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The luxurious guide to your stay in London: Get a sensual massage

As one of those most visited cities in the whole world, London has plenty of things to do. Explore the historical wonders in the Tower of London, take a tour around the royal rooms of Buckingham Palace or even go for a ride on Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, the London Eye. While these attractions are super enjoyable, they are extremely cliché. We want to introduce you to the world of luxurious indulgence which London is saturated with. Add these to your swanky to-do list, while staying in Britain’s capital city.

Afternoon Tea at The Savoy

If you look up the heritage of Afternoon Tea you’ll see London in the first line. The light savoury and sweet dining experience dates back to as far as 1840 and was often enjoyed by Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace. Now, you’ll find many places in London offering high-end Afternoon Tea. However, as one of oldest and most lavish hotels in the whole of the London, there is something which oozes class and sophistication when you opt for Afternoon Tea at The Savoy.

In the heart of the impressive white-washed 19th Century hotel sits the Thames Foyer were ladies and gentlemen can enjoy a high-end Afternoon Experience between 1pm and 5:30pm, seven days a week. Here clients indulge into a delicious range of sandwiches including coronation chicken on olive bread, spring mushroom Tarlet and a traditional roast beef sandwich. For afters, diners can tuck into an extensive range of scrumptious cakes, comprising of peach macaroon, dark chocolate cake and many more. Choose to wash down your Afternoon Tea with a range of world-flavoured teas and coffees for £65. For just £10 extra indulge into the height of luxury, with a glass of the Louis Roederer Brut Premier or Deutz Rosé.

It’s not just the food and beverages which makes Afternoon Tea at The Savoy high-class. The Thames Foyer is based in a stunning glass domed Atrium, were natural light and warmth radiates through. The high-end eatery also has sweet music from a world- class pianist on the grand stage, which promises to be the cherry on the top to your Afternoon Tea experience.

Find out more information and availability here

Watch a show at the West End

Theatre thrives as one of the most popular recreational activities enjoyed by the world’s elite and London fully embraces this. The West End is the golden circle of the country’s most prestigious theatres including the London Palladium, Apollo Victoria Theatre and Her Majesty’s Theatre. It even has roots dating back to as far as the Shakespearian times and has flourished with the evolution of British theatre. Along with Broadway, the West End represents the highest level of commercial theatre in English-speaking countries – which makes it a must-see while you’re in London.

With more than 25,000 shows since its debut in the in 1952, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap stands as the longest running show in not just the West End, but in the whole world. It is currently showcased at The St Martin’s Theatre in the heart of Covent Garden, with tickets in the dress circle costing £80 per seat.

If murder mystery isn’t your thing then you needn’t worry, the West End has plenty shows, musicals and plays which are guaranteed to be at the heart of your luxurious entertainment. Some of the most well-known shows being showcased in the West include:

  • Les Miserables – Queens Theatre
  • The Phantom of the Opera – Her Majesty’s Theatre
  • The Woman in Black – The Fortune Theatre
  • The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre
  • Mamma Mia – Novello Theatre
  • Wicked – Apollo Victoria Theatre

New performances are introduced to the West End on a weekly basis, so be sure to regularly check out if you fancy something a little more niche. As well as theatre, the West End of London is largely made up of chic restaurants which offer fancy dinner packages before you enjoy a high-end show. Find more details here:

Have a sensual massage (in your hotel room!)

They say save the best till last – and that is exactly what we have done! A sensual massage in your hotel room is up there with life’s finest luxuries, such as taking a ride on the Orient Express or driving a Ferrari. The high-class therapists at Asia Massage love to indulge you into a luxurious sensual massage in the comfort of your bed. Happy ending and full service packages are available for outcall across Central London, costing from just £150 for a one hour session. Our sensual massages are authentic, seductive and stress-busting – which makes them the most superior treatment in the whole of London. We also realise a demand for sensual massage by clients staying in the Heathrow area, which is why we’ve introduced a mobile-visit service to the airports hotels. Pricing starts from £180ph and covers transport fees for your gorgeous Oriental therapist. You are just one call away from having one of our stunning masseuses in your company in less than 45 minutes! Incall massage is also available at our various plush salons dotted around Central London. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you require more infomation about our Sensual massage service please view our London Sensual Masssage service page.

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The benefits of a prostate massage

Outcall prostate massage specalistGetting a prostate massage is not something they teach you about in sex ed- I mean they don’t teach you much of anything in sex education- other than how to expand a tampon in a cup of water. Thankfully we have the internet, our loyal health nurse who is with us wherever and whenever we need her. What happened to ask jeeves? Or Talk to Frank? These where internet platforms directly designed for you to ask questions, then of course everyone realised that you could ask google anything, from recipes to relationship advice- google is there for you. Which is perhaps how you stumbled upon this humble forum; you’re seeking more information on prostate massage. Well lucky for you, you have come to the right place. Here you have discovered the internet’s most comprehensive guide to prostate massage. Each week we upload a different discussion regarding erotic massage services, with the mission of enlightening the general public about all the erotic massage secrets/facts/ advice and know-how. Our mission is simple, to give the people what they want.  Our reason? Because if we don’t who’s gonna?

This week we are going to discuss the benefits of prostate massage. The way we’re going to do this is give you a comprehensive list of benefits and then finish with a couple of testimonials from men who have tried prostate massage and what benefits they experienced. Let’s start off with what we (the experts) know…

