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One Hour Massage Relax and enjoy!

one hour massage relax and enjoy, one hour massage,

Just One Hour To Relax And Enjoy Sensual Hands

One hour massage, relax and enjoy a thorough gentle and restorative massage using high quality essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. Staying at Asia Massage, you may feel that it cannot be a difficult thing to get a massage. There are always a lot of massage centre ads in the street and some even on your door step.

Relaxing One Hour Massage

The choice of a carrier oil will also depend on the therapist giving the massage. Heavier oils give more “traction” on the skin, which helps when giving a deep one hour massage, while other lighter oils provide more “slide” which is useful when giving a relaxing massage.

Oil massage due to the contortionist aspect of the massage, we found it to be ideal for relieving tension and improving circulation with every twist and turn, rather than a totally relaxing experience. Our carrier oils are 100% pure base oils. – No preservatives, No fragrances or any other compounds just the pure cold pressed oils. It will arouse all your senses, leaving you floating on a wave of pure bliss.

Aromatherapy full body massage

Our Asia Massage Full Body Massage is an aromatherapy full body massage. When the body to body massage your whole body with highly concentrated plant oils, added to the oil or lotion, this gentle, smoothing massage is designed to ease tension, relieve stress and give you a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. You will never forget and ask for us every time.

Outcall Hotel Massage London

Our technique is a blend of soft tantric effleurage and professional massage at Asia Massage in your hotel room, delicate strokes and rhythmic body movements. She will caress every inch of you with her entire body pressing and sliding against yours, teasing and coaxing you to arousal and complete relaxation.

Cheap and good massage at Asia Massage

However, not all these ads are real and actually most of them only offer outcall service with low price. If you are looking for cheap and good asian massage at London if this is your first time why not try an Asian sensual massage, we will be glad to recommend some London Heathrow airport best massage deals so that you do not need to find out by yourselves.

One hour relax and enjoy, one hour relax,