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Sensual Massage Marylebone

Why choose us for a Sensual Massage in Marylebone

Here at Asia Massage, We’ve been constantly providing our clients with the most exhilarating and exclusive outcall massage in Marylebone. This site is dedicated to the discrete and sophisticated delivery of outcall Massage in Marylebone (NW1). Our selection of exotic and beautiful massage therapists offer the greatest massage experiences anywhere in Marylebone and London for that matter.

Our beautiful ladies provide luxurious and exclusive outcall massage and are sure to go beyond your expectations. And are sure to provide you with such a treat that is sure to make you want to come back wanting more. This erotic massage experience brought to you by Asia Massage is a magical one that will heighten your senses through a complete physical and mental massage, designed to relax your whole body and mind.

Getting an outcall massage is one that focuses on nourishing one’s total well-being and developing and growing one’s inner being. One can well say that we offer sustenance for your soul and nourishment for your mind through a magical physical body experience. We know that our ladies are the best there is and are sure to kick start that deep seated burning desire inside you.

outcall Massage in Marylebone, outcall masseuse in marylebone,

If you have been looking for the best and most tantalising of massage in Marylebone you’re in luck. Because here at Asia massage we have a large selection of beautifully stunning masseuses who are not only highly skilled and trained in all forms of massage including but not limited to Nuru massage, Tantric massage and Swedish massage. Not only that but they also simply cannot wait to meet you and our massage service will leave you feeling undoubtedly satisfied and begging for more!

Some of The Marylebone Massage Sessions We Offer


Outcall  Massage  (£150/hour) – Sensual Massage – (£150/hour) – Nuru Massage  (£160/hour)


Lingam Massage (£150/hour)Prostate Massage – (£150/hour)Body to body Massage (£150/hour)


More Choices are Available on Request

The Erotic Massage in Marylebone is a full total Body to Body one on one body contact massage. It is a therapeutic massage London with a one on one total naked skin body experience. The art of sensual healing is an ancient one. This expert knowledge is a science acquired through centuries of dedicated ancient healers. For example, our Asian girl prostate massage service which is extremely popular not just for the health benefits but for the mental healing too.

It takes years of practice and hard experimentation to acquire the expertise of exerting just the right pressure, just the right touch, with just the right motion, using the right body part.

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Erotic and sensual massage are a great way to relax and relieve stress without feeling guilty. Here at Asia Massage we want you to know that we highly value your privacy. Your privacy and personal information are of the utmost importance to us at all times. To ensure this remains the case none of your identifiable information will be stored and will all be destroyed after your booking with us.

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Massage in Mayfair, outcall massage in Mayfair

Tantric Massage Mayfair

Need help finding a Tantric Massage in Mayfair?

Have you been looking for an Asian erotic massage in Mayfair? Possibly a place where physical boundaries dissolve, time can disappear and your worries no longer seem important or are forgotten altogether. Then Asia Massage in Mayfair is the first and only choice for many.

Here at  Asia Massage in Mayfair London, we can provide you with an erotic or sensual massage in Mayfair like no other. Massages are often associated with aiding relaxation and that’s exactly what an erotic massage from any of our talented ladies at Asia Massage will do.

If you are going to be staying anywhere in Mayfair, London either on a business trip or as a tourist then our exotic Asian masseuses will help you to bring a sense of unity between your physical, mental, and your spiritual self. The energy flowing throughout your body will be stimulated by your choice of outcall Asian masseuses who has dedicated their time and effort in perfecting the art of sensual and erotic outcall hotel and home visiting massage.

Experience this high level of supremacy and sexuality and your senses will be awakened as your body’s sensitivity increases during a massage session. Enjoying an erotic massage is certainly one of life’s little luxuries that we all need and deserve.

And as you’ll discover you may find erogenous zone’s and feelings you didn’t know existed. Don’t believe us?…… Then come give it a try!

Erotic Massage in Mayfair, outcall erotic massage in mayfair

Why choose our tantrinc massage therapy in Mayfair?

