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The six step process of an erotic massage

Erotic massage promises to be soothing, sexy and seductive. However, it’s not uncommon to feel a little nervous when embarking on your first session – because let’s be honest, it’s not every day you indulge in hot naked fun with a head-to-toe gorgeous oriental lady. However, we want to subside your first-time nerves and we do this by talking you through what to expect during an erotic massage. So here it goes boys.

Book an appointment

We can’t stress enough the importance of booking your massage before arriving at the parlour. Erotic massage parlours are super in-demand establishments. Therefore, turning up unannounced will likely lead to waiting a large amount of time for a therapist to become available.  Booking a massage in advanced not only means the appointment will take place at your desired time but it will also guarantee you your first-choice of therapist.

Arriving at the parlour

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your treatment slot. This allows you time to meet your therapist, discuss your service packages and get changed before the sizzling fun begins. If you want to select your therapist in-person then you can do this on arrival in the parlour’s welcome lounge.

Commence the full body massage

Once you’re unchanged, you’ll be guided to the bed by your masseuse to commence the massage. The masseuse will position you on your front, cover your lower area in towels and begin to drizzle oil all over your back. She will then use her tantalising fingertips to lather the oil all over your physique. Strokes deriving from the Swedish style, including effleurage and petrissage will be used. These techniques will unwind all of the stress and tension built up in your neck, back and shoulders. When your upper half is feeling super relaxed, she will start to navigate her attention to your lower areas.

The pleasure is sensually enhanced

The masseuse will then knead all of the muscle tension built in your legs, starting from the bottom and working her way up to the thigh areas. Once she feels as though you are ready, she will begin to trail her soft hands up your upper thighs. This will super build up the intensity of the strokes and tease you like never before.

Attention is paid to your erogenous zones

And finally, around halfway through your appointment, the masseuse will then start to pay attention to your manhood. She will sweetly cup your balls, and stroke along your tip before sensationally jerking your penis. Your whole mind will be in a euphoric frenzy as you are guaranteed to have never experienced anything this amazing. For clients who have booked the erotic massage happy ending, the session will end here after they have achieved orgasm. However, if you’re a feeling a little more adventurous then you can always prolong the fun. Introducing the erotic massage full service…

You get to have sex

With erotic massage full service, the session never ends with just hand-relief. The therapist and client can extend the pleasure with a massaging buffet of oral and sex. Once an erection has been stimulated using the hands, the masseuse will use her voluptuous lips and seductive tongue to suck, lick and kiss your penis and testicles. When she feels as though you can’t take anymore, she will slowly start to sensationally slide and grind on your manhood. This is sure to work you up more than a hot sweat (for all the right reasons!) Masseuses are super open-minded people and are usually up for all types of positions and seductive extras, so if there’s something a little daring you want to try then do inform them before you opt for the full service. And one last thing boys, when you opt for the full service you’re sure to achieve a cocktail orgasm.

Book an erotic massage today

So there you go, the six steps of an erotic massage. If you’re ready to take the plunge and enjoy a five-star massage with one of our high-class models then feel free to visit us in one of our plush incall parlours or outcall in London. We are open 10 am to 3am seven days a week and can’t wait to hear from you. Call today to arrange your raunchy erotic encounter 07990486678 You can also visit our Oriental Erotic Massage in London service page.

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Customers reveal all – How Erotic Massage Changed My Life

Many people do not agree with erotic massages and frown upon those who seek these services. Our initial reaction is that people use erotic massage services purely for pleasure and sexual gratification. However, the reality is that many men across the globe use it for much deeper routed issues going on in their lives, and that erotic massage can be a beacon of light for whatever problems they have in their life.

We have talked to some of our clients who praise erotic massage, not just for the sexual pleasure they provide, but for how they have changed their life…

Dareshi, 32 – “Having an erotic massage completely turned my whole world around and made me the confident, happy guy that I am today. I always suffered from extremely low self-esteem issues due to acne and weight issues, which affected me in so many aspects of my life. This peaked especially when I was in my teenage years and also at university. When everyone else was busy socialising and making friends, I had extremely bad anxiety about evening leaving my room due to the fear of what people would think about me and my appearance. Luckily this meant I had a lot of time to focus on my degree and bag a great job. AS I entered into my early twenties my face cleared up and I began to lose weight, however, this did not help with my low confidence and self-esteem issues. I may now look at how I always wanted, but I still felt like that young spotty faced, overweight guy that I spent so many years hating. However, this all changed for me once I began getting erotic massage services. The intimate nature of erotic massage therapy and the close body to body contact between the masseuse and client taught me to be open with people and learn that not everyone judges you on your appearance. The masseuse taught me to accept myself how I am and also to love myself and realise that I deserved to be just as happy as everyone else. I had never had sexual relations with anyone and erotic massage therapy such as the “Happy Ending” helped me ease my way into the amazing world of sex. It helped build up my confidence and I felt comfortable talking with people, especially girls that I fancied. Erotic massage therapy has turned my whole world around and has made me the man I am today, I am very thankful for it.”