  1. The prostate gland is home to the male G-spot (what does that mean you might ask..) well for those that aren’t clued up on the male G spot (poor things!) it’s a pressure spot located in every man that when massaged can create a strong and powerful orgasm, like nothing they will have experienced before. This mystic spot is located in a man’s lower prostate (in their bum hole) – which isn’t the sexiest place to put it I agree, but is also probably  why this highly sensitive sexy spot is often neglected. I mean it’s not the easiest thing to approach with a new partner/ or an old partner for that matter- like ‘hey babe, would you mind sticking your finger up my bum hole and searching around for my male G spot?’ – Not exactly sexy is it. BUT when you do get your prostate massage, the effects are mind blowing. Ejaculation is all well and good but it doesn’t quite compare to the female experience of orgasm. Female orgasm experience is much deeper and connects with them on a more spiritual level.  When the male G-spot is massaged men experience a similar sensation of orgasm than that of females. Men that have experienced prostate massage claim to be able to orgasm for over 8 minutes! – That’s intense!
  2. Getting a prostate massage can actually be a great way to clean out your prostate. This may not be a priority for you (surprise, surprise!) But it is a benefit you ought to consider. Why? Because prostate cancer is one of the deadliest killers of men over 60. It is a proven fact that maintaining a clean prostate can prevent build-up of dirt and bacteria which in turn can prevent the spread of infection. A weak prostate makes you more susceptible to the deadly killer, by regularly getting your prostate massaged it will strengthen the area- in the same way that exercising any muscle makes it stronger. This might not be a priority to you but it’s a bonus right!
  3. We’ve touched on this but I think it’s important it gets its own bullet point… getting your prostate massaged gives you intensely pleasure and –long- orgasmic experiences. Post ejaculation men have described writhing in pleasure for minutes at a time. Their entire bodies convulse in pleasure, from their toes to their fingertips, they feel sensational pleasure.
  4.  The pure bliss that men experience during prostate massage cleans the body of all negative toxins. Post massage men feel lighter. By clearing the mind of everything that is not intense pleasure, men experience relief from headaches. Migraine sufferers are popular fans of prostate massage as it is one of the only methods of relief that work.
  5. It is not only migraine sufferers that benefit from prostate massage, the intense levels of pleasure and euphoric sense of joy that the massaging of one’s prostate brings is an excellent form of therapy for men suffering from anxiety and depression. The chemical hormones given off during a prostate massage re-balance the brain making clients feel healthier and happier.

Prostate massage client testimonials.

DEREK, 54: ‘I was in the Navy and have had plenty of happy ending massages during my times on tours. I retired due to medical reasons at 45 but sadly my marriage broke down shortly after that and I experienced a deep depression. I didn’t know what to do, I was angry and bitter, I felt sour all over. I had my life planned out a certain way and then was told it wasn’t going to be like that, it was hard. I couldn’t talk to other women, I couldn’t date- it made me hate women, hate everything. My mates told me to get an erotic massage but I wasn’t interested, then one of them suggested prostate and I thought, eh why not- try something new. So I did, and god I’m glad I did. It pushed to a point I’d never been before, it was powerful. It took me to a realm of calm that was like nothing I’d felt before, I was reborn. It sounds naff but I was. Afterwards I felt great, the world was alright again and I felt ready to move on.’

CRAIG, 24: ‘I’d read about prostate massage online and figured it was just for gay boys, but when in Thailand… I got a prostate massage and it was, man it was beautiful. I orgasmed for like 6 minutes, just rolled around the bed shaking- it was like I was tripping, but better because there was no comedown! Would recommend it to anyone.

So, now you know a little more about prostate massage and the benefits- what’s next? Time to book yourself in… Interested in our London prostate massage service?

You’re welcome!

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A Massage For Every Mood

a massage for every mood

The beauty of being human is that we often experience a bunch of emotions all at once. Sometimes this is a nuisance but other times, it can be an exhilarating journey. This is particularly the case when you take advantage of this whirlwind of unpredictable emotions and guide them towards something worthy of a release. A massage is a wonderful example – not only do they help you release all of that pent-up stress, it’s also a great way to bond with your partner. Plus, getting to touch your partner’s naked body? Apart from foreplay, can you think of a more ideal prelude to sex? Massage is great at setting the mood for getting down and dirty.

If you’re not very well-versed in massage, there are many different types but the only ones you need to know if you want some sexy playtime are the erotic ones. Firm favourites in the red light districts and in porn, erotic Asian massages are wild, fun and sexy. But there’s actually more to them than just getting off and they’re about more than just happy endings. That’s why we’ve made this fun guide of erotic massages – what styles exist, what they consist of and what moods they’re best suited to. So if you want to know which massage will suit your mood, keep reading!

Happy ending massage

You'll have a happy face with one of our endings

Let’s start by diving straight into the deep end. A happy ending massage is one of the most well-known Asian massages and is infamous for its orgasmic releases. A ‘happy ending’ is another word for an orgasm or ejaculation. A simple Google search leads you to be greeted with lists of X-rated websites. Understandably, a happy ending massage doesn’t have the best of reputations.

However, there’s more to a happy ending massage than just an orgasm. Shocking, right? All sexually arousing massages are rooted in tantra, an Ancient Indian ritual that’s meant to rebalance the body’s energies and cause a tranquil state of mind. Now, tantric practitioners believe that the body is a vessel of energy and the energy flows through pathways known as meridians. When meridians become blocked and energy flow is disrupted, you are more likely to suffer from stress and other illnesses. Massage stimulates these meridians and resumes efficient energy flow. But what about the excess built-up energy? Well, that’s what the orgasms are for. Orgasms are physical manifestations of this stress-inducing energy – that’s why orgasms leave you feeling so relaxed. Plus, when you orgasm, your body releases endorphins like oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin that work to calm, stabilise and relax the mind.

So what mood is a happy ending massage best for? If you’re feeling stressed.

Erotic massage

what mood is best for an erotic massage

Erotic massage is very similar in principle to a happy ending massage. In fact, a happy ending can be incorporated into any massage style. An erotic massage is one that specifically focuses on physically arousing the body. It may use more specialised techniques that are particularly focused on sexual arousal – even more than a happy ending massage. It is likely to use the whole body, not just the sexual organs to arouse. An erotic massage is very teasing – using a variety of ‘stop and start’ techniques that are meant to keep you on the edge of an orgasm. The masseuse will massage your entire body, switching between light finger pressure and deeper strokes, and alternating between your intimate areas and the rest of your body.

So what mood is an erotic massage best for? If you’re feeling playful.

Nuru massage

Nuru massages are very slippery

Now, a nuru massage is really the crème de la crème of Asian massages. You might have heard of it already because of its wildly erotic nature. Originating from Japan, it is a full body massage where the masseuse uses her body to massage you. Using a mixture of slides, grinds and glides, a nuru masseuse will use a special gel. This seaweed-based gel is specific to a nuru massage and is colourless, odourless and tasteless but very slippery. When mixed with warm water, it becomes the perfect thing which you can use to slide on.

A nuru massage isn’t something that you’ll just enjoy. It is guaranteed to blow your mind because it’s one of the best massages to experience the same levels of sexual pleasure as intercourse itself but without penetration. It’s extremely intimate as you can feel every inch of your partner’s body sliding tantalisingly against yours.

So what mood is a nuru massage best for? If you’re feeling wild and naughty.

