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giving a magical body to body massage

10 Ways to Give a Magical Body to Body Massage

giving a magical body to body massage

Massage therapy is an art. Learning how to give a truly relaxing, sensual and mind-blowing body massage takes determination and years of training. An erotic massage is like lovemaking – intimate and a secret shared between two lovers. It’s blissful and perfect and in that moment, you never want it to end. The pleasure and orgasm that often comes at the end is a natural extension of that bliss. An erotic massage can help bring lovers together, binding them physically, mentally and spiritually.

And although it seems as though only the recipient is experiencing all the pleasure, the masseuse actually feels just as good. It’s like when you do a good deed – you feel as good then as the receiver of the good deed does. When you realise that you’re the reason for all of your partner’s pleasure, you connect emotionally and it makes the massage a pleasurable experience for you as well. A sensual massage is a union of two bodies, bound by their sexual energies and bliss.

Now, a body to body massage is a special form of erotic massage that takes all of that bliss and heightens it. A body to body massage is one where the masseuse uses their entire body to massage the recipient as well as using the hands. The masseuse can rub, grind, slide and stroke her oiled body against her partner’s and that creates a whole new array of delightful sensations.

So here are 10 steps that will help you create a truly memorable erotic experience that’s full of bliss, pleasure and helpless arousal. If this seems like a lot to follow one of our lovely Japanese girl body to body masseuses will take you on a wonderful sexual journey.

1. Be calm but confident

Breathe and relax. Open your mind. An erotic massage is best enjoyed when you’re open to the situation and are willing to go with the flow. Most people feel self-conscious when they’re that naked and acting that sexually with their partner, but you have to be confident. You are the one who is responsible for their pleasure so act like you’re in charge.

2. Set aside plenty of time

If you really want to reap the blissful benefits of a body to body massage, make sure you have at least an hour of undisturbed time with your partner. Turn off your phones, laptops and tablets. No texts, no phone calls, no emails and no faxes. Turn off your mind from anything other than the massage. Focus entirely on your partner and bask in the pleasure. An erotic massage is supposed to be slow and intensely arousing experience, so think about nothing but the way your hands and body feel against your partner’s.

3. Set the perfect setting

You can only truly let go if you’re relaxed and free from inhibitions. So dim the lights (bright lights make people feel self-conscious), light some candles and play some relaxing music. Slowly undress and give your partner a small towel to drape over their crotch for some initial modesty.

4. Make sure you have everything you need

There’s nothing worse than getting into the mood and then realising you have to break it because you forgot something. Make sure you’ve prepared and got everything you need before the massage begins. So once you’ve set the mood, make sure you have somewhere comfortable to do the massage (e.g. an air mattress, bed or comfortable floor space). You then need massage oil, a bowl of hot water to float it in (this keeps the oil warm which feels nicer on the skin), some small towels to wipe your hands on and sexual lubricant if you intend to move onto intercourse.

5. Warming up

Start the erotic massage session with a relaxing full body massage. Ask your partner to lie on their front and sit by their side. Drizzle oil on your palms and rub your hands together before applying it on the skin. Always work up the body to build arousal. Make sure you pay extra attention to the areas that are most prone to aches such as the shoulders, neck and back. Use a variety of pressures and different parts of your hand to stimulate their body (for example, thumbs for the shoulders, flat palm base for the lower back and circular thumb movements for the thighs).

6. Feel the energy

Once your partner has relaxed, it’s time to focus on connecting your energies. Then close your eyes and slowly run your hands over their body. Synchronise your breathing. Feel the energy coursing through your body, reaching from your fingertips and touching their soul. Visualise this energy exchange and you’ll feel your souls connect. Slowly and gently run your fingers over their body, and feel the lust flowing through your bodies. It sounds wishy-washy, but you’ll understand what we mean when you try it.

7. The body to body massage

Now that your energies have intertwined, it’s time to start the body to body massage. Liberally reapply the massage oil and spread it over their body and your own. When you’re both slick, climb on top of your partner and straddle them. Then begin rubbing your body against theirs. You’ll have to really work your core here. Use your breasts, stomach and legs to press and slide up and down them. Your partner will feel every curve, angle and plane of your body and it’ll be extremely pleasurable.

Then, flip them over and do the same on the front of their body. Stop thinking and let your instincts take over.

8. The sensual zones

When you’re massaging the front of their body, you’ll rub past their sexual areas. Let your lust take over here and don’t overthink it. Just feel and follow your gut instinct. Use your hands, your body, your mouth, everything. A body to body massage is about giving into your carnal instincts.

9. Getting sexual

Keep bringing them to the point of orgasm and backing away again. This edging will make it a more prolonged, pleasurable experience for them and when they do orgasm, it’ll be the most powerful one they’ve ever had.

10. Cooling down

Stay in each other arms for a moment to catch your breath. Then, enjoy a relaxing, hot shower together to wash away the massage oils off each other’s bodies and really bind the emotional connection between you. The shower also maintains the relaxing, sensual experience.

