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a man getting a b2b massage at his heathrow hotel

How a body to body massage is better than a traditional spa massage

Everyone knows that massages are highly relaxing, soothing and give us a huge sense of relieve and happiness. However, when it comes to erotic massages, they are definitely a lot more taboo than your normal traditional massage therapy sessions.

But which one is better? An erotic body to body massage or a traditional spa massage?

I’ve took to the streets of London to ask our men which type of massage service they prefer and to rate them both out of ten so we can finally make up our mind!



Paul, 32

Traditional – Traditional Spa massages are an amazing day out to relax and have fun with your friends. I enjoy going for a swim, using the sauna and steam room and finally having a massage that focuses on releasing tension or muscle pain I have. The masseuse is always professional and talks throughout the massage to ensure that I am comfortable with everything. However, I do not get to choose if it is a male or female masseuse, I am allocated whoever is free or working that day. Overall, I would give the traditional massage a 5/10 as it is relaxing and does help with some of the tension I have. 5/10

Body to body – A body to body massage for me, is a lot more intense than a regular spa massage. It reaches more points of my body and overall the cleanse and effort is a lot deeper. I always feel more relieved after a body to body massage and it is nice being able to choose the masseuse I want, as I only want a female masseuse to perform the therapy on me. The overall experience is a lot more soothing as the masseuse does not talk throughout the session, she asked me beforehand for my preferences and then I put my trust in her that she knows what she is doing. 7/10


Thomas, 21

Traditional – As I am an athlete and do a lot of exercise, my muscles often become highly sore and this can cause a lot of pain for me. Getting a traditional sports massage is a good way to soothe any pan I am feeling and get me back on the mend so I can start training again, rather than being injured. Even if a massage is short it is still very effective and I can feel the benefits of it almost right away. Many other athletes that I train with have also said how a massage is an unmissable an extremely crucial part of their ‘physical conditioning regime’, therefore I try to get one at least twice a week. 8/10

Body to body – I have tried a body to body massage a few times and although I enjoyed it, I do not think they are effective as my regular sports massage. I have a busy schedule, therefore if I am going to take time to get a massage twice a week then I would rather receive a proper sports massage that will help me with my training. Although body to body are extremely arousing and help me to relieve in other ways, I prefer a traditional massage. 5/10


Lloyd, 25

Traditional – I really do not enjoy traditional massage as I find it very boring and not exhilarating enough for my needs. I have a very colourful mind when it comes to body contact between two people and I find that a traditional massage does not please me enough. I like things to be a lot more sensual and erotic, and a regular massage does not provide me with this.  I think sometimes the massage does not relax me enough and my mind is always on the more sexual side of massage therapy therefore I cannot fully enjoy it. I find at times the masseuse is doing her job without any passion or emotion and her mind is on different things which makes me feel uncomfortable. 3/10

Body to body – I love body to body massages. Not only are they extremely relaxing and effective and do all the things to your body a normal massage is meant to do, they also bring you an intense and pleasurable orgasm. The masseuse is always happy to ask for my preferences and desires which makes the experience a whole lot better as I get exactly what I want and what I have paid for. Both the masseuse and myself are naked and she uses her body to rub against mine, utilizing her curves perfectly. She focuses on my genitals and pays extra attention to them, which always gets me fully aroused. The good thing about a body to body massage is that you always get to touch the masseuse too; therefore I get to place my hands on her breasts and bum. The masseuse has a lot of passion throughout the session and I can see she enjoys her profession and takes it very seriously. Many of the masseuses have been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools and have been carefully selected to do this job; therefore I know I am in good hands. +10/10

Ultimately, although men do enjoy traditional massages whether they be for sporting reasons, medical or simply pleasure – it is the body to body erotic massage that rises above. A body to body massage offers you everything a regular massage does, and more. IT soothes you, relaxes you and brings you to that place of tranquillity. However, it does not end there because they masseuse then brings you on a rollercoaster of pleasure and gives you the most intense orgasm you will ever experience. You will feel like you are in orgasm heaven while an Asian masseuse will tend to your very need, emotionally, physically and sexually.

The majority of men I interviewed agreed that they enjoyed regular, traditional massages but that body to body massages got the highest rating!