Tantric massage

Tantric massages can give you bliss for hours

Another famous massage, a tantric massage is based on tantra. Tantric massage is probably one of the most basic Asian massages – it forms the foundations onto which many other massages sit on. If you master tantric massage, you’ve mastered them all. A tantric massage is very ritualistic and slow. It focuses on energy stimulation and transfer. As we’ve mentioned earlier, tantra theorises that the body is made up of energies and when these cannot flow freely, you are more likely to feel ill. Thus, tantric massage uses slow movements meant to encourage every single drop of these stagnant energies to start flowing freely again.

When you get a tantric massage, you might feel very frustrated because like an erotic massage, it is also very teasing. But unlike an erotic massage, it’s not totally about the arousal. It’s more about the spiritual experience and intimately bonding with your partner. When you orgasm, it’ll be like a rush of emotion and you’ll feel closer to your partner.

So what mood is a tantric massage best for? If you’re feeling romantic.

Sensual massage

Sensual massages really take the stress away

You might have heard of this style of massage too. As the name suggests, it’s about arousing the senses and contrary to what people tend to believe, a sensual massage isn’t actually the same as an erotic massage. A sensual massage is like a happy ending massage fused with aromatherapy. It uses aromatic essential oils, fragrant candles and incense to stimulate the senses. Light restraints like blindfolds might be used to heighten the senses so you can feel the sensations of the massage even more. A sensual massage is slow, like a tantric massage, and very romantic. You can use light, delicate movements to tease and arouse your partner. And because they’re blindfolded, you don’t have to feel self-conscious – they can’t see you.

So what mood is a sensual massage best for? If you’re feeling shy.

Lingam massage

lingam massages are slow and sensual

A lingam massage is directly linked to tantric massage. In Sanskrit, the word ‘lingam’ means penis. A lingam massage is literally a massage of the penis, making it a very erotic style. The massage is a way of worshipping the penis because practitioners believe the sexual organs are sacred due to the vital role they play in reproduction. A yoni massage is the female equivalent. The lingam massage isn’t just a simple hand job though – there are a lot of special techniques meant to gracefully arouse the body, take you back and forth from the edge of an orgasm and slowly bring you to release. It’s also very teasing so when you’re getting one, you’ll be putty in the masseuse’s hands. Interested in reading more about our Outcall lingam massage service?

So what mood is a lingam massage best for? If you’re feeling submissive.

Body to body massage

Skin to skin contact will make a massage more enjoyable

A body to body massage is extremely similar to a nuru massage. It’s also performed where the masseuse uses her body to massage the client. As well as using her hands to manipulate your tense body, the masseuse will slide, stroke and grind her naked body against yours. The main difference is a body to body massage uses massage oil or lotion while a nuru massage only uses gel. A body to body massage isn’t as slippery as a nuru, but it’s very silky and just as sensual. The combination of sensuous movements, the silky massage oil and the weight of the masseuse pressing down on your muscles makes a body to body massage a very satisfying therapy. In addition, the naked full body contact is very comforting. When we’re hurt or feeling down, one of our first instincts is to crave touch, whether it’s from someone else or ourselves (have you ever noticed we hug ourselves when we’re in pain?). Of course, someone else’s touch will always feel much better.

So what mood is a body to body massage best for? If you’re feeling lonely.

Prostate massage

Relax into your prostate massage

The prostate gland is a walnut shaped organ that plays an important role in the male reproductive system. The gland is responsible for producing prostatic fluid, one of the main components of semen. Prostatitis is a condition that leads to inflammation of the prostate due to build-up of fluid, causing painful/disrupted urination, painful ejaculation and discharge among other symptoms. It tends to affect men between the ages of 30 and 50. Some cases can be treated with antibiotics but many cannot. A prostate massage is one effective treatment for the latter (and also speeds up recovery when combined with medications) because it helps to release the built-up fluid in the gland. It involves a masseuse inserting a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum and gently massaging the sides of the prostate gland.

It sounds very daunting, but a prostate massage is as pleasurable as it is therapeutic. It can facilitate mental healing as well as physical healing. The prostate gland is also referred to as ‘the male g-spot’, so when you combine a lingam massage with a prostate massage, you can experience some pretty intense orgasms – the kind that touch your soul and shake your body inside and out.

So what mood is a prostate massage best for? If you’re feeling experimental.

Soapy massage

try a soapy massage

During the 1950s in Japan, laws changed and made prostitution illegal. The workers adapted by selling erotic body massages and sensual baths instead. A soapy massage was one of these adaptations. It’s where you share a bath or a shower with a masseuse and she will sensually massage you under the bubbles. It’s a great way to start off an Asian massage because the warm water will prepare your skin for the gels and oils, as well as relaxing you and helping you and the masseuse form an emotional connection.

So what mood is a soapy massage best for? If you’re feeling relaxed.

4 Hands massage

4 handds are often better than two for massages

When you think of a massage, you’d probably imagine being rubbed down by one masseuse. Well a 4 Hands massage is one where you get to experience the touch of two masseuses instead of one. If you thought a normal massage was relaxing, then you won’t be ready for the intense sensations of a 4 Hands massage. The two masseuses will work in sync with each other, their choreographed movements sending you into a state of mesmerisation and tranquillity. One will lead and the other will follow. Because there are two masseuses and an extra pair of hands, more of your body can be stimulated at the same time. This means that a 4 Hands massage feels so much more satisfying and leads to a greater release of tension. It’s particularly great for chronic stress.

As well as being deeply relaxing, a 4 Hands massage can also feel very naughty. Imagine a 4 Hands tantric massage or a 4 Hands lingam massage. You’re naked and alone with two naked masseuses. Feels a lot like a ménage a trois, right? You could be enjoying the sensual touch of your partner and another lady. Imagine how that could feel.

So what mood is a 4 Hands massage best for? If you’re feeling naughty.

Getting an Asian massage in London

If you’ve read all this and really want to try a naked Asian massage in London, why not check out some of our services? We offer a wide range of nude oriental massages with some of the best and most beautiful Asian masseuses in the capital. From £120 incall and £150 outcall, you can experience mind-blowing passion and pleasure at the hands of a professional (or professionals!).