A Note From Us

If you want to experience this type of massage and you’re lucky enough to Live in the Kings Cross area of London (or any of central / greater London really) then take a look at the services we offer on our main website here

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10 lingam massage techniques you have to try

10 Lingam Massage Techniques You Must Try

10 lingam massage techniques you have to try

‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word that refers to the word ‘penis’ and loosely translates to ‘Wand of Light’. The Ancient Indians worshipped the male and female sexual organs, seeing them as sacred objects because of their vital role in creation. There are temples with phallic states at the entrance, highlighting their holiness.

This belief led to the invention of lingam massage and yoni massages, which are erotic massages specifically designed for the pleasurable arousal of the male and female genitals respectively. With both, orgasm is not the goal although it’s a welcomed side effect. The goal is to take the receiver to new levels of pleasure and encouraging them to surrender to their senses. It allows them to be the sole centre of attention and particularly for men, allows them to embrace their softer, more receptive side. A lingam massage in particular is meant to take the man into a deep state of relaxation.

If this sounds like something you want to experience with your lover, look no further because here are 10 techniques that are guaranteed to give ‘arousal’ a whole new meaning.

1. Wake up the lingam area

In a lingam massage you should slowly awaken the lingam with a series of soft and gentle movements. Just like how you’d rather be woken gently, the lingam would rather be risen softly and slowly as opposed to a roughing up. Begin by gently massaging the testicles. Don’t squeeze, just lightly cup them and use your thumb to stroke in small circles. Gently massage the scrotum and the perineum (area between the testicles and anus). Take your time to explore the whole lingam area and really get to know it.

2. Awaken the lingam

Now that you’ve explored the lingam’s counterparts, it’s time to focus on the actual thing. Gently but firmly grasp the lingam between your thumb and forefinger and move up the penis. Slide your fingers off and swap hands. Repeat. Then go in the opposite direction.

3. Thumb strokes

Hold the penis somewhere in the middle of the shaft. As you rest it against the four fingers, slowly slide your thumb up the shaft. Repeat several times before changing direction and sliding down.

4. Alternating grasps

Wrap one hand at the bottom of the shaft and slide it firmly up and off the penis. Repeat with the other hand and vary the speed and tightness of your grip.

5. Corkscrew

With one hand, hold the base of the lingam. With the other, grasp the top of the lingam with your palm touching the head. Then twist your hand around the top with your thumb rubbing the part of the shaft it can reach. While you’re doing this, the hand at the bottom slowly make a pumping motion.

6. Wringing

Grasp the penis with both hands and twist the hands in opposite motions – like you’re wringing something. For this movement, it might be easier to sit at his side instead of between his legs.

7. Lighting a fire

Straighten your hands and hold the penis between your palms. Then rub your hands together like you’re lighting a fire. Move your hands up and down the penis, and change the pressure and speed.

8. Just one finger

Use one forefinger to gently massage the frenulum (the part that connects the penis and the foreskin) and stroke down the shaft.

9. Prayer

Hold the penis between your palms like you do when you’re “lighting a fire” but instead of hands being horizontal, hold them vertically, as though you’re praying. Then firmly slide your palms up the shaft and off. Repeat and vary the pressure.

10. The sacred spot

There is a small pea-sized indentation lying between the testicles and the anus (perineum). When you’ve found it, gently stroke it. Encourage him to breathe and relax and slowly and gently push this spot. He’ll feel pressure inside and it might be uncomfortable at first, but once he relaxes, this spot will soften and it’ll be pleasurable. Attention to this area will intensify male orgasms and help him master his ejaculations. Gently stroke this area while you’re massaging the lingam. When he nears ejaculation, gently push this spot and it will deepen his orgasm.

Last minute tips

  • Breathe and relax
  • Try and sync your breathing with your partner
  • Don’t hold back the emotion
  • Trust your masseuse
  • Just let go and embrace the pleasure

If you want to try a professional lingam massage in london, try our service from £150 an hour. Head over to our masseuse gallery and see which girl catches your eye first!

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resuce stress with tantric massage

The Secret to Less Stress? Get a Tantric Massage

resuce stress with tantric massageIf you’re reading this and you suffer from depression, you’ll know that it infects you like a deadly parasite. Despite being widely recognised and documented, doctors fail to treat depression effectively, and usually offer quick-fixes rather than long-term solutions. Depression needs to be tackled at the root, so here’s our suggestion. Tantric Massages are holistically healing, and are great for letting off some steam. Unlike traditional styles, Tantric Massages introduce sexual stimulation to increase pleasure and sensation. Experiencing pleasure is healthy for the body and mind, and is actually known to improve various bodily functions. Tantric Massages are modern day medicines, here’s why:

Tantric Massage relieves stress

These days, life for most of us is incredibly hectic and busy, and drowning in stress is a natural side effect. Although small amounts of stress are relatively normal, chronic levels can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. However, this is where Tantric Massages come into the picture. Of all the erotic massages available, Tantric Massages are undoubtedly the most relaxing of them all.

Derived from the ancient art of Tantra, this style of massage is extremely spiritual and focuses on reconnecting the mind, body and soul. Relaxation is the beating heart of Tantra, and in order to reach the maximum pleasure, it must be achieved. Tantric masseuse use gentle, soothing touches to slowly submerge clients into pure relaxation, and by doing so, the mind will clear and empty of negative energies. Reaching this almost euphoric state is, without a doubt, an unprecedented stress release, and is designed to tackle it right at the core.