I advise that you try both types of massages to see which one you prefer the best, I bet it will be a body to body massage! Intrested in booking a b2b massage in London? Call us on 07990486678

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a man getting a b2b massage at his heathrow hotel

Why creative people are going gaga for body to body massage

From A-listers to Film Directors, eccentric artists, timid novelists, potters, musicians, even TV chefs have shown an interest in body to body massages recently. Why you ask? Why has the creative sector been buzzing with talk of body to body massage over the past couple of months? Who knows, word is out that London is the current go to city for the best body to body massage service in the world.
aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdlcy9pLzAwMC8xNjUvMjY0L2kwMi9EZWFkcG9vbF9Pc2NhcnMuanBnOn a recent trip around Europe promoting his latest Deadpool blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds reportedly had his first body to body massage in the UK. Speaking on the matter, Reynolds claimed he isn’t a stranger to having erotic massages but the body to body massage he received in an Asian massage parlour in London town blew his mind. A publicist who was present during the weekend of interviews reported Reynolds wouldn’t stop recommending the service to everyone.
But it’s not just Actors that are reaping up the rewards of sampling London’s body to Body massage, the London art scene is rampant with talk of body to body massage. We are living in an age of self-expression, of movement. We also live in an age where we can become so disconnected to reality over the cyber reality from which we are constantly absorbed. Figure heads of the London arts scene are recognising the profoundly powerful pleasure of connecting with another human through body to body massage. A feeling of unity, with no strings, no complications; just for the sake of sexual gratification. Art collector Colin Webster has commented on the phenomenon by urging people to really look inside themselves and consider the importance of human touch and connection ‘Isn’t that what art is really?’ Colin might be on to something here, perhaps in this world where we have become so disconnected with each other something that would previously have been considered vulgar, seedy- like paying for an erotic massage- in turn becomes something revolutionary, a saving grace during these troubled times. As Colin points out, isn’t human connection, ‘touch’ important, where would we be without it? And I’m not sure it’s a matter of fidelity, if you work away a lot, say like Ryan Reynolds, who benefits from his celibacy? His wife? -Does she sleeps sounder knowing his is laying alone, tense and unsatisfied? Or do both sleep happier knowing that both of them are secure enough in the relationship to extend their net of lovers further. Sleep happily knowing each other are being touch, being satisfied.
But this isn’t just for the married man, no, body to body massages have become popular widespread. Every kind of liberal, non-liberal, educated man is taking up this new therapy. Model and Activist Frederik Olsen, is a young man in his prime. He is the face on the front of glossy magazines, he has millions of followers on social media and even as I meet him for a chat in a coffee house in Shoreditch he is being photographed for a French fashion journo. I ask him why, why with all the attention, with his good looks, his obvious charm, the fame and fortune, he feels the need to go to see an erotic masseuse for a body to body massage. He laughs when I say this, as though I have missed the point completely. ‘It’s nothing to do with not being able to get any.’ He shakes his head and straightens in his chair, ‘It’s not a about love, or finding the one, it’s not about relationships and all the stuff that comes with that.’… At this point he pauses and smiles, I’m waiting for him to continue, hanging on to his every word, he has that kind of power. ‘I go for a body to body in the same way you might visit your nutritionist, go to a spinning class. It’s a case of looking after your body, physical and mental wellbeing. Body to body is the perfect stress relief, I used to pay thousands, going to see therapists, going for sports massages, forking out for spas, detox weekends but they didn’t do it for me. A good friend told me about it, a girl actually, I’m always one to give something a go so I gave it a try. After one session, my chronic headache had gone, my immune system improved and generally I just felt better; happier.’ We both pause as I’m not sure quite what to say, there doesn’t feel like anything else needs saying. Olsen sha man recieveing an erotic massage in heathrowrugs and I nod in agreement.
From Olsen I learnt two things, it is not just the ugly and lonely that pay for erotic massages, I had heard they were popular with the art scene but I guess to be honest I thought it would just be the old and eccentric. Olsen is a very good looking, successful and together man, and he is a proud advocate of the service. The second thing I learnt from him was the genuine health benefits of body to body, I had never linked sexual pleasure with other health issues, like headaches or depression, but when you think about it, it does make sense. And eh if it works for a guy like Olsen, why shouldn’t we jump on the bandwagon?
The final body to body massage in London when i visit regularly on my list is a masseuse, Anna. She is a fully trained erotic masseuse living and working in London. I ask her whether she has noticed a rising spike in the amount of people interested in getting a body to body massage. Anna tells me that body to body has always been a popular service but she has noticed the rise in interest. She also notes the wide spectrum of clients coming through her doors, listing them ‘bankers, business men, artists, hippy’s, young men, old men, barristers, baristas… everyone’s getting some.’ I like her choice of words here. And I think it perfectly summarises what I have learnt from this journey, that as much as we may feel more comfortable believing the only people paying for sex are sad depressed divorcees (I don’t why we prefer to believe that) but the truth is- as Anna said, everyone’s getting some. Whether the peaked interest of the creative community in London will go some way into improving the reputation of the erotic massage industry only time will tell. For now at least, I’ll admit, they have certainly made me revaluate my stance. Anna offers her services exclusively for us at Asia massage and operates in the Heathrow area for outcall And around London! Which is big with travelling celebrites why not give let her give you a visit today.

