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using massage to beat Chronic Stress

Is Tantric Massage Best For Chronic Stress?

It’s well-known that massage therapy is one of the best cures for stress. There’s something so comforting and relieving about touch. Massage therapy plays on this and combines it with working tension out of tired muscles. There are many types of massage that you can try – from traditional ones such as Swedish massage and sports massages (both of which focus on deep pressure) to more erotic styles such as nuru massage and tantric massage.

Erotic Asian massages are interesting, because they fuse the relaxing sensations of having muscle knots ironed out with the relief of sexual satisfaction. Tantric massage is one massage that is particularly effective for that.

What is a tantric massage?

A tantric massage is an Asian massage that is very ritualistic and focuses on slow tension build-up. The reason behind this is because it’s based on tantra – a meditative ritual that’s meant to rebalance the mind, body and soul. Tantric practitioners believe that the body runs on Qi, also known as life energy. When the channels that carry Qi become blocked and disrupt the flow, you are more likely to become ill and stressed. Tantric massage, which is a combination of sensual stimulation, sexual arousal and control using breathing techniques, works to rebalance these energies.

Stress and tantric massage

Tantric massage typically uses techniques that slowly build up tension, raises arousal and keeps it at a high point. The aim isn’t to experience orgasm. It’s to learn to control your arousal and orgasm. Orgasm is the body’s natural reaction to arousal, but when you orgasm uncontrollably, energy may be lost in the process. Tantric massage teaches you how to orgasm without wasting any of this precious energy, and in doing so, you can experience multiple intense orgasms.

But how is this linked to stress? Well, stress can be held all over the body. It’s most attracted to places that are under the most strain on a daily basis – for example, the back, shoulders and neck. Massage therapy works to relieve the stress from these areas. However, stress can also be held in places like the sexual areas. Normal massage therapy doesn’t work on these areas because they aren’t meant to cater to arousal. Alternative massages, like tantric massage, do which makes them far more satisfying and fulfilling.

Tantric massage is so slow that it ensures every drop of blocked energy is eased out of its hiding spot and reintroduced to the rest of the channels. It also ensures that all the tension is soothed out of the body in the most efficient manner possible. You see, orgasm is a physical manifestation of stress, so when you experience an orgasm, stress is released. That’s why you feel so relaxed after one. But because orgasms also mean energy loss, tantric massage uses breathing rituals and mind control to teach you to only experience stress release and not energy loss.

Relieving chronic stress: the tantra way

Tantric massage is a fantastic way to relieve chronic stress because of its slow, meticulous nature. Chronic stress is one that keeps coming back, so normal massage therapy that light-heartedly works at stress won’t affect one that is deeply rooted. Tantric massage really digs into the body, metaphorically and literally, and really works to build up tension. The eventual orgasm will be the most stress-releasing one you’ve ever had, which ensures that even the most deep and stubbornly rooted tensions are blasted from the body in one pleasurable sweep.

Can it prevent stress?

Regular tantric massage sessions can prevent stress. This is because it exercises the mind and allows you to learn to stay cool and collected during stressful situations. It’s also extremely sexually satisfying. Sexual frustration can be distracting and have negative effects on mood so tantric massage helps to prevent this. It helps you to stay focused. Our Japanese tantric massage girls are waiting to provide you with the benefits of a Tantric massage today.

Where can I get a tantric massage?

You can try our special tantric massage service and prices start from £150 an hour. We have a selection of genuine masseuses offering asian massage in london and who are all highly trained in a variety of oriental massages, including tantric. To book, head over to our contact page and follow the instructions!

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when not to get a tantric massage

When NOT To Get a Tantric Massage

when not to get a tantric massage

Tantric massage combines traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. This Asian-style massage therapy is highly sought out because of its unprecedented benefits for the mind body and soul- however; they can also cause a few problems if you’re not in the right health. Although the positives undoubtedly outweigh the bad, receiving a Tantric massage could worsen certain illnesses and conditions. Unbeknown to most, Tantric massage techniques have a profound effect on bodily functions- most of which are closely linked with the blood and heart. So, if you’re thinking about booking in with a Tantric masseuse but suffer from an illness, be sure to read on.

