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How I Learnt To Love My Tiny Dick

A banana symbolizing a penisWe have all at some point in our lives experienced anxiety over the size of our penises, even guys with large manhood’s can feel insecure that their penis is disproportional. It’s the age old fear, going as far back as the school yard when you would compare the size of your hands and feet with your friends. For some men though, the struggle is real. Having a micro penis or small dick can really lower a man’s sense of self-worth, leaving him feeling sexually insecure and weak. What we fail to reason is that it isn’t really all about size it’s about what you do with it. That being said having a small dick gives such emotionally crippling feelings that when expected to perform, men with small manhood’s struggle to achieve or maintain an erection or commonly suffer from early ejaculation and impotence. This can increase anxiety around sexual intercourse and lead to said men not enjoying sexual pleasure at all.

The solution to small dick syndrome is learning to love your tiny penis. With confidence comes ability, why? Because with confidence comes curiosity and exploration. With this in mind getting a professional lingam massage is the perfect medicinal answer to curing small dick shame. Lingam massage comes from the Sanskrit teachings to honour the penis. The entire massage focuses on massaging the penis and bringing pleasure directly to that area. This is a really important thing to do for anyone that has had a scarring experience with their penis in a sexual encounter. Most men with small penises will have encountered some kind of shaming or mocking from sexual partners which has lasting damaging effects.  When someone makes fun of your small penis it cements every outlandish and cruel fear you have had about it. It is important to rectify this and the only way you can really is by going in to another psychically intimate situation and be encouraged that the size of your penis is not disappointing. Having someone confidently and professionally massage your penis you will discover an entire bank of possibilities to illicit sexual pleasure and release.

To prove to you the sheer wealth of positive effects getting a lingam massage can have on a client suffering from penis shame or small dick syndrome I have invited some ‘lab rats’ (if you like) to try the erotic massage style and log their experience. Read below to learn what it’s really like:

Stephen, 27, Detroit.

Stephen who comments on our blog postI can remember exactly when I realised the problem with my dick, I mean there’d been the odd time in school when boys had made claims about the size of theirs and I’d felt a little strange but I never really let it bother me. When I was 15 I was seeing a girl and I knew that whatever direction we were heading in would probably lead to me having to get my trousers off… So to prepare myself I decided to watch some porn. This is when I discovered how small my dick really was in compared to another mans. I mean sure guys in pornos might have larger than normal but mine was drastically smaller- I wasn’t even sure she would be able to do most of the stuff the woman in the movie was doing with mine. Saying that I still thought everything might be OK, I mean she hadn’t seen the porn so maybe she didn’t have any idea what others guys dicks looked like. Sadly either this girl had watched a lot of porn or she had slept with a lot of guys or she was just somehow clued up to the average size of a man’s dick. Basically, when we did get down to it she said, and I can remember it exactly… she said ‘that best double in size when you’re erect!’ I laughed it off but I felt so embarrassed. I then struggled to maintain an erection, she offered to help things along and started wanking me off but before we even got going she started laughing and said it was too weird and she couldn’t continue. I was so embarrassed. What could I say?   To be honest, I’d never really gotten over it and have avoided sexual relationships since. When I was offered this experience I figured why not? What else did I have to lose? To be honest it was a leap out of my comfort zone and there was several moments I thought about dropping out but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Getting the lingam massage taught me so much about my own body and what it’s capable of. The masseuse did not mind at all the size of my penis; in fact she seemed to like it! I guess I never thought the person was the thing that was wrong, not the size of my dick. I am excited at the possibility of dating and getting out there for the first time Sophie an erotic Lingam masseuseever. It was like the best therapy session you’ll ever get!

