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How Tantric Massage Therapy Could Help Your Millennial Burnout

When I was in university I was constantly being told that once I graduated that I would find it rather difficult to get a job, to buy a house or live comfortably in a major city. This was crazy news to me as in my parents’ generation; if you had a degree and were educated then you would be able to live a healthy and stable life. These stresses are just some of the many the millennial generation (people born between 1989-1997) face and it has had a huge impact on our mental health and stress levels. We are the highest bracket of “work martyrs,” working the longest hours yet not being able to afford the homes, cars, holidays and lifestyles that Baby Boomers and Generation X were able to. Recent studies have shown that us Millennials are making around 20% less than our parents and grandparents, yet being overworked and a lot more educated.

Stress is all around us and it can impact your everyday life

It is not just the heavy workloads and unrealistic deadlines that are causing us stress and anxiety, but we also face a lot of issues when it comes to technology and politics. Known as “constant checkers,” our relationship with technology is quite complex as we are the only generation that was born before laptops and mobile phones, grew up when they began to become a normal part of life and now when they are almost a necessity to get by. Despite being more connected to the world and having the internet to learn and see things we never were able to do beforehand, we are also the generation that feels the most alone. Our use of technology has been directly linked to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide. Although technology is incredible and interactive in so many ways, it has also left us feeling isolated.

When it comes to politics we are constantly being dubbed “too leftist” or “too offended.” We are trying to break through the racial, class, gender, religious and homophobic prejudice that the generations before us had internalised yet we are constantly fighting a battle of trying to stand up for political correctness. Also, another huge issue that Millennials are highly aware of is the vast Climate Change, something that causes us a lot of stress, affecting us physically and mentally.

These issues have a direct connection with the levels of stress that our generation is experiencing and have participated in the problem that has become known as “Millennial Burnout.” WE have many different areas of stress coming from various different factors which is affecting many Millennial’s quality of life.

Ultimately if something is causing you stress or deterring your mental health, you look to find a solution to help this problem, right? If being a Millennial is one thing then it is being open to trying new things. Luckily this has allowed us to speak more freely and openly about certain things like our bodies and how we can pleasure them not just sexually but on a spiritual level too. We talked with one of our customers who is a Millennial, about why and how they use Tantric Massage Therapy to combat their stress levels and how it helps them when they feel burnt out.

So, if you are feeling a hard hit of Millennial Burnout and are looking for a solution that is relaxing, pleasurable and liberating, then read on…

Dawson, 25 – “My father is a lawyer and so was his father, therefore naturally I wanted to follow in the family footsteps and keep up this tradition. I have always been accustomed to working hard Claire a Thai massage specalist working in the London I knew I wanted to study at the best university and get the best degree level, and I always saw my father work long and hard hours and be rewarded for it. However, since I have become older I have begun to notice that although I may work even harder than my father does, the economic climate means that I will not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle that he has been able to do so. I am not saying that I do not live a financially stable life, but my lifelong dreams of owning my own home by the time I’m 25, like my father did, is something that is looking a bit far out of reach. Years of studying extremely hard and not being rewarded in the way that I had hoped has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety and at times I feel so out of touch with myself that I almost feel numb and paralysed. My anxiety surges through my body and it is very difficult when I have to work long hours in a very high paced job that involves a lot of interaction and concentration. I find it hard to have any time to myself which has also put a hold on any sort of love life as if I can’t spare any time for myself now, how would I be able to do so for a potential partner? Luckily recently I have been coming to my local Asian massage parlour to receive Tantric Massage therapy weekly which is already improving my quality of life massively. Tantric massage therapy is immersive and sensual, helping your mind and your body to connect in a special way. It binds together your sexual energy with your state of relaxation to send powerful rushes of happiness and pleasure throughout your body and mind. IT is so much more than a physical or sexual act; I like to think it is quite spiritual. It has helped me to combat my stress levels and to learn how to enter into a total form of Zen. Tantric massage therapy encourages me to get in touch with my feelings and instead of suppressing them, I have learnt to just feel and let them flow. When the masseuse is running her hands on areas such as my shoulders, neck and back, I can instantly feel the tension being released from body and I visualise with every stroke she is washing away the stress and tension. Tantric Massage Therapy is definitely a positive and great way for not just Millennial’s to tackle their high pressure lifestyles, but for anyone that is open to letting the world of Tantra work its ways on you.”

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