If you’re on prescription meds

Before you jump to conclusions, we don’t mean all description meds- but you should inform your masseuse if you’re taking any before your session takes place. For starters, you need to think about why it is you were prescribed the medication in the first place. Tantric massages are highly beneficial- especially when it comes to the body. They help to decrease depression, anxiety, blood pressure and various other conditions. However, they also increase bloody flow- which, yes, is a good thing, but not if you’re taking medication such as Insulin. Increased blood flow from a Tantric massage can influence certain medications that are heavily time dependant or reliant on dosage- so be sure to make your masseuse aware of this before commencing your Tantric massage. Don’t forget, seriously.

If you’ve got cancer

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from cancer, tumours or neoplastic disease, we can only imagine that it’s almost impossible to switch off and relax. Getting a Tantric massage around about now would work wonders, but it could also make you worse. Depending on your stage or the nature of your illness, you must approach a doctor before you even consider getting a Tantric massage. Surgical intervention, chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment modalities can influence how and when a person should get a massage of any kind- after all, it could cause you pain depending on the above scenarios.  Then again, new research has suggested that, in some cases, Tantric massage therapy has aided in the recovery of some cancer patients- so it’s worth considering. Just ask your doctor for advice first!

Unstable heart conditions

Due to the circulatory effects of a Tantric massage, the increasing workload for the heart can prove problematic for people with certain heart conditions. These issues include:
–    Congestive heart failure
–    Coronary artery disease
–    Myocardial infarction

Although receiving a Tantric massage is generally beneficial for the heart in the long-run- those with heart problems must be cautious.  For example, if the heart muscle has been impaired by a pre-existing issue (a heart attack, for example), the heart muscle may not may not be able to withstand the additional stress. Always seek advice from a doctor beforehand- it’s not worth the risk!

If you’ve got a suspected blood clot

As you’re probably already aware, blood clots can be quite serious if left untreated. The effects of certain blood-thinning medications can be reversed during a Tantric massage, which is why it is important to do some research before scheduling in your session. Tantric massage techniques can dislodge blood clots, debris, plaque and embolus which could prove problematic for people with related issues. Although seriously unlikely, getting a Tantric massage could encourage the formation of a blood clot if you are prone or have suffered in the past- so always get a recommendation from your doctor first!

If you’ve got open cuts

Tantric massage involves a great deal of touch and skin-to-skin contact. Think about it- would you really want someone to rub your skin if you’re suffering from an open cut or fresh burn? That would hurt! First of all, seeking out a Tantric massage with abrasions on the skin is essentially a waste of time. They’re meant to be pleasurable experiences, not excruciating. Secondly, it’s unhygienic. If you’ve got an open wound, there is always a higher risk of attracting blood borne diseases. Although authentic Tantric massages are generally anal when it comes to hygiene, would you really want to take the risk?  Wait till your wounds have healed- you’ll enjoy it far more.

So, if you’re able to rule out any of the above and want to experience the tantalising wonders of a Tantric massage, visit our website and book in with an authentic Oriental Girl for the best Asian massage London experince you can have today.

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extended benefits from sensual asian massages

How To Extend The Benefits of A Sensual Asian Massage

extended benefits from sensual asian massages
When you Google sensual massage, you’re greeted with an accolade of pornographic media so it’s reasonable for people to assume that sensual massage is an erotic sexual service. In reality, sensual massage is a specialised type of Asian massage therapy that uses the power of sexual stimulation and arousal to maintain a healthy state of mind.

What is a sensual Asian massage?

Also known as a full body sensual massage, a sensual massage is a type of therapy that excites the senses and arouses the body. It fuses together aromatherapy with erotic and tantric massage techniques. This produces an interesting collection of powerful sensations.

What happens during a sensual massage?

Atmospheric mood is extremely important during a sensual massage session because FBSM is based on heightening the senses. Typically, the therapist will use aromatherapy oils and light incense or scented candles to set a soothing mood. Relaxing music will be played to transform the room into a haven of tranquillity.

