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How To Extend The Benefits of A Sensual Asian Massage

extended benefits from sensual asian massages

extended benefits from sensual asian massages
When you Google sensual massage, you’re greeted with an accolade of pornographic media so it’s reasonable for people to assume that sensual massage is an erotic sexual service. In reality, sensual massage is a specialised type of Asian massage therapy that uses the power of sexual stimulation and arousal to maintain a healthy state of mind.

What is a sensual Asian massage?

Also known as a full body sensual massage, a sensual massage is a type of therapy that excites the senses and arouses the body. It fuses together aromatherapy with erotic and tantric massage techniques. This produces an interesting collection of powerful sensations.

What happens during a sensual massage?

Atmospheric mood is extremely important during a sensual massage session because FBSM is based on heightening the senses. Typically, the therapist will use aromatherapy oils and light incense or scented candles to set a soothing mood. Relaxing music will be played to transform the room into a haven of tranquillity.

Once the mood has been set, the sensual session will begin with a standard full body massage, traditional and nothing sexual, to relax the body and prepare the muscles for the manipulation. Once the body is ready, the therapist will begin to use slower and more sensual touches. These are designed to arouse the body. You may even be blindfolded and your hands tied out of the way in order to heighten your senses and enhance the experience.

The therapist will stroke all over body, leaving not one patch of skin untouched. Your arousal will be raised and raised, right to the edge of an orgasm. Then just as you’re about to finish, the therapist will back off, stop and then start everything again. Delaying orgasm and prolonging the arousal period is extremely pleasurable, and gives you the chance to experience an intense release of tension at the end.

What are the benefits of a sensual Asian massage?

•    Increased sex drive and appetite
•    Relief from chronic stress and anxiety
•    Relieves insomnia
•    Lessens migraines
•    Calms mood
•    Develops mental control and discipline
•    Increases motivation
•    Enhances immune system
•    Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure

How can I extend these benefits?

Sensual massages offer some attractive and highly enjoyable benefits. By following these tips, you can expand these rewards and enjoy them for longer.

1. Close your eyes and let go

During a sensual massage, focus entirely on the sensations and the pleasure you’re experiencing. Depriving you of a sense (for example, using a blindfold) can heighten the sensations, so if the therapist doesn’t do this already, ask her to. That way, you can concentrate entirely on the way the massage feels. Allow your mind to escape to a world of carnal pleasure.

2. Stay well rested

A full body sensual massage can be extremely overwhelming, particularly if it’s your first session. Because it involves such intense sensual stimulation and your senses will be so heightened, you may feel exhausted from mentally working so hard. The orgasm at the end is often extremely powerful, so that may leave you feeling drained (but in a good way). Recover from your FBSM by getting sufficient rest.

3. Stay hydrated

Massages stimulate the body’s systems, particularly if it’s a sensual massage. During a sensual massage, your mind and body will be working hard to keep in time with the sensations. As well as this, the massage techniques will push tensions out of the muscles and that will cause the cells to work faster and produce waste at a faster rate. If you’re going to properly recover from your session and make the most of the benefits, make sure you stay hydrated. This ensures toxins are efficiently flushed from your body.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

In order to keep up with the detoxifying effects of a sensual massage, make sure you keep up with a healthy and balanced diet. You don’t want to put toxins back in your body when you’ve just got rid of them, do you? Maintain a diet that’s rich in fibre, whole wheat and good fats.

5. Incorporate a FBSM into your regime

The benefits of massage therapy are cumulative, so they get better and longer lasting the more often you do them. Plus, setting up regular sensual massage sessions disciplines your body.

Where can I get an Asian sensual massage?

We offer a range of oriental massage therapies, including sensual. All of our therapists are fully trained in professional tantric and erotic massages, so you can be sure you’re getting an authentic service. Have a look at our rates on our website or call us on 07990486678.