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body to body massage can help your pains

Can Body to Body Massage Relieve Fibromyalgia

body to body massage can help your pains

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic condition characterised by muscle pain, tenderness and fatigue. Also the exact cause of this is unknown, it is believed that it’s related to abnormal levels of chemicals in the brain that affects the way the pain messages are transported around the body. Although there are many conditions which seem to trigger this, it seems to boil down to stress. Some of the main causes are:

–    Having an operation
–    Dealing with the death of a loved one
–    Having a child
–    Contracting an injury or infection
–    The breakdown of a close relationship

How is it treated?

Although there’s no cure for fibromyalgia, there are treatments available to help alleviate the pain and make the condition more manageable. However, medicines, talking therapies and some lifestyle changes aren’t always effective. But this is where Body to Body massages come into the picture…

Why Body to Body Massage

Often, Fibromyalgia is worsened by exacerbated stress and lack of sleep. However, in this day and age, it’s difficult for people to evade these triggers in their day to day, working lifestyles. This is why sufferers of this condition should seek out solutions that relax the mind just as much as the body. Body to Body’s fall into the erotic massage category, but this isn’t to say they’re not beneficial for health nonetheless. If anything, they’re even more effective in some circumstances- as opposed to more traditional styles that do not incorporate sexual stimulation. During a typical Body to Body massage, a trained masseuse will cover themselves and their client in oil, and will perform expert massage techniques to relax the muscles and relieve tension. However, unlike more conventional styles, the masseuse will use her entire naked body to massage her client.

It’ll relax the muscles

As with most styles, both traditional and erotic, massages are designed to benefit the muscles. They can relieve:
–    Tension
–    Spasms
–    Inflammation
–    Aches
–    Fluid retention
–    Pain
–    Stiffness

Body to Body massages address the muscle tissue directly and can support the muscle in releasing its contraction- therefore easing muscle tension. By rubbing, kneading, stroking and applying pressure, blood flow will increase and the muscles will begin to warm and relax. This full-body massage leaves no muscle untouched, and also encourages its participants to become more flexible and agile. Increasing flexibility isn’t just great for the muscles; it’s also known to improve the function of connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue fibres. As well as feeling insanely pleasurable, Body to Body massages really are medicine for the muscles- fact.

They relieve stress

When we are stressed, everything tightens up- our muscles, body, face, fists and even our personalities. As previously mentioned, elevated stress is one of the main causes of Fibromyalgia, so it’s important to snag the weed at its root. All massages are relaxing- but not all massages incorporate sexual stimulation into their practice. Although this might seem like a taboo concept to you, experiencing physical pleasure and orgasms is incredibly important when it comes to managing stress. Physical pleasure encourages the production of chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin which are basically responsible for making us feel happy- seriously. On top of this, experiencing physical pleasure decreases blood pressure, stimulates blood flow and improves the function of our vital organs. But more importantly, all of these factors link directly with stress. The better the body, they better the mind.

Massage are spiritual

Aside from the physical benefits, Body to Body massages are undoubtedly therapeutic. This exposing style of massage forces participants to let go of fear and anxiety, and in turn, switch off stress. Body to Body massages stem from the ancient practice of Tantra, which teaches us that the mind, body and soul are all closely connected. To successfully achieve holistic euphoria, participants must learn to access and manage their chakras (energies) in order to create a perfect balance. Our incall Asian Tantric masseuses use touch and spirituality to open up the minds of their clients, allowing them to let go of negative chakras that perhaps govern their lives. Sexual stimulation is then conditioned into the session so that clients can begin to associate ‘opening up’ with pleasure. This is why Body to Body massages are sought out for long-term benefits and not just a quick-fix to stress. They’re healing- mind, body and soul.

