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Seven Seductive Secrets to a Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual MassageIn the age of sexual liberation and physical expression, it is no secret that the exploration of the human body has become ever popular.  But shy of paying for a six month crash course in Swedish Massage, are there any tips that can help? Chance would have it, you’re in luck. If you want to give your significant other an oily rub down they wont soon forget, then here are the golden rules.

1.  Comfort is key

Shock horror, comfort is key. But how far do you take comfort? I’m not talking about a towel on top of a memory foam mattress. Light a couple of candles, dim the lights, make sure the room is warm and play some relaxing music that isn’t too corny.

2. Don’t be too forward

Similar to the first rule, no one likes to feel overly exposed in a moment of intimacy. Don’t demand that they start completely uncovered and lie in a cold room whilst you stare at their naked body. Offer to cover their modesty with a towel or blanket whilst you work your way along their body.

3. Slow down

If you’re dealing with a naked body, the temptation is there to forget the whole reason behind the massage and dive straight into the erotic areas of the body. But what does that accomplish? Before you know it you’ll be lying back against the bed wondering what happened to a nice relaxing time. Take the time to caress each area of your partner’s body individually, tease near the more sexual areas without ever touching. The more you build the tension, the more intimate the situation becomes.

4. Keep conversation flowing

You want them to feel completely relaxed and at home during your sensual massage. Keep the conversation flowing in a positive manner, don’t bring something like Brexit and go from erotic massage to political feud. Keep it light, keep it mellow.

5. Don’t break boundaries

Look, some people don’t mind being touched all over, it doesn’t bother them. Some people, however, will refuse to be touched in certain areas. Don’t insist that to complete the sensual massage you must have full access to their entire body. The person receiving the massage is supposed to feel completely at ease, so help them to do so. If they say: “Don’t touch my feet”, don’t instantly start playing ‘This Piggy Went to Market’.
6. Don’t go easy

A sensual massage is supposed to be sexy, don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure and get close. Nobody expects a massage to be a gentle tickle of their erotic body parts before you break out into sex. Assert a bit of dominance, is there anything sexier than feeling somebody give you a hard-pressed rub up and down? Maybe you could even try doing a bit of teasing! Have a look at our nude Tie & Tease massage service page.

7. Don’t make it obvious

At the end of the day, even if you’re giving someone an intimate, oily rubdown, nobody wants to feel like they’re being hounded after. If it goes somewhere, it goes somewhere. If it doesn’t then you’ve had some steamy one to one with someone, so what’s the harm? There’s nothing sexier than feeling pressured to have sex.

So go forth and massage like you’ve never massaged before, crack out the scented oil, candles, music, have a touch and a feel of each other whilst you turn up the heat and explore each other’s bodies. If you want to experience this type of massage for yourself then don’t forget to check out our main website