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Asian Massage

Asian massage in London as an outcall or mobile massage service

At Asia-Massage, we provide the most arousing and spectacular elements of oriental Asian sensual and tantric massage therapy services to men in London which indulge a man with the most professionally trained sensual and erotic Asian massage masseuses. Our outcall hotel and home massage services differs from your most traditional Nuru Massage, tantric massage and even body to body, including most erotic massages elsewhere in Central London like Prostate Massage, Body to Body Massage, lingam massage and even Four Hands Massage. All outcall Asian masseuses we promote are fully trained or qualified in therapeutic massages and have spent years perfecting their individual skills and techniques.

The outcall hotel massage or private residence home massage services provided by our Asian outcall massage therapists is that which involves and includes beauty, nakedness as part of sensual and erotic massage package to give you respite from daily and continuous stress or pain. Generally, massage

Generally, Asian massage therapies aim to balance, rejuvenate and promote the natural metabolism of self-healing in a sustainable manner. At Asian massage outcall hotel or visiting home massages in Central London, we maintain a trait which sets Asian masseuses and their outcall massage techniques apart from the competition in London and UK.

Whether they are visiting your hotel room or private home to perform sensual and erotic massage as a healing therapy, they are best at what they do and are always very flexible in responding to your needs as an individual. These princesses and goddesses are very open-minded and understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Flexibility is necessary because not every client has identical requirements.

Understanding the Client

Because each client prefers a different level of pressure we always ensure that we have a clear understanding before we begin the implementation of your choice of either Deep tissue or Swedish massage. Clear communication before and sometimes during a treatment promotes the exquisite service you are seeking whether you are a customer looking for a hotel massage service or an outcall massage In London and Heathrow. Our goal is to provide you with the best Deep tissue and Swedish massage and Hotel massage Service in London and Heathrow.

Our charming masseuses are ready and waiting to take your call and can be in your hotel room or private apartments within 30 minutes or less.

  • Outcall massage rate start from £160.
  • Heathrow – add £20 to £50 (depending on the distance) for Masseuses travelling expenses. Rest of areas in London – to be confirmed over the phone.

SERVICES AND RATE – A relaxation massage of light to medium pressure. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates, circulation, increases serotonin levels. Improves muscle tone, and promotes total mind and body relaxation. PRICE OUTCALL MASSAGE LONDON

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Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London – If you have already visited our gallery and seen the beautiful asian women that will caress you naked body then you will know if you try the tie and tease massage session you will be in for a real treat. For your tantric massage London, Just picture the thought of one these girls helping you undress, tying you up and then using all manner of things including sensual objects and her body to erotically tease an excite you.

Tie and tease is a bondage-related activity where the bondage specifically serves to allow a dominant to torment or tease their submissive while preventing the submissive from doing anything about it. The form of teasing is commonly either tickling or sensual denial.
Tie-and-tease is an exercise in control. In some cases it involves the dominant bringing their submissive to the edge of the end repeatedly, but not letting their submissive actually reach the end… at least, not for a considerable time. An important aspect of this is the submissive’s helplessness to control what happens to them or to escape (however, see also safeword) until their dominant allows them to do so.

Tantric Massage London is generally not what is called a “heavy” BDSM activity. In most cases it is light and fun. Equipment is used, but not the sort which create any significant pain.

History of Tantric Massage

Our Tantric Massage are sensual by nature. It’s the art of Tantra that teaches us to explore our natural lust, Tantric massage allows us to embrace the sensual essence of our soul. Our Tantric massage Rituals begin by creating the perfect atmosphere.

Known as an ancient aromatherapy massage session, where scented oils and meditative breathing are combined with invigorating strokes, our tantric massages London will transport you to a world of eternal bliss. Our massage therapist will cater to your preference and need, making sure that you’re completely relaxed throughout the process.

Tantric massage London, Tantric Massage therapy in London,

Every masseuse has a different style and procedure when it come to this kinky therapy. However each version will be an adventure of magnificent erotic touch and will end in a very happy way.

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Erotic or Sensual Massage?

Erotic or Sensual Massage?

