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The perfect preparation for your first prostate massage

Preparing for your Oriental Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is pulse-racing, seductive and sexy – but also can push you far out your comfort zone during your first session. However, we’re here to ease your nerves and give you the perfect preparation for your first prostate massage, so here it goes..

imagine a massage with her in your heathrow airport hotelFind a suitable parlour (and book in advance)

First of all, you need to find a parlour suitable for you. Prostate massage is a niche service and may not be offered by all erotic massage parlours, so do make sure you find an establishment which offers the treatment and can be easily reached from wherever you are travelling from. We also advise that you read the reviews for the prostate service and to also check the profiles of the therapists who offer the treatment – to make sure you fancy them of course! Once you’ve found your perfect parlour do book an appointment in advanced. Prostate massage is a limited service and often does get booked up very quickly.

Go to the toilet beforehand

Once your prostate session is booked, you can save the next stage of your preparation for the day of your appointment. So let’s get straight down to business (the number two business) and inform you the importance of emptying your bowels before a prostate massage. Massaging the prostate gland on a full tummy is guaranteed to be a super discomforting experience, for not just you, but for your therapist also. It can also be super dangerous for your health, so yeah please don’t do it! If you’re feeling peckish straight before your massage then do avoid any stodgy foods and opt for a light snack.  Small portions of fruit, cereal bars or a light soup are our top choices.

Have a shower

Having a shower before any erotic massage is often recommended, but when it comes to prostate massage showering is an absolute MUST. Prostate massage is the most intimate massage of them all, so of course the therapist doesn’t want to get down and dirty with smelly or sweaty erogenous zones. So do make sure you have a quick wash, good hygiene is common courtesy at the end of the day. If showering at home isn’t an option at home then don’t worry, as you can always use the bathing facilities provided at the parlour. By law, all parlours who offer prostate massage must offer complimentary shower facilities for all customers. The showers can also be utilised after your massage has taken place and can be enjoyed alone or in the company of your therapist.

Trim your bum hole

For many styles of erotic massage, we often say don’t worry about shaving and let it all hang out. But when it comes to prostate massage, we advise giving your bum hole a little trim. This is because prostate massage uses lots of contact between the therapist’s dainty finger tips and your anal gland. The most unattractive thing would be to have the therapist’s index finger taking a journey through your bush to find your backdoors. Instead, do give yourself a small trim to make every stroke run as smoothly and as sensually as possible.

Plan your journey

As mentioned before, it’s important to find a parlour which can be easily reached from your hotel or home. Many parlours often have complimentary parking spaces for clients are also located just a short walk away from major tube stations, which makes your journey to the parlour super-smooth. Plan your journey beforehand and give yourself plenty of time to reach the parlour. Not only will running late cause unnecessary stress, but it also might lead you to your session being cancelled. Prostate massage is a high-demand service and arriving late to your appointment will often lead to your allocated time slot being given to another client.

Book your Asian prostate massage today

Are you ready to take the plunge and book a pulse-racing prostate massage? Then look no further than our five star services based in the heart of London. We have a delicious range of oriental therapists who boast the highest expertise in the art of Tantra, seduction and prostate massage. We can’t wait to tease and tantalise your G spot, which is sure to pleasure you into a frenzy of euphoria. Prostate massage is available from just £150per hour and can be booked my calling our friendly and helpful booking line on 07990486678 See you soon, hot stuff! You can slso look at our Oriental Outcall Prostate Massage in London service page for more info.

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From rags to riches – How I came to own the most successful sensual parlour in London

As a working high-class escort, you sure do live the high-life. Jetting off to the most amazing places, staying in the plushest five-star hotels and having dinner in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants – it sure makes the world your oyster. However, what happens when your looks fade and this euphoric reality slowly slips away from your very eyes? This is what happened to me and most working girls in the business…

Let me take you back to July 2008, the summer was hot hot hot and The Olympics were being hosted in Beijing, which happened to be the city I worked in. My place of work was Beijing Beauties, a superior massage parlour which welcomed high-class gentlemen for all over the world. The Olympics helped the parlour see a surge in clientele, however, this didn’t mean business for me was booming.

As a 35-year-old working girl, my looks had seen better days and some of the clients weren’t afraid to let me know. ‘Don’t give me the old girl’ and ‘ewww I’m not having her’ I frequently heard, which was, of course, crushed my confidence just a little bit more each day. When you work in a high-class parlour you are technically self-employed, with the parlours taking a cut of your earnings. And as I struggled to make as much as I once was, the parlour owners began to become frustrated with me. Then one evening I was taken to the back room, I knew what was coming. ‘I don’t think Beijing Beauties is for you anymore’ I recall them saying. While they went onto say ‘We have lots of beautiful younger girls who want work for us and it’s with regret we can’t keep you anymore’ I sobbed, panicked and quickly packed my bags up to leave.

The bright lights of Beijing couldn’t have contrasted my low mood anymore if I tried. I felt lost in a city where I was once lived the high-life. With no family to rely on I had to look at new avenues to make ends meet. Bar work, retail and even cleaning – I tried it all, but it was a bit of a kick in the teeth making less in a month than I would do in one day of being a high-class masseuse.  I was living in a dingy high-rise flat eating food from the reduced section – my life was pretty f******.

