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How To Become a Nuru Guru

make yourself a nuru massage guru in london

make yourself a nuru massage guru in londonEver heard of a Nuru massage before? Some of you might have, most of you will be clueless- but if there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that you’ll want to try it by the end of this post. Nuru massage earned its name because of its use of Japanese Nuru gel- a lubricant that is stringy in texture and is incredibly slippery during use. This Asian style massage involves full body, naked, skin to skin contact between the masseuse and client. The masseuse slides and grinds against her client’s body using a variety of expert techniques that are designed to awaken the senses and increase arousal levels gradually throughout the session. Although the aim of the session is not to reach orgasm, the chances are, you will- after all, it feels pretty good! But do you want to hear the best part? This is something you can incorporate into your sex life at home- all you need to do is read the manual and follow some simple steps. So if you want to treat your partner and give them a naughty Nuru massage, here’s what you need to do:

Preparing for the nuru massage

If you’re dedicated to becoming a Nuru Guru, first you need to prepare. Now, if you think you can save a few quid by buying some cheap massage oil, then you’re wrong. A Nuru is only a Nuru because it uses… wait for it… Nuru gel! Nuru gel is made from Nori seaweed- you might have come across it before if you’re a fan of sushi. However, the gel is odourless, tasteless and colourless, so there’s no need to worry about it staining your carpet. When it comes to preparing the oil accordingly, all you need to do is follow the instructions step by step. Most gels allow you combine the product with water, whereas other’s don’t- to be honest, it doesn’t really matter- both will still be stringy and slippery in texture.
Although the gel doesn’t stain, it does cause a mess. In order to protect your bed or carpet from becoming drenched in gel, you’ll need to purchase some kind of protective sheet or mattress. There’s going to be a lot of sliding around (trust me), so be sure to choose a space where you’ve got plenty of room to get down and dirty. At the end of the day, splashing out on a protective mat is going to make cleaning up a hell of a lot easier!

Set the mood

So, you’ve got your equipment, but it’s now time to set the mood. Rather than performing your massage under a spotlight, dim the lights and scatter some candles across the room. Warm lighting will relax both you and your partner and will turn your chosen location into the perfect, tranquil setting. Once you’ve warmed the room and put on some relaxing music, you’re pretty much good to go. Just make sure you take a shower beforehand- no one wants to roll around in sweat after all!

Massage in style

Start by slowly gently applying some gel to your body and rubbing it in thoroughly across your skin. Once you’ve done this, repeat the process on your partner and get them to lie on their stomach. Climb up their body, straddle their back and take a deep breath- the massage is about to begin, and its going to be seriously arousing.

Using your arms as anchors, slide your chest up and down your partners back. Incorporate traditional massage techniques into your movement, such as kneading a stroking to make it even more enjoyable for your partner. Once you’ve built up some momentum, grind your pelvis back and forth across their buttocks whilst stroking and caressing their back. Ready to heat it up even more? Well, get your partner to lie on their back so that they can watch you seductively caress their body. Pump up the erotica a notch by combining your massage with intimacy. Touch and kiss erogenous zones across their body, such as the neck and ears, and smile as they shiver with arousal. Too much to handle? Well, the rest is up to you- but just remember to keep it slow, sensual and seductive. It’s a recipe for the perfect happy ending.

Always remember….

–    To always communicate with your partner. Ask what they like, dislike- or how much pressure they enjoy. Be vocal and explore both of your limits.
–    To not be afraid. You’re not expected to perform the massage like a trained expert- just take it step by step.
–    To stay relaxed. As with most Asian massages, relaxation the key to experiencing the ultimate pleasure.
–    To be slow and gentle.
–    To enjoy it and just let go!

If you feel tempted by a nude Nuru massage but don’t feel up to the challenge just yet, how about scheduling in for a session of your own with a trained expert? This time, you get to sit back and relax as a stunning Asian masseuse slides her naked body all over you. And you can have all of this at a very attractive price. To book your session in today, call on the number below.