If you are interested in erotic or sensual massage then erotic massage can work equally well for same-sex as for opposite-sex partners. Additionally, as having someone pleasure you with their hands doesn’t tend to bring up the same set of cultural fears and judgments that oral sex or intercourse sometimes do, it sometimes works well even when your partner isn’t of a gender you are normally attracted to.

Erotic massage gives you the chance to explore your sexuality and connect with your partner both physically and emotionally. The term “erotic” comes from Eros (Eros was the Greek symbol of love and desire. He was shooting magic, golden arrows into the hearts of both mortals and immortals, spreading physical desire but also numbness and pain.), the Greek god of love, and describes the arousal of sexual feelings.

Erotic massage provides all the benefits of therapeutic massage, yet it is also an intensely intimate and sensuous experience.

Awaken your wildest senses with an amazing Asia Girls erotic or sensual massage! A highly erotic massage from one of our sexy Asian Girls is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry, and will leave you feeling deeply satisfied.

An erotic massage in the comfortable surrounds of our Asia Massage parlour is the most luxurious way to relax, forget about the pressures of daily life and unwind from the world. Imagine being oiled up by a beautiful asian lady, and pampered from head to toe with a sensual massage using a stimulating warm essential oil blend personally selected for you.

Sensual massage is not to be confused with sexual massage.

A sexual massage is about receiving genital stimulation for an expected sexual release. Whereas sensual massage is about loosing expectations of a goal so you may enjoy your body, moment by moment, in new and profound ways. You loose the need to perform, get it right and get somewhere…and the anxiety that comes with it.

Sensual massage is an intimate art, an ancient practice which is great for old and young alike. Sensual massage combines the physical with the spiritual,it is a fusion of environment,preparation and pressure points. It is as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch. Sensual massage is the ultimate stress reliever. You will feel relaxed throughout the experience.

Sensual massage is an intimate art, an ancient practice...

Erotic or Sensual Massage London,

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London Chinese Massage

Oriental Outcall Chinese Massage Best Practices In London, England, United Kingdom

Our outcall Chinese massage in London is offered by oriental Chinese masseuses with a lot of industry experiences. China is the source of most massage practices which is highly related to their believe’s customs and traditions. The primary purpose of Chinese massage is to help clients in relieving stress. I can also help prevent the client from encountering any form of diseases and illnesses that may be likely associated with stress. There are several types of Chinese massage you can try but the most common ones are (指压) known in English as Zhi Ya and there is also (推拿) known in English as Tuina.

However, the difference between Chinese massage in London and Chinese massage in China is that massage parlours are brothels. Once you are in everyone masseuses thinks you are coming for sex. In the UK the receiver will have to ask the masseuse or would have been asked questions regarding his needs during the time of booking. During the asking of questions as to what the receiver expects, the information received helps in preparing the right masseuse for the job. However, what is wrong in consensual sex between adults? Sex is very good for living and has proven help in relieving stress from men and women. However, if your massage would include sex or happy ending, it will be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. This is aimed at ensuring you that, you can achieve your goals and or ambitions.

Different Massage Practices

Zyi Ya is actually a practice based and or derived from ancient traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure. As is common with most massages this technique involves applying various amounts of  pressure at the acupuncture areas of the skin. The aim being advanced healing and to help you to feel better. It is a type of sensual massage and never target at women. However, the Chinese masseuses offering this massage are young girls in the teens and early twenties. Chinese massage is about reinvigorating blood flow and generating physical and mental energy through the client’s body.

Chinese massage has proven its value over 2000 years and it’s now mainstream to many men in the western hemisphere especially with those from 40 years and above. Without much rambling, there is no much difference between Zhiya and Tuina. The important thing is; what do you want to achieve from your Chinese massage therapy? Do you have well defined goals and or objectives? Then our Outcall Chinese masseuse will decide the strategy suitable enough to help you arrive at your chosen goals.

