Month: May 2018

a man getting a b2b massage at his heathrow hotel

Why creative people are going gaga for body to body massage

From A-listers to Film Directors, eccentric artists, timid novelists, potters, musicians, even TV chefs have shown an interest in body to body massages recently. Why you ask? Why has the creative sector been buzzing with talk of body to body massage over the past couple of months? Who knows, word is out that London is the current go to city for the best body to body massage service in the world.
aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdlcy9pLzAwMC8xNjUvMjY0L2kwMi9EZWFkcG9vbF9Pc2NhcnMuanBnOn a recent trip around Europe promoting his latest Deadpool blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds reportedly had his first body to body massage in the UK. Speaking on the matter, Reynolds claimed he isn’t a stranger to having erotic massages but the body to body massage he received in an Asian massage parlour in London town blew his mind. A publicist who was present during the weekend of interviews reported Reynolds wouldn’t stop recommending the service to everyone.
But it’s not just Actors that are reaping up the rewards of sampling London’s body to Body massage, the London art scene is rampant with talk of body to body massage. We are living in an age of self-expression, of movement. We also live in an age where we can become so disconnected to reality over the cyber reality from which we are constantly absorbed. Figure heads of the London arts scene are recognising the profoundly powerful pleasure of connecting with another human through body to body massage. A feeling of unity, with no strings, no complications; just for the sake of sexual gratification. Art collector Colin Webster has commented on the phenomenon by urging people to really look inside themselves and consider the importance of human touch and connection ‘Isn’t that what art is really?’ Colin might be on to something here, perhaps in this world where we have become so disconnected with each other something that would previously have been considered vulgar, seedy- like paying for an erotic massage- in turn becomes something revolutionary, a saving grace during these troubled times. As Colin points out, isn’t human connection, ‘touch’ important, where would we be without it? And I’m not sure it’s a matter of fidelity, if you work away a lot, say like Ryan Reynolds, who benefits from his celibacy? His wife? -Does she sleeps sounder knowing his is laying alone, tense and unsatisfied? Or do both sleep happier knowing that both of them are secure enough in the relationship to extend their net of lovers further. Sleep happily knowing each other are being touch, being satisfied.
But this isn’t just for the married man, no, body to body massages have become popular widespread. Every kind of liberal, non-liberal, educated man is taking up this new therapy. Model and Activist Frederik Olsen, is a young man in his prime. He is the face on the front of glossy magazines, he has millions of followers on social media and even as I meet him for a chat in a coffee house in Shoreditch he is being photographed for a French fashion journo. I ask him why, why with all the attention, with his good looks, his obvious charm, the fame and fortune, he feels the need to go to see an erotic masseuse for a body to body massage. He laughs when I say this, as though I have missed the point completely. ‘It’s nothing to do with not being able to get any.’ He shakes his head and straightens in his chair, ‘It’s not a about love, or finding the one, it’s not about relationships and all the stuff that comes with that.’… At this point he pauses and smiles, I’m waiting for him to continue, hanging on to his every word, he has that kind of power. ‘I go for a body to body in the same way you might visit your nutritionist, go to a spinning class. It’s a case of looking after your body, physical and mental wellbeing. Body to body is the perfect stress relief, I used to pay thousands, going to see therapists, going for sports massages, forking out for spas, detox weekends but they didn’t do it for me. A good friend told me about it, a girl actually, I’m always one to give something a go so I gave it a try. After one session, my chronic headache had gone, my immune system improved and generally I just felt better; happier.’ We both pause as I’m not sure quite what to say, there doesn’t feel like anything else needs saying. Olsen sha man recieveing an erotic massage in heathrowrugs and I nod in agreement.
From Olsen I learnt two things, it is not just the ugly and lonely that pay for erotic massages, I had heard they were popular with the art scene but I guess to be honest I thought it would just be the old and eccentric. Olsen is a very good looking, successful and together man, and he is a proud advocate of the service. The second thing I learnt from him was the genuine health benefits of body to body, I had never linked sexual pleasure with other health issues, like headaches or depression, but when you think about it, it does make sense. And eh if it works for a guy like Olsen, why shouldn’t we jump on the bandwagon?
The final body to body massage in London when i visit regularly on my list is a masseuse, Anna. She is a fully trained erotic masseuse living and working in London. I ask her whether she has noticed a rising spike in the amount of people interested in getting a body to body massage. Anna tells me that body to body has always been a popular service but she has noticed the rise in interest. She also notes the wide spectrum of clients coming through her doors, listing them ‘bankers, business men, artists, hippy’s, young men, old men, barristers, baristas… everyone’s getting some.’ I like her choice of words here. And I think it perfectly summarises what I have learnt from this journey, that as much as we may feel more comfortable believing the only people paying for sex are sad depressed divorcees (I don’t why we prefer to believe that) but the truth is- as Anna said, everyone’s getting some. Whether the peaked interest of the creative community in London will go some way into improving the reputation of the erotic massage industry only time will tell. For now at least, I’ll admit, they have certainly made me revaluate my stance. Anna offers her services exclusively for us at Asia massage and operates in the Heathrow area for outcall And around London! Which is big with travelling celebrites why not give let her give you a visit today.

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