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‘Tis the season to be horny… Spice things up in the bedroom with your partner this Christmas!

Give more this Christmas with our sexy guide

As we all know, Christmas is the time of year for giving, and what better way to do so than to treat our partner to some sensual loving this festive season?

Whether it is your first Christmas together or you have been kissing under the mistletoe for decades, we have all the best ways to ignite that Christmas spark to add some passion to the bedroom this year.

Buy each other Christmas themed lingerie

Forget about the Christmas stockings and get yourself some knee-high, lace stockings this Christmas and your partner is sure to rock you around the Christmas tree. Whether you are male or female, new lingerie or role play costumes can really spice up your sex life and add some fun into the mix, especially if things have been running a little dry lately. For you ladies, a sexy red bra, red thongs or panties, accompanied with suspenders and a satin shawl will truly drive your man crazy. For you guys, a simple fitted brief will send your lady wild, and why not make her forget about Father Christmas and show her who the real daddy is with a Santa hat? You can also try picking out something for one another, a secret Santa vibe but with a sexy twist!

Fill Christmas stockings with sex toys 

If you want to get your partner something new and dazzling this Christmas then why not fill their stocking to the brim with sex toys? I think we can all agree that sex is great but now and then it can be exciting to experiment, and this is where dildos, butt plugs and vibrators come in. You can explore one another’s intimate areas, discovering new levels of pleasure and ways to push each other over the edge.

Go to a swingers party

Although this might seem a little out there and something that only happens in movies like American Pie, a recent study revealed that 38% of couples in London attend swinger parties regularly each month. Every couple will have their different reasons for going, but wanting to go simply for fun is valid enough. So, if you and your partner want to spice things up and try something new then ditch your Christmas work party and attend a swinger’s party this year instead.

Get frisky at the Christmas markets 

Why is getting down and dirty so much better when there is the fear of getting caught? A little danger can definitely make things a whole lot sexier which is why so many of us are lured into having sex in the loo, getting passionate in the file cupboard at work or having some hanky-panky beneath the table in the club. The Christmas markets are always busy and the constant hustle and bustle of people means that you probably won’t get caught but can still anticipate that fear factor. Get yourself some hot chocolate or red wine and let your partner’s hands run wild underneath your big winter coat.

Have a couples erotic massage together 

The festive season can be busy, hectic and tiring so what better way to relax and refresh with your partner than to have a sensual couples massage? London is a hub for erotic massage parlours and if you and your partner really want to treat yourselves then the Asian massage companies are certainly a league above the rest. Couple’s massages are perfect for rekindling the passion and reconnecting with your other half. It entails a lot of trust, respect and communication. The masseuse can pleasure you both at the same time or you can watch while your partner has their intimate areas pleasured. There are many different types of erotic massages to choose from such as lingam massages, prostate massages, full-service massages and Nuru massages. No matter what style of service you opt for, you and your partner are certainly in for a Christmas treat!

Booking an erotic massage 

If you would like to book an erotic massage for you and your partner, or perhaps you want to come alone, then book an appointment today to hear about our special Christmas package deals.

We want to make everyone’s festive dreams come true which is why we have extended our opening hours to ensure you can all visit us for some festive frisky fun. We are open daily between the hours of 6 am until 3 am. Sorry, but we are not open on Christmas day. You can also visit our Couples erotic massage in London page for more info about our erotic massage services. You can give us a call on 07990486678. And speak to our friendly reception team who can assist you with your appointment.


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Six sensual massage taboos exposed

Breaking the sensual massage taboo one step at a time

Though sensual massage is taking the erotic world by storm, it often considered as a taboo subject for non-massage goers. We are desperate to put a stop to this. It’s the 21st Century – and it’s about time we embrace that we ALL love getting hot under the covers with the opposite sex. Keep reading as we expose the biggest sensual massage taboos.

  1. You get naked with your masseuse

Sensual massage is soothingly romantic and passionate, so you do really think your therapist is going to rub you down fully clothed? Absolutely not. If it’s your first session and you’re feeling a little nervous then you can always ask to undress to your comfort level as the session progresses. However, most sensual massage goers choose to be naked from the get-go. And it’s not just yourself who will be in the nude, your therapist will be fully undressed also. Once you’ve been shown to your own private treatment room the therapist will take off her robe and stand in front of your hungry eyes in her sultry underwear. After she’s warmed the oil and drizzled into your bare skin, she will remove her bra and knickers and commence with the overwhelming slides and grinds on your physique. Naked skin-to-skin contact is the art of overwhelming pleasure.