Wayne, 52 – “I joined the British Army when I was eighteen years old and it took up most of my years. The guys I met along became my family and I never really had the time for a relationship orSarah a naughty masseuse the chance to meet a wife, but I was happy with my life as I had chosen this path. However, sadly while on tour in Iraq I became bound to a wheelchair due to an explosion, so my days in the army came to an end. When I moved back to the U.K I was very fortunate that I had caring, loving family members to look after me and tend to my needs as a disabled man. However, just because I am disabled does not mean I do not seek the same needs and desires of other men. I knew because of my situation being in a wheelchair that it would be difficult to meet someone and to be honest; I was so used to being by myself that I did not want a serious relationship. However, erotic massage therapy allowed me to have my needs met without the hassle of a relationship. The masseuses are not judgemental about my condition and are very committed to making me have the same experience as their other clients. My favourite erotic massage to get is a Nuru massage as it does not involve much movement on my part and the masseuse uses her body to slip and slide all over me. I always feel happy that I get to enjoy arousing moments like this no matter my condition.”


If you are based in central London and would like to be an erotic massage with one of our beautiful masseuses then please contact us via SMS, email or phone call. We are open every day from 10 am until 3 am, offering both incall and outcall services to our lovely clients. Therefore, if you would prefer us to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then we can send your chosen masseuse to you for your desired time. Our masseuses are from China., Japan and Korea and have been trained at some of the most popular massage therapy schools across the Eastern world. Now working in London, these professional ladies are ready to please and pleasure you.  Interested in booking your very own Erotic massage? Have a read of our Erotic Massage London guide or give us a call on 07990486678.

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Your burning questions about prostate massage answered – by three ordinary blokes

Always wanted to try prostate massage but too nervous to take the plunge? We spoke to three men who braved our pulse-racing prostate massage for the first time last week and here they are to tell all..

So boys, what was going through your head before arriving at the parlour?

Daniel: Not going to lie, I was super anxious. I told my mum I was doing a presentation at work because I couldn’t hide the nerves. It was the whole not knowing what to expect which made me nervous.

Mike: I was the polar opposite and couldn’t wait to try. As a 52-year-old male who has been married three times I feel like I’ve explored a lot there is sexually, but I’d never had a trained masseuse slip a cheeky in finger inside – so I was more than eager to go!

Josh: It may be pretty shallow, but growing up I always associated prostate fun with gay men. So my first thought was I can’t tell my mates I’m going for a prostate massage!

What happened when you arrived for your appointment?

Mike: I’ve been for erotic massages before and the whole process for every client is the same, no matter if you book prostate or a sweet vanilla happy ending. You go in, maybe handed a glass of champers and chat to the girls for a bit. Once you’ve got a feel for the girls you’re allowed to pick which masseuse you want for the massage. You’re then guided to the treatment room and get naked with the masseuse, unless you choose the shower beforehand. You then discuss your service and then boom the massage commences!

Do they go straight in and massage the prostate gland?

Daniel: Oh God no, if they did that I would certainly be out the door!

Josh: They start by drizzling you in oil and giving you a full body rubdown using their soft hands.

Mike: Giving you a body to body massage before the prostate part helps to relax the whole body and mind, which is definitely needed to prepare you for the cheeky finger slip.

Did the masseuse let you know when she was going to slip a finger inside?

Josh: It depends what you ask for. You can either request the therapist slips the finger in at a certain point of the session or you can leave it up to them to evaluate when you are ready. I personally opted for the finger slip straight after a bit of hand relief so I knew it was coming.

Mike: I was the complete opposite and left the masseuse to surprise me! Although I do recall, she gazed into my eyes and gave me a cheeky wink just before she pushed a cheeky finger in, so I kind of think that was her seeking the go ahead.

What does prostate massage feel like?

A prostate masseuse in the shower in a London hotel.Daniel: Honestly, I think I lost my breath for a good few seconds. The masseuse whispered in my ear to ask if I was enjoying it and I wasn’t able to get my words out! My brain was in a complete euphoric frenzy, I’m sure she could tell I was having an immense time.

Josh: You know the shivers you get down your spine when you have a f******* amazing orgasm? Well I kind of god that, but 100 times more intense! My toes were curling and my heart was also racing and then you know, I kind of exploded…
Mike: The finger slip makes you feel like you’re on a tip of a rollercoaster and them BAM, you are racing down the vertical drop. I was sweating for all the right reasons and didn’t want the unimaginable sensations to end. I had never experienced anything else like it, it was like I was losing my virginity all over again. If you’re a bit of daredevil and thrill seeker like me then you NEED to try prostate massage!

What would your tips be to anyone who is getting a prostate massage for the first time?

Daniel: Don’t overthink it. Erotic therapists perform prostate massage to newbies on a daily basis, they are experts at putting you at ease and love nothing more than introducing new clients to the service. After my appointment I wondered why I’d never tried prostate massage before!

Mike: Make sure you prepare. Have a shower, empty your bowels and avoid eating anything too stodgy. You don’t want your bodily functions going wild when your therapist is deep inside with one or two fingers!

Josh: Just enjoy it and don’t go with any preconceptions like I did. (Josh used to associate prostate massage with gay people.) Prostate massage is guaranteed to be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. It’ll take you on a journey to serenity; all you have to do is strap yourself in tightly and enjoy the ride.

