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Sensual Massage

Seven Seductive Secrets to a Sensual Massage

Sensual MassageIn the age of sexual liberation and physical expression, it is no secret that the exploration of the human body has become ever popular.  But shy of paying for a six month crash course in Swedish Massage, are there any tips that can help? Chance would have it, you’re in luck. If you want to give your significant other an oily rub down they wont soon forget, then here are the golden rules.

1.  Comfort is key

Shock horror, comfort is key. But how far do you take comfort? I’m not talking about a towel on top of a memory foam mattress. Light a couple of candles, dim the lights, make sure the room is warm and play some relaxing music that isn’t too corny.

2. Don’t be too forward

Similar to the first rule, no one likes to feel overly exposed in a moment of intimacy. Don’t demand that they start completely uncovered and lie in a cold room whilst you stare at their naked body. Offer to cover their modesty with a towel or blanket whilst you work your way along their body.

3. Slow down

If you’re dealing with a naked body, the temptation is there to forget the whole reason behind the massage and dive straight into the erotic areas of the body. But what does that accomplish? Before you know it you’ll be lying back against the bed wondering what happened to a nice relaxing time. Take the time to caress each area of your partner’s body individually, tease near the more sexual areas without ever touching. The more you build the tension, the more intimate the situation becomes.

4. Keep conversation flowing

You want them to feel completely relaxed and at home during your sensual massage. Keep the conversation flowing in a positive manner, don’t bring something like Brexit and go from erotic massage to political feud. Keep it light, keep it mellow.

5. Don’t break boundaries

Look, some people don’t mind being touched all over, it doesn’t bother them. Some people, however, will refuse to be touched in certain areas. Don’t insist that to complete the sensual massage you must have full access to their entire body. The person receiving the massage is supposed to feel completely at ease, so help them to do so. If they say: “Don’t touch my feet”, don’t instantly start playing ‘This Piggy Went to Market’.
6. Don’t go easy

A sensual massage is supposed to be sexy, don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure and get close. Nobody expects a massage to be a gentle tickle of their erotic body parts before you break out into sex. Assert a bit of dominance, is there anything sexier than feeling somebody give you a hard-pressed rub up and down? Maybe you could even try doing a bit of teasing! Have a look at our nude Tie & Tease massage service page.

7. Don’t make it obvious

At the end of the day, even if you’re giving someone an intimate, oily rubdown, nobody wants to feel like they’re being hounded after. If it goes somewhere, it goes somewhere. If it doesn’t then you’ve had some steamy one to one with someone, so what’s the harm? There’s nothing sexier than feeling pressured to have sex.

So go forth and massage like you’ve never massaged before, crack out the scented oil, candles, music, have a touch and a feel of each other whilst you turn up the heat and explore each other’s bodies. If you want to experience this type of massage for yourself then don’t forget to check out our main website

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5 Great tips for your first full body sensual massage (FBSM) experience

5 Great Tips for your first full body sensual massage (FBSM) experience in London UK

  • Book Your FBSM in the Right Manner

First of all, when booking your full body sensual massage, it is important to research what has been advertised and to be clear on what the masseuse is providing. A lot of the time the ad can be filled with long descriptive paragraphs but it is important to quickly identify what the massage therapist is offering and make sure you are both on the same page when you get around to booking the FBSM treatment.

When calling the massage therapist, make sure you are a gentleman and are considerate of her time. Be, polite, relaxed, calm and clear. Let the therapist know what you want and be straight to the point, don’t waste her time with indiscreet questions or crude comments. Let her book you in for your FBSM appointment without hassle, it will be smoother for both parties this way and you will have got off on the right foot!

  • Be On Time!

When going to a FBSM you must ensure that you arrive on time to your appointment, preferably 5 to 10 minutes early and be ready for the FBSM provider to receive you. Respecting the masseuse’s time is important and shows that you are a good client that will not waste their time. If the London traffic holds you up, call ahead and the let the therapist know!  It’s polite to keep the massage therapist in the loop and this will go a long way in creating a relaxed environment for the FBSM treatment.

  • Talk to the Massage Therapist

Before and during the treatment, relax, speak to the FBSM provider. Let her know how you are and maybe give her some direction for how she can make the session more relaxing for you. Do you have injuries/bruises she can pay attention to? How about comfort, do you prefer a pillow? Let the massage therapist know these things and receive the best possible sensual massage experience for you.

Also throughout the session give the masseuse feedback on what she is doing if it is to your liking. Is she paying attention to the muscles that need attention? Are you comfortable with how she is touching you? Too rough/soft? It is good to let her know, she is trying to give you the best sensual massage experience and if you set the tone by letting her know it will be beneficial to both of you.

  • Respect the Massage Therapist during your full body sensual massage

Whilst it is good to speak to your therapist it is also important to ensure you treat the therapist with respect. Respect includes speaking to her in the right manner but being clear to also respect her boundaries. It can be good speak to the therapist and to respond to her questions about you in a relaxed, friendly environment but you must avoid asking too many personal questions. Let the masseuse focus on the full body sensual massage, don’t put her off and make her uncomfortable, this will only affect your FBSM experience in a negative way.