Once the mood has been set, the sensual session will begin with a standard full body massage, traditional and nothing sexual, to relax the body and prepare the muscles for the manipulation. Once the body is ready, the therapist will begin to use slower and more sensual touches. These are designed to arouse the body. You may even be blindfolded and your hands tied out of the way in order to heighten your senses and enhance the experience.

The therapist will stroke all over body, leaving not one patch of skin untouched. Your arousal will be raised and raised, right to the edge of an orgasm. Then just as you’re about to finish, the therapist will back off, stop and then start everything again. Delaying orgasm and prolonging the arousal period is extremely pleasurable, and gives you the chance to experience an intense release of tension at the end.

What are the benefits of a sensual Asian massage?

•    Increased sex drive and appetite
•    Relief from chronic stress and anxiety
•    Relieves insomnia
•    Lessens migraines
•    Calms mood
•    Develops mental control and discipline
•    Increases motivation
•    Enhances immune system
•    Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure

How can I extend these benefits?

Sensual massages offer some attractive and highly enjoyable benefits. By following these tips, you can expand these rewards and enjoy them for longer.

1. Close your eyes and let go

During a sensual massage, focus entirely on the sensations and the pleasure you’re experiencing. Depriving you of a sense (for example, using a blindfold) can heighten the sensations, so if the therapist doesn’t do this already, ask her to. That way, you can concentrate entirely on the way the massage feels. Allow your mind to escape to a world of carnal pleasure.

2. Stay well rested

A full body sensual massage can be extremely overwhelming, particularly if it’s your first session. Because it involves such intense sensual stimulation and your senses will be so heightened, you may feel exhausted from mentally working so hard. The orgasm at the end is often extremely powerful, so that may leave you feeling drained (but in a good way). Recover from your FBSM by getting sufficient rest.

3. Stay hydrated

Massages stimulate the body’s systems, particularly if it’s a sensual massage. During a sensual massage, your mind and body will be working hard to keep in time with the sensations. As well as this, the massage techniques will push tensions out of the muscles and that will cause the cells to work faster and produce waste at a faster rate. If you’re going to properly recover from your session and make the most of the benefits, make sure you stay hydrated. This ensures toxins are efficiently flushed from your body.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

In order to keep up with the detoxifying effects of a sensual massage, make sure you keep up with a healthy and balanced diet. You don’t want to put toxins back in your body when you’ve just got rid of them, do you? Maintain a diet that’s rich in fibre, whole wheat and good fats.

5. Incorporate a FBSM into your regime

The benefits of massage therapy are cumulative, so they get better and longer lasting the more often you do them. Plus, setting up regular sensual massage sessions disciplines your body.

Where can I get an Asian sensual massage?

We offer a range of oriental massage therapies, including sensual. All of our therapists are fully trained in professional tantric and erotic massages, so you can be sure you’re getting an authentic service. Have a look at our rates on our website or call us on 07990486678.

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24 hour incall & outcall massages in canary wharf london

4 Hands Massage – The Low Down

24 hour incall & outcall massages in canary wharf london4 Hands massage, also known as a 4 Hands, is a style of massage therapy that involves two masseuses simultaneously working on a client at the same time. Synchronising their techniques, masseuses choreograph their routine to unlock the most intense pleasure for their subjects. There are varies styles of massage that can be combined with a 4 Hands, but generally, this service is sought out for erotic purposes.

Although this style is more expensive, it isn’t difficult to see why. Twice as many hands mean twice as many benefits- twice as many touches mean twice as much pleasure. However, this deluxe service is often hard to come by. So, if you ever get the opportunity to experience this rare luxury, don’t pass up the chance- here is why:

What happens during a 4 hands massage?

What happens during your session depends on the style of massage you have selected. However, if you opt for the 4 Hands service, you’re guaranteed a fun ride. Typically, the masseuse will begin by performing a full-body relaxing massage and will focus on alternate sides of the body. They will endeavour to mirror each other’s movements up and down your body which will send you into a deep relaxing state. For example, one masseuse will massage your right leg, whilst the other mirrors the movement on your left. They will travel up and down your body until no particle of skin has been left untouched- that’s what you get when there are two masseuses instead of one.

