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When NOT To Get a Tantric Massage

when not to get a tantric massage

when not to get a tantric massage

Tantric massage combines traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. This Asian-style massage therapy is highly sought out because of its unprecedented benefits for the mind body and soul- however; they can also cause a few problems if you’re not in the right health. Although the positives undoubtedly outweigh the bad, receiving a Tantric massage could worsen certain illnesses and conditions. Unbeknown to most, Tantric massage techniques have a profound effect on bodily functions- most of which are closely linked with the blood and heart. So, if you’re thinking about booking in with a Tantric masseuse but suffer from an illness, be sure to read on.

If you’re on prescription meds

Before you jump to conclusions, we don’t mean all description meds- but you should inform your masseuse if you’re taking any before your session takes place. For starters, you need to think about why it is you were prescribed the medication in the first place. Tantric massages are highly beneficial- especially when it comes to the body. They help to decrease depression, anxiety, blood pressure and various other conditions. However, they also increase bloody flow- which, yes, is a good thing, but not if you’re taking medication such as Insulin. Increased blood flow from a Tantric massage can influence certain medications that are heavily time dependant or reliant on dosage- so be sure to make your masseuse aware of this before commencing your Tantric massage. Don’t forget, seriously.

If you’ve got cancer

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from cancer, tumours or neoplastic disease, we can only imagine that it’s almost impossible to switch off and relax. Getting a Tantric massage around about now would work wonders, but it could also make you worse. Depending on your stage or the nature of your illness, you must approach a doctor before you even consider getting a Tantric massage. Surgical intervention, chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment modalities can influence how and when a person should get a massage of any kind- after all, it could cause you pain depending on the above scenarios.  Then again, new research has suggested that, in some cases, Tantric massage therapy has aided in the recovery of some cancer patients- so it’s worth considering. Just ask your doctor for advice first!

Unstable heart conditions

Due to the circulatory effects of a Tantric massage, the increasing workload for the heart can prove problematic for people with certain heart conditions. These issues include:
–    Congestive heart failure
–    Coronary artery disease
–    Myocardial infarction

Although receiving a Tantric massage is generally beneficial for the heart in the long-run- those with heart problems must be cautious.  For example, if the heart muscle has been impaired by a pre-existing issue (a heart attack, for example), the heart muscle may not may not be able to withstand the additional stress. Always seek advice from a doctor beforehand- it’s not worth the risk!

If you’ve got a suspected blood clot

As you’re probably already aware, blood clots can be quite serious if left untreated. The effects of certain blood-thinning medications can be reversed during a Tantric massage, which is why it is important to do some research before scheduling in your session. Tantric massage techniques can dislodge blood clots, debris, plaque and embolus which could prove problematic for people with related issues. Although seriously unlikely, getting a Tantric massage could encourage the formation of a blood clot if you are prone or have suffered in the past- so always get a recommendation from your doctor first!

If you’ve got open cuts

Tantric massage involves a great deal of touch and skin-to-skin contact. Think about it- would you really want someone to rub your skin if you’re suffering from an open cut or fresh burn? That would hurt! First of all, seeking out a Tantric massage with abrasions on the skin is essentially a waste of time. They’re meant to be pleasurable experiences, not excruciating. Secondly, it’s unhygienic. If you’ve got an open wound, there is always a higher risk of attracting blood borne diseases. Although authentic Tantric massages are generally anal when it comes to hygiene, would you really want to take the risk?  Wait till your wounds have healed- you’ll enjoy it far more.

So, if you’re able to rule out any of the above and want to experience the tantalising wonders of a Tantric massage, visit our website and book in with an authentic Oriental Girl for the best Asian massage London experince you can have today.