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10 Lingam Massage Techniques You Must Try

10 lingam massage techniques you have to try

10 lingam massage techniques you have to try

‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word that refers to the word ‘penis’ and loosely translates to ‘Wand of Light’. The Ancient Indians worshipped the male and female sexual organs, seeing them as sacred objects because of their vital role in creation. There are temples with phallic states at the entrance, highlighting their holiness.

This belief led to the invention of lingam massage and yoni massages, which are erotic massages specifically designed for the pleasurable arousal of the male and female genitals respectively. With both, orgasm is not the goal although it’s a welcomed side effect. The goal is to take the receiver to new levels of pleasure and encouraging them to surrender to their senses. It allows them to be the sole centre of attention and particularly for men, allows them to embrace their softer, more receptive side. A lingam massage in particular is meant to take the man into a deep state of relaxation.

If this sounds like something you want to experience with your lover, look no further because here are 10 techniques that are guaranteed to give ‘arousal’ a whole new meaning.

1. Wake up the lingam area

In a lingam massage you should slowly awaken the lingam with a series of soft and gentle movements. Just like how you’d rather be woken gently, the lingam would rather be risen softly and slowly as opposed to a roughing up. Begin by gently massaging the testicles. Don’t squeeze, just lightly cup them and use your thumb to stroke in small circles. Gently massage the scrotum and the perineum (area between the testicles and anus). Take your time to explore the whole lingam area and really get to know it.

2. Awaken the lingam

Now that you’ve explored the lingam’s counterparts, it’s time to focus on the actual thing. Gently but firmly grasp the lingam between your thumb and forefinger and move up the penis. Slide your fingers off and swap hands. Repeat. Then go in the opposite direction.

3. Thumb strokes

Hold the penis somewhere in the middle of the shaft. As you rest it against the four fingers, slowly slide your thumb up the shaft. Repeat several times before changing direction and sliding down.

4. Alternating grasps

Wrap one hand at the bottom of the shaft and slide it firmly up and off the penis. Repeat with the other hand and vary the speed and tightness of your grip.

5. Corkscrew

With one hand, hold the base of the lingam. With the other, grasp the top of the lingam with your palm touching the head. Then twist your hand around the top with your thumb rubbing the part of the shaft it can reach. While you’re doing this, the hand at the bottom slowly make a pumping motion.

6. Wringing

Grasp the penis with both hands and twist the hands in opposite motions – like you’re wringing something. For this movement, it might be easier to sit at his side instead of between his legs.

7. Lighting a fire

Straighten your hands and hold the penis between your palms. Then rub your hands together like you’re lighting a fire. Move your hands up and down the penis, and change the pressure and speed.

8. Just one finger

Use one forefinger to gently massage the frenulum (the part that connects the penis and the foreskin) and stroke down the shaft.

9. Prayer

Hold the penis between your palms like you do when you’re “lighting a fire” but instead of hands being horizontal, hold them vertically, as though you’re praying. Then firmly slide your palms up the shaft and off. Repeat and vary the pressure.

10. The sacred spot

There is a small pea-sized indentation lying between the testicles and the anus (perineum). When you’ve found it, gently stroke it. Encourage him to breathe and relax and slowly and gently push this spot. He’ll feel pressure inside and it might be uncomfortable at first, but once he relaxes, this spot will soften and it’ll be pleasurable. Attention to this area will intensify male orgasms and help him master his ejaculations. Gently stroke this area while you’re massaging the lingam. When he nears ejaculation, gently push this spot and it will deepen his orgasm.

Last minute tips

  • Breathe and relax
  • Try and sync your breathing with your partner
  • Don’t hold back the emotion
  • Trust your masseuse
  • Just let go and embrace the pleasure

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