Many people who have experienced Tantric Massages have reported feeling incredibly emotional for hours or sometimes days afterwards, but for reasons that will surprise you. Stress is often a side-effect of deeper, underlying issues, which is why Tantric massages are designed to unearth the underlying causes. Tantric practice looks to banish negative chakras (energies) in the body and mind by encouraging its participants to release- and we don’t just mean physically.

They are good for your health

If you haven’t already guessed, Tantric massages are great for your anatomy. A normal session will encourage the production of Oxytocin, a chemical linked directly with happiness and the reduction of stress and anxiety. The positive effects of this are that your breathing will become controlled and blood circulation will improve. This is great for the heart and of course your organs because it will help to lower the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your system. It’s basically a facial for your insides!

For all of the gentlemen reading, there’s another benefit of Tantric Massages which might spark your interests… One of the main causes on premature ejaculation is actually stress, and often has very little to do with the function of the penis. Tantric massages are practiced slowly, meaning arousal levels are increased gradually, and you are taught how to prolong pleasure, rather than rush it. A trained masseuse will use this technique to control your release, encouraging you to actually savor the pleasure, rather than feel pressured to reach an orgasm. If this wasn’t already great enough, this technique can also be practiced at home, so say goodbye to erectile dysfunction!

Tantric Massage is the solution for you

Exploring my widely known methods of stress release can be beneficial, but for most people, it’s short-lived. Tantric massages are a long-term investment, and will drastically improve your life if practiced correctly. Whether you’ve had a stressful few days or can’t remember life without it, a Tantric massage is just what you need.

Tantric massage in London with our outcall service

If you are lucky enough to be in central or greater London then you can take advantage of our outcall service and experience what a professional tantric massage in London is like with 100% Asian and fully trained masseuses from only £150 per hour.

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8 unusual tips for erotic massage in London

8 unusual tips to make your erotic massage better

8 unusual tips for erotic massage in LondonIf you’ve been lucky enough to have experienced an erotic massage, you’ll know that there’s plenty of do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting your money’s worth. Whether you’re getting a Sensual, Body to Body or trying our Erotic Lingam massage service, there are guides out there to make your experience truly one of a kind. So here are some tips to help you get the most out of your erotic massage:

Don’t be late for a massage!

If you’re known for your rubbish time keeping, it’s time to get your shit together and sort it. If not, you’re going to feel the wrath of your masseuse, seriously.  As you can imagine, erotic massages are in high demand, so most masseuses have pretty hectic schedules to say the least. If you lose track of time and turn up 15 minutes late for your appointment, don’t expect to be greeted with a smile, and be prepared to pay the price, literally.

If you’re sick, stay away!

Okay, we get it. You’re glued to your bed surrounding by a mountain of used tissues and all you want is something to relax and make you feel better. I suppose getting an erotic massage would be a good idea, after all, they do encourage the production of chemicals in the body that will cure or improve your illness. But from one friend to another, I would seriously reconsider. The chances are, your masseuse is going to be getting up close and personal with a few more people that same day, so she’s not going to be very happy if you infect her with your germs. For everyone’s sake, just wait until you’re not a ticking time bomb of sickness, okay?  Plus, erotic massages are meant to be sexy, not snotty.

Don’t jump off the massage table

At the end of your massage, your masseuse will leave you for a few moments to compose yourself and pull yourself together (you’ve probably just had the best orgasm ever so you’ll need it). But the last thing you should do is jump off the table like you’re about to start a 100m sprint. You’ll most likely feel slightly dizzy after you’re massage, so take your time and stand up slowly to avoid falling over and smashing your face off the floor. Chances are you’ll be charged for the blood splatter as well, just’sayin’.

Don’t smoke before your session!

Erotic massages can be pretty nerve wracking at first, so having a quick puff beforehand is exactly what you need to calm the nerves. But if I were you, I’d go without. If you’re not a smoker, the smell of lingering smoke is insanely pungent and will probably gross your masseuse out. All masseuses will expect you to have showered beforehand for hygiene reasons, so stinking of cigarettes isn’t going to do you any good. Plus, erotic massages aren’t just great for pleasure, they’re known to help control our breathing and lower your blood pressure. Having lungs full of fresh smoke will actually make it harder for you to breathe and therefore relax, so just stump it out, okay?

Avoid going to Starbucks afterwards

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll know that functioning throughout the day can be a struggle without a caffeine fix.  If you’ve booked an early morning massage, the chances are you’ll wait till after your session to enjoy your morning brew because you’ll need an energy boost after your relaxing session. Believe it or not, that’s the worst thing you could ever do! If you’re a caffeine addict, you’re better off having a shot of espresso before your massage rather than after, because coffee actually tenses the muscles; reversing the effects of the massage. So basically, if you want to avoid wasting a couple of hundred quid getting a full-body erotic massage, steer clear of Starbucks for the rest of the day.

