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Asia Massage News, London Massage – Today the major types of Asian massage are amma and tui-na from China, shiatsu from Japan, and Thai massage from Thailand.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in England UK

The fast-paced modern world takes a toll on our physical and psychological health. Constant stress, deadlines, workplace drama, and other daily frustrations don’t just pass through us without doing harm. These experiences will accumulate in our bodies over time, causing a buildup of muscle tension that can exacerbate or even cause physical injury. If you are experiencing chronic pain in the form of muscle aches, stress headaches, or aggravations to old injuries, you may benefit from getting a deep tissue massage.

Massage Tailored to Your Needs

Deep tissue massage targets the tense muscle adhesions that have built up in your body, seeking to stimulate, release, and heal the physical damage that life has inflicted upon you. At the beginning of a deep tissue massage, you will get a chance to consult with a massage expert about the specifics of your pain and discomfort, and they will devise a specific plan of action designed to relieve your particular issues.

During the massage itself, you will receive stimulation in the deep muscle and connective tissue from the therapist’s hands, elbows, forearms, fingertips, and/or knuckles in order to relieve the tense trouble spots in your musculature. You will be asked to relax and breathe deeply during this time, allowing your body to release tension and heal. Afterwards, you will need to hydrate in order to cleanse your body of the toxins that are released by the deep stimulation. The whole process should take about 60 minutes to complete.

Deep tissue massage specifically targets

Deep tissue massage specifically targets the underlying physical issues that cause pain, releasing tension in your muscles that may have been building up for years. It can promote deep levels of healing and release. Deep tissue massage is an important component of healing for those recovering from surgery or major physical injury.

Don’t let yourself live with pain for one more second. Book an appointment at your local Asia Massage today, and find the relief that you’ve been looking for!

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London Types of Massage

Types of massages provided by Hotel Massage in London

London Types of Massage – Therapeutic needs don’t only vary from person-to-person, but also from day-to-day. That’s why Asia Massage offers a variety massage types to choose from. With variations in pressure, technique, areas of focus and desired outcome, every visit is a chance to find your new favorite massage. Asia Massage provides many different types of therapeutic massage techniques.

Our experienced, Massage Therapists carefully customize the right therapeutic massage treatment to best fit your needs, all at the same affordable rate. Massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies are often complex mixtures of holistic healing practices involving physical, emotional and spiritual components. The definitions that follow provide only brief explanations of many of the techniques currently in practice.

These definitions have been compiled from a wide variety of sources. While some were supplied by the developer of the technique, others were supplied by associations and educational institutions involved with the individual technique. Still others are a blending of information gleaned from several sources.

London Types of Massage, types of massage in London, forms of massage in London,

Tantric Massage

This is the most common type of massage therapy in the UK. It is also known as Tantra massage or simply massage therapy. Massage therapists use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or oil.

Tantric massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing. If you’ve never had massage before, this is a good one to try first. This type of massage is often combined with breathing techniques known as pranayama.

Lingam Massage

Our lingam massage is not only the sacred high point of our Tantra Massage, it is embedded in every sequence of the massage ritual – from the beginning on. Through this massage the whole body is filled with energy, like through a charger.

The orgasm is therefore of a much higher quality than one normally experiences. You can imagine it like waves, rising in bigger and smaller surges, spreading endlessly out. Improved breathing and relaxation can also improve healing time from injury.

Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is not to be confused with sexual massage. A sexual massage is about receiving genital stimulation for an expected sexual release. Whereas sensual massage is about loosing expectations of a goal so you may enjoy your body, moment by moment, in new and profound ways.

You loose the need to perform, get it right and get somewher – and the anxiety that comes with it. Then sensual or erotic massage may be right for you.

SERVICE PRICES - Massage Services & Rates

Our Massage Girls, Our masseuses, our massage therapists, our Ladies.
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London Massage Therapy

Hotel massage’s London massage therapy

London Massage Therapy – London massage therapy consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically, the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints for the purpose of optimizing health. London massage therapy treatment has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be developed, maintained and improved; and physical dysfunction and pain and the effects of stress can be relieved or prevented through the use of Massage Therapy.