And then on a rare night out my life changed forever. My girlfriends and I were dancing in Beijing’s world-famous Hutong bars when I guy called John came over to me. ‘I know you, you used to massage me in Beijing Beauties’ I saw a twinkle in his eye as he gazed into mine. It turned out that John had always fancied me, but as he was a jet-setting London businessmen and I was a busy high-class masseuse he knew a relationship wasn’t on the cards, until now. John reintroduced me into the high-life, champagne dinners and luxurious getaways, we did it all – although this time the experiences and the sex were with someone I loved.

One night John said he had something to tell me, my stomach immediately dropped. Was he going to end it? Is he leaving me? Is he having second thoughts? Were all racing me through my head and then I found out my fate. ‘Listen, the nature of my business requires me to be in London all the time and I would love it if you moved there with me’

Although I’d travelled the world with my job as a masseuse, I’d always called Beijing my home. How was I going to settle in such a big city I knew no-one or so little about. John and I discussed job prospects for me in London, but as an escort, by trade, I barely had any academic qualifications. Then one day John had a brainwave, he suggested he invested money into a massage parlour and I worked on the managerial side. This was a strong point for me, I was sold.

Our first parlour operated from a small two-bedroomed flat in Covent Garden, it might sound not that great but for London prices, it’s all we could afford. I took charge of finding masseuses, which is a lot more than just finding ‘hot girls’ The masseuses had to be bubbly, open-minded and ridiculously good at massage to work for us. And I think that’s why our parlour flourished.

We started to see regular clientele and with more girls than ever before wanting to work for us we had a demand to open up new parlours. And this is exactly what we did. We opened shop in many of London’s hotspots including Canary Wharf, Marylebone and Oxford Street. And with many clients coming through our doors than ever before we had the means to make our pamper palaces fit for any king.

Sarah a naughty masseuseWe hired a reservation team to make our parlours state-of-the-art. With a plush welcome lounge, walk-in showers and mood lighting in each of our parlours. We love nothing more than to give our clients a five-star massage at a bargain price.

Even though operating arguably one of the most successful parlours in London gives me a lavish lifestyle, it is super stressful. Making sure the girls are safe, happy and healthy at all times, dealing with sometimes rude customers and keeping on top of the never-ending washing can make it a tough task. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. You need to be the right kind of person to be a sensual massage parlour manager and I’m so grateful I found my forte in life.

If you want to experience our high-class sensual packages then why not come and visit one of our luxurious parlours in London or request one of our gorgeous girls for outcall? We have more than 10 expertly-trained oriental girls who are dying to get their hands on you, all for as little as £120 per hour. You’ll have never experienced pleasure like it and like many customers, will be booking again and again.



Call our friendly booking agents to find out more today on 07990486678. You can also visit our Oriental Sensual massage in London guide.

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How I Learnt To Love My Tiny Dick

A banana symbolizing a penisWe have all at some point in our lives experienced anxiety over the size of our penises, even guys with large manhood’s can feel insecure that their penis is disproportional. It’s the age old fear, going as far back as the school yard when you would compare the size of your hands and feet with your friends. For some men though, the struggle is real. Having a micro penis or small dick can really lower a man’s sense of self-worth, leaving him feeling sexually insecure and weak. What we fail to reason is that it isn’t really all about size it’s about what you do with it. That being said having a small dick gives such emotionally crippling feelings that when expected to perform, men with small manhood’s struggle to achieve or maintain an erection or commonly suffer from early ejaculation and impotence. This can increase anxiety around sexual intercourse and lead to said men not enjoying sexual pleasure at all.

The solution to small dick syndrome is learning to love your tiny penis. With confidence comes ability, why? Because with confidence comes curiosity and exploration. With this in mind getting a professional lingam massage is the perfect medicinal answer to curing small dick shame. Lingam massage comes from the Sanskrit teachings to honour the penis. The entire massage focuses on massaging the penis and bringing pleasure directly to that area. This is a really important thing to do for anyone that has had a scarring experience with their penis in a sexual encounter. Most men with small penises will have encountered some kind of shaming or mocking from sexual partners which has lasting damaging effects.  When someone makes fun of your small penis it cements every outlandish and cruel fear you have had about it. It is important to rectify this and the only way you can really is by going in to another psychically intimate situation and be encouraged that the size of your penis is not disappointing. Having someone confidently and professionally massage your penis you will discover an entire bank of possibilities to illicit sexual pleasure and release.

To prove to you the sheer wealth of positive effects getting a lingam massage can have on a client suffering from penis shame or small dick syndrome I have invited some ‘lab rats’ (if you like) to try the erotic massage style and log their experience. Read below to learn what it’s really like:

Stephen, 27, Detroit.