  1. Yes, she will massage your private parts

Come on boys, were you expecting her to miss out your private parts? Sensual massage is much more than the traditional massages you experience on spa days at a country house hotel – sensual is naughty, seductive and has no areas off limits. Once the therapist has given you a full body rub on your less sensitive areas (back, shoulders and legs) she will navigate her attention to your erogenous zones. Allow her to cup your balls, jerk your penis and lick all over the tip for the most overwhelming pleasure until orgasm. Not only does massaging your private parts feel incredible, but it also provides ultra-amazing stress relief – by the power of orgasm.

  1. And you get to have sex!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! The majority of sensual massages (including ours here at Asia Massage) comprise of the thrilling option of the full service. The full service is an exhilarating massaging feast, including the elements of naked sensual massage, followed by oral and penetration until orgasm. The even better news is that the strokes, positions and pace can be tailored to your preference. Whether you want a slow and passionate or raunchy and racy encounter is entirely your choice. Just do inform your therapist at the beginning of your appointment so they can mould the massage to suit you. Condoms are always worn and provided by the parlour for a sensual massage full service.

  1. You can get frisky with more than one masseuse

Let’s be honest, sensual massage just keeps getting better and better. So what if we told you that you can get steamy with not just one, but two sensual masseuses? Sensual four hands are the crème de la crème of adult services and comprise of double the trouble, double the pleasure. Whether you desire for the girls to sensationally massage you down in unison or work on different areas of your body is entirely your choice. Four hands sensual massage is guaranteed to fulfil your wildest of fantasies and more.

  1. Extras are also available

Let’s put the icing on the cake of this mouth-watering buffet, extras are also available as part of sensual massage. Whether you want to keep it sweet vanilla with French kissing or opt for something more daring with an assisted shower is totally your choice. Extras can be discussed with your masseuse at the beginning of the session. They start from as little as £20.

  1. Women can have a sensual massage too

In recent years, there’s been a surge of women visiting erotic massage parlours for a spine-tingling sensual massage. The female equivalent is known as yoni massage and is the stimulation of the lady erogenous zones – which includes the nipples, the clitoris and vulva. If you and your partner are feeling extra naughty then some parlours also offer couples sensual massage. Now that is couple goals!

Want to book your Asian Sensual Massage?

Here at Asia Massage, we operate soothing, sexy and seductive sensual massage from just £120 for a happy ending and £160 full service. Thinking of making a booking? Call our 24-hour hotline on 07990486678 to find out more or arrange your sexy session today! There are no taboos around here… Why not have a look at our Oriental Outcall Sensual Massage page and you too can be whisked away to bliss!

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Want to achieve multiple orgasms? Ask your partner for a Lingam massage!

Could a Lingam massage make you have multiple orgasms?

When it comes to the prospect of having multiple orgasms in one steamy session in the bedroom, it is something that is often associated with only women being able to experience. However sex experts and massage gurus across the U.K have stated that it is in fact possible for men to reach such heightening feelings so long as they use a specific technique, and that technique being a lingam massage.

So, what exactly is a lingam massage?

A lingam massage is a special type of massage style, or technique that can be incorporated into other massage styles, that dedicates time to focus specifically on the penis. Although it may seem quite an erotic massage style due to its dedication to pleasuring the penis, sex experts suggest that it is also a sensual and spiritual experience and that to fully be able to reach the point of multiple orgasm, both participants must take this approach towards it. However, a lingam massage can also be performed solely although it might be slightly harder to each multiple orgasms due to not being fully able to relax the rest of your body. This pleasuring can be done through touching, rubbing, sucking, licking and massage the penis in a sensual and powerful manner.

Is it Tantric?

Yes, a lingam massage is a very tantric experience as it aims to connect you with your partner on a very intimate and personal level. Lingam massage therapy is different from regular oral or hand relief as it focuses on the sexual energy between both participants and the joy and happiness it can bring to other aspects of your body such as your mind and soul. For many people, a lingam massage might just be a fancy word for a hand job or blow job, but if you believe I the full power of lingam then you will reap the benefits of the experience to the fullest.

What else does a lingam massage include?

Unlike a regular happy ending massage or oral, a lingam massage incorporates many other things to help you reach the level of multiple orgasms. These advanced techniques just don’t rub and stroke the shaft but also testicles, perineum and the male G-Spot, the prostate gland. The prostate glad is located inside the anus of a male and can be pleasured I two different ways, a) by inserting the finger inside the anus in a hook like motion and massage the G-Spot and B) by kneading your knuckle gently on the perineum. The reason why prostate massage is incorporated into a lingam massage is due to the high level of pleasure it can bring. You can climax through prostate stimulation alone and it is said to feel more intense than a penile climax. It is also known to make your ejaculation last longer and feel more pleasurable.

Where did the lingam massage originate from?

Lingam originates from the Sanskrit word for “penis.” Lingam translates into English loosely as “wand of light.” In the world of Tantra, we are taught that we should approach the penis as if we are A stunning and beautiful Lingam masseuseworshipping it, treating it with the highest degree of honour and respect. The “wand of light” will also fill the masseuse up with power to bring pleasure and happiness to the man, allowing you to orgasm several times during one session. Once you know how to stimulate and circulate this powerful energy around your body, you will master being able to make your body feel a sense of well-being and pleasure.