Erotic massages have been used for a very long time, for both men and women. They are very good for helping us to relax after busy or hard days. And more commonly are being used for a range medical reasons too. This type of massage has a deep powerful effect on the body and has been known to help stimulate our arousal and increase our libido. All of our Erotic Masseuse are well experienced in this type of massage and are sure to help you rekindle that lost burning desire you once held onto so dearly.

Some of Our Mayfair Massage Offers Include


Erotic Massage  (£150/hour)Tantric Massage  (£150/hour) – Nuru Japanese Massage  (£160/hour) 


Sensual Massage (£150/hour)Prostate Massage  (£150/hour)Body to body Massage  (£150/hour)


More Options are Available on Request

We offer the very best Tantric Massage in London!

What to expect from your Mayfair Tantric Massage.

We offer a wide range of luxury massage treatments for all our clients. With each one offering a pure and sensual massage experience. Our massage therapists in Mayfair will undoubtedly give you a deep sensation of excitement your body has never had before. This truly mesmerizing experience will most definitely leave you with a deeper sense of understanding and open your eyes to the real pleasure of an erotic massage in Mayfair.

Thorough work will be done on all parts of your body – from your scalp down to your toes, and everything else in between. The session includes a constant flow of medium pressure and deep tissue massaging of the whole body. This is alternated with feather-like gentle strokes, soft kneading, and full Asian massage included at your discretion. If an Erotic massage is not something you feel suits your needs. Why not look at our Chinese Tantric massage girls service page which offers a totally new massage experience.

You’ll experience a unique state of complete relaxation and total peace of mind. Now combine this with the growing sensual arousal of your body – and it’s an experience you’ll certainly never forget! Our Mayfair tantric massage service is professional and thorough it will help to relieve physical and mental stress, tension, nervousness, and reduce most muscle aches and pains. You’ll feel so wonderfully relaxed afterward. Each massage is unique and adjusted to your personal preferences and needs.


Whether you are visiting from afar or indulging in the 5 stars hotels and fine dining. And the shopping of London’s most exclusive areas like Bond Street or Knightsbridge or maybe taking a nice picnic in Green Park or Hyde Park. What ever your plan’s we can make your trip complete with the best erotic tantric massage service in London. Our professional Asian massage service can make your trip one to remember.

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Erotic and sensual massage are a great way to relax and relieve stress without feeling guilty. Here at Asia Massage we want you to know that we highly value your privacy. Your privacy and personal information are of the utmost importance to us at all times. To ensure this remains the case none of your identifiable information will be stored and will all be destroyed after your booking with us.

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Outcall Prostate Massage london,

Prostate Massage

What is Prostate Massage?

Prostate Massage – For hundreds of years in Europe, Asia and the Central East, guys have actually been exercising a natural method to enhance prostate health and wellness called prostate massage or prostate milking. This method involves lessening the constructed up amount of stagnated sperms from the prostate. Why is this useful? The reduction in prostatic liquid helps to relieve pressure from a swollen prostate which could reduce prostate discomfort and in the long run, cause better male health and wellness for this gland. The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle, and is essential for ejaculation. Due to its proximity to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated from the anterior wall of the rectum or externally via the perineum.

Prostate massage (performed internally) is the famous “finger up your butt” method. Crude, but graphically correct. Unfortunately, your own finger is not the most efficient instrument for effective prostate massage. Unless you have extraordinarily long fingers, it is difficult for us to reach more than the tip of our own gland because of the angle of reach. Having your prostate massage done by another person (who has even just normal length fingers), can often be much more effective than your own finger. This is because another person is not reaching all around themselves and is therefore able to reach in more directly and deeply.

Prostate Problems

The prostate gland is one of the most vulnerable organs to all this unnatural living. Prostate toxicity is the cause of almost all prostate cancer. Your prostate gland, besides its other functions, is one of the finest filtering mechanisms in the entire universe! It filters every kind of impurity from your blood so that the semen it produces is a clean and healthy environment for the sperm cells. That way the sperm cells can swim up the Fallopian tubes in a female, deliver the DNA intact and create healthy babies. If the semen was not clean, the sperm could all die or be damaged.


