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Tantric massage and sexual healing

tantric massages

Tantric massage is a style of massage that’s very sensual by nature. It’s an art form that teaches us how to embrace our natural sensuality, lust and encourages us to explore our erotic side. The massage can be performed all over the body. It is typically carried out naked and works to stimulate the whole body, spreading the soft, soothing sensations out from head to toe. Because you and the masseuse are both naked, you are metaphorically closer to each other. A tantric massage will build a strong spiritual bond between you and the masseuse, exploring your most intimate parts that are often difficult to uncover under normal circumstances.

How does a tantric massage work?

Tantric massage is an extremely popular type of therapy and for good reason. Typically, it begins with a series of ritual-like, meditative acts. The therapist may sit cross-legged opposite you and close your eyes as you try and sync your breathing. She may show you ways to use breathing to control your mind, body and emotions. Once you’re relaxed, you would lie down so the masseuse can begin the massage session.

She will cover your body in massage oils and sensually rub it all over your body. She will use slow strokes, using the power of suspense and gradual build-up to excite the body and heighten the experience. Tantric massage is about control, spiritual connections and intense tension releases. Sexual arousal is likely, but you shouldn’t fight it. Tantric massage isn’t like other erotic massages. The goal isn’t to orgasm but it’s a pleasant by-product. Instead of using pleasure as an incentive, tantric massage uses pleasure to focus the mind and exercise self-control.

If you do experience sexual arousal or orgasm, don’t fight against it. Arousal puts your body and mind in a unique state. When you’re in this state of mind, your most intimate thoughts and vulnerable feelings can be accessed – something which cannot usually be done under normal circumstances. As for orgasm, it is one of the best ways to release stress because it’s so pleasurable that it washes away any traces of negative thoughts.

Tantric massage and sexual therapy

Tantric massage is a great form of sexual therapy because it’s so highly intimate and means both the massage receiver and the masseuse to lay themselves bare and allow for deep emotional exploration. For singles or couples who are suffering from intimacy problems or lack of sex drive, tantric massage is a great option. It allows for total physical and emotional exploration, which means you can discover new things about your body and self that may surprise you.

The therapist will create a massage session that’s catered carefully to your needs and desires but stays within your comfortable limits. Comfort and relaxation is very important because it means your body and mind is at ease while the massage is being performed. This heightened state of relaxation allows to feel totally refreshed and rejuvenated after the massage because your body and mind ‘recharges’ itself when you are fully relaxed.

Tantric massage is so sensual that it taps into your sexual side. It awakens energy from all over the body, from life to sexual energy. Tantric massage excites sexual energy, arouses you and increases sex drive. Simultaneously, it helps you to learn to control your drive and conserve your energy so you can enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life. If you are suffering from sexual issues like low drive/libido, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, tantric massage can help you overcome these problems without the need for medications or counselling. It is even more effective when combined with more erotic types of massage such as lingam or yoni massage. A series of specialised tantric massage treatments can dramatically improve your sex and love life. You will feel liberated – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A masseuse’s perspective

So that’s our general outtake on tantric massage, but what’s it like from a professional’s perspective? We approached Lucy, one of our tantric masseuses and asked her what she thinks…

What does tantric massage focus on?

Lucy: So many things happen during a tantric massage, but ultimately it’s about using your body’s sensuality to access the brain. These days, people are afraid to truly let go and a tantric massage is so arousing and stimulating that they have no choice but to run wild with the wind. The rush of sexual energy evoked during a tantric massage lets people feel freer, happier and more alive. When darkness rules your life, you feel as if you’re constantly under a stormy cloud and it affects the way you think. Tantric massage brings all of these painful feelings to the surface and releases them, whether that be through a verbal release or an orgasm.

Does a tantric massage actually help your clients?

Lucy: It’s difficult to say tantric massage completely cures my clients of their problems because of course, there are other factors at play. However, they have all said tantra has greatly helped them and they feel a lot better. I’ve seen people in various states of mental disarray, anguish and chronic stress. When they leave, they definitely walk with a new bounce in their step – like they’ve had a great weight lifted off their shoulders. And many of them return for repeat sessions. They say they feel far more comfortable in their skin, so tantric massage has long-lasting positive results.

Is tantric massage illegal?

Lucy: I get asked this a lot because tantric massage seems so sexual. There’s a negative stigma that surrounds this line of work and people can get very judgmental about it. But tantric massage is totally legal – it’s a legitimate therapy. I know that not everyone will understand, approve or believe that the therapy works, but it only takes one session to change your mind.

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