Book a prostate massage for yourself

Ready to take the plunge and jump on the prostate massage bandwagon? Call our friendly helpful booking team to arrange an incall or outcall prostate massage, which is available from just £150 for a one hour session Why not have a read of our Asian Prostate massage service page. Or give our reception team a call on 07990486678.

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5 Rules for preparing for a 4 hands massage

4 hands massage has taken the U.K by storm over the last number of years with more clients’ asking for this service and a bigger demand for Asian masseuses to work in London. However, this comes as no surprise, after all four is certainly better than four. Double the hands, double the fun!

Many men have said that they are very eager to try 4 hands massages but are often too nervous or apprehensive about getting one. Therefore, I am here to be your knight in shining armour and give you a step by step guide on how to prepare for a four hands massage if you wish to receive one.

Step 1 – Make sure you know exactly what a four hands massage is

Many men are not entirely sure as to what four hands massage is which often prevents them from having one. A four hands massage is basically like your regular erotic or sensual massage, except it is performed by two masseuses, and much better. The masseuses can work on different parts of your body at the same time which obviously brings more intense and higher levels of pleasure for the client.

Step 2 – Make sure you are clean

It is crucial to make sure you have good hygiene and are clean before you receive any sort of massage, as it makes life a lot easier for both you and the masseuse. If you are unclean, dirty and sweaty you might feel slightly uncomfortable, as will the massage therapist, which really is not the ideal way to begin a session that is meant to be calm and relaxing.

By being clean, you are also making it a lot easier for the masseuse to apply the special oils and gels onto your body. If you have dirty or sweaty skin, this may prove rather difficult and you will not receive the full potential of a 4 hands massage. Especially as there will be three of you participating in a 4 hands massage session, it will be a lot easier if all three of you are in top form and squeaky clean.

Step 3 – Know what service you want with the 4 hands massage

Four hands massages work best when the masseuses can plan it before hand and work together in a synchronized form as this brings greater pleasure for the client. If the masseuses are unsure as to what service you want on top of the 4 hands massage then this can ruin the flow of the session, causing pauses, talk and interruption which is not what you want. To avoid this, it is best to decide whether you would like a happy ending massage or full service massage before the session. This means the massage therapists can come up with a routine to ensure that your massage runs smoothly and is as pleasurable as it possibly can be. Also, if you opt for extras such as a prostate massage, it allows the masseuses to pick what girls focus on what part of the body at different times.

Step 4 – Know what girls you want

Many of the men come into the massage parlour without having thought about which two girls they want to perform the four hands massage which can often cause problems. Many men are satisfied with one of the masseuses but not the other, many men want two girls who are quite similar while others may want two girls are the polar opposite of one another. To ensure you receive the best possible four hands experience you possibly can, we advise that you have a rough idea of what sort of set up you want prior to your session so we can accommodate you.

Step 5 – Relax and enjoy it!

So many of our clients are extremely eager to try a four hands massage, and it is many men’s number one sexually fantasy. However, this is usually hindered by their nerves. Many of the clients are too worried or panicked about the idea of having two women tend to their body and this ruins their massage for them as they are not relaxed in the slightest. To full enjoy your four hands massage you need to ensure that you are calm and relaxed, this will make the atmosphere a lot nicer for you and the masseuses. Things will run a lot more smoothly if you trust that the massage therapists will take care of you, and it is guaranteed to feel a whole lot better this way.

So, there you have it – a step by step guide on how to prepare properly and efficiently for a four hands massage. If you follow this guide you are sure to have the best experience of your life, trust me! Thinking of booking a 4 hands massage? Have a read of our 4 Hands service page for London.  Or call us on 07990486678


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a japanese woman providing a intimate erotic massage in London

Why erotic massages are now popular than ever before

Wherever in the world you are from, you probably have heard of erotic massage. While it’s often considered a taboo subject, many places around the globe are a hub for the adult bodywork. In London, erotic massage is thriving, with more people visiting erotic massage parlours than ever before. Let us tell you how and why…

The evolution of erotic massage

An old style massage parlour signErotic massage has been practiced for centuries and dates back to Britain as far as the 16th Century. Many believe erotic massage was introduced for rich men to escape and have sex away from their wives, but this couldn’t be more far from the truth.

In the UK, erotic massage was first practiced on women who suffered from female hysteria. Female hysteria is no longer recognised as a medical condition; however it was an extremely common diagnosis during the 1500s. As well as fainting, insomnia and nervousness being symptoms – doctors believed that excessive vaginal discharge and sexual thoughts were making women crazy. It was thought that vaginal massage was one of the only cures for female hysteria. The massage would be performed by the doctor until the patient reached orgasm, which signified the release of the hysteria. As time went on mental illness became far more understood, hence why genital massage for female hysteria rapidly declined.

But this wasn’t the end for erotic massage. During the 1700s, prostitution was rife, with many brothels and street-walkers being found in Soho, which was often regarded as London’s red light district. However, towards the end of the 18th Century the government decided to clamp down on British sex work, by illegalising the selling of sex on the streets and in walk-ins. This was a blow for many women, who used prostitution as their main source of income. However, there was a loophole found in the law for women to disguise their services with massage. This allowed erotic massage to flourish into what we know it as today.