Where as Tuina is the most popular type of Chinese mostly requested by our clients. Tuina is the type of massage that involves almost anything you can think of in the massage industry. This type of Chinese massage comes with either aromatherapy, application of and rubbing with herbal oils, acupressure, foot massage, hair wash, foot massage, happy ending and much more. Tuina massage could or may last for up to two hours. The purpose is to make you feel good and be treated like a king or a prince. Whenever you decide to go in for this type of Chinese massage (Tuina), expect some rubbing, thumping, kneading accompanied by acupressure also known as “Zhiya”

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Give a Good Sensual Massage in London

Give a Good Sensual Massage in London, Give a good massage in central London.

Give a Good Sensual Massage in London – so, you have always dreamed about some kind of exotic, asian and sensual massage. Right now you have a great possibility to make all your dreams come true! We will be happy to help you in this process, but of course you are to pay some money. We can guarantee you that it its deserve And our regular visitors are a real proof of it. When you leave you will find that there is nothing that can compare to a good sensual massage in London.

If we speak about medicine for the sick and prevention for healthy, the elixir of youth for asian women and a source of energy for men. A good sensual massage in London is a nice way to relax and to have a great opportunity to cheer, in conclusion we are to say that it is about massage. Please see the masseuses page or contact us for details about availability and location.

A good sensual massage in London is just like lovemaking, or even like love. It’s a moment in time that binds two people in a bond that’s blissful and perfect. When you’re experiencing a perfect massage, time could fly and yet, you’d never want those hands to move away. You’d just want to lie there, feeling the overpowering sense of giddy abandonment taking over you completely.

A sensual massage can bring both of you together, even though only one person experiences the pleasure of the perfect pressure. As long as you know how to perfect the art of a good sensual massage, you’d be able to work wonders and win the gratitude of your lover.

The art of the perfect massage...

Have you ever given a sensual massage to your partner? How do you feel when you give a massage to your lover? And most importantly, did your partner really enjoy it? You may not realize this, but a sensual massage is a union of two bodies experiencing the bliss felt by one. A massage isn’t about one person doing all the work while the other partner experiences a good rub down.

When you massage your lover, you’d start to feel as good as your partner does. But that would happen only when you truly connect with your partner and create a bond, and let the energies flow between your bodies. A massage doesn’t take long, nor does it need a lot of accessories. Once you understand what a sensual massage really needs, you’ll be able to prepare yourself and your partner for it within a few minutes, and enjoy a rejuvenating massage that’ll make both of you feel good.

You don’t need nimble fingers or a brow full of dripping sweat to apply the right pressure or give the perfect massage. You just need to keep these 3 steps in mind to create an experience that’s reminiscent of helpless ecstasy and a feeling of complete bliss, for both of you.

The art of the perfect massage, the art of massage, massage the art form,

1 Patience

Relax and calm your mind. Patience is the key to giving a good massage. Feel good about yourself and prepare your mind to selflessly please your partner without expecting anything but happiness and relaxation in return. Take a few deep breaths and avoid any distractions. Read more on Asian Massage Therapy

2 Undisturbed time

If you want to give your lover a great sensual massage, give yourselves at last an hour of undisturbed times with no phone calls, email, or visitors. A sensual massage is a union of two minds and to experience it completely, you need to think of nothing but the way your hands feel against your partner’s body.

3 Get the setting right

Your partner can experience the pleasure of a good massage only when they feel relaxed and uninhibited. Dim the lights if your partner feels awkward about lying in the nude under bright light, or use a soft cloth to cover their butt when they lie down in the nude on their tummy. Dress yourself up in soft clothing or take your clothes off.

Once you’ve almost reduced the pressure completely, move your hands all over your partner’s body gently and slowly so they can still feel your soothing touch but they can’t feel the pressure. End the sensual massage by softly kissing your lover around their body without disturbing their relaxed state of mind.