Hit the gym before, not after your massage

So, you’ve got a Tantric Massage scheduled for 2 O’clock, which means you’ll finish just in time for Body Pump at 3.30. Your massage is over, you’re super relaxed but you’re still going to work out for an hour or so because you need to burn the pizza off you ate last night. You’re halfway through your intense workout and all of a sudden you pull your left hamstring mid-squat – its agony. The question is, why have you sustained an injury from a class you do all the time? The answer is: because of your massage. Working out after a massage is a bad idea because your muscles are relaxed and therefore prone to strain.  If you’ve received a deep tissue massage, micro-tearing can occur in the same way as a hard, intense workout, so the muscles need time to recover. Would you run a marathon before warming up your muscles? No, you wouldn’t, but that’s exactly what a massage does to the body, it relaxes it.  If you are, however, an OCD gym freak, feel free to sweat it out before your session, if anything, it’ll make your massage more enjoyable.

Be strategic about the timing of your massage

Whilst there’s no right or wrong time to book a massage, you’ll still probably want to deliberate over the timing of your appointment.  Re-visit your schedule and select a day that’s relatively empty- the fewer commitments you have, the better. Similarly, sit down and think about what time of day you’d benefit most from deep relaxation. If you lack morning motivation, book your massage for first thing in the morning and benefit from its positive effects for the rest of the day. Alternatively, if you feel that a post-work massage would help you sleep better at night, book your session for the evening. Although you’re going to leave with a smile on your face regardless of the time, squeeze every ounce of positivity out of your session and pick the time that’s best for you.

Put the food down!

Speaking from experience, eating a full meal right before an erotic massage is a baaaaadd idea. First of all, most styles involve a great deal of deep tissue massaging of the stomach, so going into it with a fully belly of grub is going to be mega uncomfortable. Secondly, erotic massages are crazy relaxing, which actually stimulates digestion- I think you know where I’m going with this… Although very unlikely, accidents do happen and it could leave you feeling totally embarrassed and mortified. Most masseuses recommend having a small meal a couple of hours before a session for maximum results, so keep your eating light people!

Don’t forget that if you live in London and are looking for an erotic asian massage experience you should take a look at our main website here and all the sexy masseuses we have available

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all you need to know about lingam amssage

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Lingam Massage

all you need to know about lingam amssage

What is a lingam massage? A lingam massage is an erotic massage that’s specifically designed for male pleasure. It’s focused on the lingam area, also known as the penis, and uses a series of massage techniques designed to kindle arousal.

What happens during a lingam massage?

While a lingam massage is very much focused on the penis and providing male pleasure, it’s not just a ‘handjob’. It uses a set of specialised massage techniques that are similar to the kind used in foreplay, but they stimulate not only the body but the mind and soul as well. A lingam massage is about smoothly moving energy through your body and increasing its efficiency for healing purposes. A skilled lingam masseuse will fully relax your body and mind, before slowly building up sexual energy and arousal .This sexual energy will be gradually encouraged to flow freely through your body, reaching and touching parts of you that you didn’t even know could be affected. You’ll be mesmerised by the pleasurable sensations and your soul may even be changed.

In some ways, a lingam massage can take you to the same relaxed state of mind as meditation and yoga do, but with much less work (by you) and much more pleasure.

During a lingam massage, men practise withholding ejaculation and keeping sexual energy within the body. Lingam therapists believe that the expelling of sperm (ejaculation not orgasm) is a waste of sexual energy. With each ejaculation, men can lose up to 200 million sperm, which is the equivalent of tripling the UK’s population. By learning to control ejaculation, men can experience multiple, more intense full body orgasms.

The history of lingam massage

‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘penis’. For thousands of years, the lingam has been seen as a symbol of fertility and worshipped because the ancient civilisations believed it was responsible for crop and herd growth. And so, male sexual energy was celebrated in temples. Phallic statues were erected at the entrance of these tantric temples and monks typically followed symbolic rituals such as pouring milk over the statues to mimic ejaculation.

In today’s culture, men are often attacked simply for being men. The lingam is no longer seen as sacred. These days, we forget the importance of the role sexual organs play in our lives. For instance, sexual organs are responsible for our creation. A lingam massage works to reverse this and see the penis as a revered symbol (a yoni massage is the female equivalent). Good lovers are the natural leaders of the world. Men and women who are rooted in their masculinity and femininity are mentally at ease, confident and appreciated. By stimulating the penis and invoking arousal, any blockages will be reduced and sexual energy will flow freely, spreading positivity which boosts healing.

Not just a happy ending

While lingam massage is a type of erotic massage, they aren’t just about the happy ending. Typically, a happy ending massage is one that ends in orgasm and ejaculation. Lingam massage works to control this urge, delay ejaculation and prolong the orgasmic period. Men who have mastered this will experience multiple deeply intense orgasms and be in total control of their manhood.

There is some truth when people say men think with their penises. It’s just the way they’re wired – it’s biology. We can’t change it, but we can work around it. A lingam massage helps you let go of your insecurities, fears, emotional hindrances and anxieties. An authentic lingam massage doesn’t just curb your lust. They show you a whole new side of human sensuality. You won’t overthink anymore. You’ll just feel.

