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I Got A (Naughty) Airport Hotel Massage.. And I Liked It

erotic airport massages in london

erotic airport massages in londonWe recently branched out to some of our clients to get some feedback on their hotel airport massage experience, and we received an amazing response from a blogger from across the pond. Here’s his experience

Most people I know have never even heard of an erotic massage before, never mind actually experienced one.  Me on the other hand, I have had several. My name is ‘Tyler’, and I am an American sex blogger in New York City. Alongside my day job, I get paid to explore the weird and wonderful world of sex, and then write about it for my rather modest but very curious readership. Last month I was visiting London as part of a 3 week European trip and ended up having a very unexpected, yet unbelievable experience. Despite being pretty, ‘experienced’ should we say, this was pretty up there in terms of pleasure, so it would be wrong for me NOT to share it with you all.

After doing plenty of research, I decided to stay in the Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick Airport, mainly for convenience. The hotel was impressive, the staff were extremely friendly and it was located right next to various forms of transport- ideal. My friend and I were on a non-work related trip around Europe, and London happened to be our first port of call. Like most Americans, I had been conditioned to believe that everyone In England was related to the Queen, and spent their weekend’s playing Polo and drinking tea in the countryside. Within five minutes of touching down on British soil, I realised this was not the case- at all! London was hectic, challenging, fascinating and diverse and had a sense adventure in the air, similar to that of NYC. Londoners were not sickeningly pleasant and charming as the movies had made me believe, they were obnoxious, rude and insufferable; I felt completely at home.

Like most New Yorkers my age, veering away from clichés was the new fashion, so my friend and I had agreed to explore Europe as creatively as possible. For London, we had high hopes and half expected to be invited to an illegal warehouse rave somewhere in Camden. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all, but what we did find certainly took us by surprise. On our second day, we ended up visiting Notting hill where we stopped for lunch and a well-deserved beer-break in a quirky bar. Despite being only 4 in the afternoon, it was rammed, and the atmosphere was totally electric. Amongst the array of unusual accents floating around the room, the suited and booted American stood next to us obviously caught our attention.

We introduced ourselves, began chatting and invited him and his middle-eastern friend (also dressed in a suit worth more than my yearly salary) to join us for a couple of drinks. Despite both being incredibly down to earth (and slightly drunk), I felt like I was sat with two mannequins from the Calvin Klein store. They were totally immaculate, uncomfortably perfect, and were throwing around cash as it was toilet paper. The American guy was also from NYC, but was a high-flying, Bateman-esque stock broker. His friend, also in the same line of work, had moved over from Saudi Arabia decades before to bleed New York dry of cash. They were, by far, the most luxurious, lavish men I had ever met, and only the best of the best would do; which is the next conversation took me by surprise.

“So, you’re staying near Gatwick are you? I stayed in the same hotel as you guys on my first business trip here in the UK. Had a pretty memorable time in that hotel!”, explained the American. He looked to his friend who was grinning like a Cheshire cat and they proceeded to bury their smiles into their tumblers of whiskey.

“ Let’s just say boys, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get a naughty massage, now’s the time to do it”, he followed.

I was curious. I wanted to know more; so I gestured for him to go on. Although I had experienced erotic massages in the past, I could tell his particular session was pretty damn special judging by the glint in his eye.
“It was late one evening and I was sat at the hotel bar having a drink. I got talking to a guy who went on to explain that he was a Londoner, but often came to this hotel every couple of months for a night or two- probably to get away from his wife. I asked him if he knew of any massage parlours nearby, as id got a kink in my neck from the flight, but he introduced me to something way better.”

The guy at the bar had given him the number of a salon, but unsurprisingly, it advertised naughty, outcall massage services. His new ‘friend’ recommended  he get a ‘4 Hands Massage’, something even I had never heard of until then.  It was 3am, but within 45 minutes of calling, he opened his hotel room door to not one, but two stunning Asian masseuses.

I had been searching for something risqué, and I had found it; I had found my creative London experience. After an hour or so, the drinks had run out and me and my friend decided to move on.  We bid our new friends farewell, but not before writing down the number for the salon. Around 11pm that night, I decided to take the plunge, despite being surprisingly nervous and apprehensive. My friend agreed to go to a bar for a couple of hours, so I contacted the salon, explained where I was staying and asked for their famous 4 Hands service. Within 55 minutes, I was opening my hotel door to two incredibly pretty Asian masseuses. Scarlett was Korean and Faith was Japanese, but they were both mind-blowingly attractive and made me feel right at ease.

I was asked to take a shower whilst the girls set up their equipment, so I did so as they requested. Stepping out of the bathroom, I was hit by a wave of tranquillity. The lighting was warm, candles were scattered and cushions had been arranged on the bed. I lay on my front, as instructed, and fell into bliss as they performed a traditional, full body massage to relax me. After several minutes, I turned onto my back where my masseuses proceeded to remove their bikinis and the towel covering my crotch. It was spine-tinglingly erotic, sensual and almost spiritual, unlike other kinky massages I had experienced.

With the 4 Hands service, I was also asked to choose a style of massage I wished for my luscious ladies to perform on me. I opted for a ‘Happy Ending’ massage because I’d never had one before, and it seemed like an appropriate choice for my last night in London. All I’m going to say is, it certainly was a Happy Ending for me. Whilst Faith massaged my shoulders from behind and rested her breasts on my face, Scarlett gave me the hand-job of dreams.
I have watched women wrestle in jello, I have been to swingers parties and I have even delved into bondage, but I had never had such an aggressive erection as I did during that massage. My arousal levels were so high; it was pulsing through my body like shocks of electricity.  Unlike other massages Id had in the past, every touch, every stroke, ever motion was smooth, sleek and mischievous. As they mutually caressed and teased my body, pleasure surged through me from the tips of my toes right through to the ends of my fingers, and I was totally paralysed with pleasure. I wasn’t normally vocal during sexual interactions, but on this occasion, I was. I wriggled, moaned and trembled as the girls continued to torment and tease me with their bodies, breasts and expert touch.

Reaching my breaking point, the pressure mounting in my body became too much and I had my release. It was the best, most intense, most mind-blowing orgasm of my entire life. It travelled through my body with such force, I had to arch my back and grip the bed. If I could roll three standard orgasms into one, it still wouldn’t come close. My entire body felt numb, but the sensation seemed to ease off slowly over the period of several minutes. I lay there totally exhausted and satisfied. Scarlett and Faith did not get up and leave right away; they lay with me stroked my body while my heartbeat lowered. It was strangely romantic and I felt incredibly content- a new feeling for me. I eventually came back around and thanked the girls for their time. They professional yet sweet, and proceeded to tenderly kiss me goodbye. Contrary to common misconceptions, my London experience was far from sleazy.  It was a professional, passionate and first-class service, better than any Id had in the past. It was by far the most luxurious massage I had ever experienced and was worth every single penny.

As a sex blogger, it is my job to honestly write about my sexual encounters and put forward recommendations for my readers. So here is the verdict on my Gatwick Airport Outcall Massage Service: It was a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience, and it made my trip complete.