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Prostate Massage

What is Prostate Massage?

Prostate Massage – For hundreds of years in Europe, Asia and the Central East, guys have actually been exercising a natural method to enhance prostate health and wellness called prostate massage or prostate milking. This method involves lessening the constructed up amount of stagnated sperms from the prostate. Why is this useful? The reduction in prostatic liquid helps to relieve pressure from a swollen prostate which could reduce prostate discomfort and in the long run, cause better male health and wellness for this gland. The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle, and is essential for ejaculation. Due to its proximity to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated from the anterior wall of the rectum or externally via the perineum.

Prostate massage (performed internally) is the famous “finger up your butt” method. Crude, but graphically correct. Unfortunately, your own finger is not the most efficient instrument for effective prostate massage. Unless you have extraordinarily long fingers, it is difficult for us to reach more than the tip of our own gland because of the angle of reach. Having your prostate massage done by another person (who has even just normal length fingers), can often be much more effective than your own finger. This is because another person is not reaching all around themselves and is therefore able to reach in more directly and deeply.

Prostate Problems

The prostate gland is one of the most vulnerable organs to all this unnatural living. Prostate toxicity is the cause of almost all prostate cancer. Your prostate gland, besides its other functions, is one of the finest filtering mechanisms in the entire universe! It filters every kind of impurity from your blood so that the semen it produces is a clean and healthy environment for the sperm cells. That way the sperm cells can swim up the Fallopian tubes in a female, deliver the DNA intact and create healthy babies. If the semen was not clean, the sperm could all die or be damaged.


Regular and correct prostate massage is the best preventative a man has for virtually EVERY prostate pain and disease.
Here’s what it can do:

  • Eliminate prostatic pain, become pain free!
  • Shrink a prostate swollen from BPH
  • Urinary flow and volume
  • It possible for you to sleep through the night
  • You feel really good again!
  • A sex life that may have been missing for many years

It’s one other thing that for men whose glands are healthy. It’s the sensual and orgasmic pleasure part! It’s a very special type of prostate massage. Once your gland is healthy, or if it is healthy right now, a sensual prostate massage can be one of the most exciting sexual and extreme orgasmic experiences you will ever have in your life.

Why a Prostate Massage?

Because this gland is where your orgasms come from. And, when your gland is healthy, and you stimulate those nerves with correct prostate massage technique during sexual activity, you can multiply the intensity of the orgasm about 3X as much.

Looking to book a prostate massage? Our charming masseuses are ready and waiting to take your call and can be in your hotel room or private apartments within 30 minutes or less.


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