Benefits of a lingam massage

  • Better orgasm and ejaculation control
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased frequency of and more intense orgasms
  • Deeper sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • Freedom from sexual tension
  • Enhanced sensitivity (physically and mentally)
  • Improved sex drive
  • Reduced stress and chance of depression
  • Deeper connection with partner

Where can I get a lingam massage?

Your lover can learn how to give a deeply pleasurable massage or you can book a session with a professional tantric lingam masseuse in London here. From £150 an hour, we can guarantee a soul-changing experience.

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erotic airport massages in london

I Got A (Naughty) Airport Hotel Massage.. And I Liked It

erotic airport massages in londonWe recently branched out to some of our clients to get some feedback on their hotel airport massage experience, and we received an amazing response from a blogger from across the pond. Here’s his experience

Most people I know have never even heard of an erotic massage before, never mind actually experienced one.  Me on the other hand, I have had several. My name is ‘Tyler’, and I am an American sex blogger in New York City. Alongside my day job, I get paid to explore the weird and wonderful world of sex, and then write about it for my rather modest but very curious readership. Last month I was visiting London as part of a 3 week European trip and ended up having a very unexpected, yet unbelievable experience. Despite being pretty, ‘experienced’ should we say, this was pretty up there in terms of pleasure, so it would be wrong for me NOT to share it with you all.

After doing plenty of research, I decided to stay in the Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick Airport, mainly for convenience. The hotel was impressive, the staff were extremely friendly and it was located right next to various forms of transport- ideal. My friend and I were on a non-work related trip around Europe, and London happened to be our first port of call. Like most Americans, I had been conditioned to believe that everyone In England was related to the Queen, and spent their weekend’s playing Polo and drinking tea in the countryside. Within five minutes of touching down on British soil, I realised this was not the case- at all! London was hectic, challenging, fascinating and diverse and had a sense adventure in the air, similar to that of NYC. Londoners were not sickeningly pleasant and charming as the movies had made me believe, they were obnoxious, rude and insufferable; I felt completely at home.

Like most New Yorkers my age, veering away from clichés was the new fashion, so my friend and I had agreed to explore Europe as creatively as possible. For London, we had high hopes and half expected to be invited to an illegal warehouse rave somewhere in Camden. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all, but what we did find certainly took us by surprise. On our second day, we ended up visiting Notting hill where we stopped for lunch and a well-deserved beer-break in a quirky bar. Despite being only 4 in the afternoon, it was rammed, and the atmosphere was totally electric. Amongst the array of unusual accents floating around the room, the suited and booted American stood next to us obviously caught our attention.

We introduced ourselves, began chatting and invited him and his middle-eastern friend (also dressed in a suit worth more than my yearly salary) to join us for a couple of drinks. Despite both being incredibly down to earth (and slightly drunk), I felt like I was sat with two mannequins from the Calvin Klein store. They were totally immaculate, uncomfortably perfect, and were throwing around cash as it was toilet paper. The American guy was also from NYC, but was a high-flying, Bateman-esque stock broker. His friend, also in the same line of work, had moved over from Saudi Arabia decades before to bleed New York dry of cash. They were, by far, the most luxurious, lavish men I had ever met, and only the best of the best would do; which is the next conversation took me by surprise.

“So, you’re staying near Gatwick are you? I stayed in the same hotel as you guys on my first business trip here in the UK. Had a pretty memorable time in that hotel!”, explained the American. He looked to his friend who was grinning like a Cheshire cat and they proceeded to bury their smiles into their tumblers of whiskey.

“ Let’s just say boys, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get a naughty massage, now’s the time to do it”, he followed.

I was curious. I wanted to know more; so I gestured for him to go on. Although I had experienced erotic massages in the past, I could tell his particular session was pretty damn special judging by the glint in his eye.
“It was late one evening and I was sat at the hotel bar having a drink. I got talking to a guy who went on to explain that he was a Londoner, but often came to this hotel every couple of months for a night or two- probably to get away from his wife. I asked him if he knew of any massage parlours nearby, as id got a kink in my neck from the flight, but he introduced me to something way better.”

The guy at the bar had given him the number of a salon, but unsurprisingly, it advertised naughty, outcall massage services. His new ‘friend’ recommended  he get a ‘4 Hands Massage’, something even I had never heard of until then.  It was 3am, but within 45 minutes of calling, he opened his hotel room door to not one, but two stunning Asian masseuses.

I had been searching for something risqué, and I had found it; I had found my creative London experience. After an hour or so, the drinks had run out and me and my friend decided to move on.  We bid our new friends farewell, but not before writing down the number for the salon. Around 11pm that night, I decided to take the plunge, despite being surprisingly nervous and apprehensive. My friend agreed to go to a bar for a couple of hours, so I contacted the salon, explained where I was staying and asked for their famous 4 Hands service. Within 55 minutes, I was opening my hotel door to two incredibly pretty Asian masseuses. Scarlett was Korean and Faith was Japanese, but they were both mind-blowingly attractive and made me feel right at ease.