You can trace modern massage techniques back to the 1700s and the development of Swedish massage, the first systematic method of therapeutic massage based on physiology. Today’s Massage Therapists use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to combine traditional Swedish and modern London Massage Therapy techniques with exercise and other therapies to treat their clients.

Preparing For a Massage Therapy

Before a treatment, your Massage Therapist will propose a personalized treatment plan based on an initial assessment and health history. The assessment consists of various tests to determine the condition of your muscles and joints. Any personal and health information you provide to your Massage Therapist is completely confidential and will be safeguarded. The therapist will not release or transfer your health record without your written consent.

Your Massage Therapist must also obtain your consent to work on any part of your body, regardless of whether you are fully clothed, or fully or partially covered with sheets or blankets. As well as that your privacy will always be respected, and you may withdraw your consent for treatment at any time.

Various specialized movements of the hands, over the skin or clothes, make up the Massage Therapy treatment. The Massage Therapist will work with your level of pain tolerance during the treatment, and will stop the treatment at any time should the treatment become uncomfortable.

London Massage Therapy, massage therapy, London massage,

The physical effects of massage therapy can greatly improve a weightlifter’s health and lifestyle by alleviating pain and reducing potential for injury in several ways. The ultimate impact of asian outcall massage therapy is to increase the health of the body’s internal tissues by improving circulation of blood and nutrients, while simultaneously removing toxins. This is accomplished by varying type of stroke use. With good blood circulation, London massage therapy can also help men with erectile dysfunctional issues

Benefits of Massage

  • Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion
  • Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers
  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow – the body’s natural defense system.
  • Exercise and stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles.
  • Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts
  • Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ – the skin
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Lessen depression and anxiety
  • Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue
  • Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation
  • Reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling
  • Reduce spasms and cramping
  • Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles
  • Relieve migraine pain

Fun Facts About Massage

  • One hour massage equates to 7-8 hours of sleep on the body
  • There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin – 3,000 in a finger tip
  • Muscles are made up of bundles from about 5 in the eyelid to about 200 in the buttock muscles
  • Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and may be the last to fade
  • Massage therapy is the third most common form of alternative medicine in the UK
  • Experts estimate that stress is responsible for 80-90% of disease
  • Office workers who regularly receive a massage are more alert, perform better and have less stress than those who don’t
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The sensual massage ritual

The rituals of sensual massage in London, UK

Heard about sensual massage yet? Visiting London? What could be more exciting than having a beautiful asian girl pleasure you in your hotel massage London room for a sensual massage? If you’d like to enjoy the sensual hands of one of our sexy ladies in the privacy of your own room we can cater to your needs. Many of our Asia Massage babes offer erotic massage, outcall massage services. So you can relax and enjoy the erotic pleasure of a massage without having to dress and leave at the end.

Our sensual masseuse will come to your hotel room and perform a relaxing full body massage, sensual massage with a mind blowing happy ending. Leaving you to relax afterwards however you like. This private service is £120 per hour, plus return taxi fare. Feel free to contact us to arrange one of these special outcall massage visits, and be pampered in the privacy of your own room. Our therapy is just like a magic spell, you can’t explain the sensations… You can only experience them.

Sensual Spiritual Bond

The Direct contact of skins during the sensual massage session creates a spiritual bond between you and the masseuse. In the sensual massage, the sensations will indeed be a surprise, in turn amplifying the entire experience.

Our sensual massage ritual will lead you towards a state of sensual enlightenment. Gentle movements of the massage session create a sensation of internal joy and serene happiness in a world where a gentle touch possesses us, invades us, fulfills us and recognizes the deepest part of our being.

Our masseuse will perform the most erotic, sensual massage teasing you with scented oils, while gently stimulating your whole body. Leading to intense sensations and multiple long erotic tingles leaving you in a state of complete peace.