Read our Next Post “When Not To Get A Tantric Massage”

Don’t forget you can find us in London at the following location:

Asia Massage London
Piccadilly Circus
07990 486678

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health risks of erotic massages

Erotic Massages: The Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

health risks of erotic massages

Erotic massages are like a scandalous secret: sultry, sexy and oh-so-satisfying. They liberate your overworked soul and leave you feeling like a new person. When you get one, you feel all of your worries float away and it’s back arching bliss. And you don’t even have to do anything! You just lie there, close your eyes and feel the masseuse’s skilled hands rubbing oil all over you. Erotic massages offer all the same benefits as a normal massage, but you feel sexually satisfied too. And we all know how grumpy we can get when we’ve not had any sexual gratification in a while. To put it simply, erotic massages are great.

But as worthwhile as they are, there are some risks you need to be aware of. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide on what dangers are involved and how to avoid them. Read on…

Allergies to massage oil

Generally, massage oils shouldn’t irritate your skin, but remember to always read the label to see if you’re allergic to any of ingredients. Even if you’re not, test a small patch of your skin before delving into the massage and applying it all over your bare skin.

As well as this, be wary of using the oils on the genital area. It’s usually safe for men, but some women are more susceptible to urinary infections, so if this is the case, always wash your hands before touching the vaginal area and use sexual lubricant instead. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Condoms and massage oil

Oils and condoms generally do not mix. The massage oils can affect the chemistry of latex, making them more likely to break or slip off during intercourse. They’re safe to use with condoms made of nitrile, polyisoprene or polyurethane. But when you’re in that mood, can you really be bothered to stop and read the ingredients list on the back of the condom box? It’s much easier and safer to switch to lubricant (water-based or silicone).

Be aware of contagious diseases

Because of their sexual nature, there is a risk of contracting diseases. For example, skin conditions such as scabies, ringworm and fungal infections. Remember to always maintain a high level of cleanliness and wash thoroughly before and after the massage. If the massage progresses to intercourse, there’s a risk of STDs such as HIV/AIDs, hepatitis and chlamydia, so remember to always use a condom unless you’re completely sure of your partner’s sexual health.

Avoid varicose veins

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins that are visible on the surface of the skin. They’re commonly found on the legs and ankle areas. Usually, they’re not serious, but avoid massaging these areas. Direct massage may damage the veins and cause pain to your partner.

Beware of blood clots

If your partner is on medication for blood clotting problems or has a family history of blood clotting, it’s best to avoid any kind of massage. Massaging someone with a blood clot can dislodge the clot and send it to other areas of the body such as the heart or brain. This may result in a cardiac arrest or stroke. Erotic massages are, however, fine for high blood pressure. Because of their relaxing nature, it can actually improve blood circulation and reduce pressure.

Be careful with inflamed areas

Erotic massages are known to provide pain relief for conditions such as arthritis or bursitis, but you should be careful. Be gentle when you administer these areas of localised swelling, because you may end up worsening the condition. In these cases, it’s best to refer to a licensed massage therapist as opposed to performing the massage yourself.

So there you have it – the most common health risks associated with erotic massages. Our advice? Be gentle, slow and do your research beforehand! Check out our other blog posts for some guidance or book yourself in for an erotic massage with one of our qualified therapists, you can see our services and rates page for erotic and other massages here

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giving a magical body to body massage

10 Ways to Give a Magical Body to Body Massage

giving a magical body to body massage

Massage therapy is an art. Learning how to give a truly relaxing, sensual and mind-blowing body massage takes determination and years of training. An erotic massage is like lovemaking – intimate and a secret shared between two lovers. It’s blissful and perfect and in that moment, you never want it to end. The pleasure and orgasm that often comes at the end is a natural extension of that bliss. An erotic massage can help bring lovers together, binding them physically, mentally and spiritually.

And although it seems as though only the recipient is experiencing all the pleasure, the masseuse actually feels just as good. It’s like when you do a good deed – you feel as good then as the receiver of the good deed does. When you realise that you’re the reason for all of your partner’s pleasure, you connect emotionally and it makes the massage a pleasurable experience for you as well. A sensual massage is a union of two bodies, bound by their sexual energies and bliss.

Now, a body to body massage is a special form of erotic massage that takes all of that bliss and heightens it. A body to body massage is one where the masseuse uses their entire body to massage the recipient as well as using the hands. The masseuse can rub, grind, slide and stroke her oiled body against her partner’s and that creates a whole new array of delightful sensations.

So here are 10 steps that will help you create a truly memorable erotic experience that’s full of bliss, pleasure and helpless arousal. If this seems like a lot to follow one of our lovely Japanese girl body to body masseuses will take you on a wonderful sexual journey.

1. Be calm but confident

Breathe and relax. Open your mind. An erotic massage is best enjoyed when you’re open to the situation and are willing to go with the flow. Most people feel self-conscious when they’re that naked and acting that sexually with their partner, but you have to be confident. You are the one who is responsible for their pleasure so act like you’re in charge.

2. Set aside plenty of time

If you really want to reap the blissful benefits of a body to body massage, make sure you have at least an hour of undisturbed time with your partner. Turn off your phones, laptops and tablets. No texts, no phone calls, no emails and no faxes. Turn off your mind from anything other than the massage. Focus entirely on your partner and bask in the pleasure. An erotic massage is supposed to be slow and intensely arousing experience, so think about nothing but the way your hands and body feel against your partner’s.

3. Set the perfect setting

You can only truly let go if you’re relaxed and free from inhibitions. So dim the lights (bright lights make people feel self-conscious), light some candles and play some relaxing music. Slowly undress and give your partner a small towel to drape over their crotch for some initial modesty.

4. Make sure you have everything you need

There’s nothing worse than getting into the mood and then realising you have to break it because you forgot something. Make sure you’ve prepared and got everything you need before the massage begins. So once you’ve set the mood, make sure you have somewhere comfortable to do the massage (e.g. an air mattress, bed or comfortable floor space). You then need massage oil, a bowl of hot water to float it in (this keeps the oil warm which feels nicer on the skin), some small towels to wipe your hands on and sexual lubricant if you intend to move onto intercourse.

5. Warming up

Start the erotic massage session with a relaxing full body massage. Ask your partner to lie on their front and sit by their side. Drizzle oil on your palms and rub your hands together before applying it on the skin. Always work up the body to build arousal. Make sure you pay extra attention to the areas that are most prone to aches such as the shoulders, neck and back. Use a variety of pressures and different parts of your hand to stimulate their body (for example, thumbs for the shoulders, flat palm base for the lower back and circular thumb movements for the thighs).

