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How a body to body massage can help improve your self esteem

body to body massage for self esteem

body to body massage for self esteemThere are illnesses and strains that are so persistent, not even the strongest of medications can ease them. For example, sports injuries that are so deeply embedded within the muscles that even the strongest of painkillers are rendered useless. Sometimes, you’ll experience conditions and states of mind that can’t be treated with any physical medication. Some significant ones are stress and low self-esteem – they can produce thoughts that play on your mind and cause insomnia. But how can you reduce stress and raise your confidence? Sure you can always talk it out, and it might relieve some of the issues but it’s often very short term.

It’s in these times that massage therapy becomes the ideal form of alternative medicine. When combined with medication and methods such as counselling, it can help to improve a lot of passive, mental conditions such as stress, anxiety, paranoia and confidence issues.

What is a body to body massage?

There are certain Asian massages that are more suited to improving self-esteem and boosting confidence than others. A body to body massage is one excellent example. It’s a special kind of massage that involves the masseuse using her body to massage the client. Instead of using just her hands, she places her body on top of the client and uses a mixture of slides, strokes and body rolls to manipulate the skin. In order to experience the proper sensations, the client and masseuse are often either nude or semi-nude. This allows for total bodily contact, which produces some memorable and unique sensations.

Massage oils are used to allow the bodies to slide smoothly and sensually against each other.

How can it help with confidence?

Because of the sensual nature of this massage, a lot of people may be intimidated or feel put off. It’s understandable – a stranger will be rubbing her naked body against yours while you’re lying there, practically naked yourself. But this requires a lot of confidence and mentally psyching yourself up for this experience. Many of us tend to be body conscious because of the ideals portrayed in the media, so to allow a masseuse with a flawless body to see you in the nude is a good step towards achieving confidence. Even during the massage, you have to be comfortable in your skin to feel all of the wonderful sensations. A b2b massage teaches you how to let go of your insecurities.

As well as this, a body to body massage is extremely sensual and inevitably causes arousal. However unlike normal massage therapy, oriental massages address arousal. In particular, a body to body massage works to relieve sexual tension and cause a manual release of stress in the best way – an orgasm. Why not have a look at our Korean Body to body masseuses to find out more infomation about our services.

This intense release of tension can leave you feeling more satisfied and fulfilled than you ever have. Normal massages are relaxing indeed, but by leaving arousal unattended to, sexual frustration will continue to grow. It’s a vicious cycle, but a body to body massage works to break it. An orgasm is a physical manifestation of tension so by experiencing one, you ensure that every drop of tension leaves your body. When you’re finally free from all of your tensions, your limbs will feel suppler and you’ll feel more motivated, energised and like a confident new individual. It’s unbelievable how strong of a hold stress can have on a person.

Other benefits of a body to body massage

•    Improving blood circulation which improves cellular function as cells can exchange nutrients and waste products more efficiently
•    Releases tension from muscles e.g. muscle knots, strains and sprains
•    Increases general flexibility and increases range of motion in joints
•    Boosts energy, vitality and drive
•    Reduces appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
•    Helps heal scar tissue
•    Improves general skin condition

Where can I get a body to body massage?

You can always try a b2b massage with a partner, but if you can’t find a willing participant or want to experience an authentic session, have a look at our services. Based in central London, we offer a range of exotic oriental massages, including body to body. All of our therapists are fully trained so you can be sure you’re getting a professional massage experience.