With all the benefits you can reap, the fact that sensual massage therapy is very popular amongst our clients is no surprise at all. Book your sensual massage session today and give in to a world where your senses come alive. Experience just how amazing these massage treatments will be for you! Especially when they’re performed by our beautiful, skilled massage therapists. Therapists who focus entirely on providing you with the ultimate pleasure.

The sensual massage ritual, the massage ritual,

If you’re interested in experiencing the most amazing outcall sensual massage you’ve ever had, then you’ve come to the right place. Oriental Tantric Hotel Massage is an Asia-based massage service that specialises in sensual, tantra, nuru, body to body, happy ending and other forms of erotic massages.

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Massage therapy is good medicine

Are you aware massage therapy could be excellent medicine?

Massage therapy is good medicine – If doctors knew the true causes of health and healing, they’d be prescribing massage therapy to most of their patients rather than prescription drugs. Massage therapy is good medicine, and it’s a far more potent healing therapy than most people realize. In fact, I believe that every person, healthy or otherwise, should receive a this treatment at least once a month.

Why is massage therapy such good medicine?

It is such a good medicine because it helps move lymph, blood and oxygen to the various organs and tissues in ways that normally don’t happen in the bodies of most people. This is especially true for those who don’t exercise: for them, massage therapy is critical for maintaining any degree of health.

There’s also the “touch factor” of massage therapy that I believe to be remarkably healing. There’s something almost magical about the human touch, and its qualities can’t be measured with scientific instruments (yet), but researchers know very well that it has powerful physiological effects: touch calms people. It reduces blood pressure, it boost immune system function, and it makes people feel loved. These are very important for those seeking health and healing. (And if you don’t believe me, just volunteer at a nursing home some time and offer free hand massages to the patients. I’ve done this, and you’d be amazed to see the different it makes in the people you’re touching.)

The human touch is powerful medicine, which is why I find it so bizarre that doctors seem so afraid of touching their patients. But you don’t need a doctor for this kind of healing: find yourself a good massage therapist and get some healing on a monthly basis.

Massage therapy is good medicine, Massage therapy as medicine, massage medicine,
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Scalp Massages

Scalp Massages – In many cultures, head massage has been practiced for hundreds of years as a therapy to reduce stress and tension. Scalp massages can relieve migraine headache pain and even encourage hair growth by stimulating blood supply to the scalp. It rejuvenates the spirits, improves mental alertness and increases circulation to the face, head, neck and shoulders.

Many people spend hours of each day hunched over a computer screen or sitting in the traffic, risking chronic nerve damage to their necks and shoulders. Poor posture and long working hours without adequate breaks can worsen muscle pain. A head massage usually includes a massage of the neck, back, shoulders and scalp, thus relieving pain and tension in these areas.

The people of India have incorporated scalp massages as part of a holistic medicine for generations.
Traditionally, an Indian head masseur would begin by balancing one’s healing energy in a step called “chakra balancing” in order to encourage positive feelings. He or she would then massage the upper back, shoulders and neck and thereafter progress to massaging the scalp and temples in a gentle, circular motion.

A head massageshould take at least 45 minutes to complete. Scalp massages that are too hard can cause a headache or even more tension, so make sure your therapist knows if you want a light, medium or deep massage.

Oils for Head Massage

Traditionally, oils such as bhringaraj, brahmi, or amla oils are used for scalp massage. These oils are derived from plants and herbs that Indians have valued for their medicinal properties for thousands of years.

Coconut oil is also widely used by therapists for head massage and can be left in the hair for awhile to provide a rich conditioning treatment. Sesame oil is a commonly used for Indian head massage because of its mild odor.

Carrier oils such as jojoba or sweet almond can be blended with essential oils of choice. For example, a few drops of ylang ylang blended with a few drops of carrier oil may be used to help one unwind and relax, while peppermint oil will have a more energizing effect. Discuss oil blends with your massage therapist before starting.