6. Feel the energy

Once your partner has relaxed, it’s time to focus on connecting your energies. Then close your eyes and slowly run your hands over their body. Synchronise your breathing. Feel the energy coursing through your body, reaching from your fingertips and touching their soul. Visualise this energy exchange and you’ll feel your souls connect. Slowly and gently run your fingers over their body, and feel the lust flowing through your bodies. It sounds wishy-washy, but you’ll understand what we mean when you try it.

7. The body to body massage

Now that your energies have intertwined, it’s time to start the body to body massage. Liberally reapply the massage oil and spread it over their body and your own. When you’re both slick, climb on top of your partner and straddle them. Then begin rubbing your body against theirs. You’ll have to really work your core here. Use your breasts, stomach and legs to press and slide up and down them. Your partner will feel every curve, angle and plane of your body and it’ll be extremely pleasurable.

Then, flip them over and do the same on the front of their body. Stop thinking and let your instincts take over.

8. The sensual zones

When you’re massaging the front of their body, you’ll rub past their sexual areas. Let your lust take over here and don’t overthink it. Just feel and follow your gut instinct. Use your hands, your body, your mouth, everything. A body to body massage is about giving into your carnal instincts.

9. Getting sexual

Keep bringing them to the point of orgasm and backing away again. This edging will make it a more prolonged, pleasurable experience for them and when they do orgasm, it’ll be the most powerful one they’ve ever had.

10. Cooling down

Stay in each other arms for a moment to catch your breath. Then, enjoy a relaxing, hot shower together to wash away the massage oils off each other’s bodies and really bind the emotional connection between you. The shower also maintains the relaxing, sensual experience.

A Note From Us

If you want to experience this type of massage and you’re lucky enough to Live in the Kings Cross area of London (or any of central / greater London really) then take a look at the services we offer on our main website here

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Book a chocolate massage in london

Got A Sweet Tooth? Give Your Partner A Chocolate Massage

Book a chocolate massage in londonA bouquet of fresh red roses, a bottle of expensive champagne and dinner at a lavish restaurant; sounds like the perfect surprise for your partner,  right? Sure it does, but talk about cliché. Forget about your fancy restaurant; add an Erotic, Chocolate Massage to your menu this year. Sex is a wonderful thing, but its avenues are not explored enough, which is why we have a proposition for you. Sick and bored of vanilla? Change the flavour of your relationship to Chocolate this year, and see what real pleasure really tastes like.

What sort of massage is it?

Unbeknown to most, chocolate massages can be combined with various other styles of massage, both traditional and erotic. If you’re feeling particularly romantic, we recommend either a Sensual or Tantric Massage. Although of a sexual nature, these styles of massage are incredibly slow and sensual, and can be very emotional and powerful experiences. These styles of massage encourage body worship, which is why they should be performed either semi or completely naked in order for its participants to connect on a physical level. These styles of massage are like a journey through the senses; using gentle touch and locations across the body to induce relaxation and encourage pleasure. Touching and caressing every part of your partners body will allow you to connect both physically and mentally, and as a result, your levels of oxytocin aka the love drug will soar. Using chocolate butters of oils will not only spice up your massage, but the ingredients within these products will increase and enhance sensitivity.

If however, you’re feeling naughty, a Chocolate Nuru Massage is just what you need. This seriously erotic and arousing style of massage will leave you and your partner shaking in pleasure, so if you’re looking for a wild night of passion, you know what to do. Traditionally, this style of massage is performed with special Nuru Gel, a special substance which allows its participants to slide, grind and rub up against their partner. This sexy style of erotic massage involves a lot of body to body contact, and encourages the masseuse to use his/hers entire naked body to massage their partners. If you want to be aroused beyond imagination and feel pleasure like you’ve never felt before, add a naughty Nuru to your partners surprise menu.

Are chocolate oils and butters bad for the skin?

Although chocolate may be bad for you if consumed too frequently, special massage oils, butter and gels have the opposite effect. Believe it or not, they are great for your skin, and taste damn good as well! As present in most chocolate based products, cocoa butter contains high amounts of natural oils which are perfect for treating dry, coarse skin. This natural moisturiser will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, both during and long after your massage has ended. As well as this, most decent products are rich in antioxidant properties.  Like dark chocolate? Well, the darker the chocolate, the more effective, meaning your skin will be left feeling revitalised, plumper and firmer. And guess what girls? Antioxidants increase the elasticity of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, which means goodbye wrinkles! Any products containing more than 35% cocoa butter can actually reduce the effects of ageing, so if you weren’t sold already, you definitely will be now.

Chocolate can be good for your health!

Aside from being great from the skin, most chocolate based products are known to improve health.  Studies have shown that eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day can actually improve your cardiovascular system and prevents illnesses such as atherosclerosis and chronic fatigue. Of course chocolate makes us all very happy, but did you know that there are chemicals in chocolate which induce the feeling of euphoria in the brain?  This powerful healing agent helps to combat depression, stress and anxiety and can also encourage productivity and motivation.  Studies have proved that even the smell of chocolate can stimulate these benefits, which is why a chocolate massage is actually good for you! As well as being edible (yummy), most products smell exactly like the real thing, so you get all of the benefits of real chocolate without impacting your waistline! What could be better?

Will this help my relationship?

Whether you’ve lost the spark or are just looking to experiment with your partner, erotic, chocolate massages are more influential than you’d probably realise. The nature of this massage requires its participants to be naked, so intimacy and connection is natural bi-product of this style. They are exposing – but in all of the right ways. They encourage body worship, romance, arousal and mental healing, so say goodbye to negative energy, whether it be personal or as a result of your relationship. Whether you’ve opted for a more sensual style of massage or something a little kinkier, the destination of an erotic massage isn’t to reach an orgasm.  Erotic massages, often derived from the ancient art of Tantra, look to reconnect the mind, body and soul, and can be incredibly cleansing in more ways than one. If you feel distant from your partner or you feel like your love is slipping away, an erotic, chocolate massage is exactly what you need. Pleasure is healthy, so do not starve your body and mind of it. Feed it together; you’ll be surprised how much it could help your relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t buy your partners love this year, show them. Connect with your partner, pleasure your partner, and explore something new with your partner. Erotic massages are valuable in many ways than one, but don’t forget, these benefits will last long after your session has ended. Put some life and fun back into your relationship; give your partner an Erotic, Chocolate Massage.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t got a partner and you still want to give something this naughty and arousing a try then take a look at our main website asian massage london and one of our gorgeous London masseuses will be able to give you a hand with that!

