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4 Hands Massage: The Best Cure For Stress

getting a 4 hands massage

Everyone knows that massage therapy is one of the best remedies for stress. Massage therapy is immensely relaxing because of practical and psychological reasons. Practically, massage therapy uses techniques that manually manipulate the surfaces of the body, which helps to press out any muscle knots and ease strains. Psychologically, massages primarily rely on the power of touch.

When we’re feeling down, a hug, an arm around the shoulder or even a simple pat on the back can feel wonderful. Our craving for touch has been hardwired into our brains since birth and for that reason, massage therapy has been practised since the beginning of civilisation. The physical sensations are so relaxing that they promote a positive psychological wellbeing.

Why are they good for stress?

Touch is extremely therapeutic when it comes to stress. Massage therapy works on the whole body so promotes a holistic way of healing. There are also scientific reasons behind this. The therapist’s movements encourage the body’s systems to work more efficiently. Primarily, they stimulate blood circulation, which means nutrients are carried to cells and waste is removed at a faster rate. Improved circulation means bones and muscles receive more oxygen, which improves joint mobility and reduces muscle cramp. This also means the digestive, urinary and lymphatic systems work more efficiently.

As you become more relaxed, you take deeper breaths which improve the respiratory system and reduces anxiety so helps the nervous system as well.

What’s so good about a 4 Hands massage?

In case you didn’t know already, a 4 Hands massage is one where two therapists manipulate the body instead of one. Four hands can reach further places and access deeper levels of stress, which ensures that every little bit of tension is released and all strains are smoothed out.

The two therapists typically work in synchrony with each other. They each work on a different part of the body, with one leading and the other following. The choreographed motions are extremely mesmerising and is part of the reason why a 4 Hands massage is so relaxing. Do you reckon you are ready for an erotic 4 hands massage? Ready to feel great?

But what if the stress keeps coming back?

This is totally normal if you live a stressful lifestyle. The main thing is to take deep breaths and stay calm in tense situations. But one reason is because normal massage therapies, such as Swedish massage and sports massages, only work on the typical nonsexual areas of the body like the back. These areas are well-known to carry the brunt of stress. While this is true, stress is also deposited in the sexual areas. Lack of stimulation to encourage release means sexual tension builds and this can have negative effects on mood.

Erotic massage therapy is an extremely effective alternative to normal massages. It uses all of the same techniques as normal massages, but has a new twist. As well as massaging the main areas of the body, the erotic therapist will also massage the sexual areas. This ensures that tension is released from the sexual areas as well as the normal parts of the body, so clients are left completely drained of stress.

Try a 4 Hands erotic massage

A 4 Hands erotic massage combines al of the intense relaxation of a 4 Hands massage with the whole body tension release of an erotic massage. This makes it one of the best therapies for holistic healing. To book your 4 Hands erotic massage, have a look at our masseuse gallery to choose a therapist and give us a ring or send an email to secure your booking now.