Bear in mind that oils applied to the scalp can be difficult to remove from the hair. It may be necessary to wash hair two or three times with a good quality, natural shampoo in order to remove the oil completely. Wash gently, using lukewarm water. Avoid using cold or very hot water directly on oiled hair.

Scalp Massage, head massage,
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Immediate Relief with Massage

Immediate Relief with Massage – If you suffer from aches, pains, or stiffness, you might assume you have two options: spend a fortune on a massage therapist or just live with it. But there’s a third option to achieve immediate relief with massage: self-massage. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, tennis balls, sticks — they’re all cheap, convenient, simple to use, and incredibly effective. Use them for just ten minutes daily, and you can reduce muscle pain and tension while increasing your flexibility.

Self-massage tools increase blood circulation and smooth out “knots” in your muscles and connective tissues caused by dehydration, overuse, and injury. When these adhesions go untreated, the tighter the surrounding muscle becomes and the more pain you feel. Here are six ways self-massage can help.

If you’ve never experienced lower back pain, you’re one of the lucky few. The lower back is a prime target area for pain because the spine, made up of 33 small bones called vertebrae, must carry the weight of your whole body. Lifting weights, running, jumping, and chronic sitting all place stress on the lower back.

One highly effective way to reduce lower back pain is to massage the quadratus lumborum (a back muscle) and the erector spinae (muscles running along the outside of the vertebrae) with a small, dense ball like a lacrosse ball.

Do you slouch at a desk all day?

Do you slouch at a desk all day? Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? If so, you’re a prime candidate for throbbing tension headaches. Tension headaches are often caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck. They can be relieved by kneading the upper trapezius muscle (located near your neck and shoulder) with a massage stick.

Why do you need stronger, more flexible hips? Well, if you’re a runner, you’ll run faster. A cyclist, you’ll pedal with more power. If you lift weights, you’ll lift heavier. If you don’t do a lick of exercise, you’ll be able to bend over to pick up a dropped pen without groaning.

Plus, if your hips can move every which way, you’re less prone to injury and better able to perform basic movements like squatting and bending. Yet most of us have limited hip mobility and flexibility. That’s because our quadriceps (upper thigh) muscles are tight; so are our iliotibial (IT) bands, the bands of connective tissue that run along the outside of the upper thigh. Foam rolling the quads and IT bands will loosen up this tissue.

Immediate Relief with Massage

Massaging the soles of your feet with a tennis ball can remove adhesions in the plantar fascia that can’t be stretched out. It also sends blood flow to your feet, warming up your foot muscles for additional exercises you may do.

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Asia massage central london

Asia Massage Central London

Asia Massage Central London – Our experienced, dedicated massage therapists will soothe your muscles and strengthen your spirit with a relaxing massage for you or together with your loved one as you lay in quiet, candlelit warmth. Experience the serene, natural beauty of hand carved woods, river stones, sumptuous colors, and gentle sunlit or starry skies from above.

Soothing scents of lavender, lemongrass, and your favorite essential oils soak into your skin as you listen to soft music from distant lands. Whether you are with a loved one, a friend, or you simply need some stillness for yourself, our experienced professionals are trained in many different massage techniques to provide you with what you need most. Sore muscles are relaxed, pain is decreased, healing begins.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is among the world’s oldest healing practices. It exists today in dozens of forms, from traditional deep-tissue massage to newer techniques that incorporate yoga and dance. All massage therapy generally uses manipulation of your body’s soft tissues as a means to curb stress, fatigue and/or pain, and to promote healthy circulation.

Massage therapy, which is the manipulation of muscles and tissues, has a main use of attempting to boost health and well-being. Many therapists offer a variety of massage types, from Swedish, Asia Massage Central London to sports. Although the idea behind each is simple: Human touch is an essential part of good health.

At Asia Massage Central London, all massages involve a licensed therapist manipulating your body’s soft tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin). Massage therapy using varying degrees of pressure, movements and strokes based on your individual needs. Many people report a variety of benefits from massage, including pain relief, relaxation and improved focus.