Try to reduce any verbal communication while massaging your partner. And even if you need to ask your partner something, whisper or speak very softly so you’re not breaking the connection of energies both of you are building up through the massage. A sensual massage is all about non verbal communication and the exchange of energies so both of you can feel more loved and connected. Don’t disturb the bond by laughing, talking loudly or by getting distracted. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a really sexy relationship]

Knots are tight muscles which can build up with stress or bad posture. While massaging your partner around knots, work with your partner and listen to them through the moans and the grunts. Apply pressure around the knots when you feel like they need more, and reduce it where the body seems soft and supple. You’ll learn with time. But always remember that it’s better to start the massage by applying less pressure.

reduced the pressure completely, reducing pressure, relieving pressure,

end a massage with sex, ending a massage with sex. sex after a massage,

You don’t need to end a massage with sex all the time. Sometimes, just massage your lover until they’re blissfully lazy or too drowsy to move. By avoiding sex, your partner can just relax without having to be on guard and ready for sex after the massage. And likewise, make it clear to your partner that you don’t want to be massaged back on the same day, because they may feel obligated to return the favor for you, and that’ll ruin the relaxing sensation flowing through your lover.

If both of you feel like having sex after a sensual massage, then don’t hold back. But if your partner doesn’t initiate it, don’t initiate it either. A sensual massage doesn’t always have to end in sex, as long as you sexually satisfy your lover. And the best part here, if you do connect with your lover emotionally while massaging them, you’d feel rejuvenated and relaxed as well!

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Asian Massage Therapy

Asian Massage Therapy Asian massage therapy can be traced many centuries ago. Some of these methods are just branches of some of the formerly developed ancient types of massage therapy. A lot of these alternative and complementary medicines developed in the ancient times. These medicines were the mere source of medical care of both the rich and the poor people. Modern day massage therapies are still used by some people in rural areas as the only form of medical care. This is especially present with the poor people of the countries.

The only difference of Asian massage therapies is the method of focusing on certain work area that are called key points, meridian points, and energy lines. The body of a human being carries energies all over the different areas of the body. In this case, a blockage in one of the pathways where these energies flow will result to something disastrous to the body. This is when the body succumbs to the many different types of sickness including stress, anxiety and many other physical and mental problems. Asian massage therapy aims and focuses consistently on key areas that need treatment in order to attain the best results.

Asian massage therapy targets the meridian points or key areas of the body in order to:

Release muscular and mental tension. The massage therapist will always focus on the key points of the different area of the body in order to calm down the muscle as well as the mind through the central nervous system. Stimulating the central nervous system greatly helps in relaxing the mind while relieving mental stress.

Asian Massage Therapy, London Asian Massage Therapy,


Improve the respiration and blood flow – this is beneficial in improving the healing ability of the body as oxygen and blood are basically what keeps the motors of the body running. An improvement on the respiratory system of the body and good blood circulation also improves the immunity, removes any difficulty in breathing, and many more.

Relieves Pain. Most patients suffer from body pain that is why they resort to massage therapies in order for them to relieve the body pain naturally. Instead of taking medication such as pain killers, many individuals choose to have a massage therapy instead as it is known as an effective method in removing pain in the body. The key points on the body act as controllers of the whole body that is why when manipulated properly and correctly, the body will respond in a positive way. This positive response is beneficial to the body as it will trigger the self healing ability of the body, removing body pain, releasing stress, calming the body, and many more great benefits.

Relieves anxiety and depression – both anxiety and depression are emotional problems due to many factors that are affecting a person’s life. Stress is probably the most common problem that results to anxiety and depression if not taken care of immediately. Massage therapy helps a person recover from both of these by addressing the problem through the pressure points by acupressure, massage strokes, yoga and many other techniques used for the benefit of the patient.

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Essential Oils Massage

When you partner takes the time to select, mix, and then apply oils to your body, he or she is telling you that you are worth the time. Your partner is telling you that you’re worth spoiling, worth pampering, and that he or she thinks you’re beautiful.An Essential Oils Massage is perfect for this occasion.

Psychologically, essential oils massages do as much for the soul as the actually physical benefits, which are no small things. The main focus of this composition is information on essential oils used for massage. Keep in mind that all these oils are used for other medicinal reasons and in other ways than massage. For our purposes, though, I will try to keep the information on massage oils, erotic and otherwise.

When choosing the essential oils for your massage oil:

Help for your Essential Oils Massage

• Pick just a few; you don’t want a mishmash of aromas.

• Make sure the essential oils, as well as the base oil, are not only edible, but tastes good and are not harmful to mucous membrane.

