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What is The Perfect Erotic Massage For Your Personality?

 find the best erotic asian amssage for your personality

Find the perfect erotic massage for your personality

Most people have heard of erotic massages before, but very few have experienced them. Imagine walking into a supermarket to buy some ice cream, and finding an entire fridge full of different flavours. Which one do you choose? Do you jump into the unknown and try something new, but risk hating it? Or do you stick to your usual choice and potentially miss out on the chance to discover a flavour you like even more? When there are too many choices, it’s often hard to come to a decision. Its times like these when a suggestion from a friend can go a long way. When it comes to erotic massages, most people steer clear from exploring them because they don’t actually know what they want and need. Although all erotic massages are designed for pleasure and mental cleansing, each differ in style, and will induce differing feelings and emotions for each client. Some are adventurous, some are tame, so are kinky, others are romantic- but which one is right for you? Using the five most popular personality traits, we have created a guide to help you find the perfect massage(s) for you- we hope it helps!

Openness to experience

People with an ‘open’ personality are adventurous and energetic. They enjoy variety, and look to ‘spice up their life’ in any way they can. Possessed with curiosity, people with an open personality are natural born explorers and will always plan for their next adventure.

What we recommend

Prostate- A Prostate massage is daring, experimental and naughty. Although still regarded as taboo and controversial for a great deal of men, this insanely pleasurable massage is the ultimate thrill. Rather than focusing on the penis, skilled masseuses use various techniques to touch, caress and massage the Prostate, which can be both intensely erotic and exciting. Known as the ‘milking service’, this massage can be messy and sometimes embarrassing, as trapped fluids are often encouraged to leave the body when the prostate is massaged. But for someone with an open personality, who cares if it’s messy, taking risks is what it’s about! Think this would be a perfect match for you? We offer a cheap Asian prostate massage service.


People with conscientious personalities are strong minded, well organised and disciplined. They are self-motivated and highly driven individuals who love structure and control. Conscientious are not as spontaneous and daring as people with open personalities, but are far more practical.

What we recommend

Tantric- A Tantric Massage is very slow, sensual and spiritual, and uses various locations across the body to induce pleasure. This ancient form of massage is not designed purely for sexual gratification, but is also performed to reconnect the mind, body and soul. It is perfect massage for people seeking well-balanced mental stability because it teaches them how to relax and control and prolong pleasure.


People with an extravert personality are often the social butterflies of the group. They are confident, chatty, and sociable and draw energy from crowds of people. Probably the most-well known personality trait on the list, extraverts are generally quite cheerful and assertive, but are also known for being adventurous at times.

What we recommend

Nuru- A Nuru Massage is erotic, kinky and wild, and is perfect for someone with an extrovert. Unlike most other styles, it uses a special Nuru gel which is incredibly slippery and stringy in texture, making body to body contact easy and fluid. The job of the masseuse is to drench herself in the gel and use her entire body to massage the client. This naked slip n slide is not for the faint hearted, but will leave its brave participants feeling insanely pleasured and satisfied. This massage involves a great deal of close contact, so is best experienced by someone who is confident and open-minded.


Would you say you’re the type of person that worries about anything and everything? Do you suffer badly from anxiety because you spend most of your time obsessing over the smallest things? If your answer is yes, the chances are you’d score highly on a neuroticism scale. People with this personality trait tend to work hard and earn themselves raises within the work place; however, they are also prone to depression due to their over-active and often compulsive imaginations.

What we recommend

Sensual- The clue is in the name when it comes to Sensual Massages, they’re exactly what they sound like-incredibly sensual. This style of massage focuses on relaxing the mind, and in doing so, encourages negative chakra’s (energies) to leave the body. During a Sensual massage, a masseuse will gently touch, caress and stimulate every part of the participant’s body, transcending them into an almost-euphoric state of mind. This seriously pleasurable massage encourages the production of the chemical, oxytocin, which is known to increase happiness. This is the ultimate therapeutic massage.


Agreeableness is measured by how kind and warm an individual is. People with agreeable personalities are very trusting, helpful and compassionate, and are the type of people you can rely on. Known for being very considerate, people with agreeable personalities are always extremely empathetic, but also shy and introverted at times.

What we recommend

4 Hands- A 4 Hands massage is one of the most desired services out there, however most people aren’t confident enough to get one. Clients are able to combine this service with an erotic massage of their choice, but it will be performed by not one, but two masseuses at the same time. Allowing a stranger to touch and caress your naked body requires a level of trust, but letting two people to do it requires a great deal more. Someone with an agreeable personality may feel a little nervous, but they would put their worries to one side and enjoy the session. Not many other personalities possess this brave quality.

Whether you’re spontaneous, anxious or warm hearted, there is a massage out there for you. Erotic massages are wonderful, life changing experiences, and any style you choose will leave a great big smile on your face. Whether you want to follow our advice or try something new altogether, that’s fine, just make sure you enjoy yourself but if you fancy trying this out don’t forget to see why we’re considered the best asian massage service in london by taking a look at our main website. see you all there1