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Your burning questions about prostate massage answered – by three ordinary blokes

Always wanted to try prostate massage but too nervous to take the plunge? We spoke to three men who braved our pulse-racing prostate massage for the first time last week and here they are to tell all..

So boys, what was going through your head before arriving at the parlour?

Daniel: Not going to lie, I was super anxious. I told my mum I was doing a presentation at work because I couldn’t hide the nerves. It was the whole not knowing what to expect which made me nervous.

Mike: I was the polar opposite and couldn’t wait to try. As a 52-year-old male who has been married three times I feel like I’ve explored a lot there is sexually, but I’d never had a trained masseuse slip a cheeky in finger inside – so I was more than eager to go!

Josh: It may be pretty shallow, but growing up I always associated prostate fun with gay men. So my first thought was I can’t tell my mates I’m going for a prostate massage!

What happened when you arrived for your appointment?

Mike: I’ve been for erotic massages before and the whole process for every client is the same, no matter if you book prostate or a sweet vanilla happy ending. You go in, maybe handed a glass of champers and chat to the girls for a bit. Once you’ve got a feel for the girls you’re allowed to pick which masseuse you want for the massage. You’re then guided to the treatment room and get naked with the masseuse, unless you choose the shower beforehand. You then discuss your service and then boom the massage commences!

Do they go straight in and massage the prostate gland?

Daniel: Oh God no, if they did that I would certainly be out the door!

Josh: They start by drizzling you in oil and giving you a full body rubdown using their soft hands.

Mike: Giving you a body to body massage before the prostate part helps to relax the whole body and mind, which is definitely needed to prepare you for the cheeky finger slip.

Did the masseuse let you know when she was going to slip a finger inside?

Josh: It depends what you ask for. You can either request the therapist slips the finger in at a certain point of the session or you can leave it up to them to evaluate when you are ready. I personally opted for the finger slip straight after a bit of hand relief so I knew it was coming.

Mike: I was the complete opposite and left the masseuse to surprise me! Although I do recall, she gazed into my eyes and gave me a cheeky wink just before she pushed a cheeky finger in, so I kind of think that was her seeking the go ahead.

What does prostate massage feel like?

A prostate masseuse in the shower in a London hotel.Daniel: Honestly, I think I lost my breath for a good few seconds. The masseuse whispered in my ear to ask if I was enjoying it and I wasn’t able to get my words out! My brain was in a complete euphoric frenzy, I’m sure she could tell I was having an immense time.

Josh: You know the shivers you get down your spine when you have a f******* amazing orgasm? Well I kind of god that, but 100 times more intense! My toes were curling and my heart was also racing and then you know, I kind of exploded…
Mike: The finger slip makes you feel like you’re on a tip of a rollercoaster and them BAM, you are racing down the vertical drop. I was sweating for all the right reasons and didn’t want the unimaginable sensations to end. I had never experienced anything else like it, it was like I was losing my virginity all over again. If you’re a bit of daredevil and thrill seeker like me then you NEED to try prostate massage!

What would your tips be to anyone who is getting a prostate massage for the first time?

Daniel: Don’t overthink it. Erotic therapists perform prostate massage to newbies on a daily basis, they are experts at putting you at ease and love nothing more than introducing new clients to the service. After my appointment I wondered why I’d never tried prostate massage before!

Mike: Make sure you prepare. Have a shower, empty your bowels and avoid eating anything too stodgy. You don’t want your bodily functions going wild when your therapist is deep inside with one or two fingers!

Josh: Just enjoy it and don’t go with any preconceptions like I did. (Josh used to associate prostate massage with gay people.) Prostate massage is guaranteed to be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. It’ll take you on a journey to serenity; all you have to do is strap yourself in tightly and enjoy the ride.

Book a prostate massage for yourself

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