Regular and correct prostate massage is the best preventative a man has for virtually EVERY prostate pain and disease.
Here’s what it can do:

  • Eliminate prostatic pain, become pain free!
  • Shrink a prostate swollen from BPH
  • Urinary flow and volume
  • It possible for you to sleep through the night
  • You feel really good again!
  • A sex life that may have been missing for many years

It’s one other thing that for men whose glands are healthy. It’s the sensual and orgasmic pleasure part! It’s a very special type of prostate massage. Once your gland is healthy, or if it is healthy right now, a sensual prostate massage can be one of the most exciting sexual and extreme orgasmic experiences you will ever have in your life.

Why a Prostate Massage?

Because this gland is where your orgasms come from. And, when your gland is healthy, and you stimulate those nerves with correct prostate massage technique during sexual activity, you can multiply the intensity of the orgasm about 3X as much.

Looking to book a prostate massage? Our charming masseuses are ready and waiting to take your call and can be in your hotel room or private apartments within 30 minutes or less.


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Outcall Massage London, outcall massage in central London

Outcall Massage London: Deep Tissue & Swedish

Outcall Massage London – Have you been searching for a masseuse that can provide you with an outcall service in the comfort of your own home or hotel room? There is no better time than the present time to check out our professional masseuses, we provide a reliable and discreet outcall massage service in central London and Heathrow. Our professional masseuses take pride in delivering great customer service and remain flexible enough to work with your specific needs.

We believe in providing a superior service than any of our competitors and make sure our massage therapists come along with everything they need for an outcall – tables, oils, scents, towels and much more is provided so all you really have to do is call and book the service, we take care of the rest.

Looking for Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage London?

At Asian outcall massage London & Heathrow we maintain a trait which sets us apart from the competition in and around London and Heathrow, flexibility. Whether we are performing healing with Deep tissue and Swedish massage or providing an outcall for a hotel massage service, we remain flexible and focused to meet your specific needs. Flexibility is necessary because not every client has identical requirements.

Because each client prefers a different level of pressure we always ensure that we have a clear understanding before we begin the implementation of your choice of either Deep tissue or Swedish massage. Clear communication before and sometimes during a treatment promotes the exquisite service you are seeking whether you are a customer looking for a hotel massage service or an outcall massage In London and Heathrow. Our goal is to provide you with the best Deep tissue and Swedish massage and Hotel massage Service in London and Heathrow.

Our charming masseuses are ready and waiting to take your call and can be in your hotel room or private apartments within 30 minutes or less.


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Outcall massage central london

Outcall Massage Central london – Massage Therapy is a form of bodywork that is designed to help relax body and mind through a series of tissue manipulations. Your massage therapist will use a series of strokes, sometimes combined with gentle movements and stretches to help ease pain and relieve tension. You will likely experience a number of different styles and modalities such as myofascial work, erotic massage, nuru massage, tantric massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, or swedish massage techniques.

What is an Outcall Massage?

An Outcall massage Central london session is one where I bring my table to you. Instead of coming in to my office for a massage, I come to your home. There are benefits and drawbacks to this kind of work. The main benefit to an Outcall massage Central london is being able to stay home. You don’t have to fight traffic, or worry about being late, or have trouble trying to find me. However, you also miss out on some of the in-office benefits such as a heated table, hot towels, foot treatments, etc. These are only available in office.

Outcall massage Central London will provide a soft touch to relax, and remove stress, don’t delay treat yourself to Asia Massage Therapy. Let us come to you and give you the best relaxation massage. Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

Our masseuse’s offer a discrete, cosy and friendly service that will exceed your imagination and satisfy your every desire. Our attentive masseuse offer a wide range of services a relaxing massage. We look forward to making your next visit a very pleasurable and unforgettable one. If you simply want to relax. Masseuse our also happy to come to you as part of our Call Out service. All items on our Call Out menu can be relax massage service if you desire; please contact us to discuss your needs.

Outcall Massage Central London, LOndon outcall massage,

As the name suggests, the Four Hands Massage involves two therapists working in synchronized motions to provide you with the ultimate sensual experience. The entire session is designed to be highly choreographed, so settle for nothing but the best massage therapists when it comes to the Outcall massage Central london Four Hands Massage.

Based in Marylebone? Why not take a look at our massage Marylebone blog post for more info.

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