Stephen who comments on our blog postI can remember exactly when I realised the problem with my dick, I mean there’d been the odd time in school when boys had made claims about the size of theirs and I’d felt a little strange but I never really let it bother me. When I was 15 I was seeing a girl and I knew that whatever direction we were heading in would probably lead to me having to get my trousers off… So to prepare myself I decided to watch some porn. This is when I discovered how small my dick really was in compared to another mans. I mean sure guys in pornos might have larger than normal but mine was drastically smaller- I wasn’t even sure she would be able to do most of the stuff the woman in the movie was doing with mine. Saying that I still thought everything might be OK, I mean she hadn’t seen the porn so maybe she didn’t have any idea what others guys dicks looked like. Sadly either this girl had watched a lot of porn or she had slept with a lot of guys or she was just somehow clued up to the average size of a man’s dick. Basically, when we did get down to it she said, and I can remember it exactly… she said ‘that best double in size when you’re erect!’ I laughed it off but I felt so embarrassed. I then struggled to maintain an erection, she offered to help things along and started wanking me off but before we even got going she started laughing and said it was too weird and she couldn’t continue. I was so embarrassed. What could I say?   To be honest, I’d never really gotten over it and have avoided sexual relationships since. When I was offered this experience I figured why not? What else did I have to lose? To be honest it was a leap out of my comfort zone and there was several moments I thought about dropping out but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Getting the lingam massage taught me so much about my own body and what it’s capable of. The masseuse did not mind at all the size of my penis; in fact she seemed to like it! I guess I never thought the person was the thing that was wrong, not the size of my dick. I am excited at the possibility of dating and getting out there for the first time Sophie an erotic Lingam masseuseever. It was like the best therapy session you’ll ever get!

Christof, 56, Leeds

I had honestly considered getting surgery to enhance the size of my manhood; I’ve even pretended that I’ve had surgery to explain its size more times than I’d care to admit.  There’s something deeply humiliating about having a small penis. It’s strange really, as though we feel somehow responsible for the growth process even though we have absolutely no control over it. I always thought once I’d saved up enough I’d be able to get it made bigger and then everything else in my life would fall in to place. I thought this for over 30 years and it was naïve; getting a lingam massage taught me what’s what.  The fact is my penis is a perfectly adequate size, I see that now. It works in all the ways another penis would work and it can pleasure women just as much. During my lingam massage the masseuse put me completely at ease; she was completely nonplussed by the size and asked no questions. Her hands were so gentle and soft, she really treated it with care. The whole experience left me putting a mirror up to myself and asking why I was being so disrespectful, so cruel to my own body. I have wasted so much time hating my penis, isn’t it about time I started enjoying it?

Looking for your very own penis massage london experience? Call us today on 07990486678 and speak to our of our receoption team to book your ultimate Oriental lingam massage!


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4 hands massage: A sexual journey…

This week we are celebrating the sheer pleasure of 4 hands massage. To celebrate this exciting and revolutionary massage style we are going to share the real life accounts of two men and their personal journey with four hands; the duo massage.

Firstly for those that are yet to discover four hands massage, here is a brief summary:

Four hands massage originated in Japan, where they call it ‘Hutari massage’. Hutari means ‘two people’ in Japanese which plainly outlines what to expect when getting a four hands massage…

Four hands, or hutari massage, or duo massage, whatever you want to call it, is all about getting a massage from two masseuses simultaneously. But that’s not it…

Not only do the two masseuses give you their full care and attention but they are trained to work in artistically perfect synchronicity. What does this mean? Well, there’s a bit of science to it… every ones brain is split into two parts, each side is connected to that side of the body. This separation explains why stroke victims are often left only partly immobile- with the brain haemorrhaging occurring on one side of the brain, resulting in the paralysis on that side of the body.  When you get four hands massage each masseuse takes a side; right or left. In synchronised fashion the masseuses massage that side. In doing so endorphins are released which travel to the brain leaving you feeling happy and relaxed. Normally when you are getting a massage your body releases endorphins, however they are double strength with four hands. By targeting both sides of the brain your mind and your body are consumed by pleasure. People who have experienced four hands claim to have had an out of body experience, with pleasure so intense they felt as though they were transported in to another realm, another place.

The intense pleasurable experience of four hands massage really is unlike anything else. It is a sure start way to remove stress, anxiety, depression from the body. Essentially the two masseuses are not only massaging your body but also your brain. One of the most common benefits of four hands massage is that it eradicates headaches and gives massive relief to migraine sufferers.

Now you have an idea of what four hands is about, here’s some experiences of men who have taken on the journey of four hands massage…

Charles, 55, Surrey.

The first time I had a four hands massage was in London, I was recommended the service by a doctor friend actually. For years I have suffered with chronic pain. In my lower back especially but the pain also gives me constant fatigue and splitting headaches.  I had tried massage before but nothing like four hands. Other massage styles I had tried only ever gave slight relief or momentary distraction from the pain; four hands was different. It worked as a pain blocker, as soon as both masseuses got to work I experienced this rush of something, like pure pleasure rushing through my body. It was as though this magical heat was flooding through me, stopping the pain. It was a miracle. For the first time in years my head was clear of thinking about the pain. I had become so bitter and miserable but whilst having the massage I felt light and happy. The good feeling lasted a number of days and it took nearly a month for my chronic pain to get bad again. Now I go and get a four hands every three or four weeks and I am a changed man. I laugh with my friends and go out, I’ve even started dating. I honestly didn’t think my life could get out of that dark place but thanks to four hands massage my life has never been better.

