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Prostate V’s Sports Massage – The Similarities and Differences

sports vs prostate massage differences


sports vs prostate massage differences

Massage therapy is designed to relax the mind and the body, but it isn’t always about fun and games! Whilst there’s an array of massage styles on the market which promise to leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, not all have the same effect. Remedial style massages often focus on a particular area which is associated with pain or discomfort, and the session focuses on reversing pain, injury or illnesses. Although theses massages can be far from enjoyable, they’re just as beneficial as the rest.

Sports massage

This style of massage is non-erotic, and is usually sought out by athletes or people with sport-related injuries. It involves manipulating soft tissue (connective tissue) in order to correct imbalances that are caused by strenuous, repetitive physical activity and trauma. Then again, this massage is not restricted to athletes alone- it is often scheduled by people experiencing chronic pain in a specific part of the body. Massage is believed to be one of the earliest forms of physical therapy and is still used right across the world, despite being created 3000 years ago in China, Greece and India. Originally developed from the classic Swedish massage, sports massages are practiced religiously, and are particularly common in America, Canada, Australia and of course, the UK.

When is it best to get a Sports massage?

Generally speaking, athletes are people who exercise excessively every single day, and therefore seek massages when they obtain and injury or need to relax their muscles. Unlike many other styles, Sports massages come in four different forms, all of which are designed for specific reasons.

Pre- event massage
This is pretty self-explanatory, but the pre-event massage is a short 15-45 minute session designed to stimulate the muscles before an event. Usually, masseuses focus on specific areas of the body for this style (usually the area that will be exerted), in order to prepare the body so that no injuries are incurred.

Post-event massage
Again, it is what it says on the tin. This massage works to normalise the body’s tissues and is usually performed within a few hours of the event. Again, this is practiced to avoid long-term injuries and to relax the muscles.

Restorative Sports massage
This style is pretty much only used by professional athletes, as most other people would not require its effects. It is performed during a training session and therefore allows athletes to train harder and push their bodies further.

Rehabilitative sports massage
Of all the styles, this is probably the most common and widely used.  The rehabilitative sports massage aims to alleviate pain as a result of injury. Although this style can be uncomfortable or painful, it is designed to stretch the muscles to increase blood flow and to make them more mobile.

What to expect during a session
Unlike most erotic massages, Sports massages do not require you to be naked. Participants are expected to wear suitable underwear or loose fitting shorts of some sort.  If you’ve never been for a sports massage before, the chances are your masseuse will test your mobility by assessing a range of movements and the specific area of pain. Once completed, the masseuse will ask you to lie down on the table where she will commence with the massage.

Using creams or oils, the therapist will begin by performing various techniques, such as a deep tissue massage and muscle energy techniques and stretches. Unlike classic massage styles, the masseuse will apply immense force which is likely to cause some slight discomfort. If however, it’s painful, the masseuse will adapt her style and apply less force. It is important to remember that sports massages aren’t generally scheduled for pleasure or relaxation- they’re remedial massage style designed to reverse the effects of injuries. As well as this, the masseuse might demonstrate to you some suitable stretches or exercises that you can perform at home once the massage is over, so that you are able to avoid injury further. Although most clients find this experience somewhat uncomfortable, its long-term benefits are undeniable.

Prostate Massage

Although this can be classed as an erotic massage, it’s also a remedial style as well. Like sports massages, prostate massages are medically recognised as being a method of treatment to relieve pain from the prostate. The prostate, which is a walnut shaped gland located between the anus and bladder, is an incredibly delicate and sensitive area of the male anatomy. It is responsible for producing semen, but swells very easily when fluid becomes trapped; however, this is where prostate massages come into it. Don’t worry our prostate massage girls are highly trained and can work with you to achieve climax.

When is it best to get a prostate massage?

If it’s for medical reasons, it’s always best to approach your doctor first. However, if you suffer from any of the following, the chances are, you will be put forward for a prostate massage:
•    Prostatitis
•    Erectile dysfunction
•    Painful ejaculation
•    Pain or burning during urination

Then again, Prostate massages are not limited to men with prostate issues- they can be experienced purely for pleasure- and pleasure you will get!

What to expect during a massage session

In contrast to the Swedish massage, masseuses do require their clients to be naked for obvious reasons. As with most erotic massages, the masseuse will begin by performing a full body Swedish massage. Although this does relax the muscles, it’s more beneficial for calming the mind, which is often necessary for a lot of men at this point. The masseuse will then proceed by putting on some gloves and drizzling lubricant all over the client’s intimate area. In order to ease the client into the massage, an external prostate massage will be performed to start with, whereby the perineum (the spot between the anus and testicles) is gently massaged.

After several minutes, the masseuse will slowly insert a finger into the anus until she has successfully located the prostate. Massaging and rubbing the prostate will stimulate trapped fluid to leave the body, but it will also feel incredibly pleasurable. The Prostate, also known as the male G-spot is a small ball crammed pack with senses- so expect intense, toe-curling pleasure. If however, you’ve sought out this massage for medical reasons, you may find this action slightly uncomfortable at first. Also known as the ‘milking service’, excreting trapped fluid from the prostate can be painful, but will relive discomfort in the long run. Doctors often recommend several sessions of this to relieve prostate illness entirely, but this all boils down to personal preference. Regardless of your motivation, the chances are you’ll want to come back for more!

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