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How to Give Your Partner The Perfect Lingam Massage

how to give a lingam massage

how to give a lingam massage

Unlike a bog standard “hand job”, a lingam massage not only involves stroking and massaging the penis, but also incorporates advanced techniques, including the perineum, testicles and the prostate. Lingam, which translates to ‘wand of light’, is the Sanskrit word for penis, and is regarded as sacred in the practice of Tantra. As a result, the Lingam massage was created to honour men and of course to give them pleasure. However, performing a Lingam massage requires skill that goes deeper than just physically stimulating the penis; it requires knowledge of the bodies’ energies (chakras) and the ability to read and manage them. In order to perform a truly authentic lingam massage, you must approach your man’s body as if it was a temple; remaining respectful of it and handling it with great care.  So, if you want to give your partner a wave of multiple orgasms, here’s what you need to do:

Relax him

The most important thing to remember when it comes to performing any kind of Tantric massage is:  relaxation is paramount.  In order for your partner to experience the ultimate pleasure, his body, mind and soul all need to be open and relaxed. Begin by transforming your chosen room into a haven of tranquillity. Light some candles and play some soothing music whilst your partner takes a hot shower and cleanses his body. When he returns, have him lie on his back (either on a bed or the floor) with his legs spread apart and his knees bent. Encourage him to breathe deeply and try to do the same. This will ease you both into the massage to come, because after all, you’ll probably be a little nervous too. As well as this, using special breathing techniques is what separates Tantric practice from regular sex. First of all, it allows you to develop a deeper feeling of worship, mindfulness and meditation, but will also heighten your sexual intuition.

Use Lubrication

Although lubrication comes in various forms, we would always suggest that you do some research beforehand and find an oil or gel that is best for you. Start by applying some of the oil to the lingam and testicles and begin by massaging the inside of their thighs. Try incorporating a full body massage into the mix by sliding your hands up and down the length of his body. The use of oil will make movement more fluid, but it will also enhance your partner’s senses. Basically, every stroke of your fingers will send shivers up and down his body, and will allow his arousal levels to raise gradually- the key to powerful pleasure.

Try different techniques

Once you’ve well and truly teased your partner, move your attention to the lingam. Start by using a light stroking motion and then switch to a twisting movement after several minutes. Alternate your grip, using light touch to tease your partner and stronger strokes to send waves of intense pleasure shooting through his body. Also, try focusing on different areas of the lingam such as the bottom of the shaft and the tip of the head. Touching and caressing different areas of the lingam will unlock a series of different senses that will send your partners body into a frenzy. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try using two hands at the same time. With the help of more lubricant, place the palms of your hands on either side of the penis and runs your hands up and down. Once you reach the top, gently use your thumbs to massage the head using a circling motion, adding more or less pressure when necessary. Do this several times, and then use one hand to massage the tip of the penis whilst moving your other hand up and down the shaft- it’ll drive your partner crazy.

Massage his G spot

The prostate, also known as the sacred spot is a walnut-sized gland located between the penis and bladder. Although pleasure is more intense when practiced internally, ease your partner into it at first by massaging it externally. In order to do this, locate an indentation located between the anus and the testicles and begin to apply some pressure. Be vocal with your partner at this point and let him guide you in terms of how much pressure to apply. Once you’ve warmed him up and his body is relaxed, grease up your fingers and slowly ease one into his anus. Start by wiggling your finger to loosen him up and then venture deeper until you can feel the prostate. Caress his G spot by moving your finger up and down and then side to side and apply more pressure depending on his reaction. If he’s moaning, you’ve got the go ahead to continue, and trust me, you will get positive reviews. To really drive him mad, conclude your massage by stimulating the prostate with one hand and massaging the lingam with another. This incredible mix of alternate sensations will drive him to the point of no return and he will experience the most intense, mind-blowing orgasm of his life. That’s a guarantee. Feel free to repeat this process over and over if your partner is still aroused, but just remember: take your time with it and try and enjoy it too.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or you just want to treat your partner, performing a Lingam massage is sure to earn you some brownie points. If he enjoys it enough, maybe he’ll return the favour next time, so what are you waiting for?

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