Respecting her boundaries involves honouring her physical boundaries, don’t touch her without permission! Speak to her, make sure you are both on the same page, these boundaries can vary between different providers of FBSM so it is respectful to ASK before you touch her. Don’t just assume, you don’t want to cross a line and affect your current or future FBSM appointments. It can help to research the different London sensual massage therapists before you book so you can be clear on the boundaries beforehand. Also full body body massage is an erotic massage. Good to know


The final point and possibly the most important one. Relax! Make the most of your time of the massage table, don’t worry yourself with nerves or stress! If this is your first time in London having a sensual massage it makes sense that you may have a few nerves but the more you relax, the better your full body sensual massage experience will be!

Another big thing is, don’t surround yourself with distractions! This means forget about work life, home life, bills etc. this will only take away from the pleasure of the FBSM treatment. Also No phones, tablets, laptops! It’s best to fully switch off and immerse yourself in the sensual massage treatment, you will feel much better for it. Take your mind off all these things and the FBSM treatment will be much more enjoyable for you!

If you have taken all of this in, found it helpful and are ready for a journey into the exhilarating world of FBSM make sure to book a sensual massage with one of our exceptional massage therapists! Our massage therapists are among the most outstanding talents in London and will give you an incredible experience that you will not find anywhere else. Give us a call and we will make sure you have an full body sensual massage treatment to remember.

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One Hour Massage Relax and enjoy!

Just One Hour To Relax And Enjoy Sensual Hands

One hour massage, relax and enjoy a thorough gentle and restorative massage using high quality essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. Staying at Asia Massage, you may feel that it cannot be a difficult thing to get a massage. There are always a lot of massage centre ads in the street and some even on your door step.

Relaxing One Hour Massage

The choice of a carrier oil will also depend on the therapist giving the massage. Heavier oils give more “traction” on the skin, which helps when giving a deep one hour massage, while other lighter oils provide more “slide” which is useful when giving a relaxing massage.

Oil massage due to the contortionist aspect of the massage, we found it to be ideal for relieving tension and improving circulation with every twist and turn, rather than a totally relaxing experience. Our carrier oils are 100% pure base oils. – No preservatives, No fragrances or any other compounds just the pure cold pressed oils. It will arouse all your senses, leaving you floating on a wave of pure bliss.

Aromatherapy full body massage

Our Asia Massage Full Body Massage is an aromatherapy full body massage. When the body to body massage your whole body with highly concentrated plant oils, added to the oil or lotion, this gentle, smoothing massage is designed to ease tension, relieve stress and give you a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. You will never forget and ask for us every time.

Outcall Hotel Massage London

Our technique is a blend of soft tantric effleurage and professional massage at Asia Massage in your hotel room, delicate strokes and rhythmic body movements. She will caress every inch of you with her entire body pressing and sliding against yours, teasing and coaxing you to arousal and complete relaxation.

Cheap and good massage at Asia Massage

However, not all these ads are real and actually most of them only offer outcall service with low price. If you are looking for cheap and good asian massage at London if this is your first time why not try an Asian sensual massage, we will be glad to recommend some London Heathrow airport best massage deals so that you do not need to find out by yourselves.

One hour relax and enjoy, one hour relax,
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The sensual massage ritual

The rituals of sensual massage in London, UK

Heard about sensual massage yet? Visiting London? What could be more exciting than having a beautiful asian girl pleasure you in your hotel massage London room for a sensual massage? If you’d like to enjoy the sensual hands of one of our sexy ladies in the privacy of your own room we can cater to your needs. Many of our Asia Massage babes offer erotic massage, outcall massage services. So you can relax and enjoy the erotic pleasure of a massage without having to dress and leave at the end.

Our sensual masseuse will come to your hotel room and perform a relaxing full body massage, sensual massage with a mind blowing happy ending. Leaving you to relax afterwards however you like. This private service is £120 per hour, plus return taxi fare. Feel free to contact us to arrange one of these special outcall massage visits, and be pampered in the privacy of your own room. Our therapy is just like a magic spell, you can’t explain the sensations… You can only experience them.

Sensual Spiritual Bond

The Direct contact of skins during the sensual massage session creates a spiritual bond between you and the masseuse. In the sensual massage, the sensations will indeed be a surprise, in turn amplifying the entire experience.

Our sensual massage ritual will lead you towards a state of sensual enlightenment. Gentle movements of the massage session create a sensation of internal joy and serene happiness in a world where a gentle touch possesses us, invades us, fulfills us and recognizes the deepest part of our being.

Our masseuse will perform the most erotic, sensual massage teasing you with scented oils, while gently stimulating your whole body. Leading to intense sensations and multiple long erotic tingles leaving you in a state of complete peace.

With all the benefits you can reap, the fact that sensual massage therapy is very popular amongst our clients is no surprise at all. Book your sensual massage session today and give in to a world where your senses come alive. Experience just how amazing these massage treatments will be for you! Especially when they’re performed by our beautiful, skilled massage therapists. Therapists who focus entirely on providing you with the ultimate pleasure.

The sensual massage ritual, the massage ritual,

If you’re interested in experiencing the most amazing outcall sensual massage you’ve ever had, then you’ve come to the right place. Oriental Tantric Hotel Massage is an Asia-based massage service that specialises in sensual, tantra, nuru, body to body, happy ending and other forms of erotic massages.

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