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V-Day on a Budget

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Valentine’s Day on a budget: try an erotic massage

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where you’re expected to show very wild and public displays of affection, and while we want to remember that it’s a day for showing love and not flashing the credit card, it’s hard to do anything without money. It’s a major problem because without money, many typical Valentine’s Day dates – a cute weekend getaway, a romantic meal for two or even a bunch of flowers – are near-impossible. And that’s not including the presents. So what’s a broke romantic supposed to do?

Why don’t you try giving your significant other an erotic massage instead? It’s intimate, sexy as hell and sets up the perfect mood for some romantically memorable Valentine’s Day lovemaking.

We know. It sucks when you’re a couple on a budget, especially on Valentine’s Day when all you want to do is splash the cash. But here’s the thing though – money shouldn’t define the extent of your love. You don’t need money to get your heart doing little flips and butterflies in your tummy every time you see your partner. The best Valentine’s Day outings and presents are the creative ones anyway. Chances are, you’ll do a lot more bonding during a naked erotic massage than you would at some fancy celebrity-chef-owned restaurant. So here’s our guide to giving your S.O an erotic Asian massage while on a budget.

What is an erotic massage and which one is the best?

An erotic Asian massage is arguably one of the sexiest types of massage out there. It involves a lot of slow teasing touches, lingering strokes, building up arousal and dangling the promise of sex and multiple orgasms in front of them. Unsurprisingly, erotic massages often end in some pretty wild and unforgettable sex.

There are a variety of erotic massage styles and all are equally memorable – it just depends on what you want and are willing to do. The most important thing to remember about erotic massages is to be confident. You’ll likely be naked and rubbing your entire body against your partner, so getting body-conscious and shy will detract from the sensuality of it all.

Basic erotic/sensual massage

These two styles are very similar to each other, and form the basis of all erotic styles of massage. If you’re a total newbie and want to try erotic massage but are a little unsure, these ones are best. Both styles use a lot of slow massage techniques to build up arousal. Think light fingertips, slowly running your hands down their body and deliberately not giving their sexual areas much attention in the beginning. It’ll drive them absolutely wild.


This massage is extremely slow and probably one of the most intensely pleasurable erotic massages. The idea is to build and maintain a state of deep arousal for a prolonged period of time (typically, professional massage therapists keep it for at least 30 minutes) because it releases a huge amount of pent-up sexual energy, which is amazingly satisfying. It’ll be difficult to not dive in straight away, but try to be deliberately teasing (like with basic erotic and sensual). Massage around the sexual areas, brushing your hands and body against them every now and again. Every so often, focus on the genitals and constantly bring your partner to the edge of orgasm and back again. This ‘edging’ technique will bring about an amazing orgasm at the end.


A lingam is the penis and the yoni is the vagina, so the lingam or yoni massage is basically an intense massaging of the genital area. Always start with a relaxing full body massage to set the mood before working your way down to the sexual areas. Remember the basic rules of an erotic massage: be gentle and deliberately teasing.

Body to body/Nuru

You might have heard of these two massages because of their popularity in the pornographic industry. Both involve massaging your partner with your entire body, so be sure to use plenty of oil, lotion or gel to ensure maximum lubrication. The difference between the two is that while a body to body uses standard oils or lotions, a nuru uses a special gel. It’s colourless, odourless, doesn’t stain and is easily washed off with water. This gel, which is usually quite thick, is mixed with warm water to dilute it before it’s applied generously over both bodies. It’s super slippery so you can happily slide and grind all over your partner. It works quite well as a sexual lube too. These two massage styles are probably the sexiest and most arousing erotic massages of them all – imagine having your partner’s naked body pressed up and rubbing against yours. Only having sex will feel better than that!

How much do I have to spend?

Erotic massages only really require massage oils, lotions or gels. Depending on what brands you choose, it doesn’t have to be much more £50. Nuru gel is more expensive than standard oils, and because of its potentially messy nature, you may need to invest in an air mattress or nuru bedsheets (protects against the gel). Typically nuru gel will cost around £30-40 for a litre of gel. The sheets will be around £25 and an air mattress doesn’t have to be more than £15. Of course you don’t have to invest in the special bed sheets or an air mattress, because the gel is easily washed off with water so you can just perform the massage in your own bed and stick the sheets in the washing machine after.

As for massage oils, prices vary depending on the brand. You can find bottles for as little as £5, or £10-20 at your local Boots or Holland & Barrett. Some popular types of oil are coconut, jojoba and lavender. You can even use baby oil (Poundland do bottles of Johnson’s Baby Oil).

If you really want to treat your partner, you could try a couples erotic massage at a professional salon for as little as £150 an hour (£160 for nuru).

So there you have it: how to give your S.O an erotic massage for Valentine’s Day. Would you rather have a diamond tennis bracelet or the most electrifying sex of your life? We know which one we’d rather choose.

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