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Asian Massage

Asian massage in London as an outcall or mobile massage service

At Asia-Massage, we provide the most arousing and spectacular elements of oriental Asian sensual and tantric massage therapy services to men in London which indulge a man with the most professionally trained sensual and erotic Asian massage masseuses. Our outcall hotel and home massage services differs from your most traditional Nuru Massage, tantric massage and even body to body, including most erotic massages elsewhere in Central London like Prostate Massage, Body to Body Massage, lingam massage and even Four Hands Massage. All outcall Asian masseuses we promote are fully trained or qualified in therapeutic massages and have spent years perfecting their individual skills and techniques.

The outcall hotel massage or private residence home massage services provided by our Asian outcall massage therapists is that which involves and includes beauty, nakedness as part of sensual and erotic massage package to give you respite from daily and continuous stress or pain. Generally, massage

Generally, Asian massage therapies aim to balance, rejuvenate and promote the natural metabolism of self-healing in a sustainable manner. At Asian massage outcall hotel or visiting home massages in Central London, we maintain a trait which sets Asian masseuses and their outcall massage techniques apart from the competition in London and UK.

Whether they are visiting your hotel room or private home to perform sensual and erotic massage as a healing therapy, they are best at what they do and are always very flexible in responding to your needs as an individual. These princesses and goddesses are very open-minded and understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Flexibility is necessary because not every client has identical requirements.

Understanding the Client

Because each client prefers a different level of pressure we always ensure that we have a clear understanding before we begin the implementation of your choice of either Deep tissue or Swedish massage. Clear communication before and sometimes during a treatment promotes the exquisite service you are seeking whether you are a customer looking for a hotel massage service or an outcall massage In London and Heathrow. Our goal is to provide you with the best Deep tissue and Swedish massage and Hotel massage Service in London and Heathrow.

Our charming masseuses are ready and waiting to take your call and can be in your hotel room or private apartments within 30 minutes or less.

  • Outcall massage rate start from £160.
  • Heathrow – add £20 to £50 (depending on the distance) for Masseuses travelling expenses. Rest of areas in London – to be confirmed over the phone.

SERVICES AND RATE – A relaxation massage of light to medium pressure. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates, circulation, increases serotonin levels. Improves muscle tone, and promotes total mind and body relaxation. PRICE OUTCALL MASSAGE LONDON

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Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London – If you have already visited our gallery and seen the beautiful asian women that will caress you naked body then you will know if you try the tie and tease massage session you will be in for a real treat. For your tantric massage London, Just picture the thought of one these girls helping you undress, tying you up and then using all manner of things including sensual objects and her body to erotically tease an excite you.

Tie and tease is a bondage-related activity where the bondage specifically serves to allow a dominant to torment or tease their submissive while preventing the submissive from doing anything about it. The form of teasing is commonly either tickling or sensual denial.
Tie-and-tease is an exercise in control. In some cases it involves the dominant bringing their submissive to the edge of the end repeatedly, but not letting their submissive actually reach the end… at least, not for a considerable time. An important aspect of this is the submissive’s helplessness to control what happens to them or to escape (however, see also safeword) until their dominant allows them to do so.

Tantric Massage London is generally not what is called a “heavy” BDSM activity. In most cases it is light and fun. Equipment is used, but not the sort which create any significant pain.

History of Tantric Massage

Our Tantric Massage are sensual by nature. It’s the art of Tantra that teaches us to explore our natural lust, Tantric massage allows us to embrace the sensual essence of our soul. Our Tantric massage Rituals begin by creating the perfect atmosphere.

Known as an ancient aromatherapy massage session, where scented oils and meditative breathing are combined with invigorating strokes, our tantric massages London will transport you to a world of eternal bliss. Our massage therapist will cater to your preference and need, making sure that you’re completely relaxed throughout the process.

Tantric massage London, Tantric Massage therapy in London,

Every masseuse has a different style and procedure when it come to this kinky therapy. However each version will be an adventure of magnificent erotic touch and will end in a very happy way.

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