Erotic massage in the 21st Century

One of our beautiful massage therapists in LondonThe demand for erotic massage has become stronger. Scientists found new reasons to get an adult massage. It’s since been proven to aid erectile dysfunction and boost sexual stamina. Beyond sex, erotic massage has also found to ease aches and pains, eliminate symptoms of anxiety and improves flexibility. With copious men (and women) turning to erotic massage as an alternative to medicines and exercises.

As massage is hugely popular in London, masseuses from across the world (mainly from Asia) have moved to the capital to put their personal stamp on the erotic massage world within the city. Their influences have brought in many different erotic bodyworks, which men can be treated to when they visit a massage parlour. Examples of these are Nuru from Japan, Tantric from Germany and Lingam from India. The variety of styles means that erotic massages can be enjoyed by any man, as they cater for all sexual preferences. Some are soothing and romantic, while others are super adventurous.

Erotic massage is also more accessible than ever before. Now, erotic massage parlours are easily found on the Internet and can be booked by a simple text or call. Less than 25 years ago, this wasn’t an option. Erotic massage salons have always remained discreet, so to know the whereabouts of a parlour you had to be ‘in the know’. During this era, erotic walk-ups were a thing, which didn’t require a booking. However, turning up unannounced was often daunting for potential erotic massage clients, meaning many who desired to come for an erotic massage would often avoid visiting a parlour.

In the earlier days, seeking erotic massage was often considered as a luxury as it was only the elite who could afford such an experience. However, in the 21st Century the average man’s disposable income is much higher than it once was, so, it is no longer considered as ‘splashing the cash’ to visit a massage parlour. Also, particularly in London, competition between erotic massage parlours is high, therefore they are often competitive with offering their clients the best prices and discounts, in order to attract business. You could argue that erotic massage is more affordable than ever before and is now a popular past time with the ‘ordinary man’.

Come and experience an erotic massage for yourself!

Erotic massage is exciting, enticing and is something you should come and experience for yourself. We have various incall parlours situated in Central London which welcome you through their doors between 10am to 3am, seven days a week. Our massages are available from just £120 and promises you a euphoric, authentic and mind-blowing experience. Book yours today: 07990486678

If you require more info about or services why not have a look at our London outcall erotic massage service page for more info and how to book!

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10 lingam massage techniques you have to try

10 Lingam Massage Techniques You Must Try

10 lingam massage techniques you have to try

‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word that refers to the word ‘penis’ and loosely translates to ‘Wand of Light’. The Ancient Indians worshipped the male and female sexual organs, seeing them as sacred objects because of their vital role in creation. There are temples with phallic states at the entrance, highlighting their holiness.

This belief led to the invention of lingam massage and yoni massages, which are erotic massages specifically designed for the pleasurable arousal of the male and female genitals respectively. With both, orgasm is not the goal although it’s a welcomed side effect. The goal is to take the receiver to new levels of pleasure and encouraging them to surrender to their senses. It allows them to be the sole centre of attention and particularly for men, allows them to embrace their softer, more receptive side. A lingam massage in particular is meant to take the man into a deep state of relaxation.

If this sounds like something you want to experience with your lover, look no further because here are 10 techniques that are guaranteed to give ‘arousal’ a whole new meaning.

1. Wake up the lingam area

In a lingam massage you should slowly awaken the lingam with a series of soft and gentle movements. Just like how you’d rather be woken gently, the lingam would rather be risen softly and slowly as opposed to a roughing up. Begin by gently massaging the testicles. Don’t squeeze, just lightly cup them and use your thumb to stroke in small circles. Gently massage the scrotum and the perineum (area between the testicles and anus). Take your time to explore the whole lingam area and really get to know it.

2. Awaken the lingam

Now that you’ve explored the lingam’s counterparts, it’s time to focus on the actual thing. Gently but firmly grasp the lingam between your thumb and forefinger and move up the penis. Slide your fingers off and swap hands. Repeat. Then go in the opposite direction.

3. Thumb strokes

Hold the penis somewhere in the middle of the shaft. As you rest it against the four fingers, slowly slide your thumb up the shaft. Repeat several times before changing direction and sliding down.

4. Alternating grasps

Wrap one hand at the bottom of the shaft and slide it firmly up and off the penis. Repeat with the other hand and vary the speed and tightness of your grip.

5. Corkscrew

With one hand, hold the base of the lingam. With the other, grasp the top of the lingam with your palm touching the head. Then twist your hand around the top with your thumb rubbing the part of the shaft it can reach. While you’re doing this, the hand at the bottom slowly make a pumping motion.

6. Wringing

Grasp the penis with both hands and twist the hands in opposite motions – like you’re wringing something. For this movement, it might be easier to sit at his side instead of between his legs.

7. Lighting a fire

Straighten your hands and hold the penis between your palms. Then rub your hands together like you’re lighting a fire. Move your hands up and down the penis, and change the pressure and speed.

8. Just one finger

Use one forefinger to gently massage the frenulum (the part that connects the penis and the foreskin) and stroke down the shaft.