Terry, 32, East London.

I am a big fan of erotic massage, if I could call it my hobby I would. I’ve been getting massages since I first started making money at 17, I’m 32 now so that was a long time ago. It took me a long while to try four hands though. I suppose the price put me off, I mean double price for the same amount of time? I used to think anyone who went for that must be a schmuck. Growing up we learn a little about how ignorant we are when we’re young. Like how you could never imagine how someone would want to spend £500 on a coat but when you grow up and you can afford to spend £500 on a coat you wonder how you spent years walking around in a grubby denim jacket. I think four hands is the same. The first time I had it was my birthday, at 30 I decided I should treat myself. And boy was that a treat. Four hands is amazing, really amazing. I felt reborn! It was seriously the best day of my life. But I mean how can I describe it to you? How do you describe sweet sweet pleasure? You can’t you just have to try it for yourself.


So now you’ve heard from those that have tried it isn’t it about time you started your own four hands journey?

And what’s even more exciting about four hands?

You can get four hands with any massage style you like. So whether that be lingam, nuru, tantric, prostate, b2b… whatever your favourite style is, it can be adapted in to a super special four hands massage in your hotel in London! Seriously, what’re you waiting for? Call us now on 07990486678



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use prostate massage for prostatitis

Prostate Massage Therapy: The Cure For Prostatitis

use prostate massage for prostatitis

The prostate is a male reproductive organ. It’s located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Shaped like a walnut, it surrounds the urethra, near the connection between the urethra and bladder. The prostate plays an important role in male fertility because it produces prostatic fluid, which is one of the main components of semen. During ejaculation, sperm travels through the ejaculatory ducts and mixes with fluid secreted by the seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbourethral glands, and this forms semen. Without any of these components, semen will not function as efficiently. And so, a healthy prostate gland is integral to male fertility and reproduction.

Like any other part of the body, the prostate is susceptible to illnesses and malfunctions. Inflammation and prostatitis are two of the most common conditions. Physicians often prescribe or recommend draining the prostate of its blocked fluids. This is also known as prostate massage. It aims to wring out and milk the prostate which will relieve the painful symptoms of an inflamed prostate.


Prostatitis is a urinary tract condition that can affect man of all ages. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, it causes around two million visits to medical professionals.

Some of the symptoms of prostatitis are:

  • Frequently needing to urinate
  • Painful, weak flow or feeling ‘incomplete’ after urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Fever
  • Muscle aches and pains (particularly in the back)
  • Pain in the area between anus and scrotum

What causes prostate problems?

The prostate gland can become inflamed or infected for a variety of reasons – from bacterial to nonbacterial organisms and an immune system response to nerve damage. The inflammation and symptoms can last for a short period of time or the condition can be a chronic issue.

Antibiotics and muscle relaxants are often prescribed and while they may be effective for most patients, some people may find their symptoms to be more persistent.

What is a prostate massage?

A prostate massage is a gentle stimulation of the gland, intended to release the blocked ducts, relieve the pressure and pain. The masseuse will wear a lubricated glove and gently insert a finger into the rectum and press the sides of the prostate. They will softly stroke, rub and massage the prostate. This will encourage the gland to release its fluids. Initially, the client will feel uncomfortable and a deep pressure of liquid building up inside. But this is normal – this is exactly what’s supposed to happen. Deep, controlled breathing is key here. Once they relax, it will start to feel more pleasurable.

Prostate stimulation will result in fluid release and an extremely pleasurable orgasm. This combination will leave clients in a state of relaxed bliss and relief from the pain. Regular prostate massage sessions will keep the prostate healthy, working efficiently and reduce the risk of fluid blockage. Our Asian prostate milking service can help you achieve this with a professional masseuse

Benefits of a prostate massage

  • Prevents build-up of prostatic fluid (which causes painful inflammation)
  • Improves effectiveness of prostatitis antibiotics
  • Boosts prostate health
  • Eases urination and improves flow
  • Reduces pain and discomfort of an inflamed prostate
  • Improves sex drive
  • Heightens sexual pleasure and orgasms
  • Reduces sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction
  • Leaves clients feeling ‘satisfied’

Risks of a prostate massage

  • Worsening of acute prostatitis conditions
  • Risk of infection
  • Bleeding around the prostate
  • Cellulitis
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Spreading of prostate cancer if present
  • Damage to rectal lining

As serious and off-putting as these risks may sound, they only happen if the prostate masseuse isn’t properly trained or was hygienic. It’s better to go to a professionally trained therapist than to try it yourself. We offer professional prostate massages from £150 an hour. All of our masseuses are highly trained and skilled in providing the ultimate balance between perfect health and mental pleasure. Check out our rates here and our range of masseuses here.

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Advanatages & Disadvantages of Various Massage Types

Types of Massages: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantages With Common Types of Massages

Touching is a great way of communication. To touch and to be touched is the most ancient form of expression that can leave a lasting impression and this is the reason why the massage is just as ancient as the human itself. The mother gently massages a young baby to sleep and a loving husband sensually massages his spouse as a form of intimate foreplay prior to sexual activity.

