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Is Tantric Massage Best For Chronic Stress?

using massage to beat Chronic Stress

It’s well-known that massage therapy is one of the best cures for stress. There’s something so comforting and relieving about touch. Massage therapy plays on this and combines it with working tension out of tired muscles. There are many types of massage that you can try – from traditional ones such as Swedish massage and sports massages (both of which focus on deep pressure) to more erotic styles such as nuru massage and tantric massage.

Erotic Asian massages are interesting, because they fuse the relaxing sensations of having muscle knots ironed out with the relief of sexual satisfaction. Tantric massage is one massage that is particularly effective for that.

What is a tantric massage?

A tantric massage is an Asian massage that is very ritualistic and focuses on slow tension build-up. The reason behind this is because it’s based on tantra – a meditative ritual that’s meant to rebalance the mind, body and soul. Tantric practitioners believe that the body runs on Qi, also known as life energy. When the channels that carry Qi become blocked and disrupt the flow, you are more likely to become ill and stressed. Tantric massage, which is a combination of sensual stimulation, sexual arousal and control using breathing techniques, works to rebalance these energies.

Stress and tantric massage

Tantric massage typically uses techniques that slowly build up tension, raises arousal and keeps it at a high point. The aim isn’t to experience orgasm. It’s to learn to control your arousal and orgasm. Orgasm is the body’s natural reaction to arousal, but when you orgasm uncontrollably, energy may be lost in the process. Tantric massage teaches you how to orgasm without wasting any of this precious energy, and in doing so, you can experience multiple intense orgasms.

But how is this linked to stress? Well, stress can be held all over the body. It’s most attracted to places that are under the most strain on a daily basis – for example, the back, shoulders and neck. Massage therapy works to relieve the stress from these areas. However, stress can also be held in places like the sexual areas. Normal massage therapy doesn’t work on these areas because they aren’t meant to cater to arousal. Alternative massages, like tantric massage, do which makes them far more satisfying and fulfilling.

Tantric massage is so slow that it ensures every drop of blocked energy is eased out of its hiding spot and reintroduced to the rest of the channels. It also ensures that all the tension is soothed out of the body in the most efficient manner possible. You see, orgasm is a physical manifestation of stress, so when you experience an orgasm, stress is released. That’s why you feel so relaxed after one. But because orgasms also mean energy loss, tantric massage uses breathing rituals and mind control to teach you to only experience stress release and not energy loss.

Relieving chronic stress: the tantra way

Tantric massage is a fantastic way to relieve chronic stress because of its slow, meticulous nature. Chronic stress is one that keeps coming back, so normal massage therapy that light-heartedly works at stress won’t affect one that is deeply rooted. Tantric massage really digs into the body, metaphorically and literally, and really works to build up tension. The eventual orgasm will be the most stress-releasing one you’ve ever had, which ensures that even the most deep and stubbornly rooted tensions are blasted from the body in one pleasurable sweep.

Can it prevent stress?

Regular tantric massage sessions can prevent stress. This is because it exercises the mind and allows you to learn to stay cool and collected during stressful situations. It’s also extremely sexually satisfying. Sexual frustration can be distracting and have negative effects on mood so tantric massage helps to prevent this. It helps you to stay focused. Our Japanese tantric massage girls are waiting to provide you with the benefits of a Tantric massage today.

Where can I get a tantric massage?

You can try our special tantric massage service and prices start from £150 an hour. We have a selection of genuine masseuses offering asian massage in london and who are all highly trained in a variety of oriental massages, including tantric. To book, head over to our contact page and follow the instructions!