I was asked to take a shower whilst the girls set up their equipment, so I did so as they requested. Stepping out of the bathroom, I was hit by a wave of tranquillity. The lighting was warm, candles were scattered and cushions had been arranged on the bed. I lay on my front, as instructed, and fell into bliss as they performed a traditional, full body massage to relax me. After several minutes, I turned onto my back where my masseuses proceeded to remove their bikinis and the towel covering my crotch. It was spine-tinglingly erotic, sensual and almost spiritual, unlike other kinky massages I had experienced.

With the 4 Hands service, I was also asked to choose a style of massage I wished for my luscious ladies to perform on me. I opted for a ‘Happy Ending’ massage because I’d never had one before, and it seemed like an appropriate choice for my last night in London. All I’m going to say is, it certainly was a Happy Ending for me. Whilst Faith massaged my shoulders from behind and rested her breasts on my face, Scarlett gave me the hand-job of dreams.
I have watched women wrestle in jello, I have been to swingers parties and I have even delved into bondage, but I had never had such an aggressive erection as I did during that massage. My arousal levels were so high; it was pulsing through my body like shocks of electricity.  Unlike other massages Id had in the past, every touch, every stroke, ever motion was smooth, sleek and mischievous. As they mutually caressed and teased my body, pleasure surged through me from the tips of my toes right through to the ends of my fingers, and I was totally paralysed with pleasure. I wasn’t normally vocal during sexual interactions, but on this occasion, I was. I wriggled, moaned and trembled as the girls continued to torment and tease me with their bodies, breasts and expert touch.

Reaching my breaking point, the pressure mounting in my body became too much and I had my release. It was the best, most intense, most mind-blowing orgasm of my entire life. It travelled through my body with such force, I had to arch my back and grip the bed. If I could roll three standard orgasms into one, it still wouldn’t come close. My entire body felt numb, but the sensation seemed to ease off slowly over the period of several minutes. I lay there totally exhausted and satisfied. Scarlett and Faith did not get up and leave right away; they lay with me stroked my body while my heartbeat lowered. It was strangely romantic and I felt incredibly content- a new feeling for me. I eventually came back around and thanked the girls for their time. They professional yet sweet, and proceeded to tenderly kiss me goodbye. Contrary to common misconceptions, my London experience was far from sleazy.  It was a professional, passionate and first-class service, better than any Id had in the past. It was by far the most luxurious massage I had ever experienced and was worth every single penny.

As a sex blogger, it is my job to honestly write about my sexual encounters and put forward recommendations for my readers. So here is the verdict on my Gatwick Airport Outcall Massage Service: It was a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience, and it made my trip complete.


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tantric massage tips

Top Erotic Massage Tips

tantric massage tipsAn erotic massage is a massage style that focuses on stimulating the partner’s erogenous areas to provide stress relief and promotes intimacy between the masseuse and the recipient. The aim of an erotic massage is not to orgasm (although it’s a welcome and extremely pleasant reaction), but to integrate a highly private and intimate yet relaxing experience into your life.

An erotic massage is a fantastic way to incorporate an alternative source of intimacy into a relationship and can help to re-ignite or increase the flames of chemistry. It allows both partners to experience pleasure without feeling pressured to perform. An erotic massage, also referred to as a sensual massage, is a great way to bond emotionally as well as physically with your partner.

Communication is key when it comes to an erotic massage. Because it’s so intimate, some of the shyer, more modest personalities may not feel as comfortable as the bolder people. Make sure you communicate beforehand and establish boundaries, so both you and your partner can reap the full benefits of this exploration into pleasurable intimacy.

Set the mood

Prior to the massage, make sure you set the right atmosphere first. Maintaining a sensual mood is extremely important for an erotic massage. Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature. Dim the lights (perhaps covering lamps with sheer fabric), light candles and play soft, relaxing music. The Top 40 isn’t going to cut it this time, so check out Spotify – they have some wonderful instrumentals.

Have a bath or shower together to relax your bodies and start off the erotic mood. Consider blindfolding the massage recipient because eliminating one sense intensifies the others. Think about what you’re going to wear during the massage. Ideally, the less clothing the better because it enhances the pleasurable sensations of the massage, but wear as little as you are comfortable with. Lingerie is excellent because it’s sensual but maintains some of the mysterious sexual intrigue.

Choose a massage oil that fits best to your recipient’s needs. Different oils have different purposes. For example, chamomile, jasmine and lavender are highly relaxing, sandalwood, ylang ylang and coconut smell fantastic and peppermint is great for concentration. Float the massage oil bottle in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm and always rub some oil between your palms before applying it to skin. Cold oil can cause muscle tension, which is the opposite of what you want. Warm oil feels much better.

Keep in mind that oils tend to affect the latex in condoms, so always remember to switch to sexual lubricants if you’ll be progressing to intercourse. Also, some women are more prone to urinary infections, so always wash your hands before touching the vaginal area and switch to lubricants if that’s the case.

Remember to basics

Use a mixture of basic massage techniques and erotic movements. Start with a basic full body massage to relax your partner. Have them lie on their front and always work up their body. Slowly incorporate stimulation of the erogenous areas into the massage. Remember to communicate, whether that’s verbal or non-verbal means. Check to see they are comfortable with the level of sensuality before gradually moving to another stage. Keep an eye on their breathing patterns, body language and any sounds they might make. This allows you to pay more attention to the areas that produce the most arousal.