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What is The Perfect Erotic Massage For Your Personality?

 find the best erotic asian amssage for your personality

Find the perfect erotic massage for your personality

Most people have heard of erotic massages before, but very few have experienced them. Imagine walking into a supermarket to buy some ice cream, and finding an entire fridge full of different flavours. Which one do you choose? Do you jump into the unknown and try something new, but risk hating it? Or do you stick to your usual choice and potentially miss out on the chance to discover a flavour you like even more? When there are too many choices, it’s often hard to come to a decision. Its times like these when a suggestion from a friend can go a long way. When it comes to erotic massages, most people steer clear from exploring them because they don’t actually know what they want and need. Although all erotic massages are designed for pleasure and mental cleansing, each differ in style, and will induce differing feelings and emotions for each client. Some are adventurous, some are tame, so are kinky, others are romantic- but which one is right for you? Using the five most popular personality traits, we have created a guide to help you find the perfect massage(s) for you- we hope it helps!

Openness to experience

People with an ‘open’ personality are adventurous and energetic. They enjoy variety, and look to ‘spice up their life’ in any way they can. Possessed with curiosity, people with an open personality are natural born explorers and will always plan for their next adventure.

What we recommend

Prostate- A Prostate massage is daring, experimental and naughty. Although still regarded as taboo and controversial for a great deal of men, this insanely pleasurable massage is the ultimate thrill. Rather than focusing on the penis, skilled masseuses use various techniques to touch, caress and massage the Prostate, which can be both intensely erotic and exciting. Known as the ‘milking service’, this massage can be messy and sometimes embarrassing, as trapped fluids are often encouraged to leave the body when the prostate is massaged. But for someone with an open personality, who cares if it’s messy, taking risks is what it’s about! Think this would be a perfect match for you? We offer a cheap Asian prostate massage service.


People with conscientious personalities are strong minded, well organised and disciplined. They are self-motivated and highly driven individuals who love structure and control. Conscientious are not as spontaneous and daring as people with open personalities, but are far more practical.

What we recommend

Tantric- A Tantric Massage is very slow, sensual and spiritual, and uses various locations across the body to induce pleasure. This ancient form of massage is not designed purely for sexual gratification, but is also performed to reconnect the mind, body and soul. It is perfect massage for people seeking well-balanced mental stability because it teaches them how to relax and control and prolong pleasure.


People with an extravert personality are often the social butterflies of the group. They are confident, chatty, and sociable and draw energy from crowds of people. Probably the most-well known personality trait on the list, extraverts are generally quite cheerful and assertive, but are also known for being adventurous at times.

What we recommend

Nuru- A Nuru Massage is erotic, kinky and wild, and is perfect for someone with an extrovert. Unlike most other styles, it uses a special Nuru gel which is incredibly slippery and stringy in texture, making body to body contact easy and fluid. The job of the masseuse is to drench herself in the gel and use her entire body to massage the client. This naked slip n slide is not for the faint hearted, but will leave its brave participants feeling insanely pleasured and satisfied. This massage involves a great deal of close contact, so is best experienced by someone who is confident and open-minded.


Would you say you’re the type of person that worries about anything and everything? Do you suffer badly from anxiety because you spend most of your time obsessing over the smallest things? If your answer is yes, the chances are you’d score highly on a neuroticism scale. People with this personality trait tend to work hard and earn themselves raises within the work place; however, they are also prone to depression due to their over-active and often compulsive imaginations.

What we recommend

Sensual- The clue is in the name when it comes to Sensual Massages, they’re exactly what they sound like-incredibly sensual. This style of massage focuses on relaxing the mind, and in doing so, encourages negative chakra’s (energies) to leave the body. During a Sensual massage, a masseuse will gently touch, caress and stimulate every part of the participant’s body, transcending them into an almost-euphoric state of mind. This seriously pleasurable massage encourages the production of the chemical, oxytocin, which is known to increase happiness. This is the ultimate therapeutic massage.


Agreeableness is measured by how kind and warm an individual is. People with agreeable personalities are very trusting, helpful and compassionate, and are the type of people you can rely on. Known for being very considerate, people with agreeable personalities are always extremely empathetic, but also shy and introverted at times.

What we recommend

4 Hands- A 4 Hands massage is one of the most desired services out there, however most people aren’t confident enough to get one. Clients are able to combine this service with an erotic massage of their choice, but it will be performed by not one, but two masseuses at the same time. Allowing a stranger to touch and caress your naked body requires a level of trust, but letting two people to do it requires a great deal more. Someone with an agreeable personality may feel a little nervous, but they would put their worries to one side and enjoy the session. Not many other personalities possess this brave quality.

Whether you’re spontaneous, anxious or warm hearted, there is a massage out there for you. Erotic massages are wonderful, life changing experiences, and any style you choose will leave a great big smile on your face. Whether you want to follow our advice or try something new altogether, that’s fine, just make sure you enjoy yourself but if you fancy trying this out don’t forget to see why we’re considered the best asian massage service in london by taking a look at our main website. see you all there1

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back pain massage techniques for partners

Ease Your Partners Pain With Back Pain Massage

Easing your Partners Pain with The Perfect Back Massage

Whether you work a hard physical job or use bad posture, our back goes through so much and takes a constant beating almost every day. The back is where our spinal cord is located and many of our bodies nerves are located here. Which is why often we can find ourselves in quite some pain.

A massage can be a great way to help your partner ease their pain from either bad posture, hard work or just a stressful busy day. Not only will it help their back feel better and relieve the pain but also help them feel better overall.

how to ease your pattners back pain with back pain massage

Starting out
Many of the techniques we’ll be discussing are more beginner movements and you will be ok to perform, however some other may require you to use a professional masseur or masseuse.
We know not everyone has a massage table handy at home and we don’t expect you to either. So for the purpose of this post and your purse you’ll be using your bed for your partner’s perfect massage. Now make sure the bed is as comfortable as possible for your partner to relax on, otherwise it will only serve to create more tension in their back and this will result in a pointless massage and possibly further back pain.

Now you’ll want your partner to lie on the bed face down ideally with their arms beside them and a towel to help cover them up partially. Also place a rolled up towel under their forehead to raise their head and help them breathe easier.

If you want to create a more sensual mood to enjoy the experience more you could light some candles and dim the lights, but also consider playing some soothing music at a low level.