Although this will leave your muscles feeling limber and supple, your mind will feel even lighter. As with all Asian massage styles, the point of each session is to help client’s access and manipulate the chakras (energies) in their bodies. By banishing negative energies, pleasure can be enjoyed totally undisturbed.

Why do they feel so good?

Most people enjoy a 4 Hands massage more than a standard 2 Hands because it is more relaxing are far more erotic. The work of one masseuse is mind-blowing at the best of times, but can you even begin to imagine what a massage would feel like with two? It is the ultimate indulgence- the finest body treatment out there.

During a 4 Hands massage, your masseuse will perform a series of massage techniques that are designed to heighten the senses. Every heard the term, ‘erogenous zones’ before? If you have, you’ll know that they are specific location across the body that are associated with pleasure. Your masseuses will first of all touch and caress these sensitive areas, allowing your arousal to gradually increase. But remember- your arousal will be twice as intense as it would with any other massage style.

Ultimately, 4 Hands massages feel better because they’re twice as pleasurable and far more erotic. Most men fantasise about spending an hour of passion with two beautiful women- but this dream is very rarely lived out. However, you can do so by scheduling in for a 4 Hands massage. What’s more, authentic Asian masseuses are literally trained to give pleasure. Will you be able to handle our Erotic 4 hands massage service?

Final thoughts

Before you dive straight in for a 4 Hands massage, be sure to do some research before you splash the cash. What sort of massage do you want?  Tantric, Body to Body, Prostate or a Happy Ending? Although each of these styles differs, they do have one thing in common: they feel amazing. But some are more energetic and exposing than others. Research specific styles and decide which style is right for you- after all, it’s going to be twice as intense as normal.

So, if you’re interested in getting a next-level 4 Hands massage with two sexy Asian masseuses, take a look at our dedicated massage page here.

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make yourself a nuru massage guru in london

How To Become a Nuru Guru

make yourself a nuru massage guru in londonEver heard of a Nuru massage before? Some of you might have, most of you will be clueless- but if there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that you’ll want to try it by the end of this post. Nuru massage earned its name because of its use of Japanese Nuru gel- a lubricant that is stringy in texture and is incredibly slippery during use. This Asian style massage involves full body, naked, skin to skin contact between the masseuse and client. The masseuse slides and grinds against her client’s body using a variety of expert techniques that are designed to awaken the senses and increase arousal levels gradually throughout the session. Although the aim of the session is not to reach orgasm, the chances are, you will- after all, it feels pretty good! But do you want to hear the best part? This is something you can incorporate into your sex life at home- all you need to do is read the manual and follow some simple steps. So if you want to treat your partner and give them a naughty Nuru massage, here’s what you need to do:

Preparing for the nuru massage

If you’re dedicated to becoming a Nuru Guru, first you need to prepare. Now, if you think you can save a few quid by buying some cheap massage oil, then you’re wrong. A Nuru is only a Nuru because it uses… wait for it… Nuru gel! Nuru gel is made from Nori seaweed- you might have come across it before if you’re a fan of sushi. However, the gel is odourless, tasteless and colourless, so there’s no need to worry about it staining your carpet. When it comes to preparing the oil accordingly, all you need to do is follow the instructions step by step. Most gels allow you combine the product with water, whereas other’s don’t- to be honest, it doesn’t really matter- both will still be stringy and slippery in texture.
Although the gel doesn’t stain, it does cause a mess. In order to protect your bed or carpet from becoming drenched in gel, you’ll need to purchase some kind of protective sheet or mattress. There’s going to be a lot of sliding around (trust me), so be sure to choose a space where you’ve got plenty of room to get down and dirty. At the end of the day, splashing out on a protective mat is going to make cleaning up a hell of a lot easier!