If you want to be even more creative and take an erotic massage to another level, run your body against theirs or use your mouth or tongue to kiss, lick and stimulate your partner’s skin. You can even incorporate sex toys into the massage for additional pleasure.

Female erotic massage

Lightly stroke the breasts and nipples. Firmly knead the buttocks in a n outward circular motion. Slide your hands down her body and slowly and softly stroke the areas around the genitals. This will build up her anticipation. Once she’s aroused, slowly begin massaging the genitals.

If she’s not producing enough lubrication, feel free to use sexual lubricant. Use one hand to slowly caress her body and the other to lightly rub up and down her vulva. Gently stroke the labial lips and begin applying small amounts of pressure. Once she starts to secrete lubrication, begin clitoral stimulation. Start off lightly and slowly increase pressure in accordance to her reactions. Don’t be shy to ask your partner for feedback and help if you need it. Stroke the clitoris in a circular motion and then switch a figure eight. Keep up a steady rhythm. If she reaches climax, move onto the labia as the clitoris will be quite sensitive and any more stimulation will cause her discomfort.

Once she’s completely aroused, begin to explore inside her. Insert a finger and point upwards towards the pubic bone with your palm facing up. Gently stroke the G-spot, using a ‘come here’ motion. Don’t just move your fingers in and out of her – gently caress the walls. You can continue stimulating her clitoris with your other hand.

Once finished, allow her to relax peacefully.

Male erotic massage

Apply lubricant to your hands and gently rub it onto the penis and testicles area. Make sure you pay attention to your partner’s reactions so you know when you slow down just before they ejaculate. Remind your partner to breathe in order to help resist the urge to climax. Prolonging a male orgasm is key for an erotic massage because it extends the pleasure and allows for a more intense and deeper orgasm.

The penis may alternate between going hard and soft. Don’t worry – this is totally normal and is a highly desirable outcome of the experience.

Start by massaging the testicles and scrotum. Be gentle. Then slowly move onto the perineum (area between the testicles and the anus) with one hand while the other massages the pubic area. Then, moving your fingertips in light circles, move closer and closer until you’re touching the penis. Begin massaging the shaft, taking care to vary the pressure and speed. Softly squeeze the base of the penis, quickly slide it upwards and off. Alternate hands and repeat this several times before reversing the direction of the strokes. Then grasp the head and shaft, and massage in gentle twisting motions.

Now move onto the prostate area. Look for a small indent in the perineum area. Gently stroke your fingers back and forth this region until it softens. When he nears ejaculation, lightly push on this indent to enhance his orgasm. As the massage draws to a close, focus on a few strokes that he finds most pleasurable. Then, allow him to rest and bask in the relaxing post-orgasm glow.

Last minute tips

Caress, don’t just touch for maximum pleasure
Alternate pressures for example, use gentle fingertips and more vigorous strokes
Communicate with your partner – ask them what they want and like
Don’t overlook body language
Relax and let go

If you’re feeling a little braver, try our erotic tantric massage service in London for £150 an hour!

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Visiting Nuru Massages in London

What Not To Do During a Nuru Massage

Visiting Nuru Massages in London
What You Should Not do During Nuru Massage

If you’ve never heard of a Nuru Massage, you’re in for a treat because they’re one of the most popular and enjoyable erotic massages out there. Imagine a slip n slide, but with a lot less clothing and a great deal more body to body contact. Catch my drift? Nuru Massages involve trained masseuses using their naked body to massage you- whilst covered in amazing, slippery gel. Aside from being crazy hot, they’re actually great for the mind, body and soul too. Whether you suffer from depression or have terrible back ache, Nuru Massages are natural healers and will give you a new lease for life. However, these massages can have the opposite effect if practiced without care. If you choose to hire one of our Japanese nuru massage girls it’s very unlikely that any issues will crop up, but if you’re doing it DIY style, read on. Here’s what NOT to do during a Nuru Massage:

Don’t forget to buy Nuru Massage Gel-

If you haven’t already sussed it out, a Nuru is called a Nuru because of its incorporation of special Japanese Nuru gel. Without the gel, it’s just like any other massage, get it? This style of massage involves a lot of naked body contact, and the gel actually allows you to slide, grind and slip all over your partner. Attempting this without lubrication would be painfully awkward; in fact, it would just be downright painful for that matter, so don’t even attempt it. No gel= No Nuru, girls and boys.

Don’t injure your partner-

Having someone massage you with their slick, naked body sounds like something from a beautiful dream, right? But imagine your partner approaching it like a bull in a china shop and body slamming the shit out of you. Not so sexy. Nuru massages are very sensual, so it’s important to perform the massage slowly and carefully in order to avoid any knees in the face. If you’re grinding on your partner, keep the movement fluid. Don’t bounce up and down like you’re on an inflatable ball. There’s nothing sexy about being kneed in the balls or getting punched in the face, so be gentle- this isn’t girls gone wild.