Christof, 56, Leeds

I had honestly considered getting surgery to enhance the size of my manhood; I’ve even pretended that I’ve had surgery to explain its size more times than I’d care to admit.  There’s something deeply humiliating about having a small penis. It’s strange really, as though we feel somehow responsible for the growth process even though we have absolutely no control over it. I always thought once I’d saved up enough I’d be able to get it made bigger and then everything else in my life would fall in to place. I thought this for over 30 years and it was naïve; getting a lingam massage taught me what’s what.  The fact is my penis is a perfectly adequate size, I see that now. It works in all the ways another penis would work and it can pleasure women just as much. During my lingam massage the masseuse put me completely at ease; she was completely nonplussed by the size and asked no questions. Her hands were so gentle and soft, she really treated it with care. The whole experience left me putting a mirror up to myself and asking why I was being so disrespectful, so cruel to my own body. I have wasted so much time hating my penis, isn’t it about time I started enjoying it?

Looking for your very own penis massage london experience? Call us today on 07990486678 and speak to our of our receoption team to book your ultimate Oriental lingam massage!


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5 Rules for preparing for a 4 hands massage

4 hands massage has taken the U.K by storm over the last number of years with more clients’ asking for this service and a bigger demand for Asian masseuses to work in London. However, this comes as no surprise, after all four is certainly better than four. Double the hands, double the fun!

Many men have said that they are very eager to try 4 hands massages but are often too nervous or apprehensive about getting one. Therefore, I am here to be your knight in shining armour and give you a step by step guide on how to prepare for a four hands massage if you wish to receive one.

Step 1 – Make sure you know exactly what a four hands massage is

Many men are not entirely sure as to what four hands massage is which often prevents them from having one. A four hands massage is basically like your regular erotic or sensual massage, except it is performed by two masseuses, and much better. The masseuses can work on different parts of your body at the same time which obviously brings more intense and higher levels of pleasure for the client.

Step 2 – Make sure you are clean

It is crucial to make sure you have good hygiene and are clean before you receive any sort of massage, as it makes life a lot easier for both you and the masseuse. If you are unclean, dirty and sweaty you might feel slightly uncomfortable, as will the massage therapist, which really is not the ideal way to begin a session that is meant to be calm and relaxing.

By being clean, you are also making it a lot easier for the masseuse to apply the special oils and gels onto your body. If you have dirty or sweaty skin, this may prove rather difficult and you will not receive the full potential of a 4 hands massage. Especially as there will be three of you participating in a 4 hands massage session, it will be a lot easier if all three of you are in top form and squeaky clean.

Step 3 – Know what service you want with the 4 hands massage

Four hands massages work best when the masseuses can plan it before hand and work together in a synchronized form as this brings greater pleasure for the client. If the masseuses are unsure as to what service you want on top of the 4 hands massage then this can ruin the flow of the session, causing pauses, talk and interruption which is not what you want. To avoid this, it is best to decide whether you would like a happy ending massage or full service massage before the session. This means the massage therapists can come up with a routine to ensure that your massage runs smoothly and is as pleasurable as it possibly can be. Also, if you opt for extras such as a prostate massage, it allows the masseuses to pick what girls focus on what part of the body at different times.

Step 4 – Know what girls you want

Many of the men come into the massage parlour without having thought about which two girls they want to perform the four hands massage which can often cause problems. Many men are satisfied with one of the masseuses but not the other, many men want two girls who are quite similar while others may want two girls are the polar opposite of one another. To ensure you receive the best possible four hands experience you possibly can, we advise that you have a rough idea of what sort of set up you want prior to your session so we can accommodate you.

Step 5 – Relax and enjoy it!

So many of our clients are extremely eager to try a four hands massage, and it is many men’s number one sexually fantasy. However, this is usually hindered by their nerves. Many of the clients are too worried or panicked about the idea of having two women tend to their body and this ruins their massage for them as they are not relaxed in the slightest. To full enjoy your four hands massage you need to ensure that you are calm and relaxed, this will make the atmosphere a lot nicer for you and the masseuses. Things will run a lot more smoothly if you trust that the massage therapists will take care of you, and it is guaranteed to feel a whole lot better this way.

So, there you have it – a step by step guide on how to prepare properly and efficiently for a four hands massage. If you follow this guide you are sure to have the best experience of your life, trust me! Thinking of booking a 4 hands massage? Have a read of our 4 Hands service page for London.  Or call us on 07990486678


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