It is no wonder that there is a massage for any and every situation. For stress relief, chronic back pain, premature ejaculation or postural problems there is something to help our everyday existence. Therefore, to survey every single type of massage would be a colossal task but it would suffice to compare and contrast four common types of massage techniques: –

  1. Thai massage
  2. Indian Head massage
  3. Deep Tissue massage
  4. Swedish massage

Thai Massage

According to legend, it was the personal physician of the Buddha who founded the Thai massage and his principles incorporated various medicinal traditions from the South Asian region. With a profound insight into reflexology and Ayurvedic teachings, a comprehensive system evolved that has a number of benefits:-

  • No oils, music or special lighting is required
  • The massage can be carried out without the removal of clothes

It is by far a non-conventional massage but is very useful to help with mobility problems such as arthritis, frozen shoulder or muscular soreness.

Is there a disadvantage? Not necessarily but that depends on perspective. For one, it is not suitable for a romantic evening! So, it is not to be used in courting the opposite sex as it would probably deter and not attract as there is a lot of pulling and stretching in this massage!

Indian Head massage

The Indian head massage is a very old system that utilises the manipulation of facial and neck pressure points so it is ideal for: –

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sinusitis
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular tension

It is renowned the world over for improving blood circulation, lymphatic flow, eliminating toxins and other waste products.

Although it is a very good massage, it must only be carried out by a fully trained therapist because it should be avoided in the case of facial or neck injuries, a history of thrombosis or embolism. It is also noted that there is slight dizziness as well as the urge to urinate following the completion of the massage.

These are not strictly disadvantages but should be borne in mind if considering such a marvellous type of therapy.

Deep tissue massage

If any massage is painful then that is poorly done but if a massage brings a dull pain to the surface then you’ve guessed it, it is the deep tissue massage.

Those who suffer from chronic back pain to reoccurring injuries definitely require this. Through slow and concentrated strokes, deeper layers of muscle tissue are realigned to bring about greater benefit such as flexibility and faster recovery from injury.

The masseuse can use fingers, thumbs, the forearms and even the elbows in order to reach deep into the muscle tissue and fascia (the connective tissue)

With bands of deep and painful tissue (called adhesion’s) that are located in the muscles, ligaments and tendons, the onset of poor blood circulation, inflammation and stiffness are part of the common symptoms that can have an impact on mobility and general health. It is the duty, therefore, of the therapist to use massage oil and direct deep pressure to break the adhesion’s, thereby releasing pain and discomfort and so restoring the structure to its default position.

The problem with this massage is that it can take several hours over several sessions for the technique to be done adequately. And because of the need for prolonged time, it is not exactly cheap!

Swedish massage

The most widespread, the most popular and the most renowned, this is the Swedish massage!

If relaxation is the aim then lying on a bed and being pampered by lovely warm oils is the most satisfying feeling. This will improve your blood circulation, oxygen flow and relax the mind. Studies have shown that it also helps to reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, so what could be possibly wrong with the world’s number 1 massage?

Well, it can take a good 2 hours so having the time and the money to experience it won’t be possible for everybody. Secondly, it is of a somewhat intimate procedure. To be semi-nude and have a stranger massage you in certain parts of the body is way out of many people’s comfort zones. Having said that, it is still an incredibly useful technique to those who need it. But if you are in the mood for trying out something a little more exciting but want to do it in your own home or hote take a look at our outcall massage service in London and the surrounding areas

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back pain massage techniques for partners

Ease Your Partners Pain With Back Pain Massage

Easing your Partners Pain with The Perfect Back Massage

Whether you work a hard physical job or use bad posture, our back goes through so much and takes a constant beating almost every day. The back is where our spinal cord is located and many of our bodies nerves are located here. Which is why often we can find ourselves in quite some pain.

A massage can be a great way to help your partner ease their pain from either bad posture, hard work or just a stressful busy day. Not only will it help their back feel better and relieve the pain but also help them feel better overall.

how to ease your pattners back pain with back pain massage

Starting out
Many of the techniques we’ll be discussing are more beginner movements and you will be ok to perform, however some other may require you to use a professional masseur or masseuse.
We know not everyone has a massage table handy at home and we don’t expect you to either. So for the purpose of this post and your purse you’ll be using your bed for your partner’s perfect massage. Now make sure the bed is as comfortable as possible for your partner to relax on, otherwise it will only serve to create more tension in their back and this will result in a pointless massage and possibly further back pain.

Now you’ll want your partner to lie on the bed face down ideally with their arms beside them and a towel to help cover them up partially. Also place a rolled up towel under their forehead to raise their head and help them breathe easier.

If you want to create a more sensual mood to enjoy the experience more you could light some candles and dim the lights, but also consider playing some soothing music at a low level.

Using Massage Oils
If you decide to use massage oils, which is a good thing to sue as they help reduce the friction during the rubbing of the skin. Be sure to set out a couple of towels to catch any excess oil that may run off your partner’s body. We’d dread for you to ruin those lovely fresh white bed sheets!

