history of lingam massage

The History of Lingam

the history of lingam massage

A lingam massage is a very popular and sought after style of erotic massage. It’s based on the Shiva Linga and his phallic emblems. But how important are their beliefs to lingam practitioners and what is the background story behind this infamous massage?

What is Shiva Linga?

The Sanskrit word Linga translates to ‘mark’ or ‘symbol’, so Shiva Linga could refer to the symbol of Lord Shiva, a formless Hindu god. Lord Shiva is said to dwell within your innermost self, also known as your ‘Atman’. It’s popularly believed that the Shiva Linga or lingam represents the phallus – one of the emblems of natural human creation – but according to Hindu spiritual teacher Swami Sivananda, this is a serious misunderstanding.

The lingam as a symbol of creation

As a holy symbol, the Shiva Linga is something that’s considered to be sacred to the followers of Lord Shiva. While the word ‘Linga’ means ‘symbol’, the word ‘lingam’ in Sanskrit translates to ‘penis’. Thus, the symbol of Shiva is the penis, and because of its holy image and vital role in human creation, it’s highly revered by Shiva followers. For this reason, there are phallic statues erected outside of temples as a mark of respect.

The statues are usually made of stone – either manually carved or naturally existing such as ones that have been shaped by rivers. They can also be made of metal, gems, crystals, wood, earth, sand, clay or even ice. Metal and stone are the most popular and common materials used. The most prevalent statue is one tall, elliptical and rounded construction of a penis that sits atop a circular base – also known as the peetham, which scholars believe represents parashakti, the manifesting power of adultery.

Interpreting the Linga: Worshipping the phallus

As well as seeing the penis as the holy symbol and mark of Lord Shiva, scholars have also theorised about the various interpretations of a Shiva Linga.

The most obvious interpretation is the worship of reproduction. Because ‘lingam’ means ‘penis’ and the other translation for ‘linga’ is ‘gender’, scholars believe that the whole concept behind Shiva Linga and its subsequent practices are to enhance reproductive function. They say that when the lingam and yoni (penis and vagina, respectively) meet during copulation, sexual energies are exchanged. This is represented in various rituals performed using the lingam statues. There is one where a container of water (Kalash) is suspended over the Shiva Linga and the water dripping over the statue corresponds to the idea of intercourse.

Scholars theorise that the togetherness and the bond between the lingam and the yoni in a Shiva Linga is the focal point for energy creation and enlightenment.

Tantra roots

Tantra is the practice of prolonging pleasure in order to preserve life energy, enhancing concentration and reaching a higher level of spiritualism. There are tantric influences in Shiva theory. According to tantra, the lingam represents Lord Shiva’s phallus in spiritual form. The lingam is said to contain the seed, the ultimate soul where the heart of cosmic energies lie. When the lingam rises to unite with the yoni, this results the ultimate exchange of energies, cosmic as well as sexual.

Formation of lingam massage

A lingam massage is based on all the theory about Shiva Linga. If the lingam contains half of the most powerful natural energies, the point of a lingam massage is to help the body control how and when they are released. Wasteful discharge of energy is not encouraged, so a lingam masseuse teaches the man ways to prolong pleasure, extend the arousal period and delay ejaculation.

A lingam massage is also a process of worshipping the penis as a holy symbol. The massage pays total, undivided attention to this sacred object. It’s a more physical approach – providing manual stimulation and pleasure as opposed to religious prayers and rituals.

What lingam control means

Scholars say that the ancient seers of India believed the Linga possessed a mysterious but potent power, also referred to as ‘Shakti’. The Shakti is said to induce concentration and help the mind focus its attention, so lingam statues were constructed in and at temples of Lord Shiva.

Because the lingam contains such powerful energy, releasing it whenever you want is considered to be wasteful. Lingam massage helps a man learn how to control his arousal. It’s important to remember that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing. When he learns how to control his ejaculation, his orgasms will be more frequent, more intense, longer-lasting and more efficient.

For lingam devotees, the Linga is not just a stone statue. It is the icon that raises him to new levels of consciousness, spirituality and mentality. It is the symbol that keeps him radiant, focused and in communication with his Lord.

Want to try a lingam massage?

If you’re interested in experiencing the powers of the linga,Try a Outcall Asian lingam massage Book on our website here http://asia-massage.co.uk/

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resuce stress with tantric massage

The Secret to Less Stress? Get a Tantric Massage

resuce stress with tantric massageIf you’re reading this and you suffer from depression, you’ll know that it infects you like a deadly parasite. Despite being widely recognised and documented, doctors fail to treat depression effectively, and usually offer quick-fixes rather than long-term solutions. Depression needs to be tackled at the root, so here’s our suggestion. Tantric Massages are holistically healing, and are great for letting off some steam. Unlike traditional styles, Tantric Massages introduce sexual stimulation to increase pleasure and sensation. Experiencing pleasure is healthy for the body and mind, and is actually known to improve various bodily functions. Tantric Massages are modern day medicines, here’s why:

Tantric Massage relieves stress

These days, life for most of us is incredibly hectic and busy, and drowning in stress is a natural side effect. Although small amounts of stress are relatively normal, chronic levels can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. However, this is where Tantric Massages come into the picture. Of all the erotic massages available, Tantric Massages are undoubtedly the most relaxing of them all.

Derived from the ancient art of Tantra, this style of massage is extremely spiritual and focuses on reconnecting the mind, body and soul. Relaxation is the beating heart of Tantra, and in order to reach the maximum pleasure, it must be achieved. Tantric masseuse use gentle, soothing touches to slowly submerge clients into pure relaxation, and by doing so, the mind will clear and empty of negative energies. Reaching this almost euphoric state is, without a doubt, an unprecedented stress release, and is designed to tackle it right at the core.

Many people who have experienced Tantric Massages have reported feeling incredibly emotional for hours or sometimes days afterwards, but for reasons that will surprise you. Stress is often a side-effect of deeper, underlying issues, which is why Tantric massages are designed to unearth the underlying causes. Tantric practice looks to banish negative chakras (energies) in the body and mind by encouraging its participants to release- and we don’t just mean physically.

They are good for your health

If you haven’t already guessed, Tantric massages are great for your anatomy. A normal session will encourage the production of Oxytocin, a chemical linked directly with happiness and the reduction of stress and anxiety. The positive effects of this are that your breathing will become controlled and blood circulation will improve. This is great for the heart and of course your organs because it will help to lower the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your system. It’s basically a facial for your insides!

For all of the gentlemen reading, there’s another benefit of Tantric Massages which might spark your interests… One of the main causes on premature ejaculation is actually stress, and often has very little to do with the function of the penis. Tantric massages are practiced slowly, meaning arousal levels are increased gradually, and you are taught how to prolong pleasure, rather than rush it. A trained masseuse will use this technique to control your release, encouraging you to actually savor the pleasure, rather than feel pressured to reach an orgasm. If this wasn’t already great enough, this technique can also be practiced at home, so say goodbye to erectile dysfunction!

Tantric Massage is the solution for you

Exploring my widely known methods of stress release can be beneficial, but for most people, it’s short-lived. Tantric massages are a long-term investment, and will drastically improve your life if practiced correctly. Whether you’ve had a stressful few days or can’t remember life without it, a Tantric massage is just what you need.

Tantric massage in London with our outcall service

If you are lucky enough to be in central or greater London then you can take advantage of our outcall service and experience what a professional tantric massage in London is like with 100% Asian and fully trained masseuses from only £150 per hour.

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