9. Prayer

Hold the penis between your palms like you do when you’re “lighting a fire” but instead of hands being horizontal, hold them vertically, as though you’re praying. Then firmly slide your palms up the shaft and off. Repeat and vary the pressure.

10. The sacred spot

There is a small pea-sized indentation lying between the testicles and the anus (perineum). When you’ve found it, gently stroke it. Encourage him to breathe and relax and slowly and gently push this spot. He’ll feel pressure inside and it might be uncomfortable at first, but once he relaxes, this spot will soften and it’ll be pleasurable. Attention to this area will intensify male orgasms and help him master his ejaculations. Gently stroke this area while you’re massaging the lingam. When he nears ejaculation, gently push this spot and it will deepen his orgasm.

Last minute tips

  • Breathe and relax
  • Try and sync your breathing with your partner
  • Don’t hold back the emotion
  • Trust your masseuse
  • Just let go and embrace the pleasure

If you want to try a professional lingam massage in london, try our service from £150 an hour. Head over to our masseuse gallery and see which girl catches your eye first!

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all you need to know about lingam amssage

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Lingam Massage

all you need to know about lingam amssage

What is a lingam massage? A lingam massage is an erotic massage that’s specifically designed for male pleasure. It’s focused on the lingam area, also known as the penis, and uses a series of massage techniques designed to kindle arousal.

What happens during a lingam massage?

While a lingam massage is very much focused on the penis and providing male pleasure, it’s not just a ‘handjob’. It uses a set of specialised massage techniques that are similar to the kind used in foreplay, but they stimulate not only the body but the mind and soul as well. A lingam massage is about smoothly moving energy through your body and increasing its efficiency for healing purposes. A skilled lingam masseuse will fully relax your body and mind, before slowly building up sexual energy and arousal .This sexual energy will be gradually encouraged to flow freely through your body, reaching and touching parts of you that you didn’t even know could be affected. You’ll be mesmerised by the pleasurable sensations and your soul may even be changed.

In some ways, a lingam massage can take you to the same relaxed state of mind as meditation and yoga do, but with much less work (by you) and much more pleasure.

During a lingam massage, men practise withholding ejaculation and keeping sexual energy within the body. Lingam therapists believe that the expelling of sperm (ejaculation not orgasm) is a waste of sexual energy. With each ejaculation, men can lose up to 200 million sperm, which is the equivalent of tripling the UK’s population. By learning to control ejaculation, men can experience multiple, more intense full body orgasms.

The history of lingam massage

‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘penis’. For thousands of years, the lingam has been seen as a symbol of fertility and worshipped because the ancient civilisations believed it was responsible for crop and herd growth. And so, male sexual energy was celebrated in temples. Phallic statues were erected at the entrance of these tantric temples and monks typically followed symbolic rituals such as pouring milk over the statues to mimic ejaculation.

In today’s culture, men are often attacked simply for being men. The lingam is no longer seen as sacred. These days, we forget the importance of the role sexual organs play in our lives. For instance, sexual organs are responsible for our creation. A lingam massage works to reverse this and see the penis as a revered symbol (a yoni massage is the female equivalent). Good lovers are the natural leaders of the world. Men and women who are rooted in their masculinity and femininity are mentally at ease, confident and appreciated. By stimulating the penis and invoking arousal, any blockages will be reduced and sexual energy will flow freely, spreading positivity which boosts healing.

Not just a happy ending

While lingam massage is a type of erotic massage, they aren’t just about the happy ending. Typically, a happy ending massage is one that ends in orgasm and ejaculation. Lingam massage works to control this urge, delay ejaculation and prolong the orgasmic period. Men who have mastered this will experience multiple deeply intense orgasms and be in total control of their manhood.

There is some truth when people say men think with their penises. It’s just the way they’re wired – it’s biology. We can’t change it, but we can work around it. A lingam massage helps you let go of your insecurities, fears, emotional hindrances and anxieties. An authentic lingam massage doesn’t just curb your lust. They show you a whole new side of human sensuality. You won’t overthink anymore. You’ll just feel.

Benefits of a lingam massage

  • Better orgasm and ejaculation control
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased frequency of and more intense orgasms
  • Deeper sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • Freedom from sexual tension
  • Enhanced sensitivity (physically and mentally)
  • Improved sex drive
  • Reduced stress and chance of depression
  • Deeper connection with partner

Where can I get a lingam massage?

Your lover can learn how to give a deeply pleasurable massage or you can book a session with a professional tantric lingam masseuse in London here. From £150 an hour, we can guarantee a soul-changing experience.

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erotic airport massages in london

I Got A (Naughty) Airport Hotel Massage.. And I Liked It

erotic airport massages in londonWe recently branched out to some of our clients to get some feedback on their hotel airport massage experience, and we received an amazing response from a blogger from across the pond. Here’s his experience

Most people I know have never even heard of an erotic massage before, never mind actually experienced one.  Me on the other hand, I have had several. My name is ‘Tyler’, and I am an American sex blogger in New York City. Alongside my day job, I get paid to explore the weird and wonderful world of sex, and then write about it for my rather modest but very curious readership. Last month I was visiting London as part of a 3 week European trip and ended up having a very unexpected, yet unbelievable experience. Despite being pretty, ‘experienced’ should we say, this was pretty up there in terms of pleasure, so it would be wrong for me NOT to share it with you all.