And you are not just limited to just specially purchased massage oils. A great alternative for those performing a back massage on their partner can use a nice lotion or even some olive oil. Some people have even made their own massage oil using lavender oil which is known to help relaxation mixed with sunflower oils or olive oils. And can be an effective and cheaper alternative to purchasing massage oils.

Back Pain massage tips and techniques

Once your partner is laid on the bed be sure to take your position beside them and make sure your comfortable enough with being in that position for a while as you are massaging. Then begin by placing your hands either side of the bottom of their neck. Then slowly begin to run your hands down their back on both sides of their spine.

This will allow you to get a good feel of their back and help you find any areas that may be tense or feel knotted. Knots will usually feel like a lump on the muscle under the skin.
As you begin to run your hands up and down their back be sure to place your thumbs either side of their spine and fan your fingers out to cover more of the back. This will help you to sooth the skin and surrounding muscles.

Once you have spent some time massaging the back and found and dealt with any spots of tension it’s time to focus your attention on their shoulders. The shoulders are where most people who have a stressful job will have most of their tension stored. Start by placing your hands on either side of their neck and you will feel their muscle called the trapezium. Once there you can begin to massage the trapezium using slight pressure and moving in a circular motion.

Now moving your hands down between the shoulder blades and by making an L shape with your hands place it under the shoulder blade and rub the muscle. Repeat this motion on both shoulders and after a short while begin slowly moving your hands down toward the sides of the torso. Once there be sure to massage the sides and help release tension from under their arms and sides.
If at any point during the massage you feel any knots or concentrations of tension, take your thumb and be sure to apply mild pressure to the area. Press down and then release your thumb before rubbing the area in firm circles with your thumb until it is released.

The same principle applies to relieving knots however, if it is a large knot you will need to use your elbow to help release it rather than your thumb. Be sure to ask your partner that the pressure isn’t too uncomfortable as not to hurt them in the process. Once you feel the knot break up again rub the area with firm but gentle circular strokes to help push it out. This is one of the best ever feelings when having a massage and until you experience words can’t do it justice.

How Long should the Massage Last?

More often than not a massage generally lasts for between 30 to 60 minutes, however this can vary depending on the type of treatment required and how much tension your partner has built up. The more you perform this can of massage for your partner and loved one the better you will become at relieving their tension faster as you begin to learn their muscles and body better over time. It really is an art form in finding where the tension is and relieving it.

Overtime you will feel more confident in your ability and will be able to mix in your own movements and actions proving they don’t hurt your partner of course! The real benefit from a massage is the increase movement of blood flow around the body and muscles as a result of the massage, this increased flow actually helps combat pain in our bodies naturally.

When you are slowly coming to the end of the massage, a good way to finish is to slowly work your hands back up towards the neck area and massage the neck muscle some more before finishing.

Last but Not Least Massage Safety!

A massage carried out by your loving partner is a truly lovely experience however it should also be noted that they can be dangerous at the same time. And when carrying out a massage it is essential that you never apply pressure directly to their spinal cord as this can cause permanent damage to your partner. Also avoid too much pressure around the area of their kidneys too not only are they an important organ but do not have all that much muscle protecting them so slight pressure is more than enough.

As you can see there are many benefits to a massage, and receiving one from your partner after a hard day’s work is a great way to bond and create intimacy with each other. We hope that you find these tips really helpful in preparing and performing the perfect back massage for your partner, and that by following these tips you not only have a thrilling and enjoyable experience but also a safe one too.

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benefits of prostate massage

Key benefits of prostate massage

Key Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Massaging the prostate glands

Maintaining a healthy prostate is an ideal all men should aspire to attain. Although it might appear a challenge especially to those men in their middle ages, it is achievable even if you have been having complications with your prostate for years. You can do it D.I.Y or get one of our beautiful Asian prostate massage specialists in London to do it for you.

However, it is important to point out that if you are terminally ill with prostate cancer whereby the doctors have only given you a few days to live, your gland at this stage may be swollen to the size of a grape fruit. You will most likely need a catheter to pee and probably in a gruesome pain so much so that the thought of you or anybody touching your gland would be unimaginable. In most cases it is too late at that point in time.

The question is “how does one create a healthy prostate?”.

The old age known practice is prostate massage. It has seen millions of men all around the world improve and maintain healthy and trouble free prostate gland, however there are those who instead of benefiting from prostate massage have suffered injuries that made their gland conditions worse. The key to success with the practice is that the massage technique used need to be appropriate. Correct prostate massage will never disappoint. It may surprise you how much can be achieved through it and how liberating it is for a man to have a healthy prostate gland.

When you have a healthy prostate gland you will not even notice that you got one but when it presents complications you will not imagine the agony that the tiny gland, the size of a pea will put you through.

In this article you will be exposed to the most effective methods for your prostate massage. You will appreciate how you can achieve the best outcomes, to guarantee a healthy prostate gland.
The first thing you need to realize is that your tiny prostate gland is a system. Like most systems there is usually more than one input to make it work soundly for desired results. Your gland requires the following to function properly:
⦁ Sufficient and proper nutrition
⦁ A clean blood supply and good circulation of the blood
⦁ Appropriate exercise
⦁ Rest
⦁ Adequate oxygen supply

One approach is massaging the prostate internally. This is the famous “finger up your butt” method. Rather direct but graphically true.
It would be convenient and cheaper to do this in your privacy without the intrusion of someone sticking their finger up your butt. However, it has been proven that your own finger is not the most effective way of administering a prostate massage to yourself. It is difficult for people with normal finger length to reach beyond the tip of their own prostate gland due to the angle of reach, not unless one has an extraordinarily long finger.

