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FAQ Body to Body Massage

body to body massage faq

body to body massage faq

Ever been curious about erotic massages but don’t know what they entail? Are you craving a thrilling, unique experience that will leave you feeling totally satisfied? Well perhaps a Body to Body massage is exactly what you need. But what are they? And what do they involve? Like most erotic massages, Body to Body’s are somewhat clouded by negative stereotypes which is why people are reluctant to explore them. However, if you’re ready to discover new horizons but want to know a little bit more before you dive on in, here’s everything you need to know about Body to Body massages:

What is a Body to Body massage?

This is special type of erotic massage whereby a masseuse utilises her body to massage her client. With the use of slippery oils, the therapist will slide, grind and glide all over her client, usually resulting in a mind-blowing orgasm for the participant. Naturally, this massage involves a great deal of close, body-to-body contact between the masseuse and client, making the entire session highly arousing and sensual. That being said, it isn’t all about sexual stimulation. The masseuse will perform expert techniques to relax and knead the muscles, just like with any traditional style massage.

Is a body to body massage sexual?

Yes- although this isn’t the only selling point. This is a sensual full-body massage which is designed to stimulate sexual energy and induce pleasure. This unique experience does include sexual play of some sort, but it can be as much or as little at the request of the client. However, the masseuse will not just dive straight in. She will begin by totally relaxing the mind and body of the client by gently touching and caressing specific areas of the body. The aim is to gradually build up arousal levels, so that when sexual play is instigated, the sensation is more refined and intense.

How will the massage feel?

Of course, any Body to Body massage is bound to feel sensational- but it usually depends on the techniques used by individual masseuses. Many therapists start by performing a classic Swedish body massage, which is often the baseline for more practioners because it’s a great way to put the client as ease. The Swedish massage involves long, flowing strokes that are great for relieving muscle tension. Masseuse will also use firmer techniques such as kneading when attending to particularly rigid areas. As the body becomes suppler, any premeditated aches will disappear and the touch of the masseuse will become incredibly pleasurable.

What do I do during the treatment?

Make yourself comfortable and relax- that is all your masseuse will ask of you. Some clients are known to become too involved in the massage and have started to ‘help’ the masseuse during sessions. This is not acceptable and the masseuse will ask you to stop. The massage is designed to relax and pleasure you- you are not expected to do any of the work. Although some masseuses allow clients to touch their arms and legs, most will prohibit it altogether. If your masseuse needs you to change position or alter your body in any way, she will tell you to do so. You are not expected to do this otherwise. Just lie back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Where will my body to body massage take place?

Although some London salons offer an in-call service, most promote the outcall Body to Body because it is far more convenient for clients. With the outcall service, you are able to select a destination of your choice. Most people choose either a London hotel or their home. Either way, the masseuse will travel to you and perform the massage in an environment that you’re comfortable with. Most outcall service run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will I be expected to provide any equipment?

No- your masseuse will bring everything that is needed with her. That will include the special Body to Body massage oil, a protective mat, towels and anything else she needs. All you will be expected to do is shower at least 30 minutes beforehand and prepare a room for her arrival. For example, if you’ve selected the bedroom as your chosen room, ensure that it is clean and tidy and that there is plenty of room for the massage to take place. As well as this, most masseuse ask you to heat the room before the session so that it’s warm and soothing.

Can I get a massage with my girlfriend?

Absolutely- in fact, couples’ Body to Body massages are more popular than you’d think. If this is something you’re interested in, most parlous do offer this service, but it’ll probably cost you twice as much as a standard body-to-body. That being said, it’s worth the money. Whether you’re looking to put some romance into your relationship or just want to spice up your sex life, Body-to-body massages teach people a great deal about their bodies. These incredibly intimate sessions use gentle, sensual touch to unlock toe-curling pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. As well as this, after several sessions, most couples are experienced enough to perform body-to body massages themselves. It’s definitely value for money.

How will I feel after the massage?

Most clients react differently to Body to Body massages, but all come out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Reactions can range from aroused to emotional, and it usually depends on how involved the client has been mentally. Despite being an erotic, energetic and exciting type of massage, some people do find them emotional. Body to body massages are very exposing, but not just physically. Clients are forced to open up their minds in order to experience the ultimate pleasure- but this can let leash the flood gates in some circumstances. Emotional reactions are welcomed however, because erotic massages are very spiritual and healing. Clients are encourages to ‘let go’ of whatever negative energies they are holding onto in order to get the most out of their session.

If you’re ready to book your outcall Body to Body massage in London, don’t waste any more time and book in with a beautiful, expert masseuse now.