Don’t forget to prepare-

Like with most things worse doing, preparation is crucial if you want to experience a Nuru to its full potential. There’s going to be a lot of movement and a lot of gel, so taking the appropriate steps to minimise mess is an absolute must. Along with your Nuru gel, purchase either a protective Nuru sheet or a blow-up Nuru bed. Both of which will protect your carpets and floors from the gel, but will leave you with plenty of room to get down and dirty with your partner. Once you’ve selected an appropriate place to perform your Nuru, be sure to ‘set the mood’ by dimming the lights and using scented candles. Believe it or not, Nuru’s are meant to be sensual and romantic, so make sure to pre-heat the oven before you start cooking.

Aside from taking a shower and preparing the Nuru gel, you’re pretty much good to go. Then again, we have got one last tip for you: keep an open mind and just enjoy it. It might seem a little daunting at first, but once you get into the swing of things, it’ll blow your mind, “fo’ real”. If you’re up for investing in a Nuru Massage, don’t forget to read the ‘how to’ guide first!

If you fancy trying a nuru massage in London then why not take a look at our main website, for those of you in the Paddington area you can check here

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b2b massage

How to Give The Best Body To Body Massage Ever

A body to body massage, also known as a body2body, is one of the most erotic massage styles you can experience. It involves the therapist using her body as the massage apparatus as well as her hands. Although the hands are sensitive, a body2body massage allows for total sensuous body contact and complete skin to skin contact.

Because this massage style is so erotic, it’s not commonly found in most spas and massage salons. And even if you find a place, they may not offer an authentic body to body massage. We at [company name] only ever hire qualified masseuses who have undertaken intensive training in the erotic massage arts, so you can be sure of our authenticity. If you’re not quite ready for sensual touches from our highly skilled beauties, why not try doing a body to body massage yourself? Got a partner you can try it with? Great – let’s get started…

Body massage techniques

Massage is an age-old form of manual therapy that has been used a highly therapeutic way to achieve relaxation. Over the centuries, massage has evolved to combine a variety of styles from different cultures and countries. Modern day therapy is often a combination of body massages that invokes unique sensations in the receiver.

In the simplest terms, massage is very manual. It involves kneading, stroking, rubbing and external manipulation of the skin to stimulate the soft tissues underneath. This in turn relieves pain, aches, discomfort, stress, anxiety and fatigue while simultaneously promoting health. It relies on only physical touch to holistically improve the body’s systems.

Step one – set the mood

Because a body to body massage involves such close, intimate body on body contact, you need to be comfortable and confident in order to achieve the best results. The aim is to set the mood so it enhances the sensuous vibe.

Choose a comfortably cool room temperature. If it’s too hot, you’ll be uncomfortably sweating (and feeling rather unsexy) and if it’s too cold, you’ll be shivering. Cool is best because the massage is so sensuous, the room will surely heat up.

Choose a pleasant light setting. It shouldn’t be so bright that you’re blinded nor should it be so dark, you can’t see anything. A semi-dim setting is perfect – where you can just about see the outlines of each other’s bodies.

Consider lighting candles. Scented ones are very pleasant, but make sure it’s not too overwhelming or distracting from the massage. Remember to keep them away from anything flammable. The aim is to add to the massage experience, not detract from it.

Step two – begin to unwind

It’s best to perform body to body massages on stable surfaces such as the floor because of their nature. Lay some fluffy towels, blankets or cushions to make it more comfortable. Ask your partner to lie down on their front. Float the massage oil in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm. Before applying it to their skin, always drizzle the oil on your palms and rub your hands together. This way, the oil will always feel warm and more pleasant on the skin.

When you’re working on the back, always work up the body. Start at the feet, massaging the insoles, the individual toes and the soles. Slowly work up the legs. Use a variety of pressures, such as switching from pressing your palms in to fanning your fingers out. Focus on the areas that are prone to aches such as the lower back, the shoulders and neck.

Step three – body2body pleasure

Once your partner is relaxed, liberally reapply the massage oil to both your partner’s and your own body. This is where the body to body massage will actually begin. You need to be slippery enough to slide your body against theirs. It’s usually easiest if a woman is doing the massaging, because the female curves work better. However, it is fine if the man is doing the massaging. Just be careful to be more sensuous so incorporate moves such as body rolls to make it all flow a bit better.

In theory, this step is quite simple. Rub, slide and grind your whole body against your partner’s. Be sure to press every single inch of your body against theirs. The positions might be awkward and you might feel as though you’ll slide right off, so your partner can help out by holding lightly onto your waist. They should be lightly massaging and running their hands down your body while you slide to make it more erotic for the both of you.

Step four – release

You’ll both be highly aroused at this point, so a body to body massage can end in any way you want. A body2body is a fantastic method of foreplay, so typically, many couples tend to end in intercourse. The orgasm achieved at the end of a body to body massage session will be highly intense and pleasurable. You’ll literally feel the tension lift from your mind and body. By the end of it, you’ll be left completely relaxed, stress-free and content with life.

Once you’ve tried a body to body massage out yourself, you’ll be addicted to the sensations. Imagine what it would be like with a professional masseuse! For £150 an hour, we can guarantee total gratification, if this is right up your alley then why not check out our main website at

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