However, lingam massages aren’t about simply achieving the ultimate goal of an orgasm. The aim is to provide pleasure from start to finish, bring you on a journey of heightened orgasmic bliss that runs through your body long after your session has ended. It is important that both participants feel relaxed and comfortable with one another as the trust will bring you closer together, and the better your bond, the better the lingam massage experience will be. Once the massage is completed, you can get straight back into it with some passionate love-making. Many men have stated that having sex directly after experiencing a lingam massage feels amazing and also enables them to alst a lot longer than usual. If you want to experience a Lingam massage first-hand from one or two of our beautiful masseuses. With our Lingam Sensual Massage service in London. Why not give our friendly receptionist team a call on 07990486678. We are open daily from 10:00AM till 3AM.



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full body massage near me masseuse, Full body massage near me,

Full body massage near me in London, England

A full body massage near me or you?

Have have ever bothered to use a search engine to find yourself a full body massage? If so, then like many of us you just typed “ full body massage near me ” and just hoped for a respectable place to show up on google.

Now usually the best way to get a “ full body massage near me ” is to book an outcall massage provider. These days as massages are becoming more popular, more and more massage therapists are offering this type of outcall service. Now if you’re a little concerned about privacy and discretion then don’t worry. “ Full body massage near me ” is essentially an outcall massage therapy that is part of tantric massage, and probably the best possible way to protect your privacy and enjoy your experience in peace. This is simply because you will not be seen entering or leaving in a state of happiness either.

What’s the Difference?

An outcall massage is essentially the very same treatment as an in call massage. The only difference here is that with an outcall London massage the therapist usually brings the experience to you in the privacy and comfort of your own home anywhere in Greater London.

This allows you to, not only remove all inhibitions but also to be more immersed in the experience without any distractions from other clients etc.

This has become a very popular option simply because of the more private and familiar surroundings the treatment can take place in which can often be a nice clam way to begin your session with both parties feeling at ease.

Why a Full Body Massage Near me?

Whether you are looking for help to relax, ease pain, kick your anxiety to the kerb or even just relax in the company of an exotic Asian goddess then we are pretty sure we have the solution that’s just for you.  Whether you’ve just come out of a long term relationship and miss the company of a companion that your used to or just feeling lonely in general, it isn’t a problem and is a fairly common theme with a lot of our clients.

Now don’t get me wrong you certainly can’t control the feelings of the other person. However, you can control how YOU feel about it and begin to change that mindset into one of positivity.

Now next time instead of just casually searching for a full body massage near me or body to body massage, you’ll instead be coming straight to our website and here’s the reason why!

But is a Full Body Massage is it for me?

Maybe you’ve searched for a “ full body massage near me ” before and are just not sure if it’s the right option for you, well let me help to convince you.

When you book an outcall full body massage with us things are a little different. Firstly, we only use the best high class exotic Asian massage therapists. Why that’s I hear you ask? Well for the exact same reason you use a mechanic to fix your car, because they’re the best at what they do. It really is as simple as that!

Now just think about this for a moment, what could be more exciting and thrilling than a full body massage from one of the sexiest and most seductively exotic Asian massage therapists there is? Exactly even we struggle to think of a better way of solving this problem. If you think of one, we’re open to suggestions.

Why? Because You Deserve One

If you have been looking to get a full body massage, then you already probably deserve one. Irrespective of your line of work we all need time for ourselves which can often be hard in today’s modern society. We need to allocate ourselves enough time to fully relax and recharge ourselves. By not doing this we risk making ourselves ill in the long term. Once we become ill we are forced to rest and this can take much longer than a 1-hour massage treatment. It is important to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically. A 1-hour massage treatment can have incredible affects in that regard.

We totally agree that prevention is better than cure. And what can be a better way of preventing illness and fatigue like a sensual and tantalising Full Body massage with Asia Massage.


To Sum It All Up for You

In order to describe what a full body to body massage treatment is like, words like incredible, exhilarating, amazing and out of this world come to mind. Because this is essentially what you’ll be feeling straight after a full body to body massage with one of the stunning and gorgeous ladies exclusively as Asia Massage London.

Simply put Asia Massage based in central London offer outstanding outcall massage experiences to anyone who is feeling lonely, neglected or just needs to remove that built up stress or tension. Then a sensuous and seductive full body massage is just the thing you require to take those blues away.

Now by the time you’ve probably read this part of the post you’ve probably already rang up and booked your full body experience.

Please be warned our exotic masseuses are gorgeous and stunning and we don’t accept any liability for you falling head over heels in love with them!

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