The next best alternative to your own finger for massaging your prostate is another person inserting their finger up there. Because of the angle of reach and the awkwardness of you manoeuvring over your body to get your finger into optimum position, another person’s finger will achieve a better penetration depth.

However, some people are not comfortable with the idea of another person’s finger up their backside, if you are one such person, then you could benefit from a range of tools that are used in the practice to enable you to perform the prostate massage on yourself effectively.

Firstly, it is worth noting that just like other trades there is an assortment of tools on offer including others that are actually preferred by some users as cost cutting measures in place of top quality instruments. People have been known to use carrots, cigar tubes and dildos.

It makes economic sense to try and save a penny here and there but this part of your body, more so the gland is very sensitive and far too important for your well-being as a man that shoving just anything up there might not be a prudent cost saving idea.

As was stated earlier, the gland needs stimulation to achieve proper blood circulation. The tested way of realising that desired outcome is to use correct method, technique and tool.
An instrument that has been used for many years and also not very expensive to purchase is the musician’s wooden drumstick with a nicely rounded back end.

Go to your local music store and carefully choose one of approximately the width of your finger. Check it thoroughly and ensure it is smooth, they usually slide in nicely, they are neither too fat or too thin. Take care not to use the sharp end as your gland can be very easily injured if you use wrong tool on it.

Performing the Prostate Massage with a Drumstick on yourself

The first step is to ensure that your bowel is empty. The next step is to get ready for insertion of the instrument. You need the drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. This is the same jelly your will use to examine your prostrate.

Unroll the condom over the large blunt end of the drumstick. Lubricate the condom with KY Jelly. Next, get on the floor on a crawling position. Gently and slowly begin to insert the lubricated drumstick into your anus up to about 4-5 inches. That should normally be deep enough to reach the gland. Your gland is located towards your belly just next to the bowel.

Before you start with any motion with the drumstick you need to remember that for you to get good results you have got to get the movement right.

Apply light pressure on the drumstick and slowly slide the drumstick back out approximately 1.5 inches and then back in. Imagine what you would do if you were using your finger and do exactly that. Ensure you maintain the light pressure. This is the process and procedure used for milking the gland so there is a likelihood of some fluid coming out of your penis.

As you move the drumstick in you will tell when reach the gland by the intense sensation. When you feel the sensation that is when to apply the light pressure as you make your way deeper. You will also be able to tell when you have moved past the gland and that is when to gently pull out and then when you begin to feel the intense of the sensation apply the light pressure again on your outward travel.

This process may cause a great deal of sexual stimulation and leave you highly erotic. You may attain a very strong erection and that is normal when the gland is stimulated. However, do not focus on the erection it should subside after a short while just concentrate on the massage. Repeat the in and out movement for about 5- 10 times.

Depending on whether you are comfortable with 5 movements or 10, after your comfortable number; slide the drumstick in again and as you feel the sensation apply a gentle pressure on the gland but this time hold it there for account of seven. At the count of 7, give it a little jiggle, release the pressure and then wait one full minute and repeat the cycle one more time and you should be done!
That was not so difficult to achieve with just a drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. But it can be even easier with a little more expense.

The most comfortable prostate massager that fits most men just right that is available in the market for the procedure is the Aneros HelixSYN (the silicone Helix version).

If you thought using the drumstick was an easy process, this instrument is three times easier and precise. It reaches the right distance and offers the correct shape for the right pressure.
There are a variety of sizes available which makes relevant for all men of different shapes and sizes including those who in usual circumstances may struggle to reach their anus to comfortably and effectively perform the treatment on themselves.

There are a few models out there but the best is the silicone model. It is smoother and extremely effective.

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London Massage - FBSM, FUll body sensual massage,

5 Great tips for your first full body sensual massage (FBSM) experience

5 Great Tips for your first full body sensual massage (FBSM) experience in London UK

  • Book Your FBSM in the Right Manner

First of all, when booking your full body sensual massage, it is important to research what has been advertised and to be clear on what the masseuse is providing. A lot of the time the ad can be filled with long descriptive paragraphs but it is important to quickly identify what the massage therapist is offering and make sure you are both on the same page when you get around to booking the FBSM treatment.

When calling the massage therapist, make sure you are a gentleman and are considerate of her time. Be, polite, relaxed, calm and clear. Let the therapist know what you want and be straight to the point, don’t waste her time with indiscreet questions or crude comments. Let her book you in for your FBSM appointment without hassle, it will be smoother for both parties this way and you will have got off on the right foot!

  • Be On Time!

