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10 Ways to Give a Magical Body to Body Massage

giving a magical body to body massage

giving a magical body to body massage

Massage therapy is an art. Learning how to give a truly relaxing, sensual and mind-blowing body massage takes determination and years of training. An erotic massage is like lovemaking – intimate and a secret shared between two lovers. It’s blissful and perfect and in that moment, you never want it to end. The pleasure and orgasm that often comes at the end is a natural extension of that bliss. An erotic massage can help bring lovers together, binding them physically, mentally and spiritually.

And although it seems as though only the recipient is experiencing all the pleasure, the masseuse actually feels just as good. It’s like when you do a good deed – you feel as good then as the receiver of the good deed does. When you realise that you’re the reason for all of your partner’s pleasure, you connect emotionally and it makes the massage a pleasurable experience for you as well. A sensual massage is a union of two bodies, bound by their sexual energies and bliss.

Now, a body to body massage is a special form of erotic massage that takes all of that bliss and heightens it. A body to body massage is one where the masseuse uses their entire body to massage the recipient as well as using the hands. The masseuse can rub, grind, slide and stroke her oiled body against her partner’s and that creates a whole new array of delightful sensations.

So here are 10 steps that will help you create a truly memorable erotic experience that’s full of bliss, pleasure and helpless arousal. If this seems like a lot to follow one of our lovely Japanese girl body to body masseuses will take you on a wonderful sexual journey.

1. Be calm but confident

Breathe and relax. Open your mind. An erotic massage is best enjoyed when you’re open to the situation and are willing to go with the flow. Most people feel self-conscious when they’re that naked and acting that sexually with their partner, but you have to be confident. You are the one who is responsible for their pleasure so act like you’re in charge.

2. Set aside plenty of time

If you really want to reap the blissful benefits of a body to body massage, make sure you have at least an hour of undisturbed time with your partner. Turn off your phones, laptops and tablets. No texts, no phone calls, no emails and no faxes. Turn off your mind from anything other than the massage. Focus entirely on your partner and bask in the pleasure. An erotic massage is supposed to be slow and intensely arousing experience, so think about nothing but the way your hands and body feel against your partner’s.

3. Set the perfect setting

You can only truly let go if you’re relaxed and free from inhibitions. So dim the lights (bright lights make people feel self-conscious), light some candles and play some relaxing music. Slowly undress and give your partner a small towel to drape over their crotch for some initial modesty.

4. Make sure you have everything you need

There’s nothing worse than getting into the mood and then realising you have to break it because you forgot something. Make sure you’ve prepared and got everything you need before the massage begins. So once you’ve set the mood, make sure you have somewhere comfortable to do the massage (e.g. an air mattress, bed or comfortable floor space). You then need massage oil, a bowl of hot water to float it in (this keeps the oil warm which feels nicer on the skin), some small towels to wipe your hands on and sexual lubricant if you intend to move onto intercourse.

5. Warming up

Start the erotic massage session with a relaxing full body massage. Ask your partner to lie on their front and sit by their side. Drizzle oil on your palms and rub your hands together before applying it on the skin. Always work up the body to build arousal. Make sure you pay extra attention to the areas that are most prone to aches such as the shoulders, neck and back. Use a variety of pressures and different parts of your hand to stimulate their body (for example, thumbs for the shoulders, flat palm base for the lower back and circular thumb movements for the thighs).

6. Feel the energy

Once your partner has relaxed, it’s time to focus on connecting your energies. Then close your eyes and slowly run your hands over their body. Synchronise your breathing. Feel the energy coursing through your body, reaching from your fingertips and touching their soul. Visualise this energy exchange and you’ll feel your souls connect. Slowly and gently run your fingers over their body, and feel the lust flowing through your bodies. It sounds wishy-washy, but you’ll understand what we mean when you try it.

7. The body to body massage

Now that your energies have intertwined, it’s time to start the body to body massage. Liberally reapply the massage oil and spread it over their body and your own. When you’re both slick, climb on top of your partner and straddle them. Then begin rubbing your body against theirs. You’ll have to really work your core here. Use your breasts, stomach and legs to press and slide up and down them. Your partner will feel every curve, angle and plane of your body and it’ll be extremely pleasurable.

Then, flip them over and do the same on the front of their body. Stop thinking and let your instincts take over.

8. The sensual zones

When you’re massaging the front of their body, you’ll rub past their sexual areas. Let your lust take over here and don’t overthink it. Just feel and follow your gut instinct. Use your hands, your body, your mouth, everything. A body to body massage is about giving into your carnal instincts.

9. Getting sexual

Keep bringing them to the point of orgasm and backing away again. This edging will make it a more prolonged, pleasurable experience for them and when they do orgasm, it’ll be the most powerful one they’ve ever had.

10. Cooling down

Stay in each other arms for a moment to catch your breath. Then, enjoy a relaxing, hot shower together to wash away the massage oils off each other’s bodies and really bind the emotional connection between you. The shower also maintains the relaxing, sensual experience.

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