Set the mood

So, you’ve got your equipment, but it’s now time to set the mood. Rather than performing your massage under a spotlight, dim the lights and scatter some candles across the room. Warm lighting will relax both you and your partner and will turn your chosen location into the perfect, tranquil setting. Once you’ve warmed the room and put on some relaxing music, you’re pretty much good to go. Just make sure you take a shower beforehand- no one wants to roll around in sweat after all!

Massage in style

Start by slowly gently applying some gel to your body and rubbing it in thoroughly across your skin. Once you’ve done this, repeat the process on your partner and get them to lie on their stomach. Climb up their body, straddle their back and take a deep breath- the massage is about to begin, and its going to be seriously arousing.

Using your arms as anchors, slide your chest up and down your partners back. Incorporate traditional massage techniques into your movement, such as kneading a stroking to make it even more enjoyable for your partner. Once you’ve built up some momentum, grind your pelvis back and forth across their buttocks whilst stroking and caressing their back. Ready to heat it up even more? Well, get your partner to lie on their back so that they can watch you seductively caress their body. Pump up the erotica a notch by combining your massage with intimacy. Touch and kiss erogenous zones across their body, such as the neck and ears, and smile as they shiver with arousal. Too much to handle? Well, the rest is up to you- but just remember to keep it slow, sensual and seductive. It’s a recipe for the perfect happy ending.

Always remember….

–    To always communicate with your partner. Ask what they like, dislike- or how much pressure they enjoy. Be vocal and explore both of your limits.
–    To not be afraid. You’re not expected to perform the massage like a trained expert- just take it step by step.
–    To stay relaxed. As with most Asian massages, relaxation the key to experiencing the ultimate pleasure.
–    To be slow and gentle.
–    To enjoy it and just let go!

If you feel tempted by a nude Nuru massage but don’t feel up to the challenge just yet, how about scheduling in for a session of your own with a trained expert? This time, you get to sit back and relax as a stunning Asian masseuse slides her naked body all over you. And you can have all of this at a very attractive price. To book your session in today, call on the number below.

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body to body massage for self esteem

How a body to body massage can help improve your self esteem

body to body massage for self esteemThere are illnesses and strains that are so persistent, not even the strongest of medications can ease them. For example, sports injuries that are so deeply embedded within the muscles that even the strongest of painkillers are rendered useless. Sometimes, you’ll experience conditions and states of mind that can’t be treated with any physical medication. Some significant ones are stress and low self-esteem – they can produce thoughts that play on your mind and cause insomnia. But how can you reduce stress and raise your confidence? Sure you can always talk it out, and it might relieve some of the issues but it’s often very short term.

It’s in these times that massage therapy becomes the ideal form of alternative medicine. When combined with medication and methods such as counselling, it can help to improve a lot of passive, mental conditions such as stress, anxiety, paranoia and confidence issues.

What is a body to body massage?

There are certain Asian massages that are more suited to improving self-esteem and boosting confidence than others. A body to body massage is one excellent example. It’s a special kind of massage that involves the masseuse using her body to massage the client. Instead of using just her hands, she places her body on top of the client and uses a mixture of slides, strokes and body rolls to manipulate the skin. In order to experience the proper sensations, the client and masseuse are often either nude or semi-nude. This allows for total bodily contact, which produces some memorable and unique sensations.

Massage oils are used to allow the bodies to slide smoothly and sensually against each other.

How can it help with confidence?

Because of the sensual nature of this massage, a lot of people may be intimidated or feel put off. It’s understandable – a stranger will be rubbing her naked body against yours while you’re lying there, practically naked yourself. But this requires a lot of confidence and mentally psyching yourself up for this experience. Many of us tend to be body conscious because of the ideals portrayed in the media, so to allow a masseuse with a flawless body to see you in the nude is a good step towards achieving confidence. Even during the massage, you have to be comfortable in your skin to feel all of the wonderful sensations. A b2b massage teaches you how to let go of your insecurities.

As well as this, a body to body massage is extremely sensual and inevitably causes arousal. However unlike normal massage therapy, oriental massages address arousal. In particular, a body to body massage works to relieve sexual tension and cause a manual release of stress in the best way – an orgasm. Why not have a look at our Korean Body to body masseuses to find out more infomation about our services.

