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The six step process of an erotic massage

Erotic massage promises to be soothing, sexy and seductive. However, it’s not uncommon to feel a little nervous when embarking on your first session – because let’s be honest, it’s not every day you indulge in hot naked fun with a head-to-toe gorgeous oriental lady. However, we want to subside your first-time nerves and we do this by talking you through what to expect during an erotic massage. So here it goes boys.

Book an appointment

We can’t stress enough the importance of booking your massage before arriving at the parlour. Erotic massage parlours are super in-demand establishments. Therefore, turning up unannounced will likely lead to waiting a large amount of time for a therapist to become available.  Booking a massage in advanced not only means the appointment will take place at your desired time but it will also guarantee you your first-choice of therapist.

Arriving at the parlour

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your treatment slot. This allows you time to meet your therapist, discuss your service packages and get changed before the sizzling fun begins. If you want to select your therapist in-person then you can do this on arrival in the parlour’s welcome lounge.

Commence the full body massage

Once you’re unchanged, you’ll be guided to the bed by your masseuse to commence the massage. The masseuse will position you on your front, cover your lower area in towels and begin to drizzle oil all over your back. She will then use her tantalising fingertips to lather the oil all over your physique. Strokes deriving from the Swedish style, including effleurage and petrissage will be used. These techniques will unwind all of the stress and tension built up in your neck, back and shoulders. When your upper half is feeling super relaxed, she will start to navigate her attention to your lower areas.

The pleasure is sensually enhanced

The masseuse will then knead all of the muscle tension built in your legs, starting from the bottom and working her way up to the thigh areas. Once she feels as though you are ready, she will begin to trail her soft hands up your upper thighs. This will super build up the intensity of the strokes and tease you like never before.

Attention is paid to your erogenous zones

And finally, around halfway through your appointment, the masseuse will then start to pay attention to your manhood. She will sweetly cup your balls, and stroke along your tip before sensationally jerking your penis. Your whole mind will be in a euphoric frenzy as you are guaranteed to have never experienced anything this amazing. For clients who have booked the erotic massage happy ending, the session will end here after they have achieved orgasm. However, if you’re a feeling a little more adventurous then you can always prolong the fun. Introducing the erotic massage full service…

You get to have sex

With erotic massage full service, the session never ends with just hand-relief. The therapist and client can extend the pleasure with a massaging buffet of oral and sex. Once an erection has been stimulated using the hands, the masseuse will use her voluptuous lips and seductive tongue to suck, lick and kiss your penis and testicles. When she feels as though you can’t take anymore, she will slowly start to sensationally slide and grind on your manhood. This is sure to work you up more than a hot sweat (for all the right reasons!) Masseuses are super open-minded people and are usually up for all types of positions and seductive extras, so if there’s something a little daring you want to try then do inform them before you opt for the full service. And one last thing boys, when you opt for the full service you’re sure to achieve a cocktail orgasm.

Book an erotic massage today

So there you go, the six steps of an erotic massage. If you’re ready to take the plunge and enjoy a five-star massage with one of our high-class models then feel free to visit us in one of our plush incall parlours or outcall in London. We are open 10 am to 3am seven days a week and can’t wait to hear from you. Call today to arrange your raunchy erotic encounter 07990486678 You can also visit our Oriental Erotic Massage in London service page.