• Be aware of the properties of the essential oils you use. Some may heat up, which can be a lot of fun, but might be a little intense for some people. Some are astringent, some can raise blood pressure, and some just taste horrible.

• This may sound like a “duh” statement, but find out what your partner likes. If your partner absolutely hates mints, then massage oil made with peppermint is not going to put him in the mood for love. tend to enjoy spicy!

In general, men tend to enjoy spicy, woody smells, on the other hand women are known for favoring floral scents. A blend of both, then, would be an ideal massage oil that would please both partners in a heterosexual relationship. This, however, is a general statement. I’m a woman, and I prefer the spicy aromas over the floral ones, and I know some men who love the scent of some flowers. Regardless, for him/her relationships try a mixture of jasmine and sandalwood (both very erotic oils), or rose and frankincense.

Men like scents such as cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, and coriander. Women seem to lean towards aromas such as rose, jasmine, nerolis, and ylang-ylang. But, like I said before, this is a generality and the real fun comes from finding what you and your partner enjoy.

You might want to try these other combinations:

  • For relaxation try clary sage, lavender, and lemon. Chamomile is excellent for sleep, so try a mixture of chamomile and sandalwood, or chamomile and lavender to help you relax.
  • Ginger and, believe it or not, black pepper, are great for sore, achy muscles.
  • For an uplifting massage, try a blend of lemon, mint, and geranium. How about bergamot, peppermint, and lemon? Lavender, orange, and peppermint is a very cooling combination, as well, and gives a nice floral scent.
  • For romance there are several mixtures you can try. Bergamot, sandalwood, and jasmine for one. The Kama Sutra recommends jasmine and grapefruit. Ylang-ylang, lavender, grapefruit, lemon, and neroli are also great together. If you’re really ambitious, go for a combination of rosewood, neroli, lavender, thyme, and cinnamon or clove.
Esential Oils Massage, Essential oils for massage therapy.

Esential Oils Massage, blending oils

There are a few things to keep in mind when blending oils. First and foremost is many essential oils have medicinal properties and should be used with caution, especially during pregnancy. After the list of oils and their attributes at the end of this narrative, there will be a list of oils to avoid during pregnancy, some of which may not be listed in the list of oil attributes.

The second thing to keep in mind is that oils should never be applied directly to the skin, unless you have been instructed to do so by an experienced aromatherapist. You must always use base oil. You want to use about 5 to 6 drops of essential oil for every 10 mL of base oil you use. That comes out to about 15 or so drops of essential oil per liter of base oil.

Make sure that the Oils stored in a dark glass bottle. Never plastic. You will usually find oils stored in amber-colored bottles or blue ones. Avoid rubber stoppers for your oil bottles. The oils can eat through the rubber. And speaking of oils eating through rubber, latex condoms will degrade in the presence of oil. Again, your Jimmy hat will not be of any use if you use oils as a sexual lubricant, which is bound to happen during an erotic massage. There are condoms made from plastics that can withstand the presence of oil, so read labels before you buy!

After mixing your oils, let your mixture sit for a day or so, or at least a few hour. Then you should go back and smell it again. You might find that the finished product smells a little different from when you first put it up. You can adjust your mixture accordingly. Play around with the oils, find a mixture that smells good to you and experiment with it. If you added 3 drops of sandalwood and 1 drop of chamomile one time, the next time you might want to try 2 drops of each, instead.

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Erotic Massage – Massage Oils

Erotic Massage – Massage Oils – A lot of people think grabbing some hand cream or body lotion would do just fine for a massage, or worse (shudder) doing a “dry” massage. If you want this erotic massage to actually reach the erotic point, you need real massage oil; something that will absorb a bit into the skin, soften it, but also allow you to keep smooth, steady movements with your massage.

You also want your massage oil to be something that you use only for erotic massage. You want to get to the point where you can take a whiff of the oil and have your body ready to rumble. To walk into the room the next day, catch the merest leftover scent of the massage oil, and smile at the memory of what you did in that room the night before. You want to put one small drop of that massage oil behind your ear, so that when you and your partner are out on the town, at a party or a business meeting, maybe in a restaurant, he’ll catch the scent as it wafts past him, and drive him insane until he can get you alone. Lubriderm cream is not going to do that for you!

