tantric massages

Tantric massage and sexual healing

Tantric massage is a style of massage that’s very sensual by nature. It’s an art form that teaches us how to embrace our natural sensuality, lust and encourages us to explore our erotic side. The massage can be performed all over the body. It is typically carried out naked and works to stimulate the whole…

a massage for every mood

A Massage For Every Mood

  The beauty of being human is that we often experience a bunch of emotions all at once. Sometimes this is a nuisance but other times, it can be an exhilarating journey. This is particularly the case when you take advantage of this whirlwind of unpredictable emotions and guide them towards something worthy of a…

using massage to beat Chronic Stress

Is Tantric Massage Best For Chronic Stress?

It’s well-known that massage therapy is one of the best cures for stress. There’s something so comforting and relieving about touch. Massage therapy plays on this and combines it with working tension out of tired muscles. There are many types of massage that you can try – from traditional ones such as Swedish massage and…

when not to get a tantric massage

When NOT To Get a Tantric Massage

Tantric massage combines traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. This Asian-style massage therapy is highly sought out because of its unprecedented benefits for the mind body and soul- however; they can also cause a few problems if you’re not in the right health.