After doing plenty of research, I decided to stay in the Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick Airport, mainly for convenience. The hotel was impressive, the staff were extremely friendly and it was located right next to various forms of transport- ideal. My friend and I were on a non-work related trip around Europe, and London happened to be our first port of call. Like most Americans, I had been conditioned to believe that everyone In England was related to the Queen, and spent their weekend’s playing Polo and drinking tea in the countryside. Within five minutes of touching down on British soil, I realised this was not the case- at all! London was hectic, challenging, fascinating and diverse and had a sense adventure in the air, similar to that of NYC. Londoners were not sickeningly pleasant and charming as the movies had made me believe, they were obnoxious, rude and insufferable; I felt completely at home.

Like most New Yorkers my age, veering away from clichés was the new fashion, so my friend and I had agreed to explore Europe as creatively as possible. For London, we had high hopes and half expected to be invited to an illegal warehouse rave somewhere in Camden. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all, but what we did find certainly took us by surprise. On our second day, we ended up visiting Notting hill where we stopped for lunch and a well-deserved beer-break in a quirky bar. Despite being only 4 in the afternoon, it was rammed, and the atmosphere was totally electric. Amongst the array of unusual accents floating around the room, the suited and booted American stood next to us obviously caught our attention.

We introduced ourselves, began chatting and invited him and his middle-eastern friend (also dressed in a suit worth more than my yearly salary) to join us for a couple of drinks. Despite both being incredibly down to earth (and slightly drunk), I felt like I was sat with two mannequins from the Calvin Klein store. They were totally immaculate, uncomfortably perfect, and were throwing around cash as it was toilet paper. The American guy was also from NYC, but was a high-flying, Bateman-esque stock broker. His friend, also in the same line of work, had moved over from Saudi Arabia decades before to bleed New York dry of cash. They were, by far, the most luxurious, lavish men I had ever met, and only the best of the best would do; which is the next conversation took me by surprise.

“So, you’re staying near Gatwick are you? I stayed in the same hotel as you guys on my first business trip here in the UK. Had a pretty memorable time in that hotel!”, explained the American. He looked to his friend who was grinning like a Cheshire cat and they proceeded to bury their smiles into their tumblers of whiskey.

“ Let’s just say boys, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get a naughty massage, now’s the time to do it”, he followed.

I was curious. I wanted to know more; so I gestured for him to go on. Although I had experienced erotic massages in the past, I could tell his particular session was pretty damn special judging by the glint in his eye.
“It was late one evening and I was sat at the hotel bar having a drink. I got talking to a guy who went on to explain that he was a Londoner, but often came to this hotel every couple of months for a night or two- probably to get away from his wife. I asked him if he knew of any massage parlours nearby, as id got a kink in my neck from the flight, but he introduced me to something way better.”

The guy at the bar had given him the number of a salon, but unsurprisingly, it advertised naughty, outcall massage services. His new ‘friend’ recommended  he get a ‘4 Hands Massage’, something even I had never heard of until then.  It was 3am, but within 45 minutes of calling, he opened his hotel room door to not one, but two stunning Asian masseuses.

I had been searching for something risqué, and I had found it; I had found my creative London experience. After an hour or so, the drinks had run out and me and my friend decided to move on.  We bid our new friends farewell, but not before writing down the number for the salon. Around 11pm that night, I decided to take the plunge, despite being surprisingly nervous and apprehensive. My friend agreed to go to a bar for a couple of hours, so I contacted the salon, explained where I was staying and asked for their famous 4 Hands service. Within 55 minutes, I was opening my hotel door to two incredibly pretty Asian masseuses. Scarlett was Korean and Faith was Japanese, but they were both mind-blowingly attractive and made me feel right at ease.

I was asked to take a shower whilst the girls set up their equipment, so I did so as they requested. Stepping out of the bathroom, I was hit by a wave of tranquillity. The lighting was warm, candles were scattered and cushions had been arranged on the bed. I lay on my front, as instructed, and fell into bliss as they performed a traditional, full body massage to relax me. After several minutes, I turned onto my back where my masseuses proceeded to remove their bikinis and the towel covering my crotch. It was spine-tinglingly erotic, sensual and almost spiritual, unlike other kinky massages I had experienced.

With the 4 Hands service, I was also asked to choose a style of massage I wished for my luscious ladies to perform on me. I opted for a ‘Happy Ending’ massage because I’d never had one before, and it seemed like an appropriate choice for my last night in London. All I’m going to say is, it certainly was a Happy Ending for me. Whilst Faith massaged my shoulders from behind and rested her breasts on my face, Scarlett gave me the hand-job of dreams.
I have watched women wrestle in jello, I have been to swingers parties and I have even delved into bondage, but I had never had such an aggressive erection as I did during that massage. My arousal levels were so high; it was pulsing through my body like shocks of electricity.  Unlike other massages Id had in the past, every touch, every stroke, ever motion was smooth, sleek and mischievous. As they mutually caressed and teased my body, pleasure surged through me from the tips of my toes right through to the ends of my fingers, and I was totally paralysed with pleasure. I wasn’t normally vocal during sexual interactions, but on this occasion, I was. I wriggled, moaned and trembled as the girls continued to torment and tease me with their bodies, breasts and expert touch.

