Visiting Nuru Massages in London

What Not To Do During a Nuru Massage

If you’ve never heard of a Nuru Massage, you’re in for a treat because they’re one of the most popular and enjoyable erotic massages out there. Imagine a slip n slide, but with a lot less clothing and a great deal more body to body contact. Catch my drift. Read all about what not to do during a nuru massage in our latest blog.

v day on a budget.fw

V-Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day on a budget: try an erotic massage Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where you’re expected to show very wild and public displays of affection, and while we want to remember that it’s a day for showing love and not flashing the credit card, it’s hard to do anything without money. It’s a…

A to Z of asian massage types

The A-Z of Oriental Massage Therapies

How many Asian massage types do you know? With hundreds of Asian massage therapies to choose from, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. There are various different types of Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese techniques that you can experience, and they branch off into traditional massages and erotic / sensual massage practices. How would you…