Using Massage Oils
If you decide to use massage oils, which is a good thing to sue as they help reduce the friction during the rubbing of the skin. Be sure to set out a couple of towels to catch any excess oil that may run off your partner’s body. We’d dread for you to ruin those lovely fresh white bed sheets!

And you are not just limited to just specially purchased massage oils. A great alternative for those performing a back massage on their partner can use a nice lotion or even some olive oil. Some people have even made their own massage oil using lavender oil which is known to help relaxation mixed with sunflower oils or olive oils. And can be an effective and cheaper alternative to purchasing massage oils.

Back Pain massage tips and techniques

Once your partner is laid on the bed be sure to take your position beside them and make sure your comfortable enough with being in that position for a while as you are massaging. Then begin by placing your hands either side of the bottom of their neck. Then slowly begin to run your hands down their back on both sides of their spine.

This will allow you to get a good feel of their back and help you find any areas that may be tense or feel knotted. Knots will usually feel like a lump on the muscle under the skin.
As you begin to run your hands up and down their back be sure to place your thumbs either side of their spine and fan your fingers out to cover more of the back. This will help you to sooth the skin and surrounding muscles.

Once you have spent some time massaging the back and found and dealt with any spots of tension it’s time to focus your attention on their shoulders. The shoulders are where most people who have a stressful job will have most of their tension stored. Start by placing your hands on either side of their neck and you will feel their muscle called the trapezium. Once there you can begin to massage the trapezium using slight pressure and moving in a circular motion.

Now moving your hands down between the shoulder blades and by making an L shape with your hands place it under the shoulder blade and rub the muscle. Repeat this motion on both shoulders and after a short while begin slowly moving your hands down toward the sides of the torso. Once there be sure to massage the sides and help release tension from under their arms and sides.
If at any point during the massage you feel any knots or concentrations of tension, take your thumb and be sure to apply mild pressure to the area. Press down and then release your thumb before rubbing the area in firm circles with your thumb until it is released.

The same principle applies to relieving knots however, if it is a large knot you will need to use your elbow to help release it rather than your thumb. Be sure to ask your partner that the pressure isn’t too uncomfortable as not to hurt them in the process. Once you feel the knot break up again rub the area with firm but gentle circular strokes to help push it out. This is one of the best ever feelings when having a massage and until you experience words can’t do it justice.

How Long should the Massage Last?

More often than not a massage generally lasts for between 30 to 60 minutes, however this can vary depending on the type of treatment required and how much tension your partner has built up. The more you perform this can of massage for your partner and loved one the better you will become at relieving their tension faster as you begin to learn their muscles and body better over time. It really is an art form in finding where the tension is and relieving it.

Overtime you will feel more confident in your ability and will be able to mix in your own movements and actions proving they don’t hurt your partner of course! The real benefit from a massage is the increase movement of blood flow around the body and muscles as a result of the massage, this increased flow actually helps combat pain in our bodies naturally.

When you are slowly coming to the end of the massage, a good way to finish is to slowly work your hands back up towards the neck area and massage the neck muscle some more before finishing.

Last but Not Least Massage Safety!

A massage carried out by your loving partner is a truly lovely experience however it should also be noted that they can be dangerous at the same time. And when carrying out a massage it is essential that you never apply pressure directly to their spinal cord as this can cause permanent damage to your partner. Also avoid too much pressure around the area of their kidneys too not only are they an important organ but do not have all that much muscle protecting them so slight pressure is more than enough.

As you can see there are many benefits to a massage, and receiving one from your partner after a hard day’s work is a great way to bond and create intimacy with each other. We hope that you find these tips really helpful in preparing and performing the perfect back massage for your partner, and that by following these tips you not only have a thrilling and enjoyable experience but also a safe one too.

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benefits of prostate massage

Key benefits of prostate massage

Key Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Massaging the prostate glands

Maintaining a healthy prostate is an ideal all men should aspire to attain. Although it might appear a challenge especially to those men in their middle ages, it is achievable even if you have been having complications with your prostate for years. You can do it D.I.Y or get one of our beautiful Asian prostate massage specialists in London to do it for you.

However, it is important to point out that if you are terminally ill with prostate cancer whereby the doctors have only given you a few days to live, your gland at this stage may be swollen to the size of a grape fruit. You will most likely need a catheter to pee and probably in a gruesome pain so much so that the thought of you or anybody touching your gland would be unimaginable. In most cases it is too late at that point in time.

The question is “how does one create a healthy prostate?”.

The old age known practice is prostate massage. It has seen millions of men all around the world improve and maintain healthy and trouble free prostate gland, however there are those who instead of benefiting from prostate massage have suffered injuries that made their gland conditions worse. The key to success with the practice is that the massage technique used need to be appropriate. Correct prostate massage will never disappoint. It may surprise you how much can be achieved through it and how liberating it is for a man to have a healthy prostate gland.

When you have a healthy prostate gland you will not even notice that you got one but when it presents complications you will not imagine the agony that the tiny gland, the size of a pea will put you through.

In this article you will be exposed to the most effective methods for your prostate massage. You will appreciate how you can achieve the best outcomes, to guarantee a healthy prostate gland.
The first thing you need to realize is that your tiny prostate gland is a system. Like most systems there is usually more than one input to make it work soundly for desired results. Your gland requires the following to function properly:
⦁ Sufficient and proper nutrition
⦁ A clean blood supply and good circulation of the blood
⦁ Appropriate exercise
⦁ Rest
⦁ Adequate oxygen supply

One approach is massaging the prostate internally. This is the famous “finger up your butt” method. Rather direct but graphically true.
It would be convenient and cheaper to do this in your privacy without the intrusion of someone sticking their finger up your butt. However, it has been proven that your own finger is not the most effective way of administering a prostate massage to yourself. It is difficult for people with normal finger length to reach beyond the tip of their own prostate gland due to the angle of reach, not unless one has an extraordinarily long finger.

The next best alternative to your own finger for massaging your prostate is another person inserting their finger up there. Because of the angle of reach and the awkwardness of you manoeuvring over your body to get your finger into optimum position, another person’s finger will achieve a better penetration depth.

However, some people are not comfortable with the idea of another person’s finger up their backside, if you are one such person, then you could benefit from a range of tools that are used in the practice to enable you to perform the prostate massage on yourself effectively.