This intense release of tension can leave you feeling more satisfied and fulfilled than you ever have. Normal massages are relaxing indeed, but by leaving arousal unattended to, sexual frustration will continue to grow. It’s a vicious cycle, but a body to body massage works to break it. An orgasm is a physical manifestation of tension so by experiencing one, you ensure that every drop of tension leaves your body. When you’re finally free from all of your tensions, your limbs will feel suppler and you’ll feel more motivated, energised and like a confident new individual. It’s unbelievable how strong of a hold stress can have on a person.

Other benefits of a body to body massage

•    Improving blood circulation which improves cellular function as cells can exchange nutrients and waste products more efficiently
•    Releases tension from muscles e.g. muscle knots, strains and sprains
•    Increases general flexibility and increases range of motion in joints
•    Boosts energy, vitality and drive
•    Reduces appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
•    Helps heal scar tissue
•    Improves general skin condition

Where can I get a body to body massage?

You can always try a b2b massage with a partner, but if you can’t find a willing participant or want to experience an authentic session, have a look at our services. Based in central London, we offer a range of exotic oriental massages, including body to body. All of our therapists are fully trained so you can be sure you’re getting a professional massage experience.

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body to body massage can help your pains

Can Body to Body Massage Relieve Fibromyalgia

body to body massage can help your pains

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic condition characterised by muscle pain, tenderness and fatigue. Also the exact cause of this is unknown, it is believed that it’s related to abnormal levels of chemicals in the brain that affects the way the pain messages are transported around the body. Although there are many conditions which seem to trigger this, it seems to boil down to stress. Some of the main causes are:

–    Having an operation
–    Dealing with the death of a loved one
–    Having a child
–    Contracting an injury or infection
–    The breakdown of a close relationship

How is it treated?

Although there’s no cure for fibromyalgia, there are treatments available to help alleviate the pain and make the condition more manageable. However, medicines, talking therapies and some lifestyle changes aren’t always effective. But this is where Body to Body massages come into the picture…

Why Body to Body Massage

Often, Fibromyalgia is worsened by exacerbated stress and lack of sleep. However, in this day and age, it’s difficult for people to evade these triggers in their day to day, working lifestyles. This is why sufferers of this condition should seek out solutions that relax the mind just as much as the body. Body to Body’s fall into the erotic massage category, but this isn’t to say they’re not beneficial for health nonetheless. If anything, they’re even more effective in some circumstances- as opposed to more traditional styles that do not incorporate sexual stimulation. During a typical Body to Body massage, a trained masseuse will cover themselves and their client in oil, and will perform expert massage techniques to relax the muscles and relieve tension. However, unlike more conventional styles, the masseuse will use her entire naked body to massage her client.

It’ll relax the muscles

As with most styles, both traditional and erotic, massages are designed to benefit the muscles. They can relieve:
–    Tension
–    Spasms
–    Inflammation
–    Aches
–    Fluid retention
–    Pain
–    Stiffness

Body to Body massages address the muscle tissue directly and can support the muscle in releasing its contraction- therefore easing muscle tension. By rubbing, kneading, stroking and applying pressure, blood flow will increase and the muscles will begin to warm and relax. This full-body massage leaves no muscle untouched, and also encourages its participants to become more flexible and agile. Increasing flexibility isn’t just great for the muscles; it’s also known to improve the function of connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue fibres. As well as feeling insanely pleasurable, Body to Body massages really are medicine for the muscles- fact.

They relieve stress

When we are stressed, everything tightens up- our muscles, body, face, fists and even our personalities. As previously mentioned, elevated stress is one of the main causes of Fibromyalgia, so it’s important to snag the weed at its root. All massages are relaxing- but not all massages incorporate sexual stimulation into their practice. Although this might seem like a taboo concept to you, experiencing physical pleasure and orgasms is incredibly important when it comes to managing stress. Physical pleasure encourages the production of chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin which are basically responsible for making us feel happy- seriously. On top of this, experiencing physical pleasure decreases blood pressure, stimulates blood flow and improves the function of our vital organs. But more importantly, all of these factors link directly with stress. The better the body, they better the mind.

