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4 Hands Massage – The Low Down

24 hour incall & outcall massages in canary wharf london

24 hour incall & outcall massages in canary wharf london4 Hands massage, also known as a 4 Hands, is a style of massage therapy that involves two masseuses simultaneously working on a client at the same time. Synchronising their techniques, masseuses choreograph their routine to unlock the most intense pleasure for their subjects. There are varies styles of massage that can be combined with a 4 Hands, but generally, this service is sought out for erotic purposes.

Although this style is more expensive, it isn’t difficult to see why. Twice as many hands mean twice as many benefits- twice as many touches mean twice as much pleasure. However, this deluxe service is often hard to come by. So, if you ever get the opportunity to experience this rare luxury, don’t pass up the chance- here is why:

What happens during a 4 hands massage?

What happens during your session depends on the style of massage you have selected. However, if you opt for the 4 Hands service, you’re guaranteed a fun ride. Typically, the masseuse will begin by performing a full-body relaxing massage and will focus on alternate sides of the body. They will endeavour to mirror each other’s movements up and down your body which will send you into a deep relaxing state. For example, one masseuse will massage your right leg, whilst the other mirrors the movement on your left. They will travel up and down your body until no particle of skin has been left untouched- that’s what you get when there are two masseuses instead of one.

Although this will leave your muscles feeling limber and supple, your mind will feel even lighter. As with all Asian massage styles, the point of each session is to help client’s access and manipulate the chakras (energies) in their bodies. By banishing negative energies, pleasure can be enjoyed totally undisturbed.

Why do they feel so good?

Most people enjoy a 4 Hands massage more than a standard 2 Hands because it is more relaxing are far more erotic. The work of one masseuse is mind-blowing at the best of times, but can you even begin to imagine what a massage would feel like with two? It is the ultimate indulgence- the finest body treatment out there.

During a 4 Hands massage, your masseuse will perform a series of massage techniques that are designed to heighten the senses. Every heard the term, ‘erogenous zones’ before? If you have, you’ll know that they are specific location across the body that are associated with pleasure. Your masseuses will first of all touch and caress these sensitive areas, allowing your arousal to gradually increase. But remember- your arousal will be twice as intense as it would with any other massage style.

Ultimately, 4 Hands massages feel better because they’re twice as pleasurable and far more erotic. Most men fantasise about spending an hour of passion with two beautiful women- but this dream is very rarely lived out. However, you can do so by scheduling in for a 4 Hands massage. What’s more, authentic Asian masseuses are literally trained to give pleasure. Will you be able to handle our Erotic 4 hands massage service?

Final thoughts

Before you dive straight in for a 4 Hands massage, be sure to do some research before you splash the cash. What sort of massage do you want?  Tantric, Body to Body, Prostate or a Happy Ending? Although each of these styles differs, they do have one thing in common: they feel amazing. But some are more energetic and exposing than others. Research specific styles and decide which style is right for you- after all, it’s going to be twice as intense as normal.

So, if you’re interested in getting a next-level 4 Hands massage with two sexy Asian masseuses, take a look at our dedicated massage page here.