Firstly, it is worth noting that just like other trades there is an assortment of tools on offer including others that are actually preferred by some users as cost cutting measures in place of top quality instruments. People have been known to use carrots, cigar tubes and dildos.

It makes economic sense to try and save a penny here and there but this part of your body, more so the gland is very sensitive and far too important for your well-being as a man that shoving just anything up there might not be a prudent cost saving idea.

As was stated earlier, the gland needs stimulation to achieve proper blood circulation. The tested way of realising that desired outcome is to use correct method, technique and tool.
An instrument that has been used for many years and also not very expensive to purchase is the musician’s wooden drumstick with a nicely rounded back end.

Go to your local music store and carefully choose one of approximately the width of your finger. Check it thoroughly and ensure it is smooth, they usually slide in nicely, they are neither too fat or too thin. Take care not to use the sharp end as your gland can be very easily injured if you use wrong tool on it.

Performing the Prostate Massage with a Drumstick on yourself

The first step is to ensure that your bowel is empty. The next step is to get ready for insertion of the instrument. You need the drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. This is the same jelly your will use to examine your prostrate.

Unroll the condom over the large blunt end of the drumstick. Lubricate the condom with KY Jelly. Next, get on the floor on a crawling position. Gently and slowly begin to insert the lubricated drumstick into your anus up to about 4-5 inches. That should normally be deep enough to reach the gland. Your gland is located towards your belly just next to the bowel.

Before you start with any motion with the drumstick you need to remember that for you to get good results you have got to get the movement right.

Apply light pressure on the drumstick and slowly slide the drumstick back out approximately 1.5 inches and then back in. Imagine what you would do if you were using your finger and do exactly that. Ensure you maintain the light pressure. This is the process and procedure used for milking the gland so there is a likelihood of some fluid coming out of your penis.

As you move the drumstick in you will tell when reach the gland by the intense sensation. When you feel the sensation that is when to apply the light pressure as you make your way deeper. You will also be able to tell when you have moved past the gland and that is when to gently pull out and then when you begin to feel the intense of the sensation apply the light pressure again on your outward travel.

This process may cause a great deal of sexual stimulation and leave you highly erotic. You may attain a very strong erection and that is normal when the gland is stimulated. However, do not focus on the erection it should subside after a short while just concentrate on the massage. Repeat the in and out movement for about 5- 10 times.

Depending on whether you are comfortable with 5 movements or 10, after your comfortable number; slide the drumstick in again and as you feel the sensation apply a gentle pressure on the gland but this time hold it there for account of seven. At the count of 7, give it a little jiggle, release the pressure and then wait one full minute and repeat the cycle one more time and you should be done!
That was not so difficult to achieve with just a drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. But it can be even easier with a little more expense.

The most comfortable prostate massager that fits most men just right that is available in the market for the procedure is the Aneros HelixSYN (the silicone Helix version).

If you thought using the drumstick was an easy process, this instrument is three times easier and precise. It reaches the right distance and offers the correct shape for the right pressure.
There are a variety of sizes available which makes relevant for all men of different shapes and sizes including those who in usual circumstances may struggle to reach their anus to comfortably and effectively perform the treatment on themselves.

There are a few models out there but the best is the silicone model. It is smoother and extremely effective.

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Massage Therapy,

About Tantra Massage

About Tantra Massage – Have you ever wondered what Tantric massage was?

Tantra is the path of waking up to the truth of who we are through the unification of opposites. It is a journey of becoming fully present with ourselves, with our life, in each moment. This process of becoming present is deeply connected to the body. Whereas the mind tends to wander in the past and future, the body is rooted in this moment. Here and now.

In Tantra, the body is considered a sacred temple and a gateway into divine consciousness. Sexual energy is revered as the potent life force energy to be cultivated as a vehicle to reach higher states of consciousness and ultimate awakening. Known as the non-dual path, this ancient mystery school embraces the entirety of our being. Both our fears and desires hold precious keys from which we can emerge into wholeness.

Tantra Massage Origins!

The roots of Tantra reach back to the Indus valley approximately 5,000 years ago as a mystical path that simply yet profoundly embraced the totality of human experience. Desire, fear, passion, love and even suffering were considered direct paths, rather than obstacles, to awakening. This was an extremely radical departure from the formal and puritanical dogma of the Hindu and Buddhist religions of the time where women were forbidden to partake in many rites and the holiest of men were living in solitude seeking liberation through denial of the body. Not only were Tantrikas using their bodies as vehicles for awakening, many of the most enlightened adepts and teachers were women.

The Spirituality of Tantric Massage

Many spiritual paths, both ancient and modern, eastern and western have incorporated aspects of Tantra massage. Many of them even call themselves Tantra and all are extremely different from each other. Which one is the real deal? This is a path riddled with paradox, requiring immersion into experience rather than intellectual tinkering and for this reason it is impossible to define in a linear context. Like all mystical paths, it is mysterious by nature.

In Tantra people say that “the path is the result, the result is the path“. Rather than clinging to a future goal of awakening, the Tantric path teaches the full immersion of consciousness into this moment here and now as the gateway into the heart of reality. Instead of denying the senses by way of asceticism or compulsively indulging in sensory consumption by way of hedonism, the Tantric approach seeks to cultivate deep connection and present awarenesswithin the dance of the senses, savoring each moment as it flows into the next. In this way, even mundane tasks can become an exquisite meditation. You can even savour painful feelings as a delicate play of sensations.

About Tantra Massage, About tantric massage, Tantra massage,

Book Online Tantra Massage

The ultimate truth of our reality is one of unity, interconnection and wholeness. The presence of this truth is hidden by the perceived duality which permeates every aspect of reality. At the core of all duality is the polarized frequency of negative and positive which forms the basis of our experience of reality and of ourselves. By embracing one thing, we reject the opposite and the split creates a separation from unity consciousness.

Integrating polarity work is the process of illuminating the fundamental wholeness of existence by bringing unconscious material into awareness and balancing the opposing polarities that form the structure of reality. Many describe enlightenment as the experience of non-dual awareness. Awakening to this awareness can happen suddenly or gradually but is ultimately beyond intellectual comprehension alone.

Many say that supreme realisation occurs on the level of the body. Releasing a bliss that vibrates within every cell. In Tantra, every experience and encounter is ripe to catalyze awakening and no aspect of existence is more valuable than another. A lot say that this people call Tantra, the “path of Yes”. This non-dual openness to all of existence is the ultimate embrace of the totality of life.

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