Erotic Massage – A Brief History

Oils and aromatherapy have been around for a long time. Just look in the Bible. Remember when Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus’ feet? Not only was she applying essential oils, but was doing so through massage. Mary knew the power of massage. It’s a way to relax, relieve stress, show interest, and “rev the motor”, so to speak.

Oils have been around a lot longer than Biblical times, though. About 2700 years before the birth of Christ, the Chinese were using herbs and burning oils. The Egyptians used oils in the mummification process, then eventually applied the same herbs and oils to everyday life. In fact, Cleopatra used the exotic and erotic Jasmine oil to distract Marc Antony during business meetings (Ladies, take note!).

In India, practitioners of ayurveda, a form of medical therapy, employed the use of aromatherapy and massage. Greeks used oils for aromatherapy, cosmetics, and medicine. Romans utilized the oils after baths, and the Aztec had a vast array of herbs and plants. In 980 AD, in the Far East, the art of distilling alcohol led to the development of more modern-day perfumes. I believe it wouldn’t be too far-reaching to say that nearly every culture at one time or another took advantage of nature’s resources and used oils and massage.

Erotic Massage – Massage Oils, Erotic Massage and Massage Oils lonodn,
Esential Oils Massage, essential oils massage london,


How Do They Work?

Essential oils work in at several ways. First, and probably most obvious, is scent. The nose is an incredible organ. Ever notice how a fleeting aroma wafting across the street can take you back in time 20 years, to when you first encountered that smell? You can recall that instant in time in vivid detail; much more detail, in fact, than a photograph could bring back. Have you ever encountered a scent that reminded you of a particular person? Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone and not known why, only to find out later it was the scent he or she was wearing that aroused your interest? There are good reasons for that. The nose is directly hardwired to the brain.

When a scent is inhaled, the particles of the aroma are picked up by nerve endings at the back of the nose. The signal is then passed up to the brain, specifically to the limbic system. The limbic system is home of the hypothalamus, which in turn houses the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland, among other things, is responsible for hormone release. See where I’m going with this?

Nose – to – limbic system – to – hypothalamus – to – pituitary gland – to – hormone release


There are different neurochemicals that are triggered by smell and cause mood changes. The first one is familiar to just about everyone- endorphin. Endorphin is the body’s natural high. Endorphins are most commonly associated with pain control. Everyone has heard of the person who is shot and doesn’t know it, or the person who has broken a limb and feels no pain. Thank the great hormone endorphin for that! Endorphins are actually stronger than morphine, which is probably why the word breaks down as “endo”, which means “within”, and “phin”, which means “morphine”; literally the word means “the morphine within.”

But pain control isn’t the only job of endorphins. Elevated levels of this hormone is seen after exercise and sex, as well. It’s associated with feelings of invincibility, satisfaction, calmness, and attunement with the body. The other neurochemical triggered by smell is serotonin. Serotonin is a calming hormone. It is associated with sleep, mood, locomotion, feeding, and anxiety. Is it any wonder that aromatherapy is a great way to relax, calm, and entice?

So, now the nose has picked up on the scents of the oil and has triggered a mad rush of hormones through the body. That, you may say, is a temporary state. One could get used to the scent of the oil and it will have less impact, or over the course of an evening the effects of the hormones will dissipate. But there’s more. The oils are also absorbed in the fat cells, and when essential oils are used in massage, whether erotic or not, the medicinal components of the herbs are also availed. Combine that with the effects of the massage itself -stimulation of circulation and heat production, not to mention relaxation of tense muscles – and you have an excellent vehicle through which to completely spoil your partner with luxury.

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Heathrow Outcall Massage

London Heathrow Outcall Massage

Heathrow Outcall Massage – If you’re new to spa or massage therapy, you might wonder what an outcall massage is. Why is it getting popular nowadays? And surely it has its own advantages.

What is an Outcall Massage?

