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What Not To Do During a Nuru Massage

Visiting Nuru Massages in London

Visiting Nuru Massages in London
What You Should Not do During Nuru Massage

If you’ve never heard of a Nuru Massage, you’re in for a treat because they’re one of the most popular and enjoyable erotic massages out there. Imagine a slip n slide, but with a lot less clothing and a great deal more body to body contact. Catch my drift? Nuru Massages involve trained masseuses using their naked body to massage you- whilst covered in amazing, slippery gel. Aside from being crazy hot, they’re actually great for the mind, body and soul too. Whether you suffer from depression or have terrible back ache, Nuru Massages are natural healers and will give you a new lease for life. However, these massages can have the opposite effect if practiced without care. If you choose to hire one of our  Japanese nuru massage girls it’s very unlikely that any issues will crop up, but if you’re doing it DIY style, read on. Here’s what NOT to do during a Nuru Massage:

Don’t forget to buy Nuru Massage Gel-

If you haven’t already sussed it out, a Nuru is called a Nuru because of its incorporation of special Japanese Nuru gel. Without the gel, it’s just like any other massage, get it? This style of massage involves a lot of naked body contact, and the gel actually allows you to slide, grind and slip all over your partner. Attempting this without lubrication would be painfully awkward; in fact, it would just be downright painful for that matter, so don’t even attempt it. No gel= No Nuru, girls and boys.

Don’t injure your partner-

Having someone massage you with their slick, naked body sounds like something from a beautiful dream, right? But imagine your partner approaching it like a bull in a china shop and body slamming the shit out of you. Not so sexy. Nuru massages are very sensual, so it’s important to perform the massage slowly and carefully in order to avoid any knees in the face. If you’re grinding on your partner, keep the movement fluid. Don’t bounce up and down like you’re on an inflatable ball. There’s nothing sexy about being kneed in the balls or getting punched in the face, so be gentle- this isn’t girls gone wild.

Don’t forget to prepare-

Like with most things worse doing, preparation is crucial if you want to experience a Nuru to its full potential. There’s going to be a lot of movement and a lot of gel, so taking the appropriate steps to minimise mess is an absolute must. Along with your Nuru gel, purchase either a protective Nuru sheet or a blow-up Nuru bed. Both of which will protect your carpets and floors from the gel, but will leave you with plenty of room to get down and dirty with your partner. Once you’ve selected an appropriate place to perform your Nuru, be sure to ‘set the mood’ by dimming the lights and using scented candles. Believe it or not, Nuru’s are meant to be sensual and romantic, so make sure to pre-heat the oven before you start cooking.

Aside from taking a shower and preparing the Nuru gel, you’re pretty much good to go. Then again, we have got one last tip for you: keep an open mind and just enjoy it. It might seem a little daunting at first, but once you get into the swing of things, it’ll blow your mind, “fo’ real”. If you’re up for investing in a Nuru Massage, don’t forget to read the ‘how to’ guide first!

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