Reaching my breaking point, the pressure mounting in my body became too much and I had my release. It was the best, most intense, most mind-blowing orgasm of my entire life. It travelled through my body with such force, I had to arch my back and grip the bed. If I could roll three standard orgasms into one, it still wouldn’t come close. My entire body felt numb, but the sensation seemed to ease off slowly over the period of several minutes. I lay there totally exhausted and satisfied. Scarlett and Faith did not get up and leave right away; they lay with me stroked my body while my heartbeat lowered. It was strangely romantic and I felt incredibly content- a new feeling for me. I eventually came back around and thanked the girls for their time. They professional yet sweet, and proceeded to tenderly kiss me goodbye. Contrary to common misconceptions, my London experience was far from sleazy.  It was a professional, passionate and first-class service, better than any Id had in the past. It was by far the most luxurious massage I had ever experienced and was worth every single penny.

As a sex blogger, it is my job to honestly write about my sexual encounters and put forward recommendations for my readers. So here is the verdict on my Gatwick Airport Outcall Massage Service: It was a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience, and it made my trip complete.


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benefits of prostate massage

Key benefits of prostate massage

Key Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Massaging the prostate glands

Maintaining a healthy prostate is an ideal all men should aspire to attain. Although it might appear a challenge especially to those men in their middle ages, it is achievable even if you have been having complications with your prostate for years. You can do it D.I.Y or get one of our beautiful Asian prostate massage specialists in London to do it for you.

However, it is important to point out that if you are terminally ill with prostate cancer whereby the doctors have only given you a few days to live, your gland at this stage may be swollen to the size of a grape fruit. You will most likely need a catheter to pee and probably in a gruesome pain so much so that the thought of you or anybody touching your gland would be unimaginable. In most cases it is too late at that point in time.

The question is “how does one create a healthy prostate?”.

The old age known practice is prostate massage. It has seen millions of men all around the world improve and maintain healthy and trouble free prostate gland, however there are those who instead of benefiting from prostate massage have suffered injuries that made their gland conditions worse. The key to success with the practice is that the massage technique used need to be appropriate. Correct prostate massage will never disappoint. It may surprise you how much can be achieved through it and how liberating it is for a man to have a healthy prostate gland.

When you have a healthy prostate gland you will not even notice that you got one but when it presents complications you will not imagine the agony that the tiny gland, the size of a pea will put you through.

In this article you will be exposed to the most effective methods for your prostate massage. You will appreciate how you can achieve the best outcomes, to guarantee a healthy prostate gland.
The first thing you need to realize is that your tiny prostate gland is a system. Like most systems there is usually more than one input to make it work soundly for desired results. Your gland requires the following to function properly:
⦁ Sufficient and proper nutrition
⦁ A clean blood supply and good circulation of the blood
⦁ Appropriate exercise
⦁ Rest
⦁ Adequate oxygen supply

One approach is massaging the prostate internally. This is the famous “finger up your butt” method. Rather direct but graphically true.
It would be convenient and cheaper to do this in your privacy without the intrusion of someone sticking their finger up your butt. However, it has been proven that your own finger is not the most effective way of administering a prostate massage to yourself. It is difficult for people with normal finger length to reach beyond the tip of their own prostate gland due to the angle of reach, not unless one has an extraordinarily long finger.

The next best alternative to your own finger for massaging your prostate is another person inserting their finger up there. Because of the angle of reach and the awkwardness of you manoeuvring over your body to get your finger into optimum position, another person’s finger will achieve a better penetration depth.

However, some people are not comfortable with the idea of another person’s finger up their backside, if you are one such person, then you could benefit from a range of tools that are used in the practice to enable you to perform the prostate massage on yourself effectively.

Firstly, it is worth noting that just like other trades there is an assortment of tools on offer including others that are actually preferred by some users as cost cutting measures in place of top quality instruments. People have been known to use carrots, cigar tubes and dildos.

It makes economic sense to try and save a penny here and there but this part of your body, more so the gland is very sensitive and far too important for your well-being as a man that shoving just anything up there might not be a prudent cost saving idea.

As was stated earlier, the gland needs stimulation to achieve proper blood circulation. The tested way of realising that desired outcome is to use correct method, technique and tool.
An instrument that has been used for many years and also not very expensive to purchase is the musician’s wooden drumstick with a nicely rounded back end.

Go to your local music store and carefully choose one of approximately the width of your finger. Check it thoroughly and ensure it is smooth, they usually slide in nicely, they are neither too fat or too thin. Take care not to use the sharp end as your gland can be very easily injured if you use wrong tool on it.

Performing the Prostate Massage with a Drumstick on yourself

The first step is to ensure that your bowel is empty. The next step is to get ready for insertion of the instrument. You need the drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. This is the same jelly your will use to examine your prostrate.

