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Men’s Minds Matter # Podcast 361: Today’s topic: The Health Benefits of a Thai massage

massageIS: Welcome to Men’s Minds Matters, this week we are discussing the health benefits of getting a thai massage. If you are tuning in live, hello and welcome and if you are reading the transcript, kindly transcribed by the lovely Carolynn, who will also publish it on our blog, hello to you too. My name is Ian Stewart and I will be your host this afternoon. Today we shall be discussing the health benefits of thai massage…To talk on the subject I have roped in an exciting array of guests.  First on my right here we have Trevor Arnold, a leading member of the UK’s massaging federation and talented gold player.

TA: Oh well, I wouldn’t know about that…

IS: You wiped the floor with me last weekend

TA: Well I suppose I did yes haha.

IS: Then we have Tracey Gooley, a retired thai masseuse turned entrepreneur.

TG: Hello

IS: And finally, as always we get a guy off the street- no I’m kidding, introducing regular panellist, and everyone’s favourite chip off the old block, my younger brother Paul Stewart.

PS: yeah you alright?

IS: What have you been up to this week Paul?

PS: Nothing really, my girlfriend broke up with me

IS: How long were seeing this one?

PS: Two weeks

IS: Two weeks, bloody hell Paul, what’re you doing to these women Paul?

PS: Me? She wanted me to move in with her and look after her kids every Tuesday night!

IS: I guess that’s dating in your 40’s for yer, eh paul?

PS: Yea

IS: Now that feels like an appropriate segway to the topic in hand… Many men, who like paul, are going through a breakup, will get an erotic massage to make them feel better, right? And see, the benefit of getting a massage in regards to the ‘happy ending’ element or even ‘full service’ goes without saying. However what is often overlooked is the actual benefits to your health you can get from having a massage.

PS: Like what?

IS: Well that is what we’ve got the panellists here to tell us. Let’s start with Tracey. As a former masseuse yourself you must have some key insight, right?

TG: well when I started maseussing in London in the 80’s it was a different time. We were given no formal training, no books, we were just shown by the other girls and a lot of the time we were just making it up. Haha those were the days, I mean now it’s completely changed of course. You couldn’t just rock up with some massage oil to a hotel and hope for the best. The girls working the circuit in London now have trained at professional massage schools and really deliver actual massage styles.

IS: So you don’t actually know anything about the benefits of a thai massage?

TG: Oh no I do, I knew I was coming on the show and I didn’t want to look like a dummy on air so I asked some girls I know that are still in the trade and now I’ve got a bunch of facts!

IS: Well go on then, shares with us what you know- pauls gasping here, wants to know whether its worth getting a massage rather than booking in with his therapist this week

PS: Eh… well you’re not wrong.

TG: Well, let’s see… Yes this one Thai masseuse, Chloe, lovely girl mind, she told me that a thai massage will rebalance the Cortisol and Serotonin in your body.

IS: the what now and the who now?

TG: Cortisol is the stress hormone- and when you have too much of that swimming around your body you feel rubbish. Serotonin is the happy hormone- it makes you feel all warm and nice. When you get a thai massage your body will naturally produce more serotonin, which removes the cortisol that might be swimming around your body- leaving you feeling much better after your massage than before you had it.

PS: Amazing.

IS: That enough to convince you Paul?

TG: Wait I’ve got more! I spoke to this really talented thai masseuse. Anna, she’s dead serious but got a heart of gold when you know her. Anyway, she told me a tonne of interesting health benefits..

IS: Go on…

TG: She said the stretching that is done to the muscles and limbs during a thai massage will relieve even chronic muscle pain as it targets deep muscle tension. She said that anyone getting a thai massage will notice a considerable lightness to their limbs after their session.

IS: Will it help me lose a stone?

TG: Well funny you say that, a thai massage will increase blood circulation- and good circulation improves the amount of oxygen going around your body.  A lack of oxygen can cause your glands to swell so you might appear slimmer post massage- and perhaps, now here’s me speculating, but maybe with all this positive serotonin dancing around your body, you might feel more motivated to go the gym, tackle that flubby tummy

IS: Flubby tummy! I had a large lunch! Just you wait; as soon as I’ve had a digest my stomach will be as flat as stone.

PS: A couple of a stones…

IS: moving on- We haven’t heard from our panellist expert yet, Trevor, you had been one of the leading members of the UK’s massage federation for the past 12 years. What do you know about the health benefits of thai massage?

TA: Well I mean you’ve have touched on a few key points already, I think what Tracey said about Serotonin was really interesting – and really hits on to my main expertise when it comes to massages. Over my time looking in to the subject I have learnt of the major benefits thai massage can have on men’s mental health.

IS: Oh really..

TA: Now I know not all men feel comfortable with discussing mental health, but it’s important so let’s not fanny around the subject.

PS: No you’re quite right.

TA: There are men out there dying because they can’t get in touch with their emotions, or their body, or their head- it’s an epidemic.

IS: you are absolutely right there Trev, no-one’s disagreeing with you there.