An outcall massage is a kind of massage in which a therapist personally goes to the client’s place, instead of the client getting his/her massage at the spa or massage centre. This is an easier way for most clients especially if they lead a busy life. The Heathrow outcall massage is also highly suitable for clients who are homebound, less-abled and terminally ill.

With the above definition, the other commonly used terms are; home service massage, housecall massage, onsite massage or mobile massage. Today, many therapists who perform this kind of massage procedure would usually go to the client’s homes, hotel rooms and businesses offices.

...necessary tools and equipment

They will bring along their massage tables and other necessary tools and equipment. Of course, the tools are depending on the type of massage that the client requested. Due to the fact that massage therapy is unfortunately sometimes confused with the sex industry, therapists who offer outcall massage are generally careful and very clear with their clients.

Heathrow Outcall Massage, Heathrow Airport outcall massage,
Heathrow Massage, Heathrow airport massage,

Commonly asked questions

When a client calls to make an appointment, the therapist will ask the following (but not limited to) questions. A lot of this is to ensure that the client is not expecting inappropriate services.

  • Is this the first time the client is calling?
  • Who refer or where does the client heard about the therapist?
  • How long is the session that the client desire?
  • What kind of massage does the client desire?
  • When does the client want the massage?
  • Where does the client want the massage?

At the end of the call, the therapist will specify the rates, and upon agreement from the client, he or she will arrange transportation to the client’s place. A lot of the time, a genuine therapist may also make sure to remind the client that sexual services are not offered as part of the service.

In some cases, a massage therapist will only offer outcall massage at home to trusted regular clients, or to clients who have been recommended by other therapists. Heathrow Outcall Massage sessions require the massage therapist to devote a great deal of travel time and setup time to the session. Therefore, the prices quoted are usually higher, and some even charge double of the amount.

This is because the therapist has factor in the travel time, setup and take-down time, the personalised service and as well the wear and tear on his/her vehicles and equipment. The transaction is usually preferred to be in cash. I hope you have a great understanding of Heathrow outcall massage by now!

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sensual massage in London,

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage – A sensual massage is one that focuses on the partner’s erogenous zones...

Sensual Massage – A sensual massage is one that focuses on the partner’s erogenous zones to provide both stress relief and increased intimacy between the masseuse and recipient. The goal of a sensual massage is not to orgasm (though that may be a pleasant reaction), but rather to incorporate a highly personal and relaxing experience into your life.

It allows both partners to receive pleasure without the pressure of performance and to incorporate an alternate source of intimacy into their relationship. Giving or receiving a sensual massage (also classified as a tantric massage) is a great way to bond with your partner.

It is extremely important, however, to communicate beforehand. This ensures that both partners are comfortable with the level of intimacy of the massage. After this, both you and your partner can reap the benefits of this relaxing and personal moment of exploring each other’s bodies.

Sensual Massage, sensual massage therapy,

[ozy_vc_count_to subtitle=”SATISFACTION” sign=”%” signpos=”right” color=”#fb0505″]

Massage Satisfaction, satisfaction of your massage,

...history of sensual massage!

The history of sensual massage is extremely long. This type of touch was widespread in Eastern cultures, including China and India, as far back as 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. In India, specific forms of massage, such as tantric massage, were developed to include a spiritual aspect as well as a physical aspect.

While massage in the Western world was mainly traditionally used for medicinal or healing purposes instead of sensuality, modern couples are rediscovering the use of massage as part of sexuality.

The tools used for sensual massage can incorporate many different sensations into the massage if desired. Many people use special oils or creams designed for massage. Some of these contain scents that help relax or stimulate the recipient, while others are simple oils, such as a basic almond oil, which helps keep the movement of the giver’s hands over the recipient’s body smooth and flowing.

Some people giving a sensual massage incorporate items with different textures to increase the sensations of the massage. These can include feathers or different types of cloth, such as silk or velvet.

Sensual massage is healthy as well as sexy, and the physical effects become part of the experience. Sensual massage boosts blood flow all across the body. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body and increases oxytocin, a hormone involved with feelings of affection and bonding. Regular massage can also lead to improved immune function and better general health overall.

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