When going to a FBSM you must ensure that you arrive on time to your appointment, preferably 5 to 10 minutes early and be ready for the FBSM provider to receive you. Respecting the masseuse’s time is important and shows that you are a good client that will not waste their time. If the London traffic holds you up, call ahead and the let the therapist know!  It’s polite to keep the massage therapist in the loop and this will go a long way in creating a relaxed environment for the FBSM treatment.

  • Talk to the Massage Therapist

Before and during the treatment, relax, speak to the FBSM provider. Let her know how you are and maybe give her some direction for how she can make the session more relaxing for you. Do you have injuries/bruises she can pay attention to? How about comfort, do you prefer a pillow? Let the massage therapist know these things and receive the best possible sensual massage experience for you.

Also throughout the session give the masseuse feedback on what she is doing if it is to your liking. Is she paying attention to the muscles that need attention? Are you comfortable with how she is touching you? Too rough/soft? It is good to let her know, she is trying to give you the best sensual massage experience and if you set the tone by letting her know it will be beneficial to both of you.

  • Respect the Massage Therapist during your full body sensual massage

Whilst it is good to speak to your therapist it is also important to ensure you treat the therapist with respect. Respect includes speaking to her in the right manner but being clear to also respect her boundaries. It can be good speak to the therapist and to respond to her questions about you in a relaxed, friendly environment but you must avoid asking too many personal questions. Let the masseuse focus on the full body sensual massage, don’t put her off and make her uncomfortable, this will only affect your FBSM experience in a negative way.

Respecting her boundaries involves honouring her physical boundaries, don’t touch her without permission! Speak to her, make sure you are both on the same page, these boundaries can vary between different providers of FBSM so it is respectful to ASK before you touch her. Don’t just assume, you don’t want to cross a line and affect your current or future FBSM appointments. It can help to research the different London sensual massage therapists before you book so you can be clear on the boundaries beforehand. Also full body body massage is an erotic massage. Good to know


The final point and possibly the most important one. Relax! Make the most of your time of the massage table, don’t worry yourself with nerves or stress! If this is your first time in London having a sensual massage it makes sense that you may have a few nerves but the more you relax, the better your full body sensual massage experience will be!

Another big thing is, don’t surround yourself with distractions! This means forget about work life, home life, bills etc. this will only take away from the pleasure of the FBSM treatment. Also No phones, tablets, laptops! It’s best to fully switch off and immerse yourself in the sensual massage treatment, you will feel much better for it. Take your mind off all these things and the FBSM treatment will be much more enjoyable for you!

If you have taken all of this in, found it helpful and are ready for a journey into the exhilarating world of FBSM make sure to book a sensual massage with one of our exceptional massage therapists! Our massage therapists are among the most outstanding talents in London and will give you an incredible experience that you will not find anywhere else. Give us a call and we will make sure you have an full body sensual massage treatment to remember.

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asian massage therapies, Massage therapies, Chinese massage therapy,

Asian massage therapies

Various types of Asian massage therapies available to clients in London

Asian massage therapies refer to the types of massage therapies that originated in Asia. Most of these therapeutic massages were used as the only source of medical care during the Ancient times. Special oils and herbs are used on the body of the patient as complementary medicine during the massage therapy sessions of the Asian styles of massage.

Although most of the Asian massage therapies were inspired by the Ancient Chinese and Indian medicines, there are many oriental types of massage techniques that are originally developed by their country. Most of the Asian massage therapies applies harder pressure and uses extreme techniques on the patient during a massage therapy session.

Most of these massage therapies share the same principle of aiming for the meridian points that are located all over the patient’s body in order to unleash the energies in the body that are commonly blocked due to many reasons. The Asians believe that the sole purpose of energy inside the body is to be the balancer of the health and wellness of a person.

Energy realignment is done in order to improve the health, increase circulation, relieve stress, and activate the body’s self healing capabilities. The energies are known in many different terms depending on the different countries of Asia. In China, energy flowing inside the human body is known as qi (chi). The Indians call energy as prana. Sen is what they call energy in Thailand, and ki stands for energy in Korea and Japan. All of these are believed that they should pass uninterrupted on the energy lines all over the body.

The Different Methods

There are many different types of method used by Asian massage therapies; most of these are unique from each other. There are though, methods that blend two to three different methods to enhance their effectiveness. Below are some of the most popular and commonly used Asian massages all over the world:

Asian massage therapies, Asian Massage therapy,

Shiatsu – Japan is the pioneering country where this type of therapeutic massage originated and since developed. Shiatsu is a type of therapeutic massage that uses finger pressure on different pressure points to enhance the health, remove body pain, and consequently relax the body. It is a celebrated practice and one that had many famous personalities try it in Japan. This being before it was introduced all over the world.

Thai Massage – a combination of Shiatsu, acupressure and Yoga which was originally from India and later on was developed and used in Thailand by monk practitioners. Shiatsu is the main type of massage therapy used with the aid of acupressure worked on the different areas of the body while passive yoga is used on the patient for the body and mind. Passive yoga is similar to yoga without the patient moving any single part of his or her body; instead the massage therapist moves the body for the patient. This in return helps the body and also the mind of the patient to relax. Thai massage therapist stretches the body of the patient in beneficial positions for a good circulation, release of muscle tension and calming of the body.

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