TA: Right sorry, sometimes I get a bit choked up, my son he, er. Anyway, Thai massage in particular is incredibly beneficial to improving your general mental health. Thai massage is a very meditative experience, it helps calm and settle the mind. The specific massage techniques designed for Thai massage were created to specifically relax the mind, something that is so important nowadays- what with the million distractions of social media, and our phones and the cartoons and the reality shows- sometimes we just need to stop. Getting a thai massage will help you fall into a meditative state.  Bliss. How important is that for the mind I ask you?

IS: Very important Terry

TA: Trev

IS: Trev sorry, well that’s all we’ve got time for tonight folks, I hope you’ve learnt something! And from all of us here at Men’s Minds Matter, see you next week.


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Thai Massage London

Thai Massage Therapies In Central London

Having a Thai therapeutic massage will be an expertise like no different. A wholesome particular person (one with no coronary heart issues, tendency to have blood clots, or simply had an operation/surgical procedure or radiation remedy and comparable circumstances) can reap the advantages of a Thai massage London. There’s nothing like lengthy, deep strokes from skilled arms. Nothing like a setting amidst the scenic pure backdrop of a tropical island gem like Koh Samui in Thailand. All of this helps to ease rigidity, improve circulation, energize the physique and produce a few better vitality and tranquility of the thoughts and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage Restorative Powers

Certainly, a physique-revving therapeutic massage will help align physique energies by way of the appliance of stress alongside important acupressure factors. A massage focusing notably on 10 main vitality traces referred to as Sen. What higher technique to expertise therapeutic advantages than in a far-off place like Thailand, with its idyllic seashores, enchanting gardens, and spa resorts with stunning mountainside and different breathtaking views.

Whether or not you are prepared for some critical pampering in a luxurious resort with spa bundle, or wanting ahead to an indulgent afternoon in a day spa, the therapeutic massage Thai’s can supply is restorative. If you happen to go for a Thai therapeutic massage in a spa resort or lodge, a retreat heart or vacation spot famous for spa and therapeutic massage, and expertise the therapeutic wonders of a therapeutic massage executed by expert therapists who’ve studied for a number of years, you may go away with enhanced flexibility and restored physique methods.

For 2,400 years, Thai therapeutic massage has been practised and is believed to have originated from India. During therapeutic massage, numerous components of your physique will get stretched and massaged in a gradual, managed method. The massage thereby stimulating completely different areas of the lymphatic system and inspiring the free move of vitality. Hence, the end result, particularly when completed amidst a scenic setting with a laid-again vibe like inside Thailand, is deeply stress-free and exhilarating. Nothing compares to a therapeutic massage that really gives you the treatment you need.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic massage just isn’t for these with points about being touched. Nonetheless, for individuals who want a therapeutic, pure solution to alleviate some illnesses they might be experiencing, the snug, skilled method with which Thai Massage London (therapeutic massage) is carried out generally is a boon. A revelation. It’s like partaking in yoga with out the yoga skilled, because the therapeutic massage session depends a lot on the professional data of the therapeutic massage therapist.

In Thailand, individuals can get large aid from sore muscular tissues after touring or a day of elephant using. A spa break will not be solely bodily invigorating but additionally spiritually uplifting. Giving the physique break day can let people meditate and discover the tranquility they might be trying to find. So when you occur to search out your self headed for Thailand. Off to a pleasant beachfront resort or one of many prime spas for a therapeutic massage like no different. Go for an entire cleaning detox program in a spa vacation spot with a backyard or sea view. Moreover a Thai Massage London, you will get whole physique pampering with a Thai spa delicacies. Scheduled day by day health actions, and natural therapies, all as a part of an built-in holistic strategy to wellness.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in England UK

The fast-paced modern world takes a toll on our physical and psychological health. Constant stress, deadlines, workplace drama, and other daily frustrations don’t just pass through us without doing harm. These experiences will accumulate in our bodies over time, causing a buildup of muscle tension that can exacerbate or even cause physical injury. If you are experiencing chronic pain in the form of muscle aches, stress headaches, or aggravations to old injuries, you may benefit from getting a deep tissue massage.

Massage Tailored to Your Needs

Deep tissue massage targets the tense muscle adhesions that have built up in your body, seeking to stimulate, release, and heal the physical damage that life has inflicted upon you. At the beginning of a deep tissue massage, you will get a chance to consult with a massage expert about the specifics of your pain and discomfort, and they will devise a specific plan of action designed to relieve your particular issues.

During the massage itself, you will receive stimulation in the deep muscle and connective tissue from the therapist’s hands, elbows, forearms, fingertips, and/or knuckles in order to relieve the tense trouble spots in your musculature. You will be asked to relax and breathe deeply during this time, allowing your body to release tension and heal. Afterwards, you will need to hydrate in order to cleanse your body of the toxins that are released by the deep stimulation. The whole process should take about 60 minutes to complete.

Deep tissue massage specifically targets

Deep tissue massage specifically targets the underlying physical issues that cause pain, releasing tension in your muscles that may have been building up for years. It can promote deep levels of healing and release. Deep tissue massage is an important component of healing for those recovering from surgery or major physical injury.

Don’t let yourself live with pain for one more second. Book an appointment at your local Asia Massage today, and find the relief that you’ve been looking for!

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