So, if you’re ready to tackle your Fibromyalgia from a different angle, schedule in for a Body to Body massage and benefit from its powerful implications. If you want to experience a totally authentic Body to Body massage at the hands of a fully-trained Asian masseuse, call the number below and book your massage in today.

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Transform Your Sex life With A Body To Body Massage

Transform Your Sex life With A Body To Body Massage

Transform Your Sex life With A Body To Body Massage

Does it feel like your sex life is going down the drain? Is everything just bog-standard boring and you’re left feeling utterly unsatisfied? Or are you just not getting any action at all? A body to body massage can change that dreary outlook on your sex life within minutes.

What is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is a special kind of erotic massage that focuses on full body satisfaction. It’s unique because instead of using their hands, the therapist also uses her body to massage the client, using a mixture of slides, grinds and rubs.

What does a body to body massage feel like?

There are few things that come close to the pleasure provided by a b2b massage. A body to body massage mimics the sensations of sex because when else would you have someone sliding on top of you? But it’s not just pleasurable – the masseuse can use her body weight to create a variety of pressures and the numerous curves of her body to create a variety of sensations that are bound to feel you mesmerised. This can press down onto your strained muscles, straightening out any knots and realigning your body.

The smooth sensation of a woman’s soft skin sliding against yours will be extremely relaxing and comforting as well. A body to body massage will melt your tensions and anxieties away.

It’s so exciting, it’ll never get old

It’s a bold statement to make but a body to body massage will never get old, even for the people with the shortest attention spans. You might turn down sex if you’re tired, but you will never turn down a body to body massage, because the sensations are that addictive.

A body to body massage will help you rediscover your sensuality, especially if you feel like your sex life is going down the drain and few tricks in the bedroom can reawaken your fire. How often will you experience a naked woman sliding on top of you? A b2b massage will always seem exciting. It can also help you discover new parts of your body that didn’t know had the ability to turn you on. You might think you’re pretty well acquainted with your nether regions, but an erotic masseuse has been trained to examine and stimulate the sexual areas. Like a brain surgeon knows the brain and its functions, an erotic masseuse knows the genitals and what happens when she touches this area and that area. She will use a variety of techniques to always keep your senses heightened.

Edging: the new way to orgasm

Erotic massages aren’t all about sexual pleasure, but there is an emphasis on them. They use techniques to tease, stimulate and push you slowly towards the edge of orgasm. But just before you tumble over, the masseuse will slow down. This is repeated, so you are kept in a perpetual state of arousal. You are constantly on the edge of pleasure, so it feels like an everlasting orgasm but without the ejaculation and the spasms.

Control is everything

It’s hard enough to stop ejaculating too soon during sex but it’s even harder to control yourself when a naked woman is sliding on top of you. A body to body massage really tests this by the edging technique we just described before. It’ll feel incredibly frustrating but pleasurable at the same time. It’s totally worth it, because regularly delaying your orgasms can make for a better orgasm in the long run. This really exercises your pelvic muscles and engages your brain. The chances of premature ejaculation and sexual impotency will dramatically decrease. Say hello to a better sex life!

It’s great for mental health

Like most massage therapies, a body to body massage is extremely relaxing. There’s something so comforting about feeling human touch and a b2b massage allows for complete naked skin-to-skin contact. Not only that, it’s highly sensual and orgasms do wonders for the mind. Orgasms stimulate the release of endorphins and hormones into the bloodstream that stabilise mood, reduce anxiety, induces a sense of calm and motivates us to move towards things that offer pleasurable consequences.

You’ll feel like a new man

The combination of feel-good hormones and reduced occurrences of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or general sexual impotency will leave you feeling utterly confident and content with life. A body to body massage will leave you feeling like a new man. Take a look at our dedicated page if you are looking for the best Asian body to body massage in london

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body to body massage faq

FAQ Body to Body Massage

body to body massage faq

Ever been curious about erotic massages but don’t know what they entail? Are you craving a thrilling, unique experience that will leave you feeling totally satisfied? Well perhaps a Body to Body massage is exactly what you need. But what are they? And what do they involve? Like most erotic massages, Body to Body’s are somewhat clouded by negative stereotypes which is why people are reluctant to explore them. However, if you’re ready to discover new horizons but want to know a little bit more before you dive on in, here’s everything you need to know about Body to Body massages:

What is a Body to Body massage?