Massage are spiritual

Aside from the physical benefits, Body to Body massages are undoubtedly therapeutic. This exposing style of massage forces participants to let go of fear and anxiety, and in turn, switch off stress. Body to Body massages stem from the ancient practice of Tantra, which teaches us that the mind, body and soul are all closely connected. To successfully achieve holistic euphoria, participants must learn to access and manage their chakras (energies) in order to create a perfect balance. Our incall Asian Tantric masseuses use touch and spirituality to open up the minds of their clients, allowing them to let go of negative chakras that perhaps govern their lives. Sexual stimulation is then conditioned into the session so that clients can begin to associate ‘opening up’ with pleasure. This is why Body to Body massages are sought out for long-term benefits and not just a quick-fix to stress. They’re healing- mind, body and soul.

So, if you’re ready to tackle your Fibromyalgia from a different angle, schedule in for a Body to Body massage and benefit from its powerful implications. If you want to experience a totally authentic Body to Body massage at the hands of a fully-trained Asian masseuse, call the number below and book your massage in today.

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getting a 4 hands massage

4 Hands Massage: The Best Cure For Stress

Everyone knows that massage therapy is one of the best remedies for stress. Massage therapy is immensely relaxing because of practical and psychological reasons. Practically, massage therapy uses techniques that manually manipulate the surfaces of the body, which helps to press out any muscle knots and ease strains. Psychologically, massages primarily rely on the power of touch.

When we’re feeling down, a hug, an arm around the shoulder or even a simple pat on the back can feel wonderful. Our craving for touch has been hardwired into our brains since birth and for that reason, massage therapy has been practised since the beginning of civilisation. The physical sensations are so relaxing that they promote a positive psychological wellbeing.

Why are they good for stress?

Touch is extremely therapeutic when it comes to stress. Massage therapy works on the whole body so promotes a holistic way of healing. There are also scientific reasons behind this. The therapist’s movements encourage the body’s systems to work more efficiently. Primarily, they stimulate blood circulation, which means nutrients are carried to cells and waste is removed at a faster rate. Improved circulation means bones and muscles receive more oxygen, which improves joint mobility and reduces muscle cramp. This also means the digestive, urinary and lymphatic systems work more efficiently.

As you become more relaxed, you take deeper breaths which improve the respiratory system and reduces anxiety so helps the nervous system as well.

What’s so good about a 4 Hands massage?

In case you didn’t know already, a 4 Hands massage is one where two therapists manipulate the body instead of one. Four hands can reach further places and access deeper levels of stress, which ensures that every little bit of tension is released and all strains are smoothed out.

The two therapists typically work in synchrony with each other. They each work on a different part of the body, with one leading and the other following. The choreographed motions are extremely mesmerising and is part of the reason why a 4 Hands massage is so relaxing. Do you reckon you are ready for an erotic 4 hands massage? Ready to feel great?

But what if the stress keeps coming back?

This is totally normal if you live a stressful lifestyle. The main thing is to take deep breaths and stay calm in tense situations. But one reason is because normal massage therapies, such as Swedish massage and sports massages, only work on the typical nonsexual areas of the body like the back. These areas are well-known to carry the brunt of stress. While this is true, stress is also deposited in the sexual areas. Lack of stimulation to encourage release means sexual tension builds and this can have negative effects on mood.

Erotic massage therapy is an extremely effective alternative to normal massages. It uses all of the same techniques as normal massages, but has a new twist. As well as massaging the main areas of the body, the erotic therapist will also massage the sexual areas. This ensures that tension is released from the sexual areas as well as the normal parts of the body, so clients are left completely drained of stress.

Try a 4 Hands erotic massage

A 4 Hands erotic massage combines al of the intense relaxation of a 4 Hands massage with the whole body tension release of an erotic massage. This makes it one of the best therapies for holistic healing. To book your 4 Hands erotic massage, have a look at our masseuse gallery to choose a therapist and give us a ring or send an email to secure your booking now.

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