Unroll the condom over the large blunt end of the drumstick. Lubricate the condom with KY Jelly. Next, get on the floor on a crawling position. Gently and slowly begin to insert the lubricated drumstick into your anus up to about 4-5 inches. That should normally be deep enough to reach the gland. Your gland is located towards your belly just next to the bowel.

Before you start with any motion with the drumstick you need to remember that for you to get good results you have got to get the movement right.

Apply light pressure on the drumstick and slowly slide the drumstick back out approximately 1.5 inches and then back in. Imagine what you would do if you were using your finger and do exactly that. Ensure you maintain the light pressure. This is the process and procedure used for milking the gland so there is a likelihood of some fluid coming out of your penis.

As you move the drumstick in you will tell when reach the gland by the intense sensation. When you feel the sensation that is when to apply the light pressure as you make your way deeper. You will also be able to tell when you have moved past the gland and that is when to gently pull out and then when you begin to feel the intense of the sensation apply the light pressure again on your outward travel.

This process may cause a great deal of sexual stimulation and leave you highly erotic. You may attain a very strong erection and that is normal when the gland is stimulated. However, do not focus on the erection it should subside after a short while just concentrate on the massage. Repeat the in and out movement for about 5- 10 times.

Depending on whether you are comfortable with 5 movements or 10, after your comfortable number; slide the drumstick in again and as you feel the sensation apply a gentle pressure on the gland but this time hold it there for account of seven. At the count of 7, give it a little jiggle, release the pressure and then wait one full minute and repeat the cycle one more time and you should be done!
That was not so difficult to achieve with just a drumstick, a condom and some KY Jelly. But it can be even easier with a little more expense.

The most comfortable prostate massager that fits most men just right that is available in the market for the procedure is the Aneros HelixSYN (the silicone Helix version).

If you thought using the drumstick was an easy process, this instrument is three times easier and precise. It reaches the right distance and offers the correct shape for the right pressure.
There are a variety of sizes available which makes relevant for all men of different shapes and sizes including those who in usual circumstances may struggle to reach their anus to comfortably and effectively perform the treatment on themselves.

There are a few models out there but the best is the silicone model. It is smoother and extremely effective.

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erotic essential massage oils, massage oils,

Erotic Massage Oil

Why erotic massage oil?

Lots of people assume grabbing some hand cream or physique lotion would just do positive for a erotic massage, or worse (shudder) doing a “dry” erotic massage. In order for you this erotic erotic massage to really attain the erotic level, you want actual erotic massage oil; one thing that can take up a bit into the pores and skin, soften it, but in addition help you hold easy, regular actions along with your erotic massage.

You additionally need your erotic massage oil to be one thing that you just use just for erotic massage. You wish to get to the purpose the place you’ll be able to take a whiff of the oil and have your physique able to rumble. To stroll into the room the following day, catch the merest leftover scent of the erotic massage oil, and smile on the reminiscence of what you probably did in that room the evening earlier than. You need to put one small drop of that erotic massage oil behind your ear, in order that once you and your accomplice are out in town, at a celebration or a enterprise assembly, perhaps in a restaurant, he’ll catch the scent because it wafts previous him, and drive him insane till he can get you alone. Lubriderm cream is just not going to do this for you!

However let’s again up a bit right here, take a step again and take a look at the larger image.

Introduction to Important Erotic Massage Oilserotic massage oil

I personally consider that erotic massage utilizing important oils is likely one of the most erotic emotions in life. As I stated earlier than, the erotic massage itself, together with the scents, is magical sufficient, however what I believe actually makes erotic massage with important oils so particular is the care that’s being proven by the masseuse.

Whenever you companion takes the time to pick, combine, after which apply oils to your physique, she or he is telling you that you’re definitely worth the time. Your associate is telling you that you just’re price spoiling, price pampering, and that she or he thinks you are stunning.

Psychologically, important oils and erotic massage do as a lot for the soul because the really bodily advantages, which aren’t any small issues.

The principle focus of this composition is info on important erotic massage oils used for erotic massage. Take into account that all these erotic massage oils are used for different medicinal causes and in different methods than erotic massage. For our functions, although, I’ll attempt to preserve the knowledge on erotic massage oils, erotic and in any other case. When you book with us we make sure that all our Asian erotic masseuses in London come with the best oils.

Have Fun With Massage Oils!

On the finish of this report you will discover a small information to completely different oils, their fundamental scents, and their attributes with regard to erotic massage, in addition to good base oils to make use of in your combination.

In closing, I need to encourage you all to experiment with important oils and erotic therapeutic massage. The pores and skin is the biggest human organ; take full benefit of it!

As you experiment with increasingly more mixtures, discovering those which might be best for you in every explicit circumstance, you’ll not solely discover that you’re pleasing you associate in a lot deeper methods, however you might be additionally studying one thing about your self. To actually having fun with giving pleasure to your accomplice is what is going to make you an excellent lover, and a memorable one. After I take into consideration my lover, it is his arms that come to thoughts earlier than anything. Whilst I kind I can really feel his arms on my neck, massaging the stress of laptop work away!

Decelerate, take pleasure in your senses, and revel in one another.

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