This is special type of erotic massage whereby a masseuse utilises her body to massage her client. With the use of slippery oils, the therapist will slide, grind and glide all over her client, usually resulting in a mind-blowing orgasm for the participant. Naturally, this massage involves a great deal of close, body-to-body contact between the masseuse and client, making the entire session highly arousing and sensual. That being said, it isn’t all about sexual stimulation. The masseuse will perform expert techniques to relax and knead the muscles, just like with any traditional style massage.

Is a body to body massage sexual?

Yes- although this isn’t the only selling point. This is a sensual full-body massage which is designed to stimulate sexual energy and induce pleasure. This unique experience does include sexual play of some sort, but it can be as much or as little at the request of the client. However, the masseuse will not just dive straight in. She will begin by totally relaxing the mind and body of the client by gently touching and caressing specific areas of the body. The aim is to gradually build up arousal levels, so that when sexual play is instigated, the sensation is more refined and intense.

How will the massage feel?

Of course, any Body to Body massage is bound to feel sensational- but it usually depends on the techniques used by individual masseuses. Many therapists start by performing a classic Swedish body massage, which is often the baseline for more practioners because it’s a great way to put the client as ease. The Swedish massage involves long, flowing strokes that are great for relieving muscle tension. Masseuse will also use firmer techniques such as kneading when attending to particularly rigid areas. As the body becomes suppler, any premeditated aches will disappear and the touch of the masseuse will become incredibly pleasurable.

What do I do during the treatment?

Make yourself comfortable and relax- that is all your masseuse will ask of you. Some clients are known to become too involved in the massage and have started to ‘help’ the masseuse during sessions. This is not acceptable and the masseuse will ask you to stop. The massage is designed to relax and pleasure you- you are not expected to do any of the work. Although some masseuses allow clients to touch their arms and legs, most will prohibit it altogether. If your masseuse needs you to change position or alter your body in any way, she will tell you to do so. You are not expected to do this otherwise. Just lie back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Where will my body to body massage take place?

Although some London salons offer an in-call service, most promote the outcall Body to Body because it is far more convenient for clients. With the outcall service, you are able to select a destination of your choice. Most people choose either a London hotel or their home. Either way, the masseuse will travel to you and perform the massage in an environment that you’re comfortable with. Most outcall service run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will I be expected to provide any equipment?

No- your masseuse will bring everything that is needed with her. That will include the special Body to Body massage oil, a protective mat, towels and anything else she needs. All you will be expected to do is shower at least 30 minutes beforehand and prepare a room for her arrival. For example, if you’ve selected the bedroom as your chosen room, ensure that it is clean and tidy and that there is plenty of room for the massage to take place. As well as this, most masseuse ask you to heat the room before the session so that it’s warm and soothing.

Can I get a massage with my girlfriend?

Absolutely- in fact, couples’ Body to Body massages are more popular than you’d think. If this is something you’re interested in, most parlous do offer this service, but it’ll probably cost you twice as much as a standard body-to-body. That being said, it’s worth the money. Whether you’re looking to put some romance into your relationship or just want to spice up your sex life, Body-to-body massages teach people a great deal about their bodies. These incredibly intimate sessions use gentle, sensual touch to unlock toe-curling pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. As well as this, after several sessions, most couples are experienced enough to perform body-to body massages themselves. It’s definitely value for money.

How will I feel after the massage?

Most clients react differently to Body to Body massages, but all come out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Reactions can range from aroused to emotional, and it usually depends on how involved the client has been mentally. Despite being an erotic, energetic and exciting type of massage, some people do find them emotional. Body to body massages are very exposing, but not just physically. Clients are forced to open up their minds in order to experience the ultimate pleasure- but this can let leash the flood gates in some circumstances. Emotional reactions are welcomed however, because erotic massages are very spiritual and healing. Clients are encourages to ‘let go’ of whatever negative energies they are holding onto in order to get the most out of their session.

If you’re ready to book your outcall Body to Body massage